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  1. I don’t know why I picked up on this and it maybe nothing, but did anyone else detect an air of permanence when David referred to “my band”? I just don’t remember David calling the musicians he has worked with in the past “my band”. Listen (or watch) again David’s answer to the last question on the video.

    • The band at MB was incredible! I love his new sound and the Asian fans are going to love it. All very talented musicians. Can’t wait to see what is coming next!

  2. Yes, I believe part of David’s foundation is this band. I think he wanted a more permanent band that he helped pick. The one performance that they did together was good. I’m really looking forward to SOF and the Asian tour. It will be fun to see the reaction of the band to the Asian fans. They are going to be blown away! It’s going to be fun!

  3. It would be nice if the new OS has some videos of band practice. I too am not holding my breath that it’s going to be great. I hardly ever went to David’s last two OS web-sites, so I guess it shouldn’t matter to me, but I’d like David to have a good OS for new people checking him out.

  4. I don’t think is a loooong term band, maybe for this TOSOD phase, but this guys have other works too, so just my two cents ;).
    I will wait for Asia performance to judge their energy on stage , so far they don’t impress me live, not way they showed same kind of high energy that the one he had at the end of the last year for a short amount of time, but who knows ?, Asia gigs deserve the best of David and a very god show, we aren’t talking about a crowd of 1000/2000 people, not the same to command an small crowd that a big one with high expectations, so is a goal to show some improvement in terms of Show too, i bet David knows . 😉

  5. I’m sure David knows he and the band have to put on a show in Asia. He did say he has some surprises for his Asian concerts. I know that David Cook had pyrotechnics at his Viet Nam concert. Who knows what David will do. I know an asian fan on another site is hoping for back-up dancers. More speculation…….

  6. Awwww…the bags under his eyes. He can barely keep his eyes open. David…..

  7. I do wish David luck with the Asian tour. I hope that the tour gets sold out where ever he goes in Asia. I am not sure how the tickets are selling. I don’t know about back-up dancers but back-up singers would be a nice touch to his shows.

  8. if david ever have back up dancers i am gonna laugh but not in a mean way. i just like david solo with a band.

    • raelovingangels

      I am with you- unless D did the salsa or bachata with them- that would be pretty cool.

  9. I just read that David is releasing a TOSOD Asian Tour package with 5 new songs! I want the new songs. Will we be able to get them here?

    • http://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&&note_id=10150236901427881&id=273893046958RT

      They going to re-release TOSOD with a Asia Tour Edition!! , 5 more songs, different DVD , now we’re talking about business 😉 , go for it David!! next stop remixes and acoustic versions for his american Fans lol 🙂 ….btw i’m not joking , this little think make me excited for him :).

    • ‘K. I am pretty confused about this. So confused, in fact, that I posted my question on 3 different sites. lol….How can TOSOD be re-released, and how can there be more songs, when David has no label and no professional studio to record them in? Wouldn’t JIVE have to weigh in on that? Not that I’m complaining…

      • Who said he can’t afford a professional studio to do new music?
        He just not have label in US , i said this weeks before, but he can always still producing his own songs and make a deal with a label for the distribution of his material, like ‘The rocket summer’ his friend has with Universal.
        For sure and i hope he made some friends producers this three years, enough to receive a litle help to record a song i mean , sriously lol ;).
        And about Jive, the’re part of the past, look like the mother label Sony , knows what they doing in Asia and we still don’t know if he still tie to 19R.?

    • I am sure with the Internet there will be a way to get the songs here. 🙂 Maybe they will be available for purchase from his OS.

  10. Sony Malaysia is the promoter for David’s concert there, so they would be the distributor of TOSOD. It must depend on David’s ending contract with Jive. It looks like it’s on Sony Malaysia’s fb so I would assume it is true. This is not from a VRS. David has access to several professional studios to record and these could be songs that were done for TOSOD, but not used.

  11. ”This is not from a VRS” Not ? 😦 man!! :/ i want this site to have one too lol 😉 …..j/k

    Sorry for my grammar today,, something wrong with my keyboard lol. 🙂

  12. This is all very interesting. Five new songs. Someone mentioned to me recently that independent music/ labels are usually distributed through a major label. His point was that there is a big connection between indie music and the major labels as their music is distributed through them. Only a very few indie labels are truly independent with no connection to a major label. I still don’t get it though. lol I think this is great news for David.

  13. Link for 91.3FM – Top 40-Pop from Toa Payoh New Town, Singapore

    There are rumors a ‘new’ single by David will be played there this morning… It’s exciting, and I’m listening… ”fingers crossed” 🙂

  14. david just said in the phone interview last week that he is only working on 1 new song(for asia tours) but no album this year.

  15. Hahaha – that new single on Singapore radio MAY have been for David Cook instead of our David A, lol… He has his CD release today…. Oh vell, lolol… I’m still excited to hear those 5 new songs from DA, whenever they are available 🙂

  16. I’m assuming he meant no ‘new’ CD release for calendar year 2011. Re-releasing TOSOD with 5 new/bonus tracks doesn’t count as a ‘new’ release of material… It’s more like a PS, or an addendum, lol… I’ll take it like that – curious to hear these extra songs. We’ll have to wait and see what material he will include on his setlist for the Asian tour. He has 2 CD’s worth of material to draw from, a bottomless pit of covers he can select, and I’m sure there will be a surprise or 2 thrown in, song wise…

    • We can see what David has been doing the last while now. It is an interesting move in his career with the revelation of the release of the original CD, with added new songs. Someone has been working well with David especially in the promotion field for Asia.

      The upcoming crossover concert (especially with Brad Paisley) in Provo will be important as well. Even though his time on stage will be shorter than a full concert, I wonder if he will have the opportunity to give his fans something new? I mean as in a cover song I suppose.


  17. Maybe OSOD will be re-released in the US with proper promo and with the new songs (the way *he* wanted/wants to record them) if he signs with a new label in the future.

  18. Here we go again, lolol 🙂

    @Radio_913 Radio 91.3 Singapore

    David Archuleta’s new single on in the next 30 minutes! Listen into 91.3 now!!

  19. Loved the song! A true romantic love song.

    “in your arms….”

  20. Everything And More (2 mins of song) – David Archuleta


  21. I am from Singapore & I miss it when it premier a new single on the radio here! Sheesh!! I am a bad fan lately lol

    But this is so random, out of the blue without any prior announcement, whatsoever? So it’s a new single? I am confused actually!?

  22. Beautiful song, Beautifully sung!! Nice to hear David’s voice front and center without being overproduced. Yea!
    Listening to the station while waiting was a little much. Hearing David was a treat to the ears.

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