Daily Archives: June 17, 2011

Is David Archuleta a Threat?

Despite his perceived “disappearance” from the pop music scene, David certainly seems to keep on keeping on, and in his interviews, I’m always finding it interesting how he always describes his break with Jive as his leaving the label.

And yet, the general story out there is that Jive dropped him.  It didn’t help that his previous management gave the same impression via twitter.  Such a stigma of being dropped can’t help David’s already beleaguered image, and it’s interesting that much attention is given to how low his sales are compared to other Idol alumni, who aren’t doing any better than he is.

Are expectations placed very highly for someone like David, or is there something more sinister going on? By that I mean, I’ve wondered why there is so much that is done to curtail his successes or to trumpet his perceived “failures.”

I’ll give some examples.

1. On Idol, the rumor mill was greased on a regular basis about “behind-the-scenes” shenanigans from dear ol’ dad. Meanwhile, not a peep about similar shenanigans from other stage parents of other Idols, like Lauren Alaina or Diana DeGarmo back in the day.  (Let me also add that, during David’s season there were also rumors that a bunch of contestants were jealous of the “buzz” he created early on in the show.)

2. After Idol, and after “Crush,” radio deejays happily reported about his dad’s scandal and, after that, his parents’ divorce.  All while refusing to play his singles on the radio.

3. Despite David’s constant referral to his “leaving” Jive, many media accounts still refer to David as having been dropped.  Anyone could correct this information, but this has become the party line.

So, I gotta ask: What gives?  Why is there this constant attempt to taint David with a negative brush?  Sure, this could all be my sensitive Archie nerves reacting to the negativity when I believe the world should be in love with the Voice.

But, it seems like David gets more than his fair share of negativity, and I’m just wondering about what I perceive to be hate for the guy.

Is David Archuleta a real threat (for why else would anyone work overtime to be negative)? And if so, a threat to whom or to what?

I mean, if the general media can’t create a friendly vibe for him, then I don’t blame David for taking a break.  I at least hope, when he relaunches, that he gets a publicity team firmly in place, for he needs to create his own positive PR and to create enough counter-attacks when he is unfairly reported on in the media.

With all the mediocre talent and gimmicks out there, I of course recognize that David is a threat (and could be a triple one at that), but first he’ll need to mount his fortress on which to launch his comeback (yes, I’m already talking about “comebacks” when the guy is all of 20 years old!).