Is David Archuleta a Threat?

Despite his perceived “disappearance” from the pop music scene, David certainly seems to keep on keeping on, and in his interviews, I’m always finding it interesting how he always describes his break with Jive as his leaving the label.

And yet, the general story out there is that Jive dropped him.  It didn’t help that his previous management gave the same impression via twitter.  Such a stigma of being dropped can’t help David’s already beleaguered image, and it’s interesting that much attention is given to how low his sales are compared to other Idol alumni, who aren’t doing any better than he is.

Are expectations placed very highly for someone like David, or is there something more sinister going on? By that I mean, I’ve wondered why there is so much that is done to curtail his successes or to trumpet his perceived “failures.”

I’ll give some examples.

1. On Idol, the rumor mill was greased on a regular basis about “behind-the-scenes” shenanigans from dear ol’ dad. Meanwhile, not a peep about similar shenanigans from other stage parents of other Idols, like Lauren Alaina or Diana DeGarmo back in the day.  (Let me also add that, during David’s season there were also rumors that a bunch of contestants were jealous of the “buzz” he created early on in the show.)

2. After Idol, and after “Crush,” radio deejays happily reported about his dad’s scandal and, after that, his parents’ divorce.  All while refusing to play his singles on the radio.

3. Despite David’s constant referral to his “leaving” Jive, many media accounts still refer to David as having been dropped.  Anyone could correct this information, but this has become the party line.

So, I gotta ask: What gives?  Why is there this constant attempt to taint David with a negative brush?  Sure, this could all be my sensitive Archie nerves reacting to the negativity when I believe the world should be in love with the Voice.

But, it seems like David gets more than his fair share of negativity, and I’m just wondering about what I perceive to be hate for the guy.

Is David Archuleta a real threat (for why else would anyone work overtime to be negative)? And if so, a threat to whom or to what?

I mean, if the general media can’t create a friendly vibe for him, then I don’t blame David for taking a break.  I at least hope, when he relaunches, that he gets a publicity team firmly in place, for he needs to create his own positive PR and to create enough counter-attacks when he is unfairly reported on in the media.

With all the mediocre talent and gimmicks out there, I of course recognize that David is a threat (and could be a triple one at that), but first he’ll need to mount his fortress on which to launch his comeback (yes, I’m already talking about “comebacks” when the guy is all of 20 years old!).


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  1. do I think David is a threat to others out there? yes.
    have felt that way right from the get go!
    nice piece and thanks!

  2. hell0g0rge0us

    Hi Kimak, are you new around here (or new to posting)? Thanks, and I hope you post more! 🙂

  3. I, too, think that he is a threat. I think this is because he hasn’t abandoned his authentic self because of — for lack of a better word — peer pressure in exchange for being perceived as “cool” or whatever it is that happens to be desirable in the entertainment industry.

    Also, he is highly and genuinely respectful of others, but he is not desperate for anyone’s approval — which annoys the Lyndsey Parkers and Shirley Halperins of this world to no end.

    It is at once pathetic and hilarious that these people are still holding a grudge against David, and he has done absolutely nothing to them, except for being talented to such a degree that no amount of coolness or fierceness or whatever is not enough compensate for that.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Excellent points!

    • I’ve always wondered about that. I could NOT understand why some of the bloggers/media people who cover Idol have such a strong dislike for David. Now I get it. He doesn’t kiss their A$$.

    • A lot of great points being made-

      also thinking that because David doesn’t subscribe to what will/could make him a superstar, that if he here to become such in spite of that diminishes the “power’ that these entities have or others perceive they have.

    • raelovingangels

      It is pretty funny…. You know it is like with a little kid..the more they try to get you mad, and the less you react- the madder they get- that you don’t react. and the worse they act…lol.

  4. I should’ve said *A$$ES* lol

  5. I have always felt (but kept pushing the thought away) that sometimes the fast-paced industry-types (both movies and music, etc.) are uncomfortable with David’s aura of “goodness” and his honesty in the sense that when confronted it, they see it from a jaded/cynical point of view because they are surrounded so much by the phoniness/marketing hype of the industry which causes them to believe that he can’t be real. Opening up to David in a real way forces them to look inward or analize to what extent they have become mired in the hype of Hollywood, etc. and it causes conflict for them. I see his relationship with Ryan S and many other dj types that way. For example, when David is interacting one-on-one and in person with these people, they find him refreshing and they are drawn to him. But something about him also points out the shallowness of their world and yet that is the world through which they make their living and not something that some want to examine too closely. I am not trying to say that these people are not good people, etc. but they are used to shallow interactions in general and taking things only on a superficial level and David is not superficial. It is easier to push him away or put him (or others) down than it is to deal with the inner conflict and reflect on the shallowness that surrounds them in the business and the perosnal compromises they might be making in order to be successful in that world. There are many very nice musicians/actors but somehow I don’t think they force other’s thoughts to go so inward in the way that being around David seems to do and so they don’t cause this inner conflict. David is just totally memorable and charismatic in person and he pulls people into his sort of “aura” and I think that many just feel the need to push against this – otherwise they have to confront their own conflicting feelings about the industry and the often crass, dishonest and mean-spiritedness of it. hmmm..I just can’t seem to say this right but you get my point, I hope.

    • You, Peter and Bella summed up everything I was thinking. Some people will put others down just to feel better about themselves and their own personal situation.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Collegemom, I think you explained yourself perfectly and I think you also hit the nail on the head.

      What’s that theory…. ‘to every action there is an equal and opposite action’ or something like that. Call it yin/yang or whatever you want, but I believe when David goes about spreading goodness, there is another force in the universe trying to oppose it.

      HG…thought of you and SD when I woke up this morning. I had a pretty epic David dream last night! lol In one part we were good friends taking a stroll around a park together talking and I said to him…’Can I ask you a question and you are free to tell me as little as you want or even nothing’ and he looked at me a bit dubiously and said ‘Ok’. Then I asked him if he had a record label yet or management, as in paid management as in, is your Dad your official manager?

      His answer to the label question was…No he doesn’t have a label, that he just wants to take his time with things right now and get the plans laid out before he goes and signs up with anyone. And on the management question, he said he didn’t have a manager and although his Dad has always helped out with stuff, his Dad has never been paid as an official manager. lol

      There was more, some of it I can remember, some that I can’t. But it was a good place/dream. lol

      • So which interview were you reading before falling asleep? 😆

      • Shanny in Australia

        Haha, none..but I was doing my typical trying to ‘psychoanalyse David’ and figure out what makes him tick…and I was thinking about that a lot as I drifted off to sleep. lol

    • raelovingangels

      very well said also!

    • Bravo and well said! David is so honest with others and most importantly with himself that the discomfort others feel is the looking glass effect he has on people. David is just David, how many times has he said that himself. I am just being me. He tries (and succeeds in my opinion) in treating everyone fairly, with love and respect. That is a rare character trade these days and in the industry for which he has chosen to work in it seems less so somehow. Sure there are a LOT of good, honest, loving, hard working people in this world of ours; yet you add the talent factor on top of all that and red alerts go up in music industry folks. Most of whom just cant seem to understand him and/or know how to deal with him. The GOOD NEWS is David doesnt seem to care. I love that, he just loves to sing and boy oh boy can he SING!! So I say David do what you want to do in your chosen field of work where ever you want to go sing Do It! Just keep being YOU for THAT is what we all Love so much about You and are drawn to as well as THE VOICE!

  6. Agree on all points. David has never conformed to social pressures to act in any way, but instead marches to the beat of his own drummer. I suppose people misinterpret this, whether intentionally or not.

    • good points and perhaps so.. he may touch a nerve without even folks knowing why so maybe some lash out? I don’t think it is anything that folks are going out of their way to take him down though so perhaps it could be that they don’t even know why they feel the way they do? interesting all this for sure. I know he does it with me but in a good way & if anything makes me feel good inside.

    • “David has never conformed to social pressures to act in any way, but instead marches to the beat of his own drummer.”
      Exactly right! By marching to his own drummer, dj’s and others can’t get David to gossip about other celebs, can’t get him to discuss women that he thinks are “hot”, etc. They aren’t able to get him to diss his dad, or pick a favorite on Idol. For as sweet as David is, he has a backbone of steel and will not compromise.
      I remember reading a comment from someone who lives in Manila. They heard a dj from there say on the air that while David was very charming, he found his habit of breaking into song (and his other mannerisms) a little odd. He said only David could get away with acting this way. He also said that he felt much more comfortable when he interviewed Cook and that they really bonded. That doesn’t surprise me as Cook is much more of an “everyman” than David. While we embrace David’s quirkiness, etc. it appears that many others do not, and it frustrates and unnerves them that he won’t fit into their “how to act like a celebrity” box.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Bella, you got me thinking….dj’s and things probably think their listeners want to listen to juicy gossip or something interesting in a shocking kind of way. David doesn’t talk about that sort of stuff…he’s more likely to philosophize about the meaning of life or something. lol They think Lady Gaga’s latest crazy antics are more likely to increase their listening audience. Unfortunately they are probably right. You’ve got to wonder if we as a society have got what we asked for.

  7. collegemom, I posted before reading your comment but wanted to say, I think make very good points and I could see this being the case.

  8. Really good points so far, and I agree with them all. Don’t have much that I can add. But just thinking about it kind of gets me going, lol. It’s not fair to David that he has all these extra obstacles to face, when the problem isn’t him, but THEM.

    When the story came out about David being “dropped”, I contacted over 75 stations & blogs with the correct info, and couldn’t keep up. As I’d be emailing one place, another 10 would pop up, and not one of them had bothered to question their source…A few places did retract the story, but not many. Most posted the link I gave to David’s video, where he clearly said he’s the one who left JIVE. Then they twisted HIS words & insisted that he was just covering: “David Archuleta says he was dropped because of changes happening at the label…” The truth was slapping them right in the face, and they purposely stuck with the media instead.

    That was a real eye-opener for me. So David works in a world where truth and reality mean nothing, and the media has the power to make the public believe a lie. It’s all about illusion, and if you choose to be real instead, I guess the media will use its power against you….how very sad.

  9. Some very good points and discussion. There is a noticeable difference in Asia for the most part. Interviewers,DJ’s,Sony etc etc show David respect and promote his music there. I’m hoping much of this will leak over here in the US where David does have lots of us dedicated fans.
    If you notice the media seems to sensationalize the negative.
    I believe much of this negativity here in the US started here because of the nature of Idol where you vote for your favorite. Some blogs promote putting down whoever you are “against”. Media follows suit and promote their favorite and put down others.
    Since David was younger many didn’t feel he paid his dues like their “favorite”. Reality TV loves to start exaggerating stories with no need to verify the truth. Much like the Dad story and “dropping”from the label that was spread and will never be totally cleared up no matter how hard we try.

    On positive news word is that the 4th of July show will be re-aired on PBS. Hope this is true.

  10. OOPS!! That must have been misinformation about Capital 4th. Just read @Mj’s that Jordan and Matthew Morrison will be performing this year!!!

    • hell0g0rge0us

      I was about to say! Capital 4th is an annual tradition. Had it repeated last year’s program (as much as I love me some David on my tele), I would have seriously, SERIOUSLY been concerned about the economic health of both PBS and the nation!

    • I read somewhere that Jordin and Matthew Morrison are alternating as openers for NKOTBSB. Seeing that they”re both appearing on the Capital 4th, I wonder if they share the same management.

  11. Can I say what I really think here? I hope so, because the cynic in me has been dying to air these thoughts out, lol… I think David’s religion and his religious beliefs are an obstacle , and quite possibly play a part perhaps in some of his struggles. Prejudice and stereotypes and bigoted thinking is still alive and well Mr. and Mrs. America, and Mormons are the new ‘N’ word in a lot of ways for TPTB and some movers and shakers in this business… Not only in the business, but out there in the public, and dare I say… Nope, will go there another day. Didn’t we recently have a poster state during a speculation party that ‘Christian’ (rollseyes) radio may not even be disposed, or would not be disposed to playing David’s music IF he recorded in that genre, because the PTB there did not consider Mormons ‘CHRISTIAN’? I don’t believe in the victim mentality, and refuse to lay all the ills we perceive with David’s situation solely upon the altar of Mormon dislike or prejudice, but to deny or discount it as a very real obstacle in many quarters of this industry, imo, would be the height of denial. Do your own research, then draw your own conclusions.

    pps…. As much as I spec/theorize that possible Mormon prejudice may be at play, David’s adherence to and devout application of the principles and tenets of his chosen religion may also be a factor in what we perceive as holding him back from breaking through to the next level … Kinda a Catch-22 sitch for him in some ways… How big do you think he’d be if he took pictures of himself shirtless, in sexy poses by himself or with sexy girls, or sang love songs that were slightly risque, or adopted a bad boy persona like many to hit that sweet spot the labels like to market and sell to the mainstream? I just hope he finds his watermark, his own unique level of success, but I am under no illusion that it will ever be easy for him to do so… I envision him having to fight and claw tooth and nail for every ounce of respect and scrap of ‘success’ he achieves… I just want him to keep singing and doing what he feels makes him happy. If the occasional CD or EP or concert or appearance or TV slot comes my way, I’ll still be the happiest fan, as long as I can still hear him sing, and get my hands on his music.

    • Who knows. Maybe part of his career strategy is have a more active presence in the international market where some of what you are talking about would not come into play.

      Wondering if he really might have an easier time of it in the international markets? I am dead set on his recording an original song or cover in Spanish as I feel his vocal abilities would be very much appreciated in general by the Spanish speaking public. I think he would gain a lot of new fans.

      And I don’t feel the Mormon label or clean as a whistle image would necessarily be an issue.

      And it may just be alot of wishful thinking on my part. Que sera . . sera.

    • I agree completely!! Just didn’t know if I dared say so 🙂 I have really noticed with so many Mormons being in the spotlight lately that prejudice is still alive and well in America. I am so impressed with David for holding his values and beliefs more important than fame and money. Not an easy thing for anyone to do. I couldn’t be more proud of him or his fans for understanding that about him.

    • GG would not doubt it al all and agree with all of your post… as usual. and as you I am here for whatever he sends our way and loving every minute of it.

  12. Great Post hg. Some really excellent points here on the reasons for the negativity against David. I agree with you gg. I think David is going to have to fight for his success because the music industry is not going to make it easy for him. This perception that David was dropped by Jive does need to change because it is so unfair. I agree hg that a good publicity team might help him in the future.

  13. Glee is filmed at Paramount Studios in LA. Not that it means anything. lol They don’t start filming Glee again until August.

  14. hmm david at paramount, he might been visiting charice new video shoot she is fliming her new video one day today, i think that where it taping at???

    • raelovingangels

      Idolfan… you are funny with your constant speculations—lol- but it keeps things interesting.

  15. most music videos are taped at paramount in los angeles, the girl in the pic with david is a dancer, charice is having dancers on her new video shoot. idk if david is with charice or not but i am only guessing. have you notice david doesn’t seem thrilled to be photograped in the pic with her and he didn’t tweet about it but my guess is david doesn’t want his fans to know that he is there, oop caught!. maybe he will tweet why he was there idk.

  16. I don’t know where David is. There is also a Paramount ice skating rink in CA so it might not even be connected to Paramount studios or movies. It is anybody’s guess. lol

  17. idk either but look like a school to me idk is there any schools in paramount, CA??. i don’t know much about califorina but maybe someone here might know?

  18. fans are twitters saying that david could be ice skating place in paramount like you said marie. poor david look like he just got out of bed or something and looked very tired as well. peace out souldavid.

  19. Many great points made here..I think that when considering the image that is out there for David one cannot overlook the effect of his time on Idol and particularly the fact that Simon Cowell basically turned on David. The exact reasons are unknown but I believe that Simon was so egotistical by the time that Season 7 rolled around that he believed he could on his own control who won Idol. David respected Simon but I believe that Simon found David’s moral fiber to be inconsistent with what is required to be a music star. David’s support of the other contestants and humble nature went totally against Simon’s view of an Idol. I think Simon also knew that David would not be coerced into doing anything that went against his morals. Simon is still a very powerful person in the music industry. As well, the music industry is controlled by very few companies today – the few that hold all the power. It seems that what these music companies want today is to latch onto a few mediocre singers that will basically sing (with autotune) sleazy lyrics and create drama offstage. I believe that this type of star that has little talent of their own is easier for the companies to control and make money with. So these few music industry players tightly control what music is produced and are the only ones that can afford the payola to the radio stations (also controlled by a very few corporations). So bottom line is, don’t expect David’s music to be played on the radio in the US anytime soon.

    • raelovingangels

      SwissM. Welcome aboard. I think what you said is brillant and on the mark. I agree with many of the other comments above- and Bravo HG for another thought provoking article.

    • I have to agree with you swissm. David has said he hates autotune and that is what pop top 40 basically is today. He sure is not the only idol struggling because of this and he should not be singled out. That is why idol went country this year.

  20. I have to agree with GG as to why David has not moved further in the music industry. I also think that we won’t be hearing David’s music played on the radio in the US anytime soon. Getting played on top 40 takes a whole lot of luck and really doesn’t have much to do with talent. I’m just hoping that David will continue making music and be able to make a living at it.

  21. I seriously think is a way overreaction to something that is happening to thousand of talented people out there in this business ….instead to see what is missing in this very short time on his career, we should take in consideration all the goals he already reach…….then you tell me exactly and in comparison to other people in the business who are the ones ignored.

    Sorry but David’s career is not about the good ones against the bad guys, this is not about religion , he’s not the only one follow some clean rules , i hope someday this fan-base can understand that, only a few cares what the singer of their favorite songs they hear on the radio believe …… is more just about to adjust all the factors/talent and gifts to the reality of this agonizing business and take the right decisions…aaaaaaand David is in that process you know?

    AI had run for 10 years, obviously they are really experts to manipulate the rules to give some oxygen to the show, i never saw a young contestant treated that bad like the poor Diana D, David not even close , even with his father issue, each season they have a target and in the list David is not the less favorised How many well know names are struggling right now to make their songs to be play it in the radio?, At least David has success in a least one market and Crush still receiving airplay at this days, Radio and Media in general like to make remarks over the negatives first, and this rules is applied to everybody in the business even the ”successful” ones…….TO me David still relevant to the media, to the people, people want him to do well, yep even the media , so once he reach his full creative potential that give him the opportunity to put innovative/meaningful music in the market…he’s gonna take his place in the music history if that is his path in life.

    We can say whatever we want about this business people and Idol but the reality is that they were there for him on his first phase, doesn’t work anymore? is normal to move on, again happen to many , many artist over and over again……his career is not responsibility of CHRISTIAN views about the Mormon doctrine , he gonna find his comfort place on the market you’ll see. that’s it…sorry for the long post.

    • Amen…thank you. Could not have said this any better. I also am “sympatico” with GG. BTW, I am a Mormon and a CHRISTIAN and I find the preduices to be true. Sad really, when in 2011 if we could just accept one another, love one another. But, as for David…the music industry does not apply that tenet. It is all about the $$$.

  22. It’s not overreaction tibitibi – it’s speculation, remember? 🙂 But what is not speculation imo is the very real negative dialogue and hard feelings that linger in the air, in the entertainment industry for the LDS Church after they were singled out for a lotta hate when that Prop bill for gay marriage was defeated in Cali a few years back. I’m not here to defend the LDS church, nor am I here to lambast them. To discount the effect /fallout that particular political battle may have had by certain powerful people in positions of authority in the industry should not be dismissed. I am not making this the primary culprit for his career ills, or the scapegoat – just positing it, from experience, as a valid contributing factor, one of many we continue to speculate about. As a person of color in America, I’m kinda sensitive to irrational and illogical attitudes and blanket stereotypes and the effect they can have on the perception of individuals, as well as whole groups of people, so I do not discount the speculation regarding some LDS backlash and perhaps some bias in the minds of some people about David – in casual fans, the press, dj’s, pd’s and some folk in the industry. I read a ton of blogs at that time where the vitriol spewed the LDS way literally leaped off the screen, and I wondered then how that would effect David, if at all. I have read comments from some David fans with what seemed to be reservations about the LDS church, its influence on him, etc. So if some of his FANS can have or express reservations about the LDS church and its role, real or imagined in his life and career, then it’s not hard to make the assumption that those less invested in him could do the same – and not be so objective or nice about it. Just throwing the possibility out there to be digested, cause there are many shades of grey in this story of David… and before it’s done, I’m sure there will be no stone unturned regarding what will be fodder for our vast speculations.

    • GG: Well written comments. You are so right about the fallout when the Prop bill for gay marriage was defeated in Cali. a few years ago. Many in Calif. blamed the LDS church because of the money they allegedly put in to help defeat it. I am sure many in the entertainment industry blamed LDS. I often wondered if that did effect David. I have very close friends that live in Calif that are gay and they were very upset with the mormons/LDS church at the time. I also don’t know the answers to what happened then. I have my opinions and will keep them to myself. I tend to be a very open minded person. I don’t like stereotypes for gays, mormons, or any minority. David seems to be very nonjudgmental and accepting and he should not be judged by his religion but I think he is by some.

    • Well, for sure they’re people that have that feelings but not way are enough to affect the path for his career. Their perception is the result of some direct action from the Mormon church, so difficult to judge in the middle of that passion, even that i don’t see them (David and his Church like victims) . And if religion is a problem for his career , we should start to mention that even LDS people can be very rude and nothing supportive of his career and life decisions (mission discussion anyone? )……so this is not about believes or prejudice against, since the prejudice can come from any way around …. in my opinion. I said this before most people follow David because his voice and music, at the end of the day i don’t know what part of his doctrine he believes and what not and by today i don’t want to care tbh, why? because i decide to put away this mix people are doing of fandom and spirituality, and i’m sure is the same for many people with exception of his hard core fans maybe and some fansites. I’m a fan because i just like to hear good music interpreted with his amazing voice, music made by him or others , sweet music with deep and meaningful lyrics that i can relate.. laugh , cry or reflect, i going to buy the music i can connect with or have fun in my standards , if David music fit this requirement then he’s my guy lol, independent if we disagree in terms of doctrines…….that’s it and i know i’m not alone on this position, what he believes is his choice and each one has a choice in term of believes . So I know he’s capable of more, i know he’s very creative, clever and savvy to make Great and Relevant Music, i just think he’s not yet in the top of his potential and that’s gonna take more time.,,,,pretty sure many like me are waiting for it…..even the media.

  23. ps – I do not miss the irony involved in a lot of the LDS backlash speculation… bigotry and intolerance perhaps being visited upon some of its members by an org many in the mainstream view as being/having been bigoted and intolerant in some of their views, or should Achurch many view as having held /perhaps still holding some antiquated OF SOME STILLperhaps holding narrow-minded, negative or ‘BIGOTED’ ATTI

  24. I completely agree with Tibitibi. I don’t think anyone’s discomfort with David goes very deep. It’s not about religion or him being “good”–few interviewers or djs or casual observers pay that much attention. I remember the DJs early on who were surprised to find out that he was Mormon.

    I think like SwissM. says, it started with his image on idol–and that image is goody goody and a bit cheesy. Simon criticized him for constantly choosing inspirational songs, like “You’re the Voice”. He’s ballad boy.

    I don’t think people really stop to realize the quality of his talent, it’s more about whether listening to him is cool. And he just doesn’t have the cool factor. He’s just so cute that he can overcome that with younger girls (and us middle aged women). But for others, not so much. Like he once said during a Father’s Day concert, “Dads just love this kind of music.” LOL.

  25. Hit post before editing, lol… my full thought should read…

    I do not miss the irony involved in a lot of the LDS backlash speculation… bigotry and intolerance perhaps being visited upon some of its members by an org many in the mainstream view as being/having been bigoted and intolerant in some of their views… lotta shades of grey in this David story, and I’m not afraid to explore them all… excuse the sussing out of my thought process in my previous post… my fingers do not always keep pace with my brain 🙂

  26. I do agree that is all about the money too. They will forgive anything in the entertainment business as long as you are making money for them. Look at Chris Brown. If you are not making money then they ignore you or forget about you. I still think David will find his place in the music industry and do well.

  27. Ugh. I have one more comment, but I’m waaay too tired to post tonight. Anyway…

  28. To expand on my “coolness” theme: No one seems to care that The Killers’ Brandon Flowers is Mormon. His music is edgy and cool. David just seems more teenybopperish, which is normal given his age.

    I don’t think David helps himself with the Children’s Choir project. Oh that song is cheesy to the nth degree–Build a Bear on steroids. He is too kind to his Utah peeps. By contrast, the two songs he wrote really show how talented he is, I think.

    By the way, I’m not loud and proud with my David love–I always bring my 17-year old to concerts. She’s very happy to tell her friends, and even wears a David T shirt after a concert. But I don’t usually mention it to friends–I’ll mention that we went to Green Day or U2 or Black-Eyed Peas, or even Kelly Clarkson–but not David.

    Until he comes up with more cutting edge music, I can’t see a huge groundswell in his behalf. I think he’s got Adele’s talent, but hasn’t got the “wow” type of material yet.

    • I didn’t knew the Killer’s singer was Mormon too , they have pretty cool music : ) the ‘Children Choir Project? …….i miss this one ;| , but your comment about is so funny LOL i can imagine what is about ?. and i totally agree with you last part, i one of the fans who are waiting for the ‘wow’ material……even that i still thinking that ‘Save the day’ is a great example of a modern, deep and powerful connecting David, this kind of pop/rock suits perfectly his style and purposes in music , like more Joy Williams first phase….tbh i’m not into his lately new jazz mode 😦

      • Thanks, Tibi. You can check out reports on “One Voice Children’s Choir” on FOD or David Chronicles. Someone said it was done 5-6 years ago, though I don’t really know. There are two new song clips plus “Falling” that he wrote, but weren’t used on the first album. The “Power in Purity” song is by the director of the choir, I think, and David performs that one on the album, along with the children.

      • P.S. When I wrote the previous post, I assumed the “Power of Purity” song was a current project. Now I see that it’s older.

      • Oh, I missed your l;. I feel like Roseanne Roseannadanna. Never mind.

      • Yes, the choir project was most likely done in 2006 or 2007. The LDS Church used the theme Power in Purity for the summer youth conferences (Especially for Youth, or EFY) in 2007. I’m quite certain the choir recorded this with the hope that it would make it onto the official CD, but it didn’t.

    • The “Childrens Choir Project” was done 5 or 6 years ago, David was a child. Even Build a Bear was done when he was a child. He is only 20 now and has a full life time of being a man and adult to find his kind of perfect music. I cant wait to hear it, just hope I am blessed to be around long enough to hear it.

      Being kind or good, at home or anywhere, doesnt hurt him only makes him a good humanbeing. To me “The Other Side of Down” has a Lot of Wow material. jmo

  29. In my last post, I didn’t mean to leave the impression that I feel overly negative about David’s career. On the contrary I give him kudos for realizing that Jive was never going to be a good fit and getting out of there is allowing him time to breathe and grow as a person and a performer. Radio is becoming increasingly irrelevant. A whole new way of doing business is evolving and David has friends who have thrived in this new landscape. Other plusses for David are the many positive impressions that he has made with people all over the music business. As far as David’s overall reputation in the US I like to think that many, many people in this country were left with an impression of him as a tremendously talented young singer from AI. I believe that once he reintroduces himself to the public as a young adult who is still amazingly talented, that he will solidify his fanbase and build a sustainable career. Finally, in interviews David said many times that he did not expect to achieve so much success on and after American Idol. In a sense I think he was not fully invested in that success since he did not think he deserved it yet. Perhaps now that he is the captain of his own ship he will feel the satisfaction and confidence of having accomplished things on his own. This could lead to very exciting things indeed!

  30. Like GG said, there’s many shades of gray in this story. Every point that’s been raised has some validity, and they probably all converge to make it difficult for David’s career to gain some momentum.

    Adding another point that I haven’t seen here (unless I missed it) is the fact that the masses know David mostly from Idol and he’s frozen in time for many of them. A lot of people think of him as that immature kid who could sing really well, and then basically dismiss him. I admit, I do the same with most young celebrities–I think to myself that they’re just a kid, appealing to 12-year-olds, so I have no interest in them.

    Actually, everything that’s being discussed gives me a sense of deja vu, I already walked this journey 25 years ago with Donny Osmond. What helped him was working at gaining legitimacy, plus support from industry powerhouses like Peter Gabriel and Garth Drabinsky.

    • I agree, the “ageism” issue is one to consider. I admit, I also dismiss many of the young musicians and actors because I can’t imagine I could connect to their artistry. TOSOD was a nice transition for David and I can’t wait for his next album/EP. Initially I was very concerned about that One Voice cd; I’m happy to knowing that it’s old material.

    • Donny and Marie Osmond are doing very well. I know there was a time when Donny struggled but you are right he did gain legitimacy. Every time I turn on my TV I see one of them. lol David could learn about self promotion from them. They also must have an excellent PR team.

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