David Dream Sequence #27

I had another David Dream last night.

I dreamed that I had logged onto my computer like I usually do and found a bunch of bugged-eyed emoticons urging me to check out the latest video link of David.  So I click on the link – a twit vid – and saw a recorded video of David and a much skinnier Jordin Sparks hanging out in what looks like somebody’s bedroom.  They were basically goofing around until there was a significant pause.  Next thing you know, they’re kissing!

And no, this was no innocent kiss between friends.  It was a hot, sensuous open-mouth kiss.  At some point towards the end of it, Jordin says something like, “Wow, you’re a really good kisser!” And David flippantly remarks with something like, “So I’ve been told.”


Needless to say, the Archuniverse IMPLODED, and news of the video spread on the Internet like wildfire.

The views on Soul David SKYROCKETED, and next thing you know, my site CRASHED!

I spent a good chunk of time trying to re-access my blog.

And then I woke up.

What in the world?

*As an aside, I must say this is my first David Dream where my subconscious David was openly sexy.  Alas, my guilty subconscious is such that, when David finally gets around to being sensuous, he locks lips with some other chick (closer to his age) and not with me!*


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  1. Shanny in Australia

    Let me guess… you watched David’s vlog before you went to bed and were one of the 40 people who gave a thumbs up vote for this comment under his vlog…

    “Thanks for the vlog. Do you realize that your lips are more plump than Angelina Jolie and Chord Overstreet COMBINED. That’s a good thing. You should do commercials for lip balm. ”


    Your David dreams sure are entertaining regardless of how it came about.

    (I had another not-quite-a-David-dream recently, but a David ‘cameo’ in one of my dreams. I can’t quite remember the exact details but I think I heard him singing on the radio in my dream and I was excited about it for a moment)

    • I missed that comment! 😛

      But I totally agree that he needs to do a lip balm commercial!

  2. Wow, HG. Um…..lolol. And I can totally see David saying that: “So I’ve been told.” He can be quite blunt sometimes.

  3. Interesting….

    Do you have psychic abilities, HG? Could this dream turn out to be a premonition?

    The lip balm comment made me lol.

  4. All I’m gonna say is “ahhahahhah” !

  5. Isn’t Jordin the only person David has liked on his Facebook?

  6. Now I have to go watch those “No Air” videos again. I love the way Jordin looks in that red dress. (much prefer that look to the ‘pop princess’ one)

    Glad you dreamed ‘The Kiss’ HG, doubt we’ll ever get a David kiss on film, but there’s still this:

  7. David’s at Bonneroo, the huge music festival in Tennessee.

    Billboarddotcom Billboard
    Ran into David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) walking around #Bonnaroo. He’s excited for Ray LaMontagne, Florence, Decemberists. -@jasonlipshutz

    He certainly is enjoying his time in Tennessee.

    • raelovingangels

      That is so cool. Since the crowd is there to see other bands etc I would imagine he would not be hassled too much,

      Whoh, HG- some dream. hmmm… no comment. Well, ok maybe I will. The kiss represents pushing the boundaries- which you feel is going on with David lately… and BTW, I am surprised Embe has not popped up yet to comment on your post. lol 🙂

      ( not sure why Jordin was skinny cause in my mind- I picture her as filled out…. maybe she is skinny cause that is her new “grown up” image and you feel David is growing up.

    • I am so glad that David is at the Bonnaroo Festival. That is a very cool festival to be at. I saw that Eminem and Arcade Fire are playing there along with many others.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Not surprised David would be there. He is a huge music enthusiast after all.

      Rae, thanks for trying to “interpret” my dream! 😛

      Where is Embe?

  8. raelovingangels

    And unrelated- so how cool is that guitar on Google? And you can record your strumming and play it back…. I don’t remember Google having the same sign on pix 2 days in a row ( except for the traditional one) The strumming guitar must have been very popular cause it was there again today. Sorry to blather on- but it was just a little unexpected surprise….

  9. i think rae may be right re. the kiss representing pushing the boundaries.

    re. the Google guitar, i’ve been having so much fun with it. i hope they consider putting up other instruments too.

  10. Here I am!! And let me tell ya, I can totally picture your dream happening in real life ❤

    I've told you this before, but I once had a dream where David kissed me, and it felt so real I swear I felt his lips hours after waking up. I guess that's a fantasy that only happens in the dreamworld, whether you're Jordin or just plain Embe 😛

  11. back in 2009, David was took pics in Nashville with Jennette and two CAA agents – John Huie and Rod Essig. So we know he has connections….



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