Malaysia, Here He Comes!

Watch Video.

In other news, 40% of voters on yesterday’s poll think David needs to “stay far, far away from hip-hop”! For Real??!!??


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  1. David looks genuinely excited about this concert. The idea of a karaoke fest sounds like fun!

    David and Ray arrive in Malaysia in April 2009.

    • Great souvenirs, thanks for the video !

      I’m happy for the Malaysian fans !
      “The idea of a karaoke fest sounds like fun!” Yes ! I think it’d be great if the fans sing along with him instead of just screaming like for Angels during his UK tour. I was there and it was really cool !

      Maybe the fans from Vietnam should wait for an official announcement from David before buying tickets.

  2. OK, I’ll confess………I was one of the 40% that voted against hip hop. I have never found a hip hop song that I like. Just me I guess & for me, it seems an “odd” mix……….David & hip hop.

  3. Never thought I’d see this sentence:

    “The audience included a variety of celebrities, as well, among them actors Zach Braff and David Glover, porn star Ron Jeremy and former American Idol runner-up David Archuleta.”

    Wonder if David recognised Ron?

  4. I have never liked hip hop songs so of course I would like David to stay away from it. This is of course a personal opinion and I am not telling David what to do. I really do like the dance moves like I see on “So You Think You Can Dance”. The songs are more like someone talking too fast so I can never understand the words. Also, there isn’t any real melody to the music and all the hip hop songs sound the same to me. Of course this may be due to the fact that I am an old person. When I was a teen I would have called me a “square”.

  5. For me it’s not about liking a genre or not. For me it’s more to expose David to a new audience and to broaden his fanbase. For example, I’d love it if David does a duet with Brad Paisley at the SOF show and I don’t really listen to country music. OK, if it’s confession time, I admit having downloaded 4 Rascal Flatts’ songs and 1 by Taylor Swift recently and I love Alison Krauss song When You Say Nothing At All lol

    David’s fan base is very diverse, we all come from different backgrounds. It’d be great, when there won’t be too much to talk about on David’s career, to share here (with HG agreement) our favorite songs (or artists) and what we like about them in the same spirit as “the song of the day” that David used to do. I’d love to discover new songs (and my Ipod needs it too lol).

    • Well, I would LOVE it if David could ‘lure’ some of those hip hop performers to admit to liking David’s music! 🙂

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Sounds like a potential blog series to me! 😛

    • My favorite artist right now is Adele. I listen to her 21 CD every day. I like every song on it which is unusual for me as I never like every song on a CD. I guess I am not alone because her sales are great. lol “Someone Like You” is just an amazing song.

  6. It is interesting that Sony Music is also organizing David’s Malaysian concert. I saw that this is the first time that Sony Music as the music label is doubling up as the organizer for the concert. I don’t know what it all means but Sony is obviously very involved in the concert.

    • Very interesting. It sounds like something a label would do if the artist signed had a 360 deal with them.

      • Is David still contracted to Sony Music apart from Jive? There are so many layers in the music industry it’s hard to know what’s what. And with 360 deals wouldn’t the label support/promote the artist as much as they can to make more money? That doesn’t seem to be David’s case– at least not in US.

      • Good question! I just found this info when looking up Sony Malaysia but it may be dated.

        “SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT is a global recording music company with a roster of current artists that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars, as well as a vast catalog that comprises some of the most important recordings in history. Our artist ranges from Beyonce, Leona Lewis, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, IL Divo, Westlife, Elvis Presley, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavinge, Backstreet Boys, David Cook, David Archuleta, ..

  7. Re. Adele, is “Rolling in the Deep” her typical sound? I ask because the drums and bass in the song remind me of the music I’ve heard at Native American Pow Wows. Also, the inflection in her vocals is similar to what hear in their chants. I just listened to “Someone like You” and it sounds different.

    This is the closest I could find re. what I’m talking about.

    • You are right! I had never thought about that, and we have Pow Wows every year at my school!! I hadn’t even heard of Adele until this year so I don’t really know what her sound is…but I like it 🙂 btw I lurk everyday at this (and other) sites and love the conversations here. Thanks HG!!

    • Desertrat This is interesting. I find that Adele does have different sounds on her album. Maybe that is why like it so much. Also good info on Sony Malaysia.

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