Daily Archives: June 15, 2011

The Voice of An Angel

I love The Voice as a great entertainment show, and Javier Colon is easily one of my favorite contestants.  But man, oh man!, did he make me long for the real true “Voice of an Angel.”

Don’t get me wrong. I think Javier’s rendition of Sarah McClachlan’s “Angel” was the strongest performance of the night.

However, he oversang and laid on so many runs that it reminded me of everything THE VOICE does so well: David lays it on and then pulls back. He knows the difference between restraint and letting go. His vocal mastery truly was top-notch, and what I would have given to hear his version of this “Angel.”

David has that emotional intelligence he knows how to deliver in a song, and as much as I’m rooting for Javier, he sure could learn alot from The Voice of an Angel.

For good measure, remember this performance (and my rapturous response)?

or this?

Oh Angel, slay me now with your piercing sword of ethereal goodness! 😛