New Song Release: “Wait”

What say you, peeps? What’s the verdict on this track?


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  1. I love it! I think it’s one of his best songs thus far.

    The link that Junnie posted has a better version:

  2. Dang! David sure sounds great on ALL the tracks. Though old school David, Notice Me and EAM are growing fast on me also. Can’t wait to get my ATE cd.

  3. I really like this song. It should have been on the US TOSOD album. I liked Everything & More and Notice Me too.

  4. It does sound as though David is moving into the relationship-y songs and I LIKE IT. Maybe he doesn’t like love songs just relationship-y songs. Glad to see Zero Gravity will be out there too.

  5. ps relationship-y vs love songs. There is a difference.

  6. hell0g0rge0us

    This is absolutely cuh-razy!! to me. I can’t believe all these “relationship-y” songs got left off of the U.S. album. Can you imagine how different TOSOD would have been (and more importantly, would have been received when it came to sales)?

    Just makes me wonder: what was either David or Jive thinking?

    • much as it pains me to think it, I bet Jive was more interested in the “relationship-y” songs. As much as I love TOSOD, I’m not sure David understands how much we (I) relate to the angsty songs that suit him so well. Upbeat and positive is wonderful, but heartache is very relatable as well.

    • I agree. I am sure the sales would have been better with these songs on the album. I can’t figure out who made the song choices either. I would have to guess that David might not have wanted the relationship-y songs. I would bet that David gets it now that these songs might have done well. Just look at Adele’s album that he and everyone else loves so much.

    • From all the interviews David has given I would guess it was his call also. He says he’s made mistakes and learned from them. I wonder if he counts the love song issue as one of them? Anyway, this discussion reminded me of this song. I would bet anything that Jukebox David has heard it 😉

  7. ❤ this

    • hell0g0rge0us

      “I don’t know what I was thinking…”

      That makes two of us, sweetie! 😛

      This is another good one!

    • raelovingangels

      I ADORE THIS SONG!!!! Smart lyrics and phrasing.. 🙂

    • raelovingangels

      gaH, love the guitar at the beginning and the drums- LOVE the drums.

    • raelovingangels

      do we know who wrote this? Sorry I cannot get over what a smart song this is!

      • raelovingangels

        I see it was Joy Williams and some other names…kinda hard to read the CD cover- but I ordered mine 🙂 Sorry to spazz over this song- but it is so not generic to me…

  8. “Wait,” now my favorite David song ever, was written by David, Josh “Igloo” Monroy and Nate Campany.

  9. I love love ” Wait” his vocals are great, Like David says ” Music does something to people that is very powerful The ” don’t go ”
    part has me going crazy!!

  10. I haven’t spent enough time on “Wait” yet. I can’t tear myself away from Notice Me long enough to really listen to it!

  11. I haven’t been able to listen a ton but I love all songs. Notice Me is wonderful and I also love Wait.

  12. I like them all but my favorite and the one that I love is “Notice Me” I think that song sounds like a hit single to me.

    • raelovingangels

      I agree. Very siimple, sweet, yearning… would have been a nice follow up to Crush. My favorite out of the box is Love Don’t Hate…

  13. I’m imagining him singing these beauties LIVE! GAH! I’m torn between Notice Me and Wait. There really is no bad David song. His VOICE is of a distinctive quality so full of richness and that low tone is simply divine!

  14. Archangel – Totally agree. NM crept up and took its place alongside Wait. Heck even ZG sounded great.

    Steve Fekete Fanclub ALERT! Six degrees of separation – Avril Lavigne was the musical guest on AGT. Two of the band members once played for David in short stints –
    Al Berry and STEVE FEKETE. LOL!

  15. raelovingangels

    How we feel about David:
    “Even though your gone I can hear your heart, its calling out my name like a flash in the dark….”

    • Rae – Looove David’s voice on those 2 lines in particular, especially “dark”. I said on the other thread it sounds like a mixture of indie/alternative with shades of 80’s, 90’s British Pop. David seems to have healthy like of songs from that era.

  16. raelovingangels

    Tibi: Where are you for all this excitement?

  17. I love this song. It will sound great on the radio and if it is played it will be an instant hit. I just feel it. David said that there were songs that he wanted on the album that didn’t make it. This makes me believe that Jive made the final decision. Now, David can give us what he wants us to hear. I actually like all of the new songs but “Wait” is a hit!!

  18. raelovingangels

    Still lost in the vortex of these new songs….ok now I adore wai, wai, wait don’t go…. Really David, you got some splainng to do… I mean really, how did you go about normal life acting all low key & stuff sitting on these amazing songs. huh? huh?

  19. He loves to keep us guessing, doesn’t he rae. I’m in love with all of the new songs. Can’t wait for the arrival of my ATE.

  20. I really, really like Wait and Love Don’t Hate. I’m actually on the verge of love, but need to hear them more than twice to decide.

    Were these songs really left off of TOSOD? For the love of David, how on earth did that happen?!

  21. Wooohoooo

    Ustream After much waiting, @DavidArchie has just officially arrived at Soetta airport with band members:

    HE IS HERE IN ASIA…so excited !!!!!

    Trying to clear my work as I am leaving on 17th for Manila! Can’ t wait. Yes, I will be attending concert in Malaysia too !…:D

  22. So excited for you and all the Asia fans Junnie! Great welcome in Indonesia.

  23. To me this song is right in the tone that sounds the best for David; better than when he tries to sing in a higher pitch.

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