Does David Need a Stylist?

As much as the guy’s worn some questionable outfits, I’m actually liking the casual meets formal with the vest thing here! So, I thought I’d do a quick poll…

What say you, peeps? Was what David wore last night a Fashion Hit or Fashion Miss?


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  1. raelovingangels

    I think generally David dresses appropriate for the occasion and his age. He has not worn jeans in his last few public events. Although there are times jeans are appropriate. I love the tee shirt and vest look. Only fashion miss in recent memory IMO was the casual outfit he wore for the SSB for was it the base ball game? with the jeans & hoodie?

    Glad to see him socializng in Nashville. All about contacts in most businesses….. and having some fun and hopefully making new friends!

  2. raelovingangels

    I wonder if D has ever met the Beibs? I kinda feel sorry for Beiiber- but I gotta think there is alot of pressure on him.

  3. I think David dressed just fine. Four stars. lol.

  4. There was a cute photo of him in Macy’s earlier that day modeling the vest for the shop assistant. I thought the outfit looked great for the occasion!

    • With that photo of David at Macy’s was a twitter from someone that said her mother bumpted into David at Macy’s and helped him. The mother took the photo.

  5. raelovingangels

    Just read the last post… This casual cool tee shirt with the vest and what looks to be lightweight pants seems to me to be perfect for a hot summer Nashville nite. OK no more spams…. Have a great day!

  6. David looked cool and appropriate.

    I feel sorry for Bieber, too. He can’t sing all that well. 😉

  7. I voted fashion hit. This outfit really looks something he picked out and it seems appropriate to me. Maybe he could have tied that right shoe string or worn a pair of cowboy boots. 😉

    New pic from FOD:

  8. David’s fashion has come a long way from this.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      But I like the red sneakers! 😛

      David has a quirky style which fits his quirky personality. It’s just about finding the right stylist who can capture the quirkiness that fits him to a T.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Ha, I like the red sneakers too! They are so purposely out of sync, they make a statement. What I find funny about those pics is the short hair. When he first began growing it out, I thought…No David keep it short…but now I see the short pics and I think…No David keep it long. lol

        As for his outfit last night – again, I like the shoes. I think they give a slightly funky edge to the outfit. I agree that the colours are slightly off and I’m not loving the Tee. I think it needs fitted arms and needs to be in a heavier fabric or something. But overall…especially for a last minute invite….I think he’s looking fine. 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        Besides, look at that face! David can get away with anything when he flashes that joyful grin.

  9. David, you my boo – but methinks it’s time to invest in a stylist.

    This look may be part of the current trend, but for some reason, I’m not feeling it… the fit/length of the pants, the choice of colors, and those sneakers w/the white soles I find… distracting. It doesn’t POP, or really compel you to take a second glance if you weren’t already aware of him. David may have been trying to be low key, but with the right combo of color, the right fabrics and fit and accessories selected – especially the footwear to tie the whole outfit together, he would be a ‘natural’ standout, regardless of the event or the occasion. This is where a stylist’s eye would be a help. It’s the {attention to the details} that makes the difference, and for me, this overall look is lacking in nailing down the little details… He I think may try to ‘hide his light’ under a bushel, when IMO every time he steps out in the public arena, that light, whether in a casual or formal setting should be blindling…

    ‘puts on protective garment and helmet in prep for the rotten tomatoes’


    • You are so right! Is there anyway you can apply for the job? You have a fashion sense that would make David look classy.

  10. @JOHN_AF: David in the audience last night during the awards show: (pix #8, lower right… (cont)


    I think he’s visible in pix 4 &8….

  11. I’ll give him a slight pass then Shanny for the last minuteness of the invite, lol… I didn’t know about the last minute thing, that adds context to everything. I still stand behind my opinion he needs the services of a professional stylist for public appearances. As shallow as it is, Looks and Image in his business do matter, so presenting yourself in the best way – in your own personal or unique style, casual, quirky, funky, formal – whatever one’s personal style may be – is important… I’d never want to see him let ‘style’ overshadow his substance – which is a genuine, formidable talent wrapped in a shy, humble, sometimes self effacing down to earth young man… but I do think the two can coexist with and compliment each other with help from the right people 🙂

  12. Like GG said, it’s in the details. I liked the clothes, but the vest should have been unbuttoned and the t-shirt untucked.

  13. What I really like about these new pics is that even if David was posing for the cameras, he wasn’t doing his usual fake smile. His smile seems more natural, he looks more relaxed and happy on the red carpet.

    I like his outfit, it was appropriate for the occasion and he looked good but I’ll always be on team “David should get a professional help” (no matter the subject) lol

    • I don’t like the fake smile either!

    • I thought David looked cute in his outfit last night but there were some details that could have been added. GG is right. Looks and Image are important in this business. He was not performing or presenting so I thought it was fine. However, I do hope David has a professional stylist. I actually think David should have professionals involved in every aspect of his career. We agree cmoi.

  14. David looks good and happy!! If you want to see a neat red carpet picture,check out @thecivilwars where Joy Williams posts a picture stating our first red carpet.
    Click and there are four pair of shoes(feet) on the red carpet!!
    Love it!!

  15. Hope this visit puts a bug in his ear to move to N’ville. David just needs to move there already! He just seems in his element there.

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