An Unfinished Life Story

As David prepares to make an appearance at a BYU Bookstore signing today, I’m inclined to re-read his one and only book, Chords of Strength, this weekend.

While I look back on what David accomplished during his three years as a major-label-signed recording artist, I’ve often wondered why he was being pulled in so many different directions.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m one of the reasons his label/management folk was pushing David into these different projects. No matter what he put out, they could depend on the devoted Archies, such as myself, to buy any and everything related to David.  Of course, there’s a question if that fanbase is shrinking, but I blame the lack of promo for not reaching David’s worldwide audience more than anything else.

The thing is: David is all of 20 years old, and while it’s great that he wrote a book and delivered a heartfelt and moving Christmas album, in all honesty, those things could have waited to come out much later in David’s career.  After all, as a young 20-something, his is an unfinished life story.

So why push him to write a memoir (in one of David’s interviews, he revealed he didn’t do enough to warrant an autobiography, and being the grounded and realistic person he is, I have to agree that he’s right), and why push him to work on a Christmas album (again, I love that I will always have Christmas from the Heart, but that album ate away at a three-album contract, and I would have loved to hear David’s progression on a third pop album)?

It’s my reflecting on all these projects that I have come to realize how David was pulled in different directions instead of being geared to work on his musical craft – whether that entailed more studio work, more stage presence choreography, more opening acts at the concerts of established pop stars, or more musical collaborations.

It’s no wonder David is in laid-back mode of late, simply enjoying life not on the fast track and not tied to a major label that had yet to show their own beliefs in David’s genuine talent.  They simply banked on his good looks and instant fame coming off Idol.

Whatever David is up to of late – even if that might include looking into niche music groups, like Christian music (*keeping my fingers crossed that he’s not limiting his career in this manner* – I mean, Justin Bieber is “Christian,” and that hasn’t stopped his mainstream success) – I hope he’s able to craft a more well thought-out plan to allow his major, unique talents to thrive into a successful music career.

His is still an unfinished life.


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  1. I look forward to his continuing story….

    I regret I did not go to see Jason perform when he made a tour stop near me a few months ago. Unfortunately, it was on a Sunday evening and too difficult to make it with a new week of class prep ahead.

  2. Fame in the music world is very fleeting. The label and management is going to push the young artist out there as long as the fame lasts. That’s what happened to David, and he sure delivered. I’m not sure he had time to sleep, but he did all that he could possibly do. I for one love his Christmas album and book. I’m glad he had the opportunity to do them. I notice that other young stars have books too such as Miley and Justin B. It comes with the territory. I can also understand why David finally had to take a break. I hope he can find his niche in the music industry, tour, and make enough money to have a solo career.

  3. Thanks HG,
    I love that I will always have Christmas from the Heart, but that album ate away at a three-album contract, and I would have loved to hear David’s progression on a third pop album)?

    I never thought of it that way but you’re right. The Chritmas album was wonderful and it did get him some spots on TV at Christmas time. So, a lot of good came out of it but as far as boosting his career in the direction of pop, iit didn’t do him any favors.

    • I would rather have heard a third pop or another genre album from David as opposed to the Christmas album. I know many don’t agree with me. I also thought David’s focus should not have been on the book but rather on the music. I know that may not be a popular opinion but that is the way I feel about it. I think Christian music can be very limiting for an artist. I would say that I am an older fan although I hate to admit it. lol I always thought David should try and keep his younger fans too.

      • I should add that I don’t think the Christmas album and David’s book helped him with trying to keep some of his younger fan base. I do sometimes question the unprofessional “advise” David received on his career from those that are close to him.

  4. Shanny in Australia

    I remember David saying that when the book offer came up, he decided to take it because of his philosophy to embrace all opportunities that came his way no matter how scary they seem. For some reason I had the impression that was how he felt about CFTH too – that it was an opportunity that came his way and he decided to embrace it.

    And well….Chords of Strength is a priceless treasure to me. So I can’t complain. And between the beautiful Christmas album and the wonderful vids of the Christmas tour….again…I can’t complain.

    As we all know… David’s goals are not the typical music industry goals. He’s got his own ideas and his own values and his own way of doing things. I love watching and wondering what he’ll do next, I think it makes him and the experience of fandom so much more richer and interesting.

  5. As an “older” fan I am so happy he did both the book and Christmas album. He’ll definitely have much more to tell as the years go by. I also remember David talking about seizing the opportunity. The Christmas concerts where David sang Christmas songs and some of his Pop songs are a treasure that many fans still talk about. I listen to his Christmas CD year round and it feeds my soul.

    Since it appears that David wanted to slow down and have more artistic control,which may slow his career , I admire David for staying true to himself.

    He has put out more music than anyone in his season and in many ways is ahead of all of them artistically.

    I’ve read his book more than once and the lessons he teaches through telling his story are admirable.

    I’m enjoying the ride. Can’t wait until his MoTAb DVD/CD come out.

    looking forward to hearing from fans attending today.

  6. I have heard that his contract was for two pop albums and a Christmas album. I believe most new artists only get a two album contract so the Christmas album was a bonus. Christmas albums can be made very cheaply because you don’t have to pay for the songs as many are public domain. I think doing the Christmas album was smart and didn’t take away from his pop stuff. If he hadn’t done the Christmas album we would have just had to wait longer for music like Cook.

  7. “…not tied to a major label that had yet to show their own beliefs in David’s genuine talent.” <— So true!

    While I like CFTH, my biggest concern was that, IMHO, no attempt was made to match D with the best producers, arrangers, etc. I'll stop there because I doubt anyone wants to rehash that conversation again, lol.

    From the previous thread, yes, during these quiet times, I've been browsing the archives of some sites. I sure wish the old Fanblast articles were still accessible.

  8. I loved Fanblast too. That site got me started on by obsession with checking David fan sites daily. From there I discovered FOD, Snarky Archies, Noting David, etc. I especially loved the early day of Snarky Archies when Amy posted as it was funny and entertaining following their posts. I have to say that David is so very lucky to have such talented people running many fan sites for him. Thanks HG for this site where we can express what we think about David’s career.

    • raelovingangels

      lol, when AI ended & I was in David withdrawal that is when I found Famblast. Did not know anything about Idol boards or AI sites- never posted during Idol- or even voted much after the first season- except for Reubin. I remember getting ODD certified.

  9. Ok, being realistic, David’s case in terms of activities and hard work is NOT unique, is pretty much the standards or even less that for the young artists that like him find the opportunity to suddenly be in the spot light of the business entertaining, albums, books, concerts etc. TBH i think he had and still having opportunities that the 99.9 % of the population and 90% of the aspirants to singers don’t have, so like Simon C said in the past,’ Only the ones capable to take the right decisions going to survive’ and that is exactly that worries me about David. The only point that make me curious is that in terms of economics gains doesn’t look like he had that same results that the others …so that is interesting….to me of course.

    The book like someone said before here, it was the result of an offer made by an editorial house, so why not? the idea at the end it was the same that for the others teens on the business, (Demi wrote about Bullying , Miley about appearances issues and pressure , Jonas about fame and values , I have not idea Justin though) then he delivered too something positive talking about his fears and lack of confidence, subject that people can use to look and apply on their lives i guess, is the most inspirational ever ? well not , but it can be used it to work a ethic class with teens …specially the chapters 8-12…so overall he did a good job and the book is definitely enjoyable 😉 .

  10. And about the Christmas album. well is not unusual either for the teens celebrities to do one , but i have mixing feelings about if was the right time, people and me expected this kind of work in the future , not that soon , but again is one of the points that make me give to Jive the benefice of the doubt , because at the end they accepted to do it in co-production with his father ……is a good album for sure, again enjoyable and cheap to do, a little too much traditional in my opinion. But the point is that at that time he was trying to build an image like pop singer ( again don’t forget the wide definition of pop music) and somehow this project took him back to his very traditional image that people had of him on Idol and he probably wasted the chance to evolve his pop side doing another pop album….and i don’t even want talk about poor publicity for this work…..totally wasted opportunity there too.

    In any case i think that the motivations to do this project were not his own, and a little pressure (not by Jive) played a role there too. In other words I’m sorry but Jive and people business were not the only ones around him with interests to making him the artist/singer they wanted.

    • ”In any case i think that the motivations to do this project were not his own, and a little pressure (not by Jive) played a role there too. In other words I’m sorry but Jive and people business were not the only ones around him with interests to making him the artist/singer they wanted”.

      With all due respect, at times I think this fanbase must suffer from whiplash, the way it goes from giving David credit for being capable of making his own decisions about his career, and other things, and being unduly influenced and coerced to do things by people or forces in his inner circle. Which is it? LOL… I have neither seen, read, nor could or would I begin to infer, even on a speculative level, that the CFTH album was something David may have been unduly influenced or coerced to do. I neither view it as some kind of career setback for him in pop music, or as a deterrent to him attracting or retaining a younger fanbase. In hindsight, I think the damage had already been done, long before CFTH was released. The loss/attrition of younger fans had already begun with the rise of Justin Bieber, and we may not have all the facts, but I’d wager a dime to a dollar that he was well into issues concerning his mgmt, and tensions with Jive that may be MORE of a contributing factor to the lack of coordinated promotion and the other missed opportunities to adequately promote him and his music in the pop arena. Nah, CFTH I can’t view as any sort of scapegoat for the much larger problems David was experiencing careerwise at that time. It would seem he was perhaps already caught up in the middle of an irretrievably broken and ineffective relationship with Jive and management, and neither could get it together enough to give him the kind of adequate and effective support he needed, when he needed it. I chalk it up now to water under the bridge, and I hope whatever direction he decides to take his music that there is better synergy between him, the label and mgmt in serving his needs.

      • ” I think this fanbase must suffer from whiplash” ummmm thank God was with due respect then. Wow !! 😮
        1. I’m not inconsistent with my opinion, i still thinking that he has pressures coming from many sides, not only from his label like many people said 2. I think he is smart, talented and very capable to take his own decisions, but i’n convinced that he still learning the game to said not. and that is not a ended work 3. I still thinking that this album was not his choice and like many i’m not sure if was at the right time 4. Neither you and me can be sure if this move make some favors to his pop career, but both of us can have an ”impression’, or ‘Opinion’ and even to have the opportunity to speculate, happen that we desagree now ..then is OK 5. IDK what is the point with the young fan base? evolving in the mainstream music doesn’t mean only to be popular with teens….is more than that. 6. Me too i hope for a better team work for him this time around. 😉

      • Hi Tibitibi 🙂 You bring up some great points. There is one thing though that for the sake of my own clarity I’d like some further insight on…

        3. ”I still thinking that this album was not his choice and like many i’m not sure if was at the right time”…

        What evidence or specific examples, in hindsight or real time – can you cite that lead you to this opinion? When you say ‘not his choice’, that strongly suggests someone was forced into or was made to do something against their will – that can conjure up negative connotations that beg to be addressed with more hard proof or evidence to back them up… I’ve seen this opinion about David and CFTH trotted out on various boards over the last year, and I’m just wondering what evidence or examples are out there some of us may have missed that others so readily picked up on… I love speculations, and opinions are like you know what’s – we all have them… some specs and opinions beg for supporting data, and for me, this is one…

      • ps… I’d be more inclined to think or spec that he had more… reluctance is the best word I can think of… to perhaps record/sing some material he recorded on the debut CD than CFTH… David is from what we gather a rather ‘traditional’ kind of guy, so the traditional production and vocal delivery of the songs on CFTH seems to fit… we only heard him sing my personal fave ‘Running’ (I’m a Running fanatic) just once in concert, lol and BAH! 🙂 I think he only sang ‘Desperate’ once, or maybe 2x… dunno why, it could be the love theme that runs through Running that didn’t sit well with him thematically, who knows… from what I observed watching him sing live on the CFTH tour, he was very much into all those songs, he is a much better singer than he is an actor, and just watching him, especially on Pat-a-Pan and Riu Riu Chiu and Ave Maria… lawd hammercy…. if he didn’t want to record or sing those songs, then he sure had this fan fooled 🙂

      • Hi GG 🙂 Let me said that i agree he loves Christmas and i have not doubts that he enjoy singing Christmas songs, not only this very traditional tunes , but other non traditional or seculars as well…so that part is not in discussion. But one more time i reaffirm my ‘impression’ that this second project was not his first pick, I think however that David contemplated the realization of a Christmas album later in his career, maybe with a more mature David having more control over his work . I gonna leave you here, to add other impressions is to go back to the same old discussion and clearly we have very differents perceptions of all that.
        OH, btw ” unduly influenced or coerced to do.” i don’t think was that strong like situation lol, the David of that time was not a complainer (not saying he is now lol, better to be clear now before someone jump over the expression 😉 ) but his focus like immediate project was more his second pop album and not the Christmas one… me.

      • In the CFTH liner notes, David thanked his dad for helping to keep the album more “traditional” which is what he (David) wanted. He said in an interview, he didn’t want songs about Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on it. He wanted it to be reverent. When CFTH came out, it was all the rave. Now, it was a waste of David’s time? David has said repeatedly that he doesn’t know how long this will last so when these opportunities arise, he will take advantage of them.

        GG, David said that Running was the most difficult song on the debut album to sing. That could be the reason he hasn’t sang it more. And Desperate (my fave) is probably darker (?) than he likes. Also, in reading the comments here, my prayer is things work out well for you and your family.

      • – The liner notes were exactly what i was expecting him to said, seriously i was not expecting something different , he.was. promoting.his Christmas album after all. 😉
        – Wasted time? i don’t think we are saying that here, different is to think it was not the right timing from our(my) perspective to do one….specially now with the result of his last pop album. 😐 , before i thought different.
        – The traditional aspect of the album is not in discussion either, some think it was good , some not …so again is all about opinions ….I enjoy the album? YES ! 🙂 , I can still thinking he could do better with more time and different production in some tracks YES! and can i still wishing other kind of vibe next time… YES! why ? because i enjoyed too that other part he can bring with not too reverent Christmas songs. 😉

      • “The liner notes were exactly what i was expecting him to said, seriously i was not expecting something different , he.was. promoting.his Christmas album after all. ;)”

        Sorry, but what do you mean you were expecting him to say that? How?

        “a little too much traditional in my opinion.”

        I was addressing your statement about the album being “too” traditional. It’s what he wanted. Who knows, maybe he will do another less traditional “Holiday” album in the future.

      • LOL..Well yeah i was expressing my personal taste with that opinion, i’m OK if someone find it different and i ‘m glad he was happy with that traditional side…..i enjoyed it anyway 😉
        And about the liner notes well i expect to be the place to said thanks to all the people who work for the project and reinforce that he has the result he wanted….talking about the strengths on it, delivering the message to make people buy the album …. i guess is the normal way.

        Anyway i move from this discussion….. it was just my opinion about the album. Glad we all can think different 😉

    • I see, you expected him to say those kinds of things for the purpose of selling the album and not so much because they are true. But don’t you get the liner notes after you’ve already bought the cd?

      “Glad we all can think different”. Yes, and it’s great that HG provides a place were we can voice our differences. Thanks HG.

  11. raelovingangels

    Happy Saturday! I have no concerns about the book & glad he struck while the iron was hot and people were “listening” to what he had to share.
    My BIG beef is the lack of coordination with the book release and the album. He got quite a bit of press off the book release and min book tour. How fantastic if he could have released his pop album the same time. I feel sure with both out he could have gotten more TV appearances on late nite or the national AM shows- he could have plugged the book and sang SBL. SBL as you recall IMO was released too close to the album and in late summer as opposed to early summer. Maybe more appearances in national TV would have given SBL traction ( who knows!) I blame either Jive ( who may have kept sendng David back for more material s which delayed everything) or lack of management or coordination of events at a very critical time. The master plan seemed to be missing or if it was there- not able to be accomplished due to things we likely do not know about behind the scenes.

    Now with that all said…C’est la vie because I think David is lucky to be out from Jive- likely has learned and grown alot and maybe been thrust into the next stage of his career even a bit earlier than would have occurred

    • 1. The master Plan was inexistent 2, Absence of management interested on his pop work was EVIDENT and to me his BIG MISTAKE, the book was the priority for his family management at that time, even that some mistakes were evident too. 3. To me was clear that David was lacking of emotion for his own single, i never going to forget his face announcing the release of SBL lol and the comments from fans…..he had not love for the song and he just was a little immature with his reaction towards the single Jive picked…after all, he kept taking the opportunity to negotiate their second single ….but well.

      HG – i don’t understand why you think that Christian Music is one of possibilities he is thinking now?….i’m missing something? 😐

      • hell0g0rge0us

        I was responding to a twitter Peter shared in the previous thread.

      • OK, i see now, but tbh i don’t think he’s gonna go for that route, he can think he is a local talent idk, but the reality is that he has thousand of on Christian fans and many Christian who don’t see him like one…so that will be a silly decision . I just think he was there just to say hi to a friend.

      • Wherein EMICMG = EMI Christian Music Group

      • I saw that. I was hoping that David was going to EMI music Capital records. lol David does look relaxed and happy in those pics from today’s book signing.

      • I tried to re-post the tweet, but it seems to have disappeared.

  12. Wasn’t David one of the only performers to add a cappella Christmas carols to the pop line-up at the Jingle Balls? And, at the time, weren’t the fans beaming like it was Christmas morn … and requesting more?
    David has said he loves Christmas music, and we loved hearing him..
    “Christmas from the Heart” was inevitable. I think the timing was his kind of perfect, and as David stated in the liner notes, the album was his gift to us, his fans!!

    2008 Jingle Balls
    2009 “Christmas from the Heart”
    2010 Mormon Tabernacle Choir

  13. hell0g0rge0us

    So is EMI a Christian label that puts out different genres of music, or it only puts out Christian music?

    • It’s a huge label that also has a Christian music division.

    • Well, I think he went to EMI Publishing. Which, according to Wikipedia, is totally different fom EMI the label. EMI Publishing was involved with alot of songs from the debut album, and some from TOSOD. The publisher for “Crush” is listed as EMI Music Publishing, BUGHOSE OBO RODOTIS. For TMH, it’s EMI BLACKWOOD MUSIC. And then…
      EMI Christian Music Group (EMI CMG) is a subsidiary of EMI which contains its Christian music record labels, and is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee

      It’s all very confusing to me, lol. I don’t understand it at all. But…like I’ve said other places, I don’t think most Christian stations would be open to playing his music. So….I hope he isn’t thinking that they would.

      Also, someone in this blog is associating David with EMI producer Chris Rockwell Not sure if that was in the past, or recently.

      • Chris ‘ROCKWELL’ is credited with producing TOSOD…

      • P.S…

        Chris “Rockwell” Destefano

        Credits of Other Side of Down (Deluxe Edition) (CD/DVD)

        * David Archuleta
        * Composer, Vocals (Background), Clapping, Inspiration, Snaps

        * Tina Guo
        * Cello

        * Maxine Waters
        * Choir, Chorus

        * Josef Powell
        * Choir, Chorus

        * Garrett Davis
        * Mixing Assistant

        * Alfie Silas-Durio
        * Choir, Chorus

        * Charlie Judge
        * Keyboards

        * Finn Bjarnson
        * Producer

        * Grant Michaels
        * Assistant

        * Michael Shipley
        * Mixing

        * Chris “Rockwell” Destefano
        * Producer

      • It’s a shame to think CHRISTIAN radio would have some reluctance or bias to playing music from David – on the longshot that he would ever deigned to become an artist in that genre. Kinda gives one pause when considering how far the application and adoption of that word by some of its practitioners is from the thoughts and actions of the person for whom its named…. JMO/YMMV and all the usual caveats apply.

      • Hi! Just browsing around. I’ve been reading this site more often lately and have appreciated the upfront, honest discussions that you all engage in. I was actually just here looking for a link today but stumbled on this article by HG. Hi HG! I like your site. The subject of the Christian music industry is one that is close to my heart. It is the only music I listen to other than David and various other genres such as jazz and classical.
        I don’t think the Christian Music Industry is an option for David at this time, so I doubt that he is looking in that direction, although, I know he admires many people associated with this industry. Even if it were an option, it wouldn’t be the one I would want David to choose at this point. I think he can be, and will eventually be, much bigger than that. I see him as an international super star. While Christian Music can create a very good living for those in the industry, I believe David’s voice and music need to be displayed before and accepted by the whole world. Not sure I’m making sense here.

        GG, Hi! I love your comments. It seems to me, and correct me if I’m wrong, that your comment above is a little judgmental, however, of those in the CM industry. While I understand your frustration, I have to disagree with your judgement. Why would they accept an artist into the Christian Music Industry that they don’t consider to be Christian? That wouldn’t make sense. As far as WHY they would think this about David, well, that is a doctrinal discussion. Probably not a good idea to get into it. That doesn’t mean that they don’t love David as a person and even as an artist. I’m evangelical Christian and I love David and his music. I understand, however, why the Christian Music Industry would not be accepting.

  14. More at the link…

    EMI Music is one of the world’s leading music companies, home to some of the most successful and best known recording artists…


    … Our record labels include Angel, Astralwerks, Blue Note, Capitol, Capitol Latin, Capitol Records Nashville, EMI Classics, EMI CMG, EMI Records, EMI Records Nashville, Manhattan, Parlophone, Virgin Classics and Virgin Records.

    Artists on EMI labels include Lily Allen, Bat For Lashes, The Beatles, Beastie Boys, Luke Bryan, Coldplay, Depeche Mode, Gorillaz, David Guetta, Iron Maiden, Norah Jones, Lady Antebellum, Massive Attack, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Pink Floyd, Corinne Bailey Rae, Sir Simon Rattle, Snoop Dogg, Tinie Tempah, Thirty Seconds To Mars, KT Tunstall, Keith Urban and Robbie Williams, as well as international artists such as Amaral (Spain), Air and Camille (France), Empire of the Sun (Australia), Tiziano Ferro and Vasco Rossi (Italy), Flex (Mexico), LaFee (Germany) and Hikaru Utada (Japan).

    • Oh wait. There’s an EMI Records Nashvillel? Maybe I’m more confused than I thought. lol.

      • They had a Nashville label for their country singers. but the have a Publishing Office in Nashville too. 😉
        David has many options with EMI btw they not only have this Chordant label is their Gospel artist but a Latin label , BlueNote looks like jazz, Capitol Label is pop, Virgin is like alternatives and even Manhattan records fit well for some inspirational projets too lol….anyway enough speculation for now.

    • raelovingangels

      Belated thoughts for your dad GG- hope he is finding peace and comfort,

  15. No need to be confuzzled VJ -Just gooo with the flooooow, lolol… We’ll eventually piece the puzzle together ourselves, or David will take pity on us and give us the scoop….. eventually….. maybe…… 🙂

  16. raelovingangels

    I would be shocked if David switched to Christian music. Totally shocked. believe he is a student and lover of popular music of all genres. I think he would feel limited. I also think while his faith is part of his core- he also has a world view and feeling that music can touch people and improve their life- It would be sort of like preaching to the choir- as opposed to going out into the world and touching the oppressed.

  17. I agree with you Rae. I can in no way see David going the Christian music route. I’m sure in time he’ll do albums of hymns of faith, but there’s no way he’s gonna limit himself like that, put himself in a box.

    Your analogy of him wanting to touch the world with his music is true, imho. He’s a lover of all kinds of music and would like to pretty much sing it all (with a few exceptions). When he came out with his top 30 song recommendations for Amazon I think it was, my response was that David takes eclectic to new heights. Lol

    David’s too talented, his fanbase way too diverse. He’s going the pop route, no question about it. At least for the forseeable future. After that, I still don’t see him in a Christian singer niche.

  18. Thanks HG and Rae… taking it one day at a time, and just spending as much time with him as I can… The things and people that bring me joy right now I hold near – they really are a source of comfort….

    • GG I hope things are going as well as can be expected for you and your family. You certainly are a great and supportive fan to David. I enjoy your insightful comments on David and his career.

    • GG, I lost my father to lung cancer two Sundays ago and honored his memory this past Wednesday. Spend time with your dad, hug him, love him and hold every moment close. Virtual hugs…

      • Jen A, my condolences and good advice. I lost my dad 31 years ago and it is the memory of the love he and I shared that fills the void and eases the pain.

  19. GG, didn’t mean to seem callous. I’m out of the loop, have been away a bit. I didn’t read anything regarding your concerns about your father. I hope that all is well with him or becomes so asap.

    Ideally and in most cases it’s true that nothing is dearer to us than family. I lost my dad some years back and still miss and think of him often. So, I commend you for spending time with your dad. Wish I could do the same with mine, a gregarious, honorable, extremely engaging man.

    Oddly enough, I feel that I love David like family. Strange but true. Maybe I need a shrink. Or a tour…

  20. I would never think that of you or anyone here Bookaholic 🙂 I’m in a good place today – the simple joys of being online discussing and commenting about David, and looking at pics and tweets from today’s signing are partly responsible for some of that, lol… there is something about seeing him smile, and looking happy that alleviates a lot of anxiety about him, where he’s headed, etc…

  21. the money shot 🙂

  22. Yes, while the debate was going on here whether David should have recorded CFTH and written his book, David is looking very happy at his book/CD signing. It was reported Kendra was there with him and there was a good crowd for the signing. Tonight he is giving out an award at another Utah awards ceremony. GG, I agree with you that seeing him so happy alleviates my anxiety about him.

  23. Interview at the book signing

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