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What say you, SDers? 😀

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  1. I love it!! Ppl. are speculating that this is an unreleased song from TOSOD that will go on the Asian version of the album, and not the single that he might release to US fans. I don’t know, of course. But I do love the song.

  2. I love the song and it will definitely be on replay when I go running! 🙂

  3. Love it! So tender and heartfelt. What a range!! Also love that it is not overproduced and his Voice is front and center.
    Stirring excitement in the fan base.
    Listening to the station before and after, I must say David stood out.

  4. This is a real beauty people…I have written the lyrics but there is part of one line I can’t hear. Sounds like fun up there!


  5. I must correct…I have written out the lyrics…And for anyone who does not know by now…

    This track was written by David, Grammy winning writer Victoria Horn, and Matt Squire.


  6. I was at work and I could listen to the song until now. I was afraid I would not like it but I have to say that I really like the song. David’s voice was great on it. Great song by David, LavdyV, Matt Squire.

  7. I mean LadyV

  8. hell0g0rge0us

    The song is indeed beautiful (as are David’s vocals) but the bridge on the song needs more work – a better melodic transition.

    I think it will grow on me though, the more I listen to it! 🙂

    • I agree that the song needs more work but I can honestly say that I like this song better than some of the songs on TOSOD. I like it better than Elevator.

      • agreed!

        now what about that blueberry ice song?!

      • Also — in regards to my comment about the blueberry ice song, what a missed opportunity that one was! I mean, isn’t that song basically a cleaner, sweeter, lighter version of Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song”?

        These labels have no imagination.

        Ok rant over 😛

      • They certainly don’t.

      • raelovingangels

        Oh my Cosette!! I did not see your comment when I posted below but man oh man do I agree about “Blueberry Ice” That would/could/should have been a big summer hit…It takes you to the Islands….

  9. raelovingangels

    great!! Can you post lyrics here? I like it!! Am not crazy crazy over it and I actually like Elevator better but to me that is not apples to apples. I would compare this song more to Things are Going to get Better and Complain.

    I for one am happy these songs are seeing the light of day. Yaaa! Hope to hear Not a Very Good Liar… and I still simply adore everything about Nothing Else Better To Do,,,,( but figure that won’t be on the Asian concert release series since it was already bonus n Japan)

  10. This is a beautiful song and I am already imagining what David is going to do to this song live. My oh my, i love what he does!

  11. raelovingangels

    PS: How I love David’s ooooo’s.

  12. Love it, too! But wow, is it high. I can imagine a little changing up for a live performance. But oooooo it does sound so good!

  13. Love it, but at first I thought it was a female singing.

  14. Okay – line up the tomatoes….. I’m surprisingly just lukewarm about this song. Though it is beautifully sung and the lyrics are teriffic, I actually prefer the uniqueness of Elevator, or the smooth tone of NEBTD. I tried really hard to love it but it just falls around the okay/like meter for me. IMO it is also a smidge too high for easy listening.
    Or maybe I am just spoiled by the Myrtle Beach evolution and am now partial to a fuller, soulful side of David yet to be revealed in his ‘new sound’. And so I wait…..

    • raelovingangels

      no tomatoes….

    • Yes, the Myrtle Beach evolution is here to stay and I think that this is a bonus song to be part of the tour promotion. Might as well use it instead of keeing it on a shelf I suppose.

      When we hear it on itunes it will sound better than heard from the radio through the internet, if that is what happens. It definately sounds like it is from the TOSOD group of songs.

      So which way will he be singing in Asia, the ‘MB Evolution’ or the TOSOD sound? I believe that he knows what we like now…


    • Joymus, I have to say that I agree with you. I didn’t like the background music and the song was way too high. I thought it was a girl singing. Maybe the I-tunes version will have better audio and it will sound be better. I hope.

  15. I really like David’s vocals the last minute of the song and I like the piano-driven melody but I think the song could use a stronger hook. Overall, I like it!

  16. i glad david is doing more new music and taking his time and i think david already had lost fans and afriad that he will have a new album out by next year and it wont sell well at all?, you know?

  17. raelovingangels

    ok, listened to the song about 4 times now. Still can’t really understand all the words…but the feeling is a warm blanket on a cold nite… and I agree with DR,love the gorgeous/sweet vocals at the end…

  18. Watching THE VOICE now, and even though Beverly hasn’t performed her original song yet, I’m almost certain Dia Frampton is winning this thing!

    Her “Inventing Shadows” is such a strong ballad, and she’s already so popular on itunes!

    That judge/coach exchange was quite odd to say the least…

  19. I think it will be either Dia or Javier but I thought they were all good tonight. I just loved Bev and Xtina’s duet of Beautiful. That was just awesome. I liked the duets by everyone. Good show tonight.

    • Marie – agree with you about Bev and Xtina. It was the strongest one tonight. They were all excellent – what a great show! It was nice to see Brad Paisley perform as well.

  20. Joymus, I’m referring to Blake pushing his mentee over the others. Didn’t you catch his little zinger about how Dia is going to come out on top once the other coaches check their phones and look at the itunes charts?

    They were all really good, and I liked all the songs, but for some reason, Dia’s really popular over the others.

    • I think he was responding to the zingers he got from Christina and Adam who spent more time talking about the back dancers than Dia’s singing.
      Not sure if it was the best approach but either was Christina’s remark to him,

  21. I am not sure that I like that they show the voice talent on itunes as it kind of makes it obvious who is probably going to win.

  22. All in all, Beverly was the strongest performer, and her duet with Xtina should cause her to win (I do not know why the duets don’t get to count in the votes).

    But I agree with you, Marie, that they shouldn’t reveal the itunes thing so quickly.

  23. I listened to David’s new song on good speakers with Jackyran’s you-tube video. Wow, that made a big difference. His vocals are great. The first time I listened at work with a poor recording. I usually like songs better after listening to them a few times.

    I really liked The Voice tonight too. Dia is my favorite, so I hope she does win, but they are all very talented.

  24. Yeah, tbh, this song isn’t my very favorite. I think it’s one that’ll grow on me, though. I already like it much better on the 2nd listen. If EAM had been a track on TOSOD, I’d have ranked it smack dab in the middle. Half of the tracks I like alot better, the other half I like alot less…But shoot. I’m just tickled that he’s putting any music out, so you won’t hear any complaining from me. 🙂

    • raelovingangels

      lol, it already grew on me today- as I found myself mentally singing it w/o even realizing. Man, David’s voice gets in your head. Good think he does not want world domination- he could hypnotize us all.

  25. hell0g0rge0us

    Well, it looks like Blake can actually back up his words from last night.

    Dia is now #1 on iTunes.

    Oh yeah, and Cook’s album is listed at #6. Good for him! Although he has always been much better at having a higher ranking album than singles.

    • There are 14 The Voice performance in the Top 100.

      It will be interesting to see Cook’s first-week result. I think iTunes represents a significantly smaller part of total album sales than it does of total singles sales.

      • …performanceS…

      • hell0g0rge0us

        That may be true, but what Cook has going for him is a label that will actually – you know – promote him and a musical identity that hasn’t strayed too far from what his fans knew him as from Idol.

        Unfortunately, it seems like it will be awhile before David makes an album that shows him off in all his “Ballad Boy” or “Soul Man from Utah” glory. I personally would be in bliss with either kind even as I respect his experimental journeys.

      • …peteR…

        It’s International Typo Day!

      • It will be interesting to see how Cook does sales wise. I think David was high up on itunes when TOSOD was released too and that did not help his sales. It is not the getting the album to chart high on itunes when if first comes out that matters. It is getting it to last on itunes for a long time that counts. The difference is Cook gets a huge amount of promo and support from his label. David did not get that.

  26. Well, ‘experimental journey’, that expression will stay somewhere in my thoughts today. HG, I admire your patience, I seriously wish that I had more but that is not a forte of mine unfortunately.

    Perhaps when fall arrives everything will be a go.


  27. Going back to HG’s comment for a bit – should David have waited until his musical identity was formed before entering the music pool? This search for self is sure to have hits and misses before total evolution. Can we or the public wait so long indefinitely? We probably will not see this new musical direction probably until next fall 2012 or spring 2013 – yikes!
    Unless he takes pity on us sooner with an EP and releases a couple tracks.

    • Joymus~ Yeah, I think about that all the time, actually…When AI7 first ended, I was so excited to be David’s fan because of the unknown. He was a blank slate, basically, & I wanted to be along for the ride to watch him develop as an artist. None of the other contestants interested me, because they already had their sound. I knew what they’d sound like each week, & what their music would sound like after the show. David was unpredictable. And I still love that part.

      But now, looking back…I do think maybe he should’ve waited to develop his musical identity before jumping into “the music pool.” It’s like, some of the steps to progression haven’t been in the right sequence, ya know? Some of it’s actually been backwards…He was told long ago that he needed a fanbase to survive, so he got that. But then he wasn’t ready as an artist, & by the time he will be, alot of the fanbase will have moved on.

      My biggest concern would be if he’s not aware of the risk he’s taking; if he actually believes the fans who try & reassure him that we’re not going anywhere. I’d feel horrible if he went through all this self-discovery and got excited about the future, then got blindsided by the reality that what the fans said wasn’t true.

      • Good Points! You have written some things to really consider. I think the gain or loss of fans is natural for artists, and numbers rely on the whatever musical project is appealing or appalling at the time. For instance, David constantly introduces us to new artists we may never have heard of, yet once we check out their material decisions are made to either buy or reject.
        Yes, David may have lost “teen heartthrob” fans but I believe it is up to what he wants to project musically at whatever point he is ready, coupled with creative promotional/marketing opportunities.

      • VJ I agree with your concerns.

      • raelovingangels

        hmmm…. good points. I don’t think D will be blindsided by fans who jump ship. He may not be fully aware of the risks- but who is- as there is not a roadmap when you veer off to take the by ways and not the highways. Some fans will stay on the highways…some of us- clearly those here- will trot along the by ways. I am not sure what choice he has in reality. If he was not happy, he had to make a change. Better sooner than later- and there is a lot of years left to form a career. Some fans who like the side roads will join because it is less crowded… His US fan base may be smaller- but they are serious and IMO, there will be support for a career. I am interested to see David maintain his Asian fans, and develop new international fans, myself…

  28. Dang – this comment box is messed up.

    A little off-topic -I wanted to add that David released this new promotional single in Asia. Based on his tweets and those of Lady V, why was no consideration made in advance for fans worldwide to have access to this track? He or his team should have anticipated that hard-core fans would be chomping at the bit to purchase any new material. By now there are probably a gazillion low-quality clips already downloaded. Why?

  29. Dia is #1 on iTunes, and Javier is #2. There are four The Voice performances in the Top 10 and fifteen in the Top 100. Take that, Nigel!

  30. http://mjsbigblog.com/hits-predicts-david-cook-album-to-debut-between-30-40k.htm

    “The HDD numbers are out, and it’s not looking great for David Cook

    Seventh season American Idol winner David Cook’s second 19/RCA/RMG album is looking at estimated sales in the 35-40k range, a far cry from the 280k debut for his first album.”

    • That does not sound good, especially since he has had promo, something our David did not get. I don’t wish Cook ill will, but I personally think he was out of the game too long.

      • I think the numbers being 45-50k are bad for Cook considering the amount of promo he had. Cook sang on idol twice,had the boot song played every week, and some other high profile media appearances. David did not have any promo for his album. Cook would have had the same very low numbers as David except he had promo and label support. I wish Cook well but many were very critical of David when his sales numbers were so low. I don’t see so much criticism for Cook as yet. It might happen in the future.

    • They revised the number to 45-50k. Certainly not great by his first album’s numbers but better than 35-40k. I doubt anyone (including his fans) expected him to even come close to his debut album’s first week considering he had just won Idol and he’s been out of the limelight for so long now. Guess we’ll see if upcoming appearances, word of mouth, etc. can keep those numbers from falling off drastically. It’s a pretty good album in my opinion, but then again so was David’s.

  31. hell0g0rge0us

    So, did anybody check out Beyonce’s new album 4? Love, love, LOOOOOVE her “Best Thing I Never Had”! 😀

    • Love Beyonce’s new album. Also great to see Jill Scott have such good first week sales number.

  32. who knows what gonna happened to david singing career now and future and but let hope he makes a really good album next year or his singing career will be over. some people other boards are saying they dont know why david even singing anymore, i guess what happened to the other side of down cd sales. i think david is one of the best singers out there.

  33. I just heard the duet by Stevie Nicks and Javier on “The Voice” finale. Wow, was it ever great! I have really enjoyed “The Voice”.

    The state of CD sales is just awful for almost everyone. I really don’t know what the music industry is going to do. David Cook has had the promo we wished our David had, and he’s not going to sell much better.

    Ryan Tedder is now dueting with Beverly. They are doing a fun song. The singles he wrote with David Cook and Jordin didn’t do much. His magic might be gone too.

  34. Javier won The Voice, and it was well deserved. His duet tonight with Stevie Nicks was fantastic, and he has a great voice. But, of course, for me The Voice is David.

  35. I am glad Javier won. He seems like a nice guy and very talented too. Great duet with Stevie. I thought Dia was good with Miranda too. I thought it was a good show.

  36. hell0g0rge0us

    So glad Javier won! That duet with Stevie Nicks was killer!!

    I was sure the itunes lead meant Dia won, but I guess there were other votes that came in, which still valued the better vocal (instead of the better song).

    Cool! Nice ending to a really awesome singing show! 😀

  37. I’m happy for Javier. I was rooting for Dia and/or him. Word on the street is that Justin Bieber asked his fans to vote for Javier. I’m glad that he is so talented and it will be so nice for him and his family.
    Think the other finalists will get contracts from someone.
    Javier does well with duets. He was also strong in Man In the Mirror with Adam. Enjoyable show.

  38. Javier has that star quality about him that the others didn’t have. I also liked his interpretation of the songs he sang. I loved the new single he sang last night. He really has the gift. Congratulations to Javier!!! Hope to see more of you in the future.

  39. A little late about the last song/single from David to Asia fans, i like the fact is different and a truly love song :), i still liking more his middle and low range, this one is too high ……but overall i can take it 🙂 , i think is a leftover from TOSOD, so not signals of new route with this one, but happy to know we gonna have new songs around again, i hope this time he’s more motivated to sing it and enjoy it 😉

    About the Voice , my fav . lost :/ , but i’m happy for Javier anyway :), Gosh can a girl win on this reality singing shows? 😐

    Sorry to hear Cook debut gonna be low even with the promo he’s receiving for the album and single, Not a fan of him but i wish him better, specially if he’s expending money in publicity.
    I just guess a very few group of artist are selling right now, look what Lady Gaga did to have an strong debut with herlast album ….is all about strategy .

  40. I just finished watching Missy Elliott “Behind the Music” and it reminded me of the “When S/he Was 20” series.

    In her early 20’s, Missy wrote, produced and rapped on a hit single for Raven Symone called “Girl Power”. However, Missy wasn’t even contacted when the video was filmed; instead, a thin, light- complexioned woman appeared in the video to rap Missy’s lines. Missy said she was devastated and was later told that she didn’t fit the image they wanted to project (ie, too heavy, too dark, etc.) About a year later Missy left her label and walked from the rights to all her songs, productions/beats, etc. because she felt the environment was too claustrophobic.


  41. Morrissey is lucky he doesn’t have an American Idol created fanbase, lol. Jokes aside, it shows that artists have feelings too and can be hurt by what their fans say about them.

    Morrissey fumes over fan website

    “The singer has previously spoken of his disdain for the fan forum, where members frequently discuss rumours about his private life and are often bluntly critical of his career moves.”


    • hell0g0rge0us

      He is absolutely ridiculous! Isn’t that like biting the hand that feeds you?

      Yeah, I guess it’s a wake up call that artists have feelings and can be hurt by what fans say, but 1.) why read ANYTHING anyone says about you online (there’s a reason why I DO NOT read the website “Rate My Professor” because I really don’t want to know what mean things my students observe about me) and 2.) why risk insulting your fanbase?

      I think there are ways you can get your fans to stop the speculations and criticisms. Just say in an interview: “I do feel bad when my fans say x, y, and z…”

      I’m sure that kind of statement would make fans think twice. I’m sure it would make ALL of us think twice about what we said if David said something like that in an interview, versus if he wore a T-shirt telling us to F– off (not that David would ever do such a thing). 😛

      • The article generated nearly 300 comments from his fans. The site under question has maintained it for over 15 years. Morissey’s fans say it’s been the only place to go for timely updates because his official site is slower to do so. That sure sounded familiar. http://tinyurl.com/3zczmm2

        I agree that Morissey’s style is a bit confrontational. In this day and age, an artist must understand that fans (and haters) will make public comments, spread rumors, etc.

      • edit …
        The site under question has been maintained for over 15 years.

      • Morrissey is totally ridiculous….love him! 😀

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