Ballad Boy Series: #6

Speaking of ’80s ballads, when will David do a Michael Jackson ballad cover?  One of my favorites, “Human Nature,” would sound amazing with David’s tenor Voice (and crazy falsetto!). Can you imagine it?


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  1. Bringing part of my post over from the end of the last thread because I really would like to know:

    I believe David is touring at Christmastime, dates to be decided and announced. Are those of you saying he won’t be doing anything after the Asian tour overlooking them or perhaps uninterested in a concert that includes no new secular, original music? Or do you know something I don’t?

  2. Checked again. There’s definitely a Christmas tour in the works, as stated on his new website. I’m excited about that.

  3. We are an impatient bunch. I think some of us were sad that there was not a U.S. tour until the Christmas shows. I will be excited for the Christmas shows. I loved his CFTH tour that combined his pop music for the first half and Christmas music for the second part.

  4. I past up SOF hoping there would be a Christmas tour based on that facebook entry from the band member,and…VOILA! I’m not feeling the doom and groom, I’m excited. (I guess I’m easy to please).

  5. Yikes! s/b doom and gloom. (insert red-faced icon)

  6. Lol goboywonder. We’ve all done that sort of thing regularly so no need for embarrassment.

    Thanks grammyj. I guess maybe since life seems to be speeding by right now for me (busy time with kids) I’m feeling like David is providing plenty for my own “needs.” Plus I really think he’ll be a much better artist in general if he takes SOME time to live his private life.

    • raelovingangels

      I saw that article. Fascinating stuff! especially the “song roll out” costs.

  7. Popping in from my blog break to say thanks, Bright Light for sharing that link!

    Now it makes sense why Crush did so well and why David hasn’t had a follow up since.

    The big question: Will he ever have another hit?

  8. Hg I am not so sure about the answer to that question at this point. I saw these numbers regarding Cook’s sales for his album on another blog . I thought it was kind of interesting. Cook sold around 44,000 first week of sales. 83.7 % sophomore slump for David Cook in the opening week. David Archuleta (86.7%) in his opening week for TOSOD. Those numbers are really almost the same for the sophomore slump for both David’s. David’s sales numbers for the TOSOD were not so bad in comparison to Cook’s when you consider the amount of promo Cook received. Of course Cook’s numbers will increase next week but with no hit single not that much. The overall sales in the music industry aren’t good. They sure aren’t good for artists from AI.

  9. David Cook cd opening is 46k. His fans are going on an on about this is what they were expecting. HA! Just last week most were predicting 100k+ while only a couple were saying maybe 50k or so. Why is it that all the reasons they now say that make this a respectable opening for TLM didn’t apply to TOSOD? And David didn’t have anywhere near the promo. {rant over}

  10. Marie, I guess I was typing while you were posting. Yes the overall numbers are down for the industry but it stinks how David’s numbers were made to be about a bad album while Cook’s are about the industry.

    • I agree with you Goboywonder. That is why I had to mention it as I found it ridiculous that David low sales were such a huge issue and with Cook’s there is just excuses. I do think that some of the idol fans are finally seeing that the sophomore album sales for their favorite idols might not be so great. lol

  11. “The big question: Will he ever have another hit?”

    At this point, I don’t see a Gaga/Beyonce level hit in the near future for D. I definitely see being recognized as a critically-acclaimed artist well within his reach.

    And I would LOVE for David to do a medley of Michael Jackson’s ballads! Maybe he could throw in a few of Michael’s “Human Nature” emphatic poses, finger points and hand movements. 🙂

  12. wondering if other artist forums are like David’s?

    i was checking the web to see when jesse mccartney’s album is going to drop. it’s been delayed twice by his label over the past 6 mos. jesse tweeted that the label wanted to release it if/when his tv show was picked up (it wasn’t picked up).

    anywho, the question in this forum is “did justin beaver steal his (jesse’s) career?”

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