So, Who is Managing David?

Got this poster from over at TDC.  Looking at where the concert is located, how much the tickets are going for, and who’s advertising the show (Idol Music 2011), It all makes me wonder:

JUST WHO IS MANAGING DAVID? Could all this really be handled by FAMILY, as some of us seem to think?

(I still haven’t forgotten the eyewitness reports of David arriving and leaving his Myrtle Beach concert last month in a LIMO!)

And if he’s got this kind of management, is he already hooked up with a label?


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  1. Last I knew, David also had an agent at CAA who handled gigs, too. Perhaps he still does.

    • Also, if Sony Music Asia is somehow involved and promoting, they are a totally separate entity from the American arm.

  2. The venue capacity is 40,000 and they give a Yahoo address for ticket purchases? Interesting.

  3. I think David’s ______ needs to be careful here and formally announce these appearances. What if it were a scam and people lost money because neither the concert nor the purchase website was legit? The backlash would be detrimental to his career.

    • raelovingangels

      I agree- they need to add these appearances to the facebook page- which makes me think the sharpie may not have signed on the dotted line yet. haha. They have been doing a good job with keeping facebook updated and also the cover of the soon to be official site.

  4. Hg that is what I keep wondering. Who is managing David now and also who will be managing David in the future. How did David get to walk the red carpet at the CMT’s and have such great seats. That was not family management that could have gotten him on the red carpet. That would have been a label or some very well connected management. I hope David is signed to a label. Some of these bands that are considered “indie” are signed with a label. Like the Decemberists are considered” indie folk rock” yet they are signed with Capital records. I would love to know the reason behind everything being so hard to figure out regarding David’s career. lol

    • raelovingangels

      You don’t have to be signed by a label to get into events and the celebrity handling. I suspect it was as simple as someone he knows like Joy ( who was a nominee) had an extra ticket alloted to her and she offered it to David. Or perhaps some of the other folks he has worked with in Nashville or his booking company. If David had a label, unless there is stll some kind of restrictions in place due to the Jive contract- you can bet there would be a press release.

      I feel he is going Indie and I am settled in for the ride.

    • raelovingangels

      I should say, IMO. Label or no label David still a celebrity. The even organizers could easily have been notified that he would be there,

      I also believe David does not have a major management company- or again there would have been a press release.

    • David Official Site is going to be launched in now 22 days. Maybe we will know more then about what he is doing. Or maybe not. lol

    • I know nothing about the music industry and I’d love to ask some questions I was wondering about.

      We know that David has a project in Nashville and that he’s auditioning some writers so he’s probably working on a new album or an EP. Does going Indie mean that he’ll sign with an Independant Label or that he’ll do his own thing alone. Also, how could he start something on his own when the rumors were that a US tour wasn’t financially possible due to poor album sales. It costs a lot to do and release an album. Someone has to pay for the writers, the producers, the packaging, the distribution, (the promo), etc… I know that un-signed singers use, for the major part, their Official Site to sell their music, I can’t imagine David doing only this.

      Marie, I don’t know if we’re going to get some news when his OS will be launch. I think that if he signed with a label he would have mentioned it in the interviews. He told us about having a project in Nashville and about meeting writers, so why not saying anything about having a label if it was the case ?

      • cmoi: Those are very good questions. I wonder sometimes what going “indie” would mean for David. It seems like the upfront costs could be expensive for a tour and an new album if you were an indie artist. I know nothing about the music industry either except it is competitive and expensive. I would agree at this point that it is not clear who David’s manager is or if he will sign with a label at all.

      • raelovingangels

        Wiki has a pretty good discussion this is only a very small part of the article so see the whole think for context.

        In music, independent music, often shortened to indie music or “indie”, is a term used to describe independence from major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries, and an autonomous, Do-It-Yourself approach to recording and publishing.

        Independent label contracts
        Independent label contracts typically resemble contracts offered by major labels because they have similar legal liabilities to define before representing an artist. There are slight differences, usually with regards to royalties. Independent labels typically offer higher royalty percentage because production costs are usually significantly lower than those of a major label. For example: most independent labels tend to focus less on marketing than major labels.
        It is becoming increasingly more common for independent labels to offer a profit-sharing deal in which as much as 40–75% of the net profits go to the artist. In this type of contract, the net gain after all expenses have been taken out are split between the label and artist by a negotiated percentage. However, deals in this form can take longer for an artist to gain any profits since all expenses – such as manufacturing, publicity, and marketing – are also taken into account. As an independent artist becomes more popular, deals of this type are more advantageous.
        Independent labels can rely on “word of mouth” to expose their artists. This of course is to attract a distinct audience. Independent labels tend to avoid high budget marketing, which is usually criticized as “over kill” and attracts an audience commonly found following major label artists. This of course contributes to the lack of production cost, and helps artist to receive royalties sooner.

      • Thanks Rae. Very informative info. on independent music. I am still reading through it.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cmoi, someone posted a link on here a week or two ago to an old interview Joy Williams had done back in January. As I’m sure you are aware she and her husband have their own independent label. She said that she believed in releasing small amounts of music more often and releasing it as an EP. She said that it keeps people more interested and connected to the artists.

        Selling EP’s would cut down on costs considerably as there would be no packaging and distribution etc.

        As long as non-US fans can get access to any potential EP’s, I really like the idea of small amounts of music more often. Imagine getting 3 songs every three months instead of waiting a year or more for an album!

        As for the production…David could do some originals he’s been working on or some covers or whatever and record them as a ‘live album’ and sell it as an EP.

        Between something like that and a successful Asian tour, he could increase his earnings which would in turn enable more concerts and more music .

        BTW, the ‘auditioning writers’ is an interesting idea but don’t forget it is just an idea at this stage. We don’t know if it really is the case just yet.

      • Thanks Rae for the wiki link, it’s very interesting (and now I have even more questions about what would be David’s career choice lol).
        But whatever what he’ll choose to do (going Indie or signing with a major label), a good manager is still the major key to have a decent professional career IMO

        Shanny, I love the idea of releasing EPs more often instead of just releasing a whole album every year or two years. An EP would also be the occasion to taste the water and see how the new sound is received. I love TOSOD but like I said before, it lacks a more sophisticated production on some songs like Who I Am (one of my favourite). Recording while musicians are playing live in the studio would be great (to avoid the too generic “pop beat” on some of the songs lol), an EP/DVD of his live performances would be cool too !

  5. On the Idol Music website, a yahoo address is advertised, but when you click on the “Contact Us” button, it pulls up an “” account?!

    Definitely questionable! Also, I don’t remember David mentioning this particular upcoming concert in his last vlog.

  6. I was wondering why the poster is in English. Shouldn’t it be in Vietnamese? I used Google translator on some of the post on the DAVN site and some of the fans there are also questioning how tickets must be ordered via an email account.

  7. Saw Jeff. Asked him if he is David’s manager. He said, I just do what I’ve always done, help him out whenever I can. Hmmm, not sure what that means.

  8. These are smart questions about the Vietnam “appearance”. It sounds like a scam to me. No one should ever buy anything through email; it’s not secure. It still hasn’t been confirmed either; hope somebody on David’s “team” has heard about this.

    I’m pretty sure live appearances are negotiated through a booking agent, so having a manager wouldn’t be necessary (but would probably be helpful).

    I think it’s a safe bet that David’s dad has been on the payroll continuously since Idol, with or without a job title.

  9. About the Vietnam concert….things that make you go hmm. All I know is that it’s not listed on the official site. But Malaysia isn’t listed, either, and I thought for sure he was going there. idk.

    And I have absolutely no clue who’s managing him, lol. Isn’t there usually an announcement made when mgmt steps on board? Guess I’m thinking that he doesn’t have anyone yet, but I could be wrong.

  10. i posted this in the wrong thread, lol.

    back in 2009, David took pics in Nashville with Jennette and two CAA agents – John Huie and Rod Essig. So we know he has connections….



    • raelovingangels

      You have a memory like a steel trap.good point for the Asian Tour- as I noticed that also.

  11. CAA is David’s booking agent which books his tours. He went to the CAA barbeque in Nashville earlier in the week. CAA is booking his Asian tour. He is listed on their web-site and has been with them since after the Idol tour. A booking agent is different than a manager.

    • That is true. There is a big difference between a booking agency and a management agency.

    • Geesh. How many managers and agents does an artist need to have? lol. No wonder they’re under pressure to sell, if they have to pay all these folks.

  12. on David’s facebook page:

    Booking Agent
    Mario Tirado at CAA /

  13. Well, whoever did the poster (real or not) they have an excellent sense of graphic imagery. I love the poster. 🙂

    • the poster is very nice! i actually think that david will be performing there but the details haven’t been worked out. i looked at the MFAS website and it seems legit.

  14. I checked out some of the Vietnam Guest Singers and they are real – have youtube channels. Doesn’t mean they aren’t being scammed, too.

  15. i’m watching the streaming of mumford & sons at bonnaroo. i must confess, i don’t get their appeal. i’ll run out of here before tomatoes are tossed at me, lol.

  16. i do believe that david does has a new record new label but i think he doesnt want saying anything just not yet and he is already been meeting songwriters in nashville and L.A.

  17. if you dont have a record label. you cannot works with songwriters unless you have a record label because the songwriters are getting paid to do that like working and meeting wiith the recording artists so there yeah mostly likey david does have a new record label.

  18. a random tweet that david is hanging out with eminem! love to see a pic of that!!.

  19. saw another another tweet, david was at a wedding today in nashville and he was sitting next to someone grandma, i hope he brought a date with him.

  20. The Idol Music 2011 website has been updated with background information:

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