Ballad Boy Series: #5

There are so many great covers of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” (jazz vocalist Diane Reeves does a killer rendition) but since I’m nostalgic for David’s falsetto, imagine the beauty he would deliver!


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  1. “So some GREAT news. I landed a great song called NOTICE ME on the Sony Asia release of David Archuleta’s album. It was co-written by myself, David, Matt Bronleewe and Joy Williams. Joy is the singer in the highly successful duo Civil Wars!!! Anyway, stay tuned for a link once it becomes available.”

  2. From Ricardo: It appears we’ll have a special guest tonight @ Pat’s BBQ! Maybe you should come listen before they fly out to Nashville in the morning!

    Wonder if it’s David?

  3. raelovingangels

    I can’t wait to hear that song. I loved the leaked rough cut, David’s pleading voice on the chorous was just very moving. While it is not a heavy duty love song, for me it was sweetly emotional.

  4. raelovingangels

    Remember this really excellentt interview by
    The first part is on youtube- the rest are here:

  5. I’ve been browsing Bernie Taupin’s (Elton John’s musical collaborator) blogsite and I’m shocked to learn that he wrote “Your Song” at the age of 17.

    HG, if you’re around, his blog “The Elocution Lesson” may interest you. Bernie discusses Rihanna’s response to the “Man Down” video. He also takes a jab at her and a few hip hop artists for what he calls the “disintegration of literacy”.

  6. ….quiet day….

  7. i know right? not much tweeting from david, i guess he is spending more time with his family before heading out to overseas next week.

  8. I like “Notice Me” too. I’d love a whole album of all the songs David recorded for his two pop albums that didn’t make the cut. I’ve liked all the leaked songs that didn’t make the albums. I hope he releases the five new songs soon in the U.S. The Asian tour is coming up and then it won’t be quiet!

  9. Jordin Sparks’ second album sold 48,000 (or something like that) copies in its first week. It was considered a flop.

    Lee DeWyze’s first album sold 39,000 copies (or something like that) in its first week. It was considered a flop.

    David Cook’s second album sold 44,000 copies in its first week and, lo and behold, it is considered a good result.

    Fortunately, Idol blogs are meaningless in terms of, well, everything.

    • The idol bogs also think that it is good that Cook was #7 on Billboard this week for his new album. David’s TOSOD was #13 on Billboard his opening week. Again that is not much of a difference but David’s was with no promo and he did not get any credit for it. I do agree that idol blogs are really meaningless as Cook’s album is just not selling well. The low sales will effect his ability to tour. David should not have been so slammed for his low sales.

  10. Yeah, I had to back away from the idol blogs. The “my idol” is better than “your idol” got old. It’s extremely hard to stay popular in the music/entertainment industry. It takes a whole lot of luck and promotion. Comparing idols to one another is futile as each one gets different promo and again, some of it is just plain luck. My wish for David is that he is able to create and perform music for as long as he desires.

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