And This is Why David Needs a Break from the Music Industry

So, um, I could have sworn that these clownin’ idiots were just spoofing on hip-hop and equally mindless acts like Ke$ha:

But no.  There is no such thing as irony anymore. Even acts that are done to make fun of how bad and hideous current music sounds are getting taken seriously.

That’s right. The leader of a “White Girl Mob” group, calling herself “Kreayshawn,” has now been signed by SONY Music, probably because their YouTube video received 3 millions views in less than a month.  This is as bad as Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” which I also thought was a hideous spoof on tween music. But I understand she got signed too.

But what do I know? I guess I’m just getting old.

So glad David is taking a much needed break because the music industry is lost, lost, LOST!!

Here’s an interesting take on this latest musical appropriation buzz-getter.  Although I would take it with a grain of salt because, seriously, it’s not that deep. And I don’t care if Kreayshawn is white, may or may not be from the “hood,” or throws around the N-word (unfortunately, this is what popular hip-hop has reaped, so there is no leg to stand on when any and everybody acts a fool).

My issue is: this music SUCKS, and a major company like SONY threw a record deal at this chick.  Sounds to me like the music industry should follow David’s lead and take a timeout too, because they need to figure out their musical identity.


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  1. Very interesting review of Katy Perry’s concert near NYC a few days ago. The New York Times basically came out and said that she makes up for lack of
    voice through theatrics:

    Ms. Perry isn’t a natural onstage. Her dancing is mostly walking, and her voice is strong but not always well guided. So the concert was showered with special effects: lasers, confetti, pyrotechnics, aerial ballet, a cannon spewing whipped cream, and a pink cloud that Ms. Perry rode out above the audience. One song, “Hot N Cold,” went through seven costumes in four minutes.

    When we went to the Chicago stop of the Jingle Bash, we left shortly after David’s performances. We just couldn’t stomach the poor singing and ridiculous half-naked dancers to make up for lack of singing.

  2. I had never heard of Kreayshawn prior to this post. From what I read on another site, Diddy even tried to sign her to his label. I can’t figure out if she’s popular because youtube viewers find her talented or if it’s because they see her as more of a novelty act. Maybe it’s a combination of the two.

    I like some hip hop music but I’m a little tired music with synthesized beats. I want to hear more melodies and actual instruments. I guess I’m getting old too, lol.

  3. A Sony time out sounds like a great plan. They ought to be sent to the corner with their noses pressed on the wall. Its crazy… David doesn’t need any part of this… not at all!

  4. What? She’s like an Amy Winehouse lookalike with Ke$ha’s talent who stole her clothes from Gaga’s and Katy Perry’s wardrobes. Originality, please. Unfortunately, many in the “music” industry are all about the money now, and if YT indicates she has an audience … UGH. The labels seem to be moving toward signing sensationalists rather than musicians.

    Just makes me admire David more.

  5. Shanny in Australia

    I’ve recently come to a couple of conclusions about the state of the music industry today…maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m partly right – whatever it is, it helps me understand the incomprehensibleness of it all….

    And these are my conclusions….
    1. Usually in marketing a product…you want your product to be unique and special in some kind of way so it can stand out from the crowd and be noticed. This is not the case with the music industry today. It’s all about same, same, same and if you are unique then you better get into line or you ain’t going nowhere fast. Think: Jordin Sparks recent performance. That’s why David had a hard time with Jive…he wouldn’t become a carbon copy of the beiber and make them tons of money.

    2. Most people seem to think people like Lady Gaga are over the top and ridiculous. Most people seem to not think much of people like Ke$ha and Rihanna. And yet….they are popular, they get the attention, they make the money. It suddenly dawned on me…could people’s fascination with something they find ridiculous and repulsive be akin to gossiping? And as we know…gossiping is an age old issue and many psychologists etc, claim that people are drawn into gossiping because it makes them feel better about themselves to put others down. Personally, I’m not convinced that gossiping can be explained so easily…but it sure does seem that people like to do it. Just like they seem to love to hate these crazy antics that keep the music industry buzzing nowadays.

    • I don’t connect with Ke$ha’s artistry (gimmick?) but I like quite a bit of the music that Gaga and Rihanna put out.

      I’m curious, when you use the phrase “most people” are you referring to their popularity in Australia? Here in the U.S., some poke fun at the artists that you mentioned but I get the impression they’re liked.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Desertrat – I see comments on fansites about these people, I see comments on twitter, I got to youtube vids of these people and see comments, I see comments in my newspaper I see comments on web news sites…..everywhere I go…it seems about 90% of people are shocked in a negative way and/or think they are trying to make up for lack of talent with gimmicks. But people continue to watch nevertheless….

      • Shanny, thanks for responding.

  6. There are some artists in the industry who are truly talented and make their own path, but they are few and far between.

    One artist I listen to sometimes when I go running is Sheryl Crow. She is a classically-trained musician in voice and piano, and very talented. Regina Spektor has carved her own path, and I know there are many others.

    The album (I don’t think) sold high numbers, but I also enjoy Brooke White’s sound. Her album has a retro feel and I like her images in the lyrics. It’s also a great album for running!

  7. Adam Levine’s and Christina Aguilera’s new song has leaked:

  8. Great article that JR found and posted the link to on TDC. No wonder the music business is such a mess:

    • hell0g0rge0us

      How utterly depressing! Thanks for sharing though. 😦

      And yet… I’m still so grateful that David is so young… He WILL prevail once the music scene collapses, and the dust settles.

      Question is: how many of us will be around when he finally does?

      • HG – I feel the same way – LOL! Got to about halfway and couldn’t read anymore. That is why I now feel a bit sad for all those contestants on singing shows. That original enthusiasm and spark they exhibit is offset by what I now know of the industry based on following David.

      • The music business is a mess. I know I am getting older by the The only two artists that I really like that are played on top 40 pop radio are Bruno Mars and Adele. I don’t mind some of Gaga’s or Katy Perry’s or Rhianna’s songs in comparison to other songs on the radio.

  9. i agreed with thomboykt, david should get award for being so nice!!!!!

    • hell0g0rge0us

      What a great fine! How awesome that young David would be interviewed about “longevity.” 🙂

      That Weird Al video is so spot on with his parody! 😆

      Thanks for sharing these links, Peter and Tibitibi!

  10. He don’t need to break from the industry, eventually the Industry going to evolve and the ones who going to survive are the ones who really have an artistic identity to offer to their fans and real talent ; airplay and big sales are not always signal of quality, David even now without label and management still relevant for the industry, he’s still having the support of a market to sell his music (Asia) and the potential to got The Latino and European one, and the capacity to still doing special projets ( Christmas Music and Inspirational songs and even Covers) and TO ME the media still waiting for his moment 😉 ….so i still opposing resistence to the Idea of ‘Adjust my expectations’ about his succes, because i’m sure he can reach his full creativity potential once he arrive to identified his own sound and the rules to play in this tough business…..of course him-self need to adjust his expectations of ‘Perfect Scenario” , Not perfect labels out there, Not perfect situations , Live is not perfect lol, He need to make the peace with the word Concession, he’s smart he’s gonna know at what point he can make some. Learn for his own mistakes and move on…….hopefully he don’t gonna be too picky to find his place with a label (whatever kind ) and don’t lose touch with the reality about the fast moves of the industry right now.

  11. hell0g0rge0us

    Oh, I agree David is going to be fine and one day the industry will evolve.

    My point, with this post, is that, right now, I’m okay with David taking his time to find his musical identity without support of label or management because the state of the music industry is absolute crap.

    I mean, this isn’t just about pop songs and bubblegum stars that are put out on the assembly line to sell records. The pop music scene has always been about putting out catchy songs and hooks by entertainers with a modicum of talent. And then, as Jay Z would say, “on to the next one.”

    However, this latest “gimmick” is not even MUSIC. It’s not even BAD MUSIC. It’s GARBAGE pure and simple (and not even conceptual avant-garde garbage for that matter), and it’s shameful that a major label is throwing $$ at “gimmicks” like this.

    The “rapper” behind this act is a film school dropout who only knows how to package a look because that’s what she does: make videos. This is a mere parody of a hip-hop music video, and I’m just a bit shocked that a record label would take this schtick seriously enough to want to try and market it as if it’s “music.”

    This belongs on SNL, not in a studio! At least Justin Bieber, as minimal as his talent is, does have some kind of musical talent – even if it’s only for bubblegum tween pop.

    This latest nonsense isn’t even THAT! And that’s why I’m glad David is taking a break from label-hunting. I think the industry needs to figure out what today’s music really means (and what it actually is) and then how to market it so that their “product” – music – can actually be taken seriously.

    This Kreayshawn foolishness is the equivalent of a car dealership trying to dress up a scooter and sell it as a sports car! If your dealership tried to sell you an obvious “lemon” like that, wouldn’t you sue them or try to ruin their reputation for even doing something so stupid?

    And the music industry wonders why no one is buying their music!

    Come on now! Somebody at SONY needs to put down the crack pipe, pure and simple.

    • OH, i agree the industry hit a new low signing jokes literally. I’m not arguing at all with the main post and was just sharing my thoughts 🙂 tooo much pseudo talent this days, Milly Manilly would be a perfec fit for the industry today lol, the sad part is that radio people knows that is bad but they still going. :/

      But then we’re talking about top 40 singer , David can go always to HAC route and make progress there…..but he needs to move in the right way this time. I agree David needs the break , his confusion about what he want like artist is very obvious , and until he find his musical identity, people , labels ,managers don’t gonna know what to do with him, that was pretty much what people said three years ago at AI7 and they were right about this and about Jive don’t be the right fit for him. Look like a bunch of that days predictiones are becoming a reality…..hopefully not all . 😦

  12. I’m very impressed with Keith Thomas. His background includes trying to incorporate aspects of David Foster and QUINCY JONES. into his music.(not sure I’m explaining it well) My eyes perked up when I saw Quincy Jones and all the #1 songs and his growth into the music business.
    He has worked with numerous stars and has a studio to die for.
    Thanks Peter for posting his site. Highly recommend reading up on him and crossing fingers.
    Idol fan I enjoyed his comment to that David should get an award for being so nice.

  13. hope david is at the BSBNKOTB and jordin sparks concert tonight in nashville, haven’t heard any sighing or gossip him being there yet?

  14. God, I love The Voice as a show. Awesome talent on display! 🙂

    But if they’re coming on tomorrow, sorry, but I love my dancers on SYTYCD and will have to miss them.


    Keith Thomas seems like serious business, and David meeting up with the likes of him indicates that David is seriously “serious business.”

    I do agree David needs an award for niceness. He’s certainly not burning his bridges… 😀

    • HG, Just have to say I love this article! and all of your comments! You are right on! David is not burning bridges… but he is building bridges!

  15. I love The Voice. All the contestants can sing and it’s very entertaining. I agree with everyone’s comments about the music industry and top 40 music. I once heard a musician describe today’s top 40 music as cartoon music. That’s a pretty good description of a lot of it.

    • I like the voice too. I think the top 4 from each team will be Javier, Dia, Vicci, and Beverly. I think Javier will win and deserves it but I kind of wish that it was Beverly that would win. She is really what the voice should be all about. The only thing that I don’t like is that they do go by the sales of itunes on this show. I think it even counts in the vote. An artist like Beverly can’t compete against someone like Dia or even Vicci that charts higher. I do like Dia but it is always about the sales in the music industry.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        I think those 4 will move on too. And yes, Javier will win, but I’m okay with any of them winning.

      • I haven’t really had time to watch the show. Just saw a bit of Javier, Vicci and Xenia last night. Javier and Vicci were excellent, I thought…I have one little issue re: Beverly, though. When you say that Beverly is what the show is about, are you talking about the “rags to riches”-type story that American Idol always crammed down our throats? Because that is largely why David Cook won….

      • I really am ok with any of the talent on The Voice winning too. It just that it started as a blind audition on the show and it was not supposed to be based not on looks but on the voice. I think that changed as the show progressed because it seems like maybe the somewhat less attractive ones will not have a chance to win it. Although beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. lol I did not even think about the rags to riches story but I meant general appearance. O f course some of that may have been bad song choice. For example I liked Jeff Jenkins but he picked the wrong song last week. I really like Javier and hope that he does win it over Dia.

  16. There have always been bad songs: remember Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoe through the Tulips”, Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made for Walking”, “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”, “Sugar, Sugar”, “Puppy Love”, etc. No? Well I’m showing my age. (Though I was a wee child when these were new). I’m sure there are a million we could think of from all eras.

    Entertainment is very personal. It doesn’t have to all sound like Celine Dion or Josh Groban. If we only listened to good voices, we’d never have Bob Dylan. Sometimes, like with Lady Gaga, you get some good music, combined with performance art–which is all about being outrageous. The message is the point, and visuals help make it.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Is Nancy Sinatra’s “Boots” song a “bad song”? Who knew? I do believe I have it somewhere on my ipod. 😆

      I think Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” helped relaunch that song for a whole new generation! 🙂

  17. That,s true Cchalo, i actually think Gaga is kind the original, she can sing live in tune, write her own songs and is a good performer, same Riri that was include in the list (with David) of the best voices under 30 , Bruno M between he mens and other pop/rock bands and even Eminem among others in the top 40 , I don’t like at all Katy P or Ke$ha (bad music, bad voices and bad performersto me ) , Love Celine , but i’m not into Josh G. Tthe problem is that some of new artists ‘Are not creatives , have not voice, performance skills, not close to be good dancers at all, have over use of technology to help them to stay in tune and silly or explicit lyrics on the top of all this” too many NO, NO’s in one solo packet …… that doesn’t make sense to sing a person who lack of all the requirements , but exceeds in habiliity to make gossip and still on the top……..Now even with all this , i really think that the industry today is just a half of David’s problems to succes. the other part is on him-self. G,nigh 🙂

  18. hell0g0rge0us

    I noticed whenever I play a YouTube video or visit any site with ads that “Gucci Gucci” monstrosity keeps popping up.

    They really ARE going to shove this crap down our throats, aren’t they?

    More and more, I’m starting to think this is yet another studio plant pretending to be a “YouTube discovery.”

  19. I agree that music is not only about a good voice. So many of my favorites have average voices expressed through musical souls. I suppose it is when the first is just okay and the second appears to be missing that I object. I truly believe that David has both to a great degree, and that makes me optimistic for his future in the industry.

  20. I have “Sugar, Sugar” and “These Boots Are Made for Walking” on my ipod, lol. They’re not the best songs but they’re fun to listen to.

    Before Rihanna and Lady Gaga, there was Nancy. 🙂

  21. There are three The Voice performances in the Top 10 on iTunes right now: Maroon 5 is #5, Dia Frampton is #6 and Javier Colon is #7.

    There are 14 The Voice performances in the Top 100.

  22. Here’s a screen capture from FOD of an article that stated that “Archuleta was dropped by Jive Records earlier this year after his album The Other Side of Down sold only 63,000 copies.”

    In the comments, people pointed out that he was not dropped and that he is more successful than many artists still on the Jive roster, and — what do you know — the writer has actually made changes to the article:

    “Archuleta left his record label Jive earlier this year following the release of album The Other Side of Down. He later told fans in a video blog that although there had been offers for him to continue working with them, he thought parting ways was the “right thing” for him to do.”

    The writer is referring to this interview:

    IMO, the Digital Spy writer’s choice of focus is interesting…

  23. It is an interesting point, one that the MJ’s big blog posters were making–that if he’s trying to find himself now, what was all the “it’s all about me” talk during the release of TOSOD?

    • I do find it a bit confusing that David did say that TOSOD was “all about me” and now he is trying to find himself. David helped write all those songs. He should give himself more credit for TOSOD. I still would love it if he does do some soulful pop. I tend to stay away from reading the comments at MJ’s because to me it is a biased blog towards Cook and Lambert. I don’t have an issue with either one but it’s like a fan blog for them. Some of the comments there regarding David are very negative and almost nasty when there is no need for it . MJ doesn’t seem to monitor that very well. I wonder why?

    • I think some ppl were confusing what David said a little bit. From the beginning, he said he was putting more of his thoughts and personality into TOSOD. And he did. But he never said that the songs were his style. He never said that he’d discovered his sound, and that TOSOD was the direction he’d be taking. In one interview awhile back (can’t remember which one), David was specifically asked, “Is this what your songs will sound like in the future?” His answer was something like, “They represent who I am as a person, but not necessarily the direction I’m taking. I can’t say ‘Oh, this is what my sound is like’ yet. I’m still trying to figure that out.”

  24. Thanks VJ, I was going to say something similar but I think you said it better.

  25. MJ’s is not a fansite if David fans can’t handle the opinion i suggest better to stay away from there, i don’t believe for a second in the conspiracy theory against David there, if you a regular lurker you should know by now how that’s works and that you gonna find all kind of comments in the threads from the other Idols too. Now yes some comments reflect just the reality of how David is perceived for some people out of his fandom and what? everybody has a different opinion and not all the comments are actually wrong. The TOSOD point is valid, even his own fans are questioning that, his lack of confidence and love for his own voice and capacities is sometimes annoying lol, the ‘ I’m a dork and ‘I’m wierd’ should be a ended phase seriously….BUT i agree with VJ , very good explanation btw and i gonna add that like human being and artist he’s going to be in a permanent process of change , adjusting his goals to the reality of the moment ….. he still building the steps to reach his maximun succes moment … his career is not a work done.

  26. tibitibi I love to hear different opinions. I like to keep it real and tell it the way it is myself. I don’t always agree with everything David does career wise myself and have expressed it frequently. I wish he had a label and management right now. I don’t agree with David having family management either if he has it but it is his choice. I am not a fan of MIC. David should not say he is dork. I agree. The fans at mjs’s can be OTT in support of their “idol”. That is a nice way to put it. lol I don’t read comments there anymore. Some posters are just plain mean towards David there but I did not often see any of that directed at Cook or Lambert ever.

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