Daily Archives: June 21, 2011

And This is Why David Needs a Break from the Music Industry

So, um, I could have sworn that these clownin’ idiots were just spoofing on hip-hop and equally mindless acts like Ke$ha:

But no.  There is no such thing as irony anymore. Even acts that are done to make fun of how bad and hideous current music sounds are getting taken seriously.

That’s right. The leader of a “White Girl Mob” group, calling herself “Kreayshawn,” has now been signed by SONY Music, probably because their YouTube video received 3 millions views in less than a month.  This is as bad as Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” which I also thought was a hideous spoof on tween music. But I understand she got signed too.

But what do I know? I guess I’m just getting old.

So glad David is taking a much needed break because the music industry is lost, lost, LOST!!

Here’s an interesting take on this latest musical appropriation buzz-getter.  Although I would take it with a grain of salt because, seriously, it’s not that deep. And I don’t care if Kreayshawn is white, may or may not be from the “hood,” or throws around the N-word (unfortunately, this is what popular hip-hop has reaped, so there is no leg to stand on when any and everybody acts a fool).

My issue is: this music SUCKS, and a major company like SONY threw a record deal at this chick.  Sounds to me like the music industry should follow David’s lead and take a timeout too, because they need to figure out their musical identity.