The Voice of An Angel

I love The Voice as a great entertainment show, and Javier Colon is easily one of my favorite contestants.  But man, oh man!, did he make me long for the real true “Voice of an Angel.”

Don’t get me wrong. I think Javier’s rendition of Sarah McClachlan’s “Angel” was the strongest performance of the night.

However, he oversang and laid on so many runs that it reminded me of everything THE VOICE does so well: David lays it on and then pulls back. He knows the difference between restraint and letting go. His vocal mastery truly was top-notch, and what I would have given to hear his version of this “Angel.”

David has that emotional intelligence he knows how to deliver in a song, and as much as I’m rooting for Javier, he sure could learn alot from The Voice of an Angel.

For good measure, remember this performance (and my rapturous response)?

or this?

Oh Angel, slay me now with your piercing sword of ethereal goodness! 😛

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  1. That’s David’s genius. Oh, how I miss him!

  2. OK, I agree, Javier’ did go overboard on the runs during Angel, but I don’t think that was one of his best performances, however, it was the best one of the night. He did a much better job on the song he sang when he tried out – “Time After Time.”

    Look, in my opinion, no one is David, and I don’t think anyone will ever be. But, (and this is a big but), Javier is the closest I’ve come to enjoying a male voice since David.

    If you haven’t already, you should check out some of some of his live performances on you tube, he does lots of originals and covers. He is really good, but no, he is not what we all consider here, “The Voice.”

  3. I haven’t listened to the last two performances in a while and was surprised that listening David sing those songs brought tears to my eyes! I didn’t expect that! I miss hearing David sing. He is truly a “musical genius” as Michael Orland said back when David was on AI. His interpretation of songs is sophisticated and his judgement impeccable.
    I like Javier too, but I thought the same thing as HG, as I watched him sing tonight. It seems hard to believe that we once had the privilege of seeing and hearing David sing something new every week. Sigh, those were the days and words can’t express how much I miss them.

  4. One day I was playing “And So It Goes” on youtube with my husband in the room. I was saying to him that David captures the emotion in a song so simply. About then I got to the line, “But you can make decisions too and you can have this heart to break.” I literally went from speaking, to a sob of “OHH !”. My husband looked at me with such a look of mixture of amazement and concern.
    Yes, I would say David can do what no other artist in my lifetime has made me do; FEEL what he so clearly and simply is expressing.
    He does have a piercing sword of Ethereal Goodness. Well said.

  5. Javier gave a good performance but I agree, he needs to learn when to restrain. As for David, he’s simply the best! I’ve teared up during “And So It Goes” and “Smoky Mountain Memories” more than any of his other songs. LOL, last night did anyone else notice that Carson Daily had on David’s ASIG shirt and jacket?

  6. I’m watching the voice and think Javier did great. However. I agree with the general consensus here — just not quite up to the standard of the young singer who captured my attention (and my heart) a few years ago.

    Listened to the Contigo video — first time in a while. For that one, I almost have to be in the room alone for fear that I’ll gasp or sigh a little bit too loudly. You are definitely not alone, davidlily. LOL. Contigo’s not the only one of David’s performances that get to me, though. Not by a long shot. In fact, I think that’s why I try to get to as many shows as possible — for any concert, it seems that’s there’s AT LEAST one standout performance that really takes my breath away.

  7. Concerts in Vietnam are confirmed via FB and his official sites on 22 Jul and 24 Jul

    The dates are pretty closed, I hope he still has the time to do some sight seeing but I doubt very much.

    Looking forward to July, can’t wait to see him in Manila and probably Malaysia too 😀

    • You’re seeing him in Manila and Malaysia!? Lucky you! Can’t wait to hear your updates.

    • HI Junnie, just a heads up you might want to contact Sony Malaysia now as they are selling the VVIP tickets already. There are 120 VVIP tickets at RM800.00 and 280 tickets for RM500.00 and they are selling very fast

  8. david just tweets that he in a LA for a bit? i guess he is heading back to nashville with joy and nate this week because they are in LA too. i guess he lives there now??. joy has a concert tonite with some band in LA i bet david will be there.

  9. David just knows how to sing a song. He always leaves you wanting more. For instance, I liked Haley on Idol, but I thought she overused the growl. When David uses it, it’s still a sweet surprise. It’s just another example of his brilliance.

  10. I thought Javier was very good but of course David is better. I did notice that Carson and Devon were wearing David’s jacket. It seems like doing well on itunes really helps the talent on The Voice. I still like Jeff too but I think it was not the right song choice last night for him.

  11. L.A. Reid will run the soon-to-be merged Epic and Jive labels. I’m not sure what to say about this.

    “It’s also anticipated that Reid will steer the company towards more urban releases, …”

    • Very Interesting Article. I think it does show that it was a smart move on David’s part to leave Jive. Reid is going to push the urban artists and songs as that is where the money is. It also effects Epic records as Reid is taking over their label. I can’t see Crystal and Kris remaining with Jive long-term as they don’t fit in. I don’t know about Jordin either because I don’t think her new single is doing that well. I do wonder where David is going to end up as far as a label goes. Sony in general has not done a very good job with most of the idols from AI with an exception of a very few.

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