Congratulations to So You Can Think You Can Dance for Emmy Nods!

A bit off topic, but just wanted to give a very big shoutout to Cat Deeley, host of So You Think You Can Dance, for finally FINALLY receiving an Emmy nomination for her terrific work as a reality TV host.  And, the show itself also got a nod (first time? Not sure).

But, BAH!! at American Idol for receiving Emmy nominations both for the show and host Ryan Seacrest (totally undeserved, IMHO).

Anyways, it’s a start, and maybe in a year or two the Emmy committee will no longer feel obligated to throw Idol some nods just cause it still dominates TV ratings.

In other news, David arrived in Asia! 🙂


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  1. enjoying all the excitement in Asia for David’s safe arrival. The Ustream and photos show all the excitement!!
    Can’t wait to hear the new songs etc LIVE!

  2. On SYTYCD. Not sure how I feel about Cat Deeley but man, I’m a fan of Melanie’s.

  3. Speaking of Idol – in my city Fox played a long X-factor intro. In it Simon was being Simon again and he said to the camera – Well-what did you expect? One of the TV hosts then added that they had missed that aspect of idol – Simon telling it like it is. To be honest I missed it as well even though it was too blunt at times. Jus’ sayin’

  4. I love Cat Deeley. So glad that she was nominated. Ryan does not deserve to be nominated. I think Cat could teach Carson Daly of The Voice a few things about how to host a show. lol Also great news that Sara Bareilles will be a judge on the Sing Off this year. Sara should be great as a judge.

  5. Brian Green is not in Indonesia? I hope he hasn’t quit already.

  6. It has been mentioned by David’s fans that Brian is not in Asia with the band. Many fans are wondering why he is not there. I really liked Brian and he has such good and professional experience as a musician.

    • AFS has a blurry picture of the band in Indonesia. Looks like there have already been changes, but I guess we will learn more later. If there have been changes, it cannot be because of Jive or MWEG any longer.

  7. Maybe Brian was unable to do the tour and the switch-up is temporary. It remains to be seen.

  8. I think at least several of the band members have other bands and gigs going on as they piece together a living. Perhaps Brian had another gig going on? I hope he hasn’t left the band. I really liked him.

  9. Exciting times in the fanbase right now! I love scpancake’s video. I just hope they let David return in one piece, lol.

    I don’t follow dwts so I’ll take this opportunity to ditto the “BAH” at Idol and Seacrest.

    Unrelated but I just read on MJs that Chris Colfer learned of his upcoming departure from Glee via twitter. Surely the producers(?) could do better than that. Sometimes I think the entertainment industry is full of itself.

  10. Does anyone know how the woman is doing that runs the “Planet Hunkerdown” site? She was always so positive and funny; I miss seeing her posts and tweets.

    • She is a fighter, and is recovering from meningitis. I don’t know a lot of details, but I do know that she is re-learning a lot of things all over again. I hope someday she can get back to her David squeeing. She could squee better than anyone in this whole fandom! ♥ I honestly don’t care if she ever makes it back “here” to David world. I just want her to be able to return to her prior life. I’m sure she’d be appreciative of any thoughts and prayers. Her twitter is @thebeebee and I really miss her. She is David’s biggest cheerleader.

      • Bella – I knew I remember that Beebee used to run that site. She used to be a regular at TDC. She used to squee in funny hyperboles lol!
        Here’s wishing her positive vibes and thanks so much for the update.

      • I meant to add that @thebeebee’s name is Tina. I pray she is doing well in her recovery.

      • Thanks bella. I’ve been wondering about her for some time but I didn’t feel comfortable asking. I still remember when she coined the word “hunkerdown” on Rickey’s. I’ll keep her in my thoughts.

      • Definitely will keep Tina(Beebee) in my prayers as well as all our missing fan mates.

  11. Thank you for the information about Beebee (Tina). I’ve enjoyed her exuberance of fun-lovin’ David squeeees many times over the last three plus years! My heartfelt prayers go out to her and her family.

  12. Thanks for the info about Beebee I have been wondering and wondering what happened to her. I do miss her and pray for a full recovery. There is truly none other like her. (((I ♥ Beebee)))

  13. Also Juliebug. Any news about her?

    • No news but she’s another one I’ve worried about. I recall her posting to TDC over a yr ago saying that she missed writing a column due to appendicitis. I don’t recall seeing her post after that message.

      • I remember that too. Another is Jello. These are people that touch our lives and when they’re are not here, there’s a void. It makes me feel weepy. :0(

      • raelovingangels

        And now I am worried about Tibi, She always had alot to say about everything… where is she?

  14. “only me, only you, and the band” ….

  15. I could say something about that picture but I am just not going there. lol I do notice there is no Brian. It must have been a “scheduling conflict.” I can’t even keep track of all the band members that David had in his bands that have left. I also see no Gina Orr in that picture. I wonder what happened to Kari Sellards @kariontour the tour manager? I guess she is gone too. Time will tell how all this works out for David.

    • I don’t think that Gina came on the trip. I think Jeff is handling management duties and accompanying David to press and such.

      • I am not so sure Gina is involved at all. It seems like she would have at least made a tweet about David even if she was still just his publicist. I just am very unclear who is on his “team”. Oh well.

    • It is difficult to build a foundation if people keep leaving…

      For an unknown reason, of course. 🙂

    • raelovingangels

      My understanding is this tour was set up by various Asian promoters and/or Sony. They would be responsible for the details, including the meet & greets etc for each concert. While it is an Asian Tour, from the bits I have read, it seems each country has different promoter- be it Ponds, or Idol Music or Sony- but it was not one for the entire tour. If David was to plan a US tour, the someone like Kari would be reponsible for all the details, such as locating and booking the venues, clearing the dates, working out programs- if there are any, meet & greets etc… ( I could be wrong but that is how I see it)

      • I know this is very random but I must say Mark Nilan Jr. has the whitest teeth I have ever seen. I just noticed his teeth again in the picture desertrat posted of the band. lol

      • raelovingangels

        lol Marie! Random but I noticed also. He smiles alot to- so does Steve- Both seem like nice guys

      • I agree rae. Both Mark and Steve seem like very nice guys. I like them and they seem to be very supportive to David.

      • i’m still laughing at the “white teeth” comment. i agree; give him a toothpaste commercial!

        they all seem like nice young men. i noticed ben is taking lots of pics. i hope some of the fans share with them all the video clips and pics that they have appeared in so far. i’m sure their families would enjoy seeing them too.

  16. Also have not seen burkey for a while:

    Burks – where are you??

    Tibi – where are you??

  17. hell0g0rge0us

    Sending positive vibes for Beebee. May she have a full recovery!

    And yes, where is Burkey and Tibi?

    And Valbraz for that matter?

    Any other names we want to invoke here and pour virtual libations on?

  18. david on a tv show!

    • i’m spazzing and i haven’t even finished listening.

      1:34 he mentions michael jackson is his fav musician; then he goes on to say he never met him but he talked with him on the phone once.

      david has been holding back juicy info in u.s. interviews, lol.

  19. Peter is right, it is difficult to build a foundation when someone is always leaving. Maybe he isn’t really leaviing for good. But, I supppose with a guitarist like Brian it is always a possibility.

    My crazy pet peeve of a lifetime is the same fact, that people are always leaving and in many cases for no sound reasons…


  20. Musicians backing solo artists, especially in the pop arena, tend to be VERY transitory. They will come and go – for any reason, or no apparent reason that is known to the public. It’s just the nature of the beast. I’ve learned from experience not to get too invested in or attached to the band or musicians supporting the singer or artist for this very reason… they can and usually do come and go at any time… If David had been branded early on as the lead singer of a band or group it may be different. A ‘band’ will tend to be more unified, and stationary over their career cycle – from CD releases to concerts, etc. He can choose to keep them with him as long as he sees fit, and as long as they suit the musical direction/sound he’s aiming for, and they can choose to stick around, or pursue other opportunities as they see fit when their contractual obligations to him have been satisfied. My hope is that he finds the right group of folks that click and connect and support him when he is performing or recording to the T. He is top notch, and I just want whoever is backing him to be top notch too. So keep choosing well David, choose well.

    • I really liked David’s interview. It was interesting about Michael Jackson. I thought I read once that Michael and his kids were fans of AI. gg I agree with you that David should have top notch people backing him. That should be in his band and in his music career.

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