BalladBoy Series: #3

Eversince Lauren Alaina performed this ballad without any passion or emotion this past Idol season, I’ve been longing to hear The Voice do justice to “Unchained Melody”:


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  1. While we wait on David’s vlog, here’s “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers.

  2. I kinda got the shivers imagining David’s voice singing this. lol

  3. hey guys, it’s david here …

  4. raelovingangels

    Beyonce Year of 4 🙂

    • This was amazing! I can see why David respects Beyonce so much.

    • Beyonce rules with a velvet glove! Fav quote: “If I’m not sleeping, nobody’s sleeping”. Also, all this time I thought the “Run the World” choreography was inspired by the River Dance. Tofo Tofo are incredible dancers.

    • Love this video of Beyonce. I thought that it was very interesting when Beyonce talked about her father no longer managing her at around 4:00. She said that real change meant separating from her father and that it empowered her.

      • her comments re. her dad are interesting. i find it odd that she doesn’t mention the influence that her mom has had on her career all these years.

        going back to the drama of the “destiny’s child” days, it seemed like her mother was also at the center of many their conflicts and controversies. also, the success of her mom’s fashion business is in part due to beyonce’s popularity and her involvement with the business (eg, beyonce models the clothes, etc.)

      • Actually Beyonce does mention her mom around the 1:37 mark. Her mom is the one in the elevator with her. Beyonce said that it was her mom that told her she needed to live her life and take a break. I think Beyonce is very close to her mom. I am glad David mentioned this video in his vlog as I would not have watched it otherwise. It must of left an impression on him.

      • thanks marie! i fast-forwarded when she spoke of mermaids and inadvertently missed that part.

  5. Love David’s Vlog and also enjoyed Beyonce’s Life of 4.
    David looks happy and is such a sponge. David is so supportive of other’s artists.

  6. David on Fox News, Dallas. At ~ 1:40, he identifies himself as more of a “soul singer”. YES, Soul David!

  7. I never tire of hearing David sing patriotic songs – he puts so much feeling into them and is so respectful, that it almost brings tears to your eyes. Go David!

  8. HA! I didn’t see the new way of logging in – oh, well!

  9. huh and why?! david a soul singer, than why he singing and doing pop songs? soul music more of like steve wonder right??

    • raelovingangels

      Back from vacation idolfan?

    • remember prior to singing “heaven” during his idol audition, david said (paraphrasing): “i’m going to get into that song, tell it to the judges, and make them understand it”. to me, that’s being soulful.

    • raelovingangels

      Many here know popular music way better then me so please add/correct me but as I understand it, pop has many facets… it can lean toward R & B style (Crush, Senseless), soulful style ( I do think of Stevie Wonder), rock style (Daughtry) even jazz style pop ( Michael Buble) but can all fall under the general umbrella of “pop”. These songs may be played on top 40 or adult contemporary ( or various varieties of adult contemporary stations.)

  10. yeah i am back now. got bad sunburn well unleast i got color haha.

  11. Let’s get David in the top 5 vote getters! He’s never fallen below Kelly, Carrie, David C & Adam! Voting ends tonite! Clear your cookies!

  12. “Unchained Melody” is my all time favorite. I was sixteen when It was introduced to the world. It was during my “crush” time of life. I have always thought that David singing this song would make one of my dreams come true. fingers crossed!

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