New Vlog!

David talks friendship and promises some surprises! Start speculating! 😛


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  1. He cracks me up! That’s all I have to say about that 🙂

  2. cute blog but david was losing it and he looked really tired and he is really happy going overseas in july!!.

  3. Read he’d been working on music into the wee hours. For someone who is “taking a break” he’s working as hard as ever.

    I am thinking the surprise may be a new song … And I’m hoping it’s an original this time.

  4. I think he’s working on adding more stops/concerts in Asia. Maybe Japan? Or perhaps he’s adding some Europeon cities to the overseas tour? I guess we will know soon enough. 🙂

    We already know he’s probably going to introduce a new song or two.

    He is working harder than ever it seems. He’s not going to be complacent when it comes to music because obviously music is what he lives & breathes for. And I’m glad he admits to being nervous but excited about his upcoming concerts. It shows he still very much wants to please his audiences. He has no ego which is a breath of fresh air in the music biz.

  5. Nice Vlog by David. This is off topic but I just saw that entertainment weekly gave Cook’s new album a “B-” with not a very good review. Cook’s fans are not happy with that when you read the comments. I checked and they gave David’s TOSOD a “B” last year and the review was alright. I am kind of surprised as I thought EW would rate Cook’s album higher. It’s kind of interesting. I still say TOSOD was a good album.

    • raelovingangels

      I also say TOSOD a great album! I still prefer it over the first….
      It just feels lighter and more creative…

    • Jeffrey Christ, who works for MTV, gave it a C+. He mentioned this in a video I saw; I don’t know if his review has been published yet.

      I, too, like TOSOD.

  6. I agree TOSOD was a very good album. Some of the songs like the title song, TOSOD, Who I Am, My Kind of Perfect, Complain, Stomping The Roses, and Look Around, were above average IMO. And of course the fan favorite, Falling Stars which is good but far from my favorite on the album. I really think any one of these songs are radio friendly & had the potential to be a hit. Just will never understand why the old label didn’t do more. Oh yeah…because they suck!

    I know David “promised” his fans a single this year, but I’m hoping he releases an EP with a couple of new songs & maybe a couple of covers. One song just will not quench our thirst for new music from The Voice, even if the “new music” is actually a cover or two. 😀

    • I think that once David gets his breakthrough TOSOD will be “rediscover” .

      • I agree; I don’t know who owns what (but David co-wrote or wrote some of the songs), but hopefully the album could even be re-released or the songs combined on another project.

    • I’m still hoping that D’s website will launch with new music for us to download. In the back of my mind, I know I need to lower my expectations, lol.

  7. Just got a chance to see this vlog. (1) Short hair. Haven’t seen that for awhile; (2) He looks & sounds completely exhausted. There’s this word called “sleep”, David. Ever heard of it? lol; (3) What is he even mumbling about half the time? lol; (4) “wocka-wocka” (only David can make me laugh at that); (5) his brain was like, all over the place. haha. I love when he does that, for some reason…And that’s all I got.

    • I just watched the vlog and I’m wondering about the mumbling too, lol.

      Re. Cook’s album, I read MJ’s and I think his fans are worrying too much.

      MelW tweeted that the group, Color Me Badd (remember them?) is now one of clients. One of the group members is married to Tamyra Gray and he co-wrote Jordin’s song, “Battlefield”.

      • I think the sales on Cook’s album next week will be very interesting. His fans better be prepared because they might not be that great and certainly no where near as big in sales as his first album. They have given Cook a lot of promo though which is something David never received for TOSOD

    • It sounds like he was up very late writing and then the time change on top of that. The constant travel must be really tiring.

  8. on surprises, i think more new music and a chirstmas tour 2011!!!!.

  9. Adam Levine was on Conan last night. It’s funny that Randy Jackson — one of Nigel’s little marionettes — thinks that The Voice “gimmicky.”

    • Thanks Peter for the video. That was all kinds of win for me because I love Conan and Adam Levine. I find Adam’s honesty refreshing. I don’t think he cares what he says and I like that. I hope Javier wins The Voice. I would rather see him win it than have Dia win it. I think Adam looks like what a rock star should look like.

  10. Two silly questions: Where does one go to find sales numbers for Cook’s album? I’ve been wanting to follow that a little bit, but never know where to go…And what keys do I need to hit to italicize on here? lol. Thanks…:)

    • VJ Cook’s album comes out next week on 6/28. That is when you can get the sales data.

      • OK, tks. Actually, I meant the sales for his new single “This Loud Morning”. I tend to use the wrong words lately. Uggh.

  11. In the vlog, David looks and sounds exhausted and yet he gives us a vlog because he made a promise to us. Who does that? I like that we get a close look at his face on his vlogs but on the other hand it distorts his face when he is that close. Hmmm? I liked his hair long. Wocka wocka? Yeah, I have that kind of brain too.

  12. OK, I just need to go home. lol..What I reaaaally meant was sales for Cook’s new single “The Last Goodbye”. nvm. 😦

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