If The Voice Had Premiered on “The Voice”

I’m really impressed by NBC’s current reality talent show, The Voice.  The coaches really get to invest in their “teams,” and I love the idea of the coaches performing with their mentees.

I realize that all these elements are designed to show up the flaws of a show like American Idol, which does very little to transform their amateur talents into top-notch entertainers.

So, it had me wondering: what if David had entered a competition like The Voice instead of American Idol?

For one, he would have been performing more contemporary hits like what he did with One Republic on “Apologize”:

For another, his rendition of Chris Brown’s “With You” wouldn’t have been treated as a “chihuahua trying to be a tiger” (Simon Cowell’s critique of the performance, who added that he was glad David didn’t do a “treacly ballad, which would have been expected” – Ugh! I still get mad over this nonsense):

Unfortunately, the AI format was such that David got presented as an old-fashioned singer who “couldn’t do pop” (remember David Foster’s pronouncement?).  Imagine if he got “coached” by an Adam or even a Christina!


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  1. Oh, I was wondering whose boobs those were. I don’t know how David could have been any better with the mentoring of Adam and Christina. David made it to the top two with what he did. Those old songs showed off his vocal talent and you felt every word. That’s what is most important. David didn’t rely on theatrics and loud background music. Nor did he wear his hair in strange ways and in heavy makeup to cover his face. He was perfect just the way he was. He was David.

  2. aw…..love that performance of Apologize! When “the voice” begins there is a huge contrast in color and depth in David’s voice from the beginning of the song..not only that, but a command of the stage and audience. David owned it all. yeah…the judges liked to try to push in one direction. But David pushed back and is doing great work! Excited for his future. Loving the direction he is going. So happy he is meeting so many great people in Nashville in a place that he is comfortable and loves. Greatness ahead. Music that will last generations! I am confident of that!

  3. I always thought David’s “With You” was under appreciated. I enjoyed it at the time and I still prefer it to Chris Brown’s. I saw a bit of “The Voice” last night. I thought the woman who sang “Heartless” did a great job. I never follow Christina’s career and really didn’t know much about her other than her hits. I was very surprised by her personality. Prior to last night I had imagined that she was a bit reserved, lol.

  4. It’s interesting. I watched ‘The Voice’ last night and had the same thought: Can you imagine David on this show?!! Holy cow!

    Some of the contestants are pretty good but David would definitely be the shining star on the show, with no doubt. Can you imagine how quickly and forcefully those four chairs would have whirled around during the auditions?!? The four judges begging ‘pick me!! pick me!! The superlatives and fawning over that voice?

    I think the extended support from a professional like Christina or Adam would have been really beneficial to him. They couldn’t have contributed much regarding the voice and song interpretation which was pretty much perfected when we met him. A lot of the other stuff about stage presence and attitude, etc. would have helped him at the time, though.

    Christina said something that particularly made me think of David last night. That was when she said–“Being a real artist, I think, is a matter of being able to jump off the cliff and take risks.”

    She’s talking David, folks. Thinking back on how incredibly shy D was and how he nevertheless stepped forward on that Idol stage and sang for 30,000,000 people. Cajones right there. That was jumping off the cliff for sure. And he keeps doing it…coz he IS the real deal, an artist not just a singer. His willingness to say no and walk away from big name label and management companies when they try to mold him into their version of a successful David. He believes in who he is and what he has to offer. If that’s not jumping off the cliff, what is?

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Bookaholic, you got that right! 😛 Those judges would have been pushing their buttons simultaneously and fighting over him.

      ANDDDDDD… imagine if AI’s finale was something like the Battle segment of The Voice. Cook would have soooo been wiped on the floor once David unleashed his Voice in the boxing ring…. ! No competition!

      I’m really loving The Voice as a show. And I agree with Peter that Xenia has a fascinating voice (she’s one of my favorites, followed by Javier Colon).

      • I really enjoy The Voice. I think that the judges would have turned their chairs for David too. I would have liked to see David with these judges/coaches. I think Adam and Blake are very entertaining. I can’t wait until next week. I am Team Adam. My favorites are Javier and Jeff Jenkins. The coaches and the talent all look like they are having fun to me.

  5. LOL on the Christina comment, desertrat. I was a bit surprised by her *ahem* openness last night. I’m enjoying The Voice too. I also enjoyed the young woman’s version of Heartless. Dia, I think her name is? Will keep my eye on her. I haven’t watched the Voice religiously — only catch it every now and then, and from what I hear, Adam’s team is the the one to beat. Might make a point to watch next week, when the other two teams perform.

    It would be interesting to rewind and see David on the Voice. So much of what I heard from the Idol judges seemed carefully constructed to ‘help me form my opinion a certain way.’ Sometimes I swear I could see Simon swaying to David’s singing of those ‘treacly ballads.’

    P.S. I liked With You too. Liked that vibe from him. As much as Paula was criticized, she often got things right.

    • LOL, I missed most of the show but I could have sworn at one point Christina asked someone to drop their pants.

  6. IIRC, David met Adam when Adam was a guest on Idol. I remember Adam looking at the contestants as he gave them advice, including the assurance, “you WILL get jaded” and David sat there and just smiled.

  7. She has a fascinating voice, IMO:

    • hell0g0rge0us

      I enjoyed Xenia the most too! 🙂

    • I do like this song performed by Xenia. I like this song better than the one she sang last night.

      • So David is going to the CMT awards tonight? That is interesting. I think Lauren and Scotty and Bieber are presenting awards. I don’t care about that but I will have to watch to maybe see David in the audience.

      • This awards show is not that good at all. Way too much Bieber for me . The Biebs is so over exposed that fans are going to lose interest by the time he is 18. That can’t happen fast enough for me. lol I hope David had fun.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        Where exactly was CMT awards being aired?

      • The CMT’s were in Nashville. They were televised on the CMT cable channel tonight. They were not that great. Lady A. and Sugarland performed and they were good.

    • I evidently missed her; she’s terrific. “Breakeven” is one of the best songs out in a while and she does it justice.

    • raelovingangels

      love this performance. She has a really unusual voice- kinda of haunting.

  8. It’s interesting seeing the different opinions about “The Voice”, and how well David would’ve done on it. I don’t really like the show myself, because it doesn’t let you get to know these contestants on a personal level. Everything happens so fast, it doesn’t allow for emotional investment. It’s like, “Here’s Joe. Joe is from Smithville. He’s a teacher. Let’s hear Joe sing. Good job, Joe. Next.” lol.

    I know that the judges would’ve clamored for him and he’d be blowing other contestants out of the water with the duets. But without as much of the audience’s emotional investment, I wonder if “cooler” contestants would’ve won out in the end.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      That’s a good point. I mean, really, The Voice is more about the judges/coaches than contestants, so you’re right we don’t get much of the personal stories. But I still like that we get more of the talent on display.

  9. Just saw the Getty images. I like David’s outfit. He looks so happy to be in Nashville too.

    • He looks really happy. 🙂 And he’s making me smile. Awww, David, I really really really want things to work out for you, buddy. 🙂

  10. Here are the links to David’s red carpet pics at the CMT Awards. http://www.examiner.com/celebrity-headlines-in-national/american-idol-photo-45 http://www.examiner.com/celebrity-headlines-in-national/american-idol-picture-1?slide=34137201#main

    I looove the guy to pieces, but I reallllllly wish he’d get a stylist. What’s with the plain, casual white tee shirt? And the jeans? Don’t go with dressy cool-looking vest at all. Argh! He does look happy as can be and as cute as ever. My only beef is with the discordant clothes.

    With very little tweeking, David could look drop dead gorgeous 24/7. Unfortunately, I think he’s a typical guy and pretty much clueless about fashion.

    The paragraph above makes me think about the humorous list ‘Why it’s great to be a man’. I remember seeing a couple of his shirts in years past and thinking of this one off the list: “We are totally unable to see wrinkles in our clothes.” lolol

    • I wasn’t really looking at his clothes. OK. I’ll be quiet now. 🙂

    • Bookaholic, I LOVE reading your comments but I have to jump in and disagree with you on the matter of his outfit at the CMT awards tonight. I thought it looked great and very current. Here’s one site on fashion trend showing a very similar look and what it says: “One of the items I’ve noticed making a comeback this season is the men’s vest. However, it’s not being paired in a 3-piece suit, rather with jeans and a simple white t-shirt.” http://www.thefashionmanual.com/2009/01/24/fashion-trend-the-vest/#more-63 . Subtle and stylish is what I thought. 🙂

      • When you click on the link, you might have to scroll back up to the top for the look that is almost identical, except David’s T is a v-neck which I’ve seen also elsewhere.

  11. Did y’all see this pic of David and his sibs? Daniel looks several years older than David now.

    And, please, David, get a stylist!

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think that it really mattered what David wore last night. The focus was on Bieber not David. Scotty and Lauren did get some air time too. I do hope he had a good time.

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