Catching Up with David Archuleta

It’s amazing how I could be running a blog and searching for days for any new exciting thing David’s up to, and the minute I go on vacation is the time David’s doing so many wonderful things.

So, thank you to all my faithful readers for documenting David’s whereabouts through links, vids, pics, and the like. It sure made it easy for me to catch up on all that I’ve missed.

First, there was that stadium of fire performance. Methinks David was seriously missing the stage and glad he got a chance to show his stuff and build his stage persona. He’s always so appropriate giving praise to whatever occasion is going on, and his patriotic medley is one for the ages:

Then, there’s that new official website thing…

My verdict? A HUUUUUGE improvement from what it used to be. It uses Javascript slide shows, it’s orderly, you can access information more easily, and its UP-TO-DATE! Not bad! 🙂

Despite these features, I must say though, it’s nothing special.  It looks like something any devoted fan coulda done, not a professional (something tells me the Fanscene folks are behind the design – it’s almost the same web template, isn’t it?).  I mean, if budget is an issue, then cool to go in this direction, but nothing about the site screams “professional” to me, just “functional.”  But, like I said, when the “professionals” at Jive ran his official site (or did they?), we were none too impressed.

At any rate, I’m sooooooo glad to finally have info. on his Mormon Tabernacle Choir DVD!  GAH!!

Then, there’s his interview in which he identifies as a “soul singer.”  Hmmm (that’s going to require another blog post with a deeper analysis from me, I promise!), and his singing of “God Bless America” (I think we can all start anticipating any events that combine sports – ice skating – with charity means David will be there to grace everyone with his vocal presence).

Finally, I love love his Vlog from over the weekend (see above).  It looks to me like it was done in HD (the visual quality is superb, and David’s face simply radiates!).  Fascinating that he would be so moved by Beyonce’s “Year of 4” (I myself found it to be totally contrived and I’m not impressed by her telling the world that she has no originality when she “borrows” dance moves from a Kwaito group in Mozambique – thanks D-rat for including the Tofo Tofo video).  For anyone interested, there’s a fascinating analysis of Beyonce’s “sampling” politics; please note that Beyonce’s documentary failed to mention how she again “borrowed” the musical hook for “Run the World (Girls)” from DJ Diplo, aka Major Lazer.

Apart from that, what “break” did Beyonce really take? When you compare how we Archies downright miss David in a matter of months when he’s below the radar, I find it laughable that she’s making a big deal over a big ol’ “year” (I thought I saw the Queen Bey all over the place during her “break” last year – must be nice to have that kind of cultural dominance where you could go on a break for a whole wide YEAR and nobody will actually “miss you”).

But whatever.  It’s cool David gave her a shoutout in his vlog, and I actually think Bey’s 4 album is one of her strongest in years. It’s actually a stronger R&B/soul album than it is a pop album. But if you want to learn what it’s like to try and pursue a musical career without Beyonce’s budget, here’s hip-hop artist Maluca, a Dominican based in NYC, who gave us a “wepasode” called Fly on a Budget. (Girlfriend is collecting food stamps as a struggling artist – I think we should appreciate contrasts and be glad David’s got some kind of budget to keep touring in cool places like Asia; I’ma leave the “management” debates alone right now).

Finally, I see David’s gearing up for his Asia tour. I couldn’t be more happier for him.  I hope he gets a true “rock star” treatment, and his Asian Archies will keep us up to speed with vids and pics (Hi, JR! *waves*).

This will be another interesting summer in Archuworld.  It’s good to be back! 🙂


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  1. Please submit your one vote regardless of what the writer thinks of Archie fans! If David can ignore all the negative comments written about him – WE can too!

  2. HG, welcome back! David has definitely been a busy boy. I had the opportunity to be at the SOF concert and I agree he has shown more growth. Can’t wait to see what the Asian tour will bring.

    Looking forward to your blog on his ‘soul singer’ identity. He keeps us on our toes doesn’t he.

  3. Scratch toes, that should say seats. 😉

  4. Welcome back HG and thanks for the Ballad series. Would love for David to sing them all.
    Glad you were able to catch up. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the Soul aspect of David’s music.

  5. HG, welcome back.

  6. raelovingangels

    Welcome back HG! Looking forward to a “soul” analysis…and what that means for David. After Idolfan asked that question, I was thinking about what performances I thought were some of the most soulful that David did and this one came to my mind. Yoza!
    you tube david archuleta crazy

  7. raelovingangels

    oops here is the link!

  8. HG, glad to see you back!

    I just took a look at the Major Lazer videos. Lady Gaga, Glambert, Britney, etc. are way tame compared to what I just saw, lol. I haven’t read the article all the way thru but upon viewing Bey’s video, I was let down by her depiction of Africa (ie, animals and dancers).

    Rae, I agree, that “Crazy” exemplifies soulfulness.

  9. Hg I agree with you regarding the new OS. It’s not bad but it’s nothing special to me also. However, my expectations were low so I was not surprised.

  10. New song from Asian tosod – “Wait”

  11. You can order the TOSOD Asian edition from this site- free shipping!! This is the US link.

  12. TOSOD ATE – new songs
    Alternative listen:

    • Are you excited yet, Junnie?!! You and David will be on the same continent very soon! How many shows are you going to again?

  13. Hi HG – Welcome back! Click on the alternative link Junnie provided to hear the songs.

    Junnie – Many, many thanks!

    I agree with Peter – Wait is terrific and sounds a bit alternative/indieish. Am also loving the lyrucs to Love Don’t Hate – “words are like razor blades that left you with a scar”. The other two also sound great but I think David has moved on since musically. How ironic the relationship-y songs he left off TOSOD are now the ones to grace the Asian edition.

    • I thought the same thing about the relationship songs, Joymus. I’m sure David fought like heck to keep them off TOSOD. lol

      Nice to have you back, HG!

  14. Maybe David is more ready for the relationshp-y songs. He is growing up! ha!

  15. Here’s another link:

  16. Hello HelloGorgeous, your reference to AFS in this post was just brought to my attention. Sorry to tell you but the FanScene people have nothing to do with the creation or running of the current official David It should be obvioius.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Thanks for clarifying, but NO, it’s not “obvious.” There are a lot of similarities (was wondering when someone from AFS was going to comment).

  17. Hi HelloGorgeous,

    I just wanted to chime in with AFD to confirm that no one from FanScene can take any credit for David’s Official website. I set up the temporary page on and was letting David redirect to my domain until his OS was complete. That’s all we had to do with it. You’re absolutely right that we at FanScene are not professional web-designers, but I want everyone to be assured that the person hired to create David’s OS is. FanScene uses the free Suffusion template by Sayontan Sinha; the OS uses a premium template from I hope that clears up the mystery! Love Soul David by the way!! 🙂

    TR Pennington

  18. You’re welcome! 🙂

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