David’s Old Friend Shontelle: ‘Member Her?

Who knew that, in the midst of the latest Rihanna controversy – a provocative new video, “Man Down,” showcasing a revenge fantasy of a rape survivor – the powerful lyrics were penned by none other than Shontelle!

Here’s the video causing fury:

You’ll remember that Shontelle and David were hanging out back in ’08 during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and at the Jingle Ball concerts.  They were also checking out Rihanna back then too!

There was a time some of us here had hoped for a duet between these two. Maybe Shontelle and David can also work on penning a song together!  Thoughts?


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  1. Bringing this over from the previous thread:

    Taylor Lautner Dropped by Publicist, Has Daddy Issues

    Hoping to market Lautner as more than the 19-year-old kid that he is, Slate dropped the talent after only three months serving as his agency — Lautner’s dad proved to be too involved in the young actor’s career choices.


  2. David had a breakfast meeting with this guy who says David is awesome. Think you would be interested to learn more about him.

    • He seems to have a strong Idol connection:

      Jason Halbert, Music Director/Keyboardist for Kelly Clarkson

      Since being selected in 2003 by American Idol judge Randy Jackson to act as music director for Kelly Clarkson and other Idol winners, Halbert has toured with Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys, Paulina Rubio, Clay Aiken, and Reba McEntire, to name just a few.


  3. Jason Halbert does have an idol connection, but in this case I don’t view it as a bad thing. If you read those articles, especially the Berklee one you can see that he is really talented and could give David some good advice especially about education. He is taking online courses with the Berklee School of Music. It has been suggested several times here that David should attend that school. He could take some courses from there online.

  4. Ross Asher

    Location – Greater Nashville Area
    Industry – Entertainment

    Experienced in areas of music publishing, artist management, marketing.


  5. Here’s hoping David is being proactive and productive during his Nashville sojourn. And hope he’s having some fun thrown in too w/perhaps Joy Williams and some other friends he has there – 🙂

  6. Joy is performing in the UK right now I think. Maybe Nate stayed home in Nashville though. Hopefully David will get a chance to head back to Nashville soon to work with her. David’s songs written with Joy are some of my favorites.

  7. I just checked the Civil Wars website and it looks like they have a bunch of shows coming up this month in CA, with several in LA. I hope David can catch one of their shows. Maybe he could even jump onstage and perform with them. (dreaming)

    • Civil Wars is performing in SLC on the 28th of June… only a few days before SOF. Would be awesome if they did something together then.

  8. What I liked about Jason Halbert was his expertise in recording live!

    • I like to see that David’s met with Jason Halbert because he is/was Kelly Clarkson’s music director. I am a Kelly fan and I think she has made some smart moves with her career. When she left 19M she then went to The Firm and now she is with Starstruck Entertainment. That is Reba McEntire and her husband’s management company in Nashville. They also manage Blake Shelton among others. Kelly seems very happy with them. I think Kelly has stayed true to herself yet made some good career moves.

    • “expertise in recording live”. I love those words. There’s nothing better than David live singing. It’d be awesome if he works with someone who can capture in a recording all the energy, the passion, the emotion that David emphasizes in his live singing (and all the improvisations).

      I’m a kelly fan too. “Kelly has stayed true to herself yet made some good career moves”, ITA !

    • To release a Live Concert cd/dvd taking advantage of this Asia Tour would be an good move from David and he would have the time he needs after this to do a new job … since people would be enjoying this and the MoTab DVD. 🙂 He still having a lot of possibilities like next move anyway. 😉

  9. http://www.emimusic.com/about/

    David visited here today! 😀

  10. emi music has some very successful artists listed on their labels. Capital records is one of their labels. Very Interesting.

  11. All those meetings are really exciting and interesting ! David always seems to be well received in Nashville. It’s great to know that he’s working on some project even if we don’t know the details. His little break doesn’t seem to be a real break after all lol, maybe we’ll get new music sooner than we think !

    • Even though we don’t know what it means at least the meetings are positive news. There just might be some hope for new music soon.

  12. Yeah! is interesting the first familiar names i see is ‘A Fine Frenzy’ ‘Leny Kravitz and ‘Norah Jones’ of course ‘Kylie Minogue’ and ‘Katy Perry’ and some Populars Latino acts …. but looks more like a fit for him than Jive guys….hopefully this is signal.

  13. ”K_80 katie (moore)
    today @davidarchie told me he wanted to sing the national anthem for the WWE. I asked him if he knew how many of my dreams could come true.”

    LOL he need to be friends with James ha, ha 🙂

  14. It nice seeing that video of David and Shontelle again – back during his scarf wearing days. The song Shontelle wrote for Rihanna is a little on the dark side; I hope she didn’t pull from a real life experience to write this.

    Re. Taylor Lautner, I wonder if the ex-publicist is the one who leaked the story.

    David’s trip to Nashville is generating exciting speculation. Woot woot!!

  15. On twitter, someone asked what the lyrics to EWTRTW meant and why some fans thought those lyrics related to David’s experiences. I found the analysis (below) and it sums up my thoughts.

    “My take is that it is simply about how people want control of their part of the world. Yeah it could be for some about World Domination but I think it could be just as much about personal Freedom and the right to control your own destiny.

    My Own Design, My Own Remorse – Do what I want and pay the consequences.

    Indecision married to Lack of Vision – He doesn’t like it when people can’t take a stand and have a reason or a purpose behind it. This also can be from a personal level all the way up to world leaders.

    And then there is the Room where the Light won’t find you… I think this is that place in our minds where we keep our secret desires. The Place we shelf our dreams and our hope that we are afraid to risk bringing out to the open where others can trample on them.”


  16. Hope these Nashville meetings have been productive and will lead to some exciting things.

    • People are saying that he was there visiting his friend Katie ? Don’t know why they’re saying that though. 😉

      And i just saw the Riri video, pretty heavy , obviously the reactions are already there and i can blame people , can’t believed is a Shontelle song, wonder what her motivations were….. too strong feelings on it.

      David writing with Shontelle can be interesting, but he still so young and i have the impression that is not ready to go more deep and dark with his lyrics, i mean he was conflicted to sing with ‘Desperate’ and ‘Save the day’ he was extremely careful about the words and how people can interpreted his lyrics and too worry to leave a message all the time that who knows? maybe he will still playing safe/clean next time or maybe he will go for something more polemic , not necessarily in a bad way, just more deep in term of human feelings and life views. G’night 🙂

      • hell0g0rge0us

        I think David has it within him to go “deep and dark” with lyrics; he’s just too conscious that most of his fans would not accept that image of him. I hope he overcomes this someday, because he’d make my heart bleed out of control!

        I find the Riri video quite powerful, actually, and I personally have no patience with those who are outraged. We’ve seen worse images from Lady Gaga, not to mention every single Hollywood movie out there condones violence as a means of seeking justice (think Batman or Thor or Spiderman or any war movie).

        Obviously, we’re more conflicted when it’s a woman doing it, especially when she does so after being raped (and being raped when she dances and dresses provocatively – so many levels of discomfort there!).

        Of course, I don’t expect David to ever get that dark, but an angsty song would be right up his alley, IMO.

    • Sorry Utahmom, the second part of my post was a reply to HG main post. 😉

  17. Not pertinent to the current discussion, but I couldn’t resist posting one of my favorite David/Shontelle videos. So cute! What a pair! Makes me smile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USG03eFiD-c

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Thanks, Bookaholic! 🙂 It may not pertain to the current discussion but it relates to my post.

  18. Off topic but Joe Jonas premiered his new song this morn on B96 in Chicago and it’s trending on twitter. Chris Brown helped to write it so I had to listen. Some on the Pulse music board said it sounded like something David would sing. To be nice, I won’t comment on that, lol. If you want to hear it, go to:


    • hell0g0rge0us

      Well, it does sound like a song someone would have given David to sing. And I’m sure he would have killed on it, but it really wouldn’t have presented the Voice in all its glory. I’d rather David walk away than keep getting bogged down in more generic pop songs (still, I think the song has hit potential and could be catchy for Joe Jonas).

      • Too me, it sounded a little dated for today’s music scene. The backtrack sounds like a mix between Chris Brown’s “With You” and Jordin’s “No Air”. But given that this is a JoBro, I’m sure it will do well.

    • The nicest thing I can say about the new Joe Jonas song is that it is very mediocre at best. lol Really don’t like it. It sounds over-processed to me. I think David’s SBL is a much better song. David obviously has a much better voice. I am not sure how well it will do. I don’t know if the Jonas brothers songs charted that high or sold that well even when they were very popular. Their tours are what did sell out.

  19. Off topic: I just saw that Adele canceled the remainder of her tour. That is a shame. I would have loved to have seen her live. On topic: I would love to see David and Shontelle write together and do a duet. I hope he stays in contact with her. I really like Shontelle.

  20. Yes, I know I feel bad for Adele fans. I think it was canceled due to her having voice issues because of Laryngitis.

  21. From 2008, I thought this post on Rickey’s was so funny because I could hear David singing as I read the words, lol.



    1. Another Day in Paradise: “she can’t walk but she’s tryyyyinnnnnn”
    2. Shop Around: the ending “arrrrrroooounnnnnd”
    3. The Long and Winding Road: “and still it leads me heeeerrrrrrrrree”
    4. Smoky Mountain Memories: “kkkkkkeeeeeeep my head above the waterrererer”
    5. When you Believe: that crazy falsetto
    6. Stand by me: “and all you beeauuuuutifulll giririrls…….whoooooaoooaooo”
    7. Love Me Tender: “I love youuuuu yeahhhhhh”
    8. And so it goes: the whole acapella intro
    9. In This Moment: that softer part after the chorus “and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” where he has his hand up kinda up “picking up” that note and gingerly caressing it &^*^%%^ OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG

  22. Here’s another one that focused on “Apologize”. The “yeah, yeah” was my fav line at the time. 🙂


    The “apologize” hottest moments:

    1. His sexy strut onto the stage (OOOOW!)
    2. Him singing “yayyy-yayyy”
    3. Him singing “you sayyy-ayyy-ayyyyy”
    4. His major nostril flare on that side shot when he is belting out with Tedder.
    5. The little “hmmmhmmmmhmmm” at the end he does.

  23. So, desertrat, are you doing the same thing I am? I’ve been checking out the archives of some sites, since I missed a lot from the early days. There was so much excitement, tons of buzz, and fast-paced action. Such high hopes back then. It was a fun little stroll down memory lane, but bittersweet.

    I really like Shontelle and she really likes David. I’d love to see them duet. Actually, a duet with anyone who has done well recently would be nice.

    • There was so much buzz abut David back then. It is bittersweet. I didn’t see the buzz and excitement for the winner and runner up on AI last year. I think AI the show was still popular this year but I don’t think there is going to be much buzz and excitement for Lauren and Scotty in a few more weeks either. I could be wrong. The key is being successful outside of the idol bubble. I hope David can find his success somehow and somewhere.

  24. Millions of Britain’s Got Talent viewers shocked by Cowell’s face

    Millions of viewers were shocked by the music mogul’s drooping left eye during the live semi-finals of the ITV show on Monday night – thought to be caused by Botox treatment.


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