Sunday Meditation

I’m still processing a movie I saw in theaters last night. It’s called The Tree of Life, directed by Terence Malick, and to call it mind-blowing and soul-lifting is an understatement. It’s deeply spiritual.

Putting me in the mood for some spiritual David:

As for the movie, I highly recommend you go see it! I don’t think the trailer quite prepares you for the truly cinematic impact you’ll get from it:

To give you some context, the movie opens with an epigraph from Job 37: 7, 8:

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? … who laid its cornerstone as the morning stars sang together?”

The cinematic visuals of these verses… Absolutely Incredible!! It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you turn a spiritual eye on a Hubble telescope!


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  1. This movie sure has good buzz and great reviews. I can’t wait to see it now. I am a Brad Pitt fan too.

    • Totally random…I currently live near the city where Brad was raised. I drive by his childhood church & high school quite a bit. His family still lives there, & his brother Doug is on the city council. I see Doug on TV ads all the time~ it’s kinda strange. lol…Before David, & before moving here, I was a big fan of Brad’s. So yeah. I think I’ll have to watch this movie.

      And now I really miss David. 😦

  2. Gonna have to check that out!!

  3. Oh no! I hate to say that I am the opposite of a Brad Pitt fan. Can I see the movie and pretend it is not him? It sounds like a great movie!

    • Brad Pitt (still cute as a button and doesn’t look a day over 35) has been hit or miss for me. I love him in dark comedies like The Fight Club, Burn Before Reading, and Inglorious Bastards, but he leaves me cold in more serious turns, like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or The Assassination of Jesse James. But in The Tree of Life, he was actually quite good.

  4. My fav movie w/Brad Pitt was Legends of the Fall. I thought he looked his best in that and Troy.

    I just read the Jonah/Extreme Home Makeover article on FOD. Jonah has a beautiful, sincere smile like David. Reading what he and his family have been through makes me realize how petty some of my gripes are.

  5. Only 7 days until the launch of the revamped OS.

    • I wonder what the new official site will have to offer. I keep hoping there might be some good news at least about new management for David but it does not look like it will happen that soon.

    • I think it will be pretty simple, with not much information… but perhaps MIC will surprise us all! 🙂

  6. Well, I wouldn’t be checking it out for Pitt. lol. He’s okay but I’m not a fan.

  7. gossip gossip gossip!!! david and supposed girlfriend charice going to jeanette mCcury birthday bash tonight in los angeles, well that funny because i heard david went home in utah last nite, i guess that isnt true if he going to his friend birthday party. i am going on family vacation this week, so peace out souldavid.

    • I hope that David caught up with Jennette. Her mother is ill and I am sure he is very concerned for her. Hope she has a fun birthday party!

  8. I think Peter is probably right that David’s OS will be simple. I’m not expecting, so I won’t be disappointed. I’m just glad that David has some really great fan-sites like this one.

    Idolfan – My guess is that David did go home to Utah since SOF is coming up next Saturday.

  9. We have been living on these David rations since he last toured in Decebmber of 2009. We should be really thin by now~~~Rations are not so bad if you know how long you have to be on them. There will be excitement for awhile during SOF and then another boost of music imported from Asia will be somewhat nourishing but the real meal probably won’t come before we see another December or if lucky November.

    Well, excuse my Eeyore kind of thoughts but that is how this all kind of hits me right now as we watch him go fromt Nashville to LA to Utah and then do the circle again.

    The movie you mentioned HG sounds like a great one to go and see though! Maybe some popcorn would go good with that….


    • I agree with you SB.

      • My expectations are really low at this point as David seems to continue to work with Sunny who helped write the classic song DSH. I can’t stand that DSH song. David working with LadyV or even Rock Mafia looks good to me in comparison.

  10. OMG this is hilarious! I live near Branson, MO, and the theater acts are holding a collective benefit concert to go towards the Joplin tornado…Right now, a bluegrass band is singing their rendition of The Black-Eyed Peas “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night”. And they sound better than BEP. haha…

    • I went through Branson a few years ago and met Jason Yeager (Season 8), who works at Hard Luck Diner as a singing waiter. He was so kind and we got to chat about his time spent with David, Cook, and other Idol friends. I wish him well — nice guy!

      • Jason’s in Branson, & you got to visit with him? That’s cool! A singing waiter…that’s a new one. lol. And Jimmy Osmond just gave a video spiel, and George Harrison’s sister is helping to man the phones. Neat.

      • Freo let me know when you are vacationing in AVL!

  11. jason was with david in season 7, 2008

    • That’s right, Season 7, thanks for the correction! When you walk into the restaurant, there used to be a very cool display of Idol-related items from Jason that give you an insight into David’s experience: airline ticket, song choice listings, CD playlists of the song lists, golden ticket, etc.

      Jen, definitely! It looks like it will be in early fall, as we may do a shorter vacation in our own state up north this summer. I would love to meet you!

  12. From the FOD front page:

    WOOT! Can’t wait!

    FOD has heard some great things about the format and administrators of the new official site.


    • “Bah”. lol. Well, there weren’t a lot of visitors to the first OS. It’ll be interesting to see if they can draw any attention to this one.

    • If it’s Todd as the main site maintainer, he’s done a beautiful job on the place marker page that’s there now.

    • I’m skeptical or maybe even indifferent about his new OS, well is not like it was the most visited site anyways, and the fact that all the leaks coming from FOD ways don’t give me hopes or excitement about 😐 , same old, same old…….or maybe ike Peter said, maybe we’ll be surprised 😉

      • I just wish that David’s new OS was somehow affiliated with a label, major or indie, and that they maintained it. Not all labels are as bad as jive was with David’s site or whoever was responsible for it. I noticed that the Civil Wars has their indie label, Sensibility, on their OS at the bottom. I don’t really care as much who designs it. That to me would be a good sign but I don’t think it is going to happen.

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