Hot and Steamy!

Is it just me, or is David just steaming it up in Indonesia?

Hot Hot Hot! 🙂


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  1. you have to watch everybody wants to rule the world!

  2. He takes the hot and steamy to a new level lol!

  3. Amazing. Hot and steamy. Wow. That about sums it up for me.

  4. David Archuleta Manila Team Airport Ustream

    It starts in about a 1 hour & 45 minutes. I bet JackRyan is behind this, lol. Yay!


  6. Blackbird and Falling Stars

  7. David’s voice is in superb condition! And the band!!!! They add so much to the background vocals and richness of the music. I love these guys!

  8. The ending on this one – My Hands – is the strongest I’ve ever heard him sing it.

  9. Hi SD’ers
    Sorry I am late to the squeeing after the concert. Had to leave to run several errands. David was absolutely superb. Contrary to popular belief – I believe that someone actively monitors all the fan sites. A lot of the sites recently had discussions about David’s performance attire. I noticed on all the vids so far that David looked very much the part with his casual but polished outfit. More importantly, all the band members were wearing black attire. I also think team David upped the ante with the look of the stage and borrowed a bit from the Brad Paisley set from SOF because they had vids for most of the songs playing in the background and ended the show with an awesome firework display.

    • Well, we know #MIC reads this site because periodically he posts over here, lol.

    • raelovingangels

      Joymus- I was going go comment on the dress also. Casual but clearly some thought put into it. Lighter weight pants & not just jeans all the time. Even in the picture of Jeff in the Manila airport I noticed he was not wearing jeans & looked clean cut. Nothing against jeans but after a while when only jeans are worn -it starts to look like these appearances aren’t special to him- and we know they are

    • raelovingangels

      oh, and while I don’t think any major decisions should be made solely on chatter on a fan site, I do think it is smart to keep a handle on your customer base and weigh out what they are saying as part of the big picture. It is not as scientific as surveying your customers – but if fans are honest in their opinions, it would be worth looking at.

  10. Yeah, I forgot haha!

  11. Hey Everyone – please enjoy the rest of the David hoopla for me, as I will be going abroad for a bit. I hope to be back in early August and will try to log in as I am able.

    Take care all!

  12. Uninhibited David is…well…just…no words!

  13. raelovingangels

    Full coverage of the meet and greet at the SM Megamall

    • He’s just all kinds of wonderful. I am loving this tour. And I love seeing an audience full of men! What’s up America?!!

    • That is a great video of the meet and great. I love the end when all the fans say ” I love you David Archuleta.” That is so sweet.

  14. I’m loving this tour too. It’s so much fun to see David in concert again, and then all the love that the Asian fans are giving him.

  15. So much news and it sounds like the concert was great!

  16. just saw the meet and greet video in phiippines, a lot of people!!!!. come on david just admit that you are dating their hometown girl charice!.

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