Eminem Hanging Out with David Has My Creative Juices Flowing…

I once suggested a while back how cool it would be for David to be featured in a hip-hop collaboration. So, of course, what with the tweet Peter shared in the last thread, about Eminem hanging out with David at last night’s Bonnaroo fest, I’m revisiting this possibility. Granted, David gets around at various music events and is often seen with all kinds of pop stars. Still, wouldn’t it be cool to hear The Voice on a hip-hop track? Or, am I alone in wanting to hear this? Let’s take a poll! 😛


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  1. Hmmm…this was hard to choose. It came down to Eminem and Kanye for me. I chose Eminem because I probably like his music a little more. I know David has mentioned Nicki Minaj more than once, but I’m not that familiar with her work.

  2. Eminem. Or the people who made this song:

    • Price Tag is a huge hit here, I’d love it if David covers it.
      I have B.o.B’s album “The Adventures Of Bobby Ray” and it’s really good ( many good featurings on it, Hayley Williams, Janell Monae, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, Bruno Mars, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, T.I).

      I voted for Eminem (I’m a fan lol) but I’d like too a featuring with B.o.B or Kanye West or Lupe Fiasco or with N.E.R.D. I’m a fan of R&B/Hip-Hop/Funk and Soul music, , so whoever he collaborates with I’m sure I’ll like it lol, David’s voice would be great for that genre.

      This is another song of Jesse J that I like, it’s called Who You Are : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P-HpYRwGww

      • I did not realize THIS is the song Xenia sang on “The Voice”. I love it and any collab with BoB as well. These lyrics are right up David’s alley – clean and meaningful. I personally voted for Pitbull as he does great collabs also. David needs to get busy! lol!

    • I love this song by Jessie J and B.o.B.

  3. This is a tough one but I voted for Eminem. I actually like all of them. I would love to hear him with a hip-hop artist. I always thought that would be a good move. I would love if David’s music goes in the soulful pop direction with just a touch of jazz.

  4. The hip hop crowd has a swagger and an attitude that goes along with it. Also, the clothes. I can’t picture David doing that.

  5. To me, it’s not about David having a “swagger” or an “attitude” (or the clothes). It’s about some creative musical collaboration (I mean, I’m not sure Mr. Hudson, who collaborated with Jay-Z on “Forever Young”, necessarily “fits” the same hip-hop swagger).

    Sometimes, the swag comes from remixing incongruous styles.

    Seriously, would Jay-Z even be Jay-Z if he hadn’t sampled the chorus from Annie’s “It’s a Hard Knock Life”? And who would ever have matched hip-hop with Broadway before that song?

  6. Those were great examples of what David could do if he had a collab. I think Ryan Tedder has to be one of the busiest guys in the industry.

  7. David already gave us an example of how great a hip-hop collab could be when he sang Live Your Life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20PEs3NOBGM (way better than Rihanna).

  8. I didn’t vote because I like just about every genre of music except hip hop and rap. I think the problem David has in defining his sound is that he likes every genre of music and can’t just pick one. He has such a diverse fan base that likes different genres that he sings. Of course, there are the ones that think he should go the ballad route and sing Josh Groban or Buble type songs. Other want him to stick with pop, while others want a new jazz style, etc. It will be interesting to see where David’s music goes. I have liked just about everything that David has done, so I would probably like a hip hop collab too.

  9. hell0g0rge0us

    Funny, but as much as I’d like David to do a hip-hop collab, I’d also like him doing some Josh Groban/Buble too, if only to show those boys how a song can really be sung!

    I actually think David is one of those artists who, if he did a hip hop song or a Josh Groban song, he would sound so natural doing any of these genres. 🙂

    Cmoi, thanks for the trip down memory lane with “Live Your Life.”

    • You’re welcome HG, I didn’t want to spam so I didn’t post the little snipet of Love Lockdown lol

      You’re right when you said that David would sound natural doing any of these genres.
      I remember watching a video of J Groban doing a sort of medley of TV theme songs, it was funny and cool that he accepted to do it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOfR7IzKANw I admit that I had a preconcieved opinion on him (I thought he was too rigid even if I always acknowledged that he has a great voice) but it seems that he can make fun of himself (like in Glee).

      David doing a hip-hop collab doesn’t mean he’s going to be stuck in that genre. He’s super versatile, singing with artists from different genres would be a great experience and help him breaking outside of the idol bubble and the teen idol image. A lot of persons are not aware of who he is or of his talent. I always thought that David has the power to appeal to all categories of people but he has to reach them and a collab in different genres can be a solution. I hate to bring his name here but JB’s team is doing a great job, he did a duet with a country artist (and won a price for it lol), he did a duet with a urban artist (Chris Brown), he sang with BoyzIIMen and others. They’re all helping him broadening his fanbase and transitioning to a more mature singer. I’m not a fan but I can’t deny his team is doing the best for him.
      That being said, I don’t want for David to disperse himself into different genres but some well-chosen collaborations with recognized (and talented) artists can only be a good thing IMO.

  10. I’ve enjoyed watching all these videos; Jessie J’s song is especially catchy. While Nashville seems to be a great fit for David, I hope he hasn’t completely rejected the notion of working with songwriters from NY and LA because it could be limiting in terms of experimenting with some genres of music (e.g., hip hop).

    • I think it is great for all artists not just David to be diverse. I like different genres of music but not all of it. I do like some hip hop but probably not the majority of it. I do hope that David continues to work with songwriters from NY and LA also.

      • I’d love to hear the un-released songs that he wrote when he was working on TOSOD, especially those he wrote with Jay Sean’s producers. I like more the “old school” hip-hop, the one before autotuned rappers lol, and I don’t like the “bling bling” rap that features songs about expensive cars and nude suggestive women. Actually I don’t really like mainstream rap/hip-hop lol, only a few songs.

  11. raelovingangels

    I vote for hip hop or rap collaboration…. it will broaden David’s demographics hopefully and expose more to his amazing talent.

    • raelovingangels

      David can figure out the lyrcis – I am sure there must be a way to keep it reasonably clean.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      That’s really what these collabs are about – cross-marketing to different demographics. If an urban audience heard David’s soulful vocals, they would remain loyal fans.

  12. I would really like David to do a duet with someone. I was surprised he didn’t do one for TOSOD. Jordin’s duet with Chris Brown really helped sell her first album. I thought he would duet with Shontelle as their were rumors of that and they were friends.

  13. MJ’s has a link to a list showing the booking prices of artists at this link: http://degy.com/images2/Tour%20Avails.pdf
    David is listed at 30k to 40k. I find this kind of stuff really interesting and thought others on here would too.

    • Thanks for sharing !
      So if I want to see david in concert here, I just need to find 1499 friends who are willing to pay (each one) a 20 $ contribution lol

      Is Kelly Pickler really popular or does she get more because she’s country ?

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Or we can find 500 folks who are willing to pay (each one) a $100 contribution!


      • good idea ! I’m not against giving him an extra, he deserves it lol
        I admit I was being a little “stingy” with my contribution of 20$ to get him 30K

        what you proposed could be easily feasable I think !

    • These concert fees are interesting. Usher’s was one of the most shocking to me (too low). I think Kelly C. and Jennifer H. are too high. I appreciate and respect Kelly’s talent but over the past few years she’s had to cancel shows due to low attendance; she wasn’t helping the Lilith Fair last summer and she ended up pulling out. As for Jennifer H., she canceled her summer tour to “work on other projects”. It makes me wonder.

      I agree w/the comment above re. some hip hop; I don’t like a lot of it either. Some of it sounds like much ado about nothing.

      And finally …. YES, someone please leak those unreleased TOSOD songs. Where’s MikeK when we need him. 😉

  14. I think that it is very interesting. David is getting about the same booking fees for a gig as Cook and Lambert. That’s good. Kelly and Carrie are pulling in big fees of course.

  15. Off Topic…………. but thought this is awesome……….Michel Grimm, winner of America’s Got Talent………When a Man Loves a Woman……

  16. speaking of duet, jordin sparks is coming to nashville next week, if david still there i hope he sing no air with her on stage, that would be so cool

  17. There’s a twitter trending topic bringing back fond memories for me: #whenihadamyspace

    When I had a MySpace:

    **It was the first social networking tool I learned to use.

    **I met my first David fan-friends as a result of some posts they made to let him know they were requesting “Crush” on our local radio station.

    **After reading all the fan blogs, I would read the messages on David’s MySpace while listening to his music player in the background.

  18. According to twitter David A has been confirmed to do a full concert in Maylasia on July 26th.

    @itsSTEVElah (FLYfm): It’s official… @DavidArchie is coming down to Malaysia for a full blown concert! 🙂

    @itsSTEVElah (FLYfm): Make sure you keep it locked to @FLYfm958… cuz we’re giving out those tixs to @DavidArchie’s concert for FREE! 🙂

  19. David announces his concert in Malaysia via facebook.


  20. So he’s confirmed Malaysia for 7/26 but not Vietnam for 7/21-25…yet?

  21. is david is in new york right now, what i heard???. he did mentioned a tweet from a fan that he was is still in nashville earlier today.

  22. well okay just look at his twitter, he just tweeted that he went to the baseball game in nashville, i guess new york was a rumor. sorry.

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