Why is There Confusion?

This is how I understand things:

David says: The Other Side of Down is a true reflection of my musical self. I hope you guys like it!

Jive said: Forget you! (which is more or less what they did when they didn’t do any promo for his sophomore effort whatsoever).

A few months later, it’s time to renegotiate the contract, and Jive says: Let’s go in this direction!

David says: Forget you! *And walks away, feeling he made the right decision.*

I think he made the right decision too.

Any questions?


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  1. I definitely think he made the right decision to leave Jive as they did no support for him.

    I still find it hard to believe he has such strength of conviction at his young age. I am sure that in his travels and meets with other established artists he was the recipient of much hard won advice and that may have helped him to cut ties.

  2. I like David’s decision to do his own thing. I like the way he walks HIS walk and NO ONE ELSES! I have noticed Jordan Sparks and her “new” image (in my opinion ) and I am so glad David isnt trying to go with the flow to do the “in” thing…but the “right” thing. 🙂

    • Oh please leave alone Jordin Image, she’s not becoming a bad singer or person because that, i mean really ?. Jive is a right fit for her from the start she’s a pop singer , but most important than that she is happy with her-self what ever her music is selling or not, THIS was not the case of David , he was unhappy and was confused and felt the pressure to do what he don’t wanted …… not everybody is the same you know?

  3. Love that scenario!

    But I think David can look back now and say that it was still a rushed time for him, with so many “voices” telling him what to do. I like quite a few of the songs on TOSOD, but I’m not sure STILL that they reflect David’s true musical direction – as stated in his interviews. He needs this time with just a couple collaborators, people he trusts and who listen. I’m hoping he is getting that time, and getting encouraging – not leading – guidance for finding his inner writer.

    David can sing anything, we know that. And he has an internal guidance mechanism that gives him the gift of finding the unique quality of a song. He can make us cry, tear our hearts to smithereens, make us laugh and clap and jump! with a fun, upbeat song. Now he just has to give himself permission to let that gift grow with his own songs, his own lyrics, his own style. And perhaps he just needs a little bit of confidence to share that with the world. It is hard, I think, to trust your instincts when you are 20 years old. Harder still to trust them enough to share them with the world.

    David is an artist, not just an entertainer, and that is what makes him so special, what made his relationship with Jive such a poor fit. He’s going his own way (Amen) and at some point I think we’ll get a little glimpse of the journey ahead. I think it’s going t be an amazing ride, and I’m thrilled to be able to watch it!

    • I agree with your thoughts! Jive did nothing for him on the last album and he made the right decision to get out. The recording industry is in such turmoil right now. Many artists are indeed releasing downloadable EPs instead of full albums. I like the OSOD songs, but I think that David has the capacity to explore other emotions through his music that were not represented on the album.

      He seems to just love Nashville. I hope he eventually lands there as a home base. He seems so relaxed and in his element in all the photos, something I don’t see in other photos, even in Utah.

  4. I do think the decision to leave Jive was the right one. I think David left a sinking ship at the right time. I read that Jive and also Epic are going towards urban pop music with Reid being in charge now. I would add auto tuned but they did not say that. lol That is not a good fit for David. David could also have done everything Jive wanted and another album with them still might not have been successful in terms of sales. They were not supportive of him. I don’t think Jordin is having big sales with her new single even after her image change.

  5. Pretty much was like that. Like Marie said Jive was sinking ship already, David himself said so on his blog , they were changing like company, and you can see with the news that was true, their executives , the ones knew David from his child years were leaving, the all process was a fail from the start, since Jive priorities were not to promote TOSOD , they were in bad economic shape cutting expenses from every activity, and tbh David doesn’t help him-self working without an smart management by the time of the single and album release and i’m not even gonna start with the singles choices 😐

    So David’s fans need to relax about this dropping thing, sadly is the way that most people perceive the news about an artist leaving a Label , NOT ONLY DAVID, big names experimented already this situation and they ‘re not shame to said ‘ yes and what , i’m happy now 😉 they just don’t fit each other, looks like David is really happy leaving and i don’t think Jive is sad either since like a normal label their priority is make money, so not news there. They break with each other, nobody dropped to anybody 😉

    BTW i read complains about Jive promo even with Britney S and Chris B , and you already know Ciara and the Rap guy situations very similars to David’s their fans were mad for the lack of support in the first cases and to forcing to go in a different route for the other additionally they really reduced their list of artists a lot in this transition.

  6. BTW interesting article .

    ”’Archuleta is on the road to discover his true sound, and to take his own direction unimpeded by anyone else dictating how he should sound like. Frankly, he’s come into his own, and maturing, more than just as a singer, but as a person. To that end on the journey of discovery, he’s been writing his own material. ”

    http://www.mmail.com.my/content/75788-archangels-rejoice 🙂

  7. He did make the right decision, but I guess David was putting on a happy face until he just couldn’t do it anymore. When I listen to TOSOD now, I feel like I really get a sense of what may have been going through his mind. Lyrics like, “do you realize you’re getting nowhere… but it’s all laid out for you” and “I’ve been silent up til now, I’ve been going with the flow… wherever that goes”. He wrote those lines, no doubt. lol

    Anyway, since we know D likes Jill Scott I wanted to post an interview that a good friend of mine recently did with her. Sounds like she went through some of the same things David is dealing with now.


    • Awwwwwwww.

    • Thanks for posting this! I finally got the video to run on my computer. My only complaint re. this interview is that I wish it was longer. When asked to give advice to those trying to make it in the business, Jill responded that you should REALLY get to know yourself and know where you stand on issues. She mentioned being glad that she didn’t enter the industry until age 27. Then it cuts off. 😦 I wanted her to discuss the “why” and some of the things she’s been through.

    • Astrid – Thank you for this interview. It is so full of of current parallels that exist with David right now. Thank God he stepped away from Jive and into his instinct. Unfortunately in life you do have to experience some things to realize what is and isn’t for you. I really wish David all the best in this endeavor.

  8. True, i was listening TOSOD yesterday after to read the Malaysia Interview, and now more than before you really can see his fears and maybe frustration with the process all over the place specially with Tosod, Who i’m, Good Place, even a little Look around and of course Elevator 😦

  9. “Moves Like Jagger” is #1 on iTunes. Woohoo!

    • Don’t really care for the song, but good for Adam Levine.

      And seeing that Dia is very popular on itunes, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she somehow managed to win over Javier Colon.

      • HG – I agree. I listened to that single on the show and personally thought it was awful. I also checked a couple of Javier’s YT’s as a recording artist and live performances. I preferred his recorded voice but then he sounded like every other R+B crooner out there. Because he has been around the music industry block before without much success, I don’t think he can bring a fresh or current “sound”. So for that reason I think someone else may win.

  10. Believing in David along with confusion, hmm…Before anyone wondered how much they could believe in David, he was singing about it and talking about it. Although he has big beliefs, he isn’t all over the map with them. The more that society falls apart the more they don’t believe in anything much. I did say much and unsteady beliefs give out confusion vibrations.

    David either came along at the wrong time or it could be thought of as the exact right time when change is needed and he may be one of the leaders at least in our eyes. We follow him every day and believe in him. We are from every walk of life, every playing field. Some of us have grand amounts of education and experience and others have been given a keen mind, a good sense of values and instincts. Of course we share the love of music.

    The confusion going on with David represents the total on going confusion in the industry and a society that is set to go to past forbidden territories. They will stop at nothing to entertain and are out of control. Meanwhile if they have not dragged us along with them then we are also going back to basics where we have to believe it or not, wait for something good. Jive has been confused for a long time.

    Bravo to David…


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