David the Anti-Star Star

One of the intriguing things about David, especially in light of his recent performances and interviews at Myrtle Beach, is his complete everydayness and willingness to be completely casual and unpretentious.  His sense of himself is sometimes in complete opposite of what his fans think (i.e. see Juan’s fan art above).

While Scotty McCreery explained his appeal as someone who audiences totally and completely relate to as “just one of us,” I’m not sure Arch Angels would have explained David’s appeal in the same way.  On the one hand, we relate to his ordinariness in the way he talks to us via vlogs and his incredible shyness.  On the other hand, our superlatives (“what an angel,” “he’s got such a big heart,” “he’s so lovely,” “he’s gorgeous”!) suggest that we definitely don’t see David as “just one of us.”

Mediocre talent he is not!

We’re so convinced he’s the next big thing, we’ve supported him through thick and thin (and even through questionable management).

So, when David is still amazed (three years in, mind you) that he’s got fans who’re willing to fly from all over the country just to see him perform live, you sometimes gotta wonder about the disconnect between what David sees of himself and what we fans see of him.

And I do believe when David starts seeing himself as a Star – even if only defined as the “anti-Star” Star – will we finally see David soar and many others, who want to see his name in lights, satisfied.

What do I mean by the Anti-Star Star?

Well, I think at some point, David will eventually come to the crossroads where  the everydayness of his personality meets the god-like quality of the Voice, and a happy medium is met.  Nothing that a good manager or publicist or musical coach couldn’t help him discover.  It will require some nuance in matching his unpretentious style to the ethereal nature of his musical gift, something that his fans recognize all too well and would love for non-fans to discover and get on the Archubus with us.

It’s a question of David no longer being amazed when fans follow him wherever he goes and finding his comfort zone.

And David’s comfort zone will always be in these intimate moments, as represented by his performance of “Blackbird”:

No pyrotechnics, no fancy footwork, no gimmicks.  Just a mic, a supportive band, and the velvety Voice.

When you already have these things, it’s just a matter of aiming high and shooting your arrow.

If the arrow reaches the stratosphere, hurray for you.

And if it doesn’t, well, we’re still here, aren’t we?   🙂


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  1. I just need the band (a good one), the mic and two back up singers LOL with that voice . bye 😉

    • Apparently, “I Miss You Tonight” is an original song for Matt Giraud, who is a former AI contestant.

  2. tibitibi, have you ever seen David perform live? If you have, I don’t get why you think David’s performance would be enhanced if he had background singers?

    If you have NOT seen David perform live, I guess that would be my answer.

    Not trying to criticize you for your opinions but David is one of the very, very few singers who needs nothing else on stage but what you saw in the videos of MB. He IS THAT GOOD.

    The GaGa’s, the Biebers, they need all the help they can get on stage. The younger fans may wish David would put on an extravaganza with dancers, BG singers & pyrotechnics, because most, not all, will never appreciate David for the artist he is.

    That’s all.

    • Oh no,Toomuchinfo, i guess you need more info lol!! I have not idea what is the definition you have of backup singers in a show ;| , i was very clear (i even post the videos or Adele, Amy W and JenHud).. is far to be a show like Gaga or Beiber (hu?), far to be an extravaganza (LOL) , not even close to be dancers around the singer or not even to use pyrotechnichs (what?) ……. so sorry, if you do a little more research you gonna find the SERIOUS singers with BIG Voices USE back up singers to add texture and dynamic to their live shows , nothing to be ashame gezzz !!! ….NOBODY is questioning his quality like singer, and even if i’m a loyal fan, my views of his shows are a mix ; i LOVE his voice but i find NORMAL the fact that he’s going to progress on his shows and stage presence , something that is already happening ;)…….not for us or the hardcore fans who see him in a very romantic way, but for other people, casual concert goers and casual fans…….Sorry if you think different 😉

      Man, i feel i hijacking the thread, but i promise my first post was a intent to joke around……obviously i failed.

    • Oh! and not offense… because i’m too an older fan that happen to be all the time around tweens and teens, that enjoy so much the fact David act and enjoy his youth and i have not problem to see him leave his teen years to his own peace, so i can enjoy his happy tunes and i can wait for more deepest lyrics . I can say that my dream is not to see him relegate to a very apprehensive older fanbase, (opinions and wishes are not personal attacks to his artistic journey btw), but to see more respect from this sector towards the others fans and their wishes, seriously i don’t see the need to put them down ( not sure if is the right expression) , specially because many of his very adults fanbase don’t have the problem or are shameless to act like teens when they can’t control their ODD LOL ( just go and check twitter) ….so at the end of the day what if they want a like more of colorful on stage? that really means people don’t have appreciation for him like artist…Please!!

      The age, nationality, religious background , sexual preferences have nothing to do with people who don’t have appreciation about his artistic qualities, People who don’t like him, has just a different taste in music , doesn’t mean is worse or better that our own, just different….just checking this fact.

  3. I actually think background singers are good to use for any high profile or televised appearances. Does David need them for a free concert at Myrtle Beach? No. Should he have them on a high profile televised appearance? I think it helps. Adele had background singers when she was on televised shows and look at her voice. Just like what David wears does needs to match the appearance he makes. I thought he looked great on AI this year. I just hope to see him at more high profile events. I was a Matt Giraud fan during his season on AI. I think he is very talented. Sunny is in her own special world. lol

    • I should say in the audience of AI this year. Of course David was not on the show and should have been.

    • You made good points Marie !

      “I just hope to see him at more high profile events”. I hope too but apparently lower expectations are the way to go. David doesn’t see himself as a star and it’s OK. But his team should treat him as a star ! HG wrote : “When you already have these things, it’s just a matter of aiming high and shooting your arrow”. Yes, David has all the talent of the world, but I never really felt that they were aiming high, and by “high” I don’t mean super stardom but just being more choosy in terms of appearances and gigs for example. David’s music is evolving and he’s also evolving as a person. Just from the recent interviews, we can see that he’s more mature, more confident, more focused. His team (David included) should adjust to those changes. It’s great that he was the headliner at MB and he did a great show (one of his best IMO) but I don’t think that sharing the stage with less popular/talented singers from Nick/Disney shows does any good to his new evolving, to the post-Jive David. It was OK 3 years ago, but now it’s just a move backward. If he wants to be seen as a singer/songwriter, his team should do a better job at selecting his gigs and appearances.

      • But his team should treat him as a star.

        …but just being more choosy in terms of appearances and gigs, for example.

        Exactly. Instead of “aiming high and shooting your arrow,” he’s shooting himself in the foot.

      • hell0g0rge0us


        Thanks, Peter, for calling it like you see it.

      • 😦

      • He seems to be a not-so-well-organized person, and he seems to be surrounded by not-so-well-organized people.

        For this reason, IMO, he would benefit greatly from a professional coordinator of some sort (manager, publicist, etc.).

      • I so agree with you cmoi.

      • Come to think of it I guess backup singers are really last on the list of what David needs right now. lol I think that I would put a manager, label, publicist, ect. first on David’s list of needs right now.

      • well, when you say “manager”, they say “restricted budget”, when you say “tour”, they say “financially difficult or impossible”. It seems that what David needs is to win the lotery or to have a rich old aunt lol

      • A professional manager would actually generate new income.

      • cmoi – ”but I don’t think that sharing the stage with less popular/talented singers from Nick/Disney shows does any good to his new evolving”

        Aw c’mon it was a Family Festival 😐 with 5 years old kids to grandmas and many others different kind of people . People knew and go for it, David was the HEADLINER, not just a filler , the act where the all age ranges coincided, so don’t mind the Disney kids, it was not his solo concert after all , i’m sure some of the kids there were excited and i guess it was the purpose of the Event after all.
        The point is to give to him his place on the event…”The Headliner” and that was what happened i’m sure he made new fans, maybe not all adults , but some that maybe gonna buy his stuff in the future. 🙂

  4. “Just a mic, a supportive band, and the velvety Voice”. That’s more than enough for me. I think that he has a good band now from what I’ve heard of the MB show and his voice is getting even better. The band members can do the background vocals considering David’s present repertoire. I can imagine him having background singers if they bring something special to the song (like when he sang Stand By Me for Capitol Fourth) but for now I don’t see the need.

  5. Off Topic…..i really like Cristina A like coach on ”The Voice” , that show say to many truths about the business . 😉

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Cristina A as a coach? Really?! Have you seen her “team” that she put together? A hot screechy mess IMO.

      Now, Adam is the coach; his team’s got it going on! 🙂

      • Adam’s team is the only one that’s got it going on.

      • I love Team Adam. I do think Blake is very cute but he didn’t pick the right ones. Cee Lo has a few I like on his team. Christina forget her team. I really like Javier and Jeff. They are my favorites right now.

      • I say she’s is a good coach i mean i like her suggestions to the contestants, but don’t like her picks , that is another story lol.

      • I like Javier and Xenia , but sadly is too young. Next week gonna be interesting since the show is live.

  6. I just want him to perform. He certainly doesn’t need to be choosey at this point of his career. He should be performing everywhere to keep and get more fans. I can’t wait until his concerts in Asia. That is where he is treated as a star!

  7. raelovingangels

    Well, some of you all may remember that I am a fan of Suze Orman… Well your article makes me think about some of the things she says. Her motto is people first, then money, then things. People include “you”. There are many people who suddenly come into money. But they feel guilty. It may be because someone died- or something happened- and they don’t feel worthy. So they fritter it away. They don’t even realize they are doing it- and the next thing they realize it is gone. They don’t protect it because they just don’t feel they deserve it. NOW please everyone don’t jump on me for being psycho analytical…. and I am NOT saying that is what David is doing. I do believe he is in a time of transition and growth- and I do believe he is ( as he has said) finding his voice, his power. And remember HG’s series about “being 20”??
    But I also think- he needs to believe and accept in his core- he can and should be a star- Even if as you said HG- he is the anti star- star

    • I often get the impression he’s sabotaging himself in some ways.

      • I agree. I also think it’s a little sad bc I think there is pressure on him (whether from himself or others) to support his family…having MIC as manager is just one way of doing that 😦

      • I think he sometimes believes that he’s not as good as the other artists in the music biz right now. His lack of confidence is (IMO) what makes him stagnate or move backward. When he just started his career, he often reacted like he was here by mistake or because people were being nice to him. When he’ll trust more in himself and when he’ll accept to be loved just because of who he is, he’ll be unstoppable.

      • Well, I don’t think he’s comfortable thinking of himself as a star, because it’s not in his nature to think of himself as better than anyone else. And he only wants to use his “star power” inasmuch as it benefits the lives of others…. I agree that he might not think he’s a good as others in the biz, which can definitely keep him from going as far as he should. But at the same time, he seems very confident in his abilities, and I know that he knows he’s very good. lol.

      • I always thought that Peter !! and sometimes is like if he feel guilty to be popular, to make money , to wear nice clothes, that makes me think that his problem is that he is the recipient of different kind of expectations and pressures from very differents people the industry and his own entourage….. and tbh from my perspective can really be difficult to handle…..’Remember He should be the role model of a lot of kids out there” ”He shouldn’t put pressure on kids using fancy clothes” ”He still the responsible of the spiritual life of many adults fans” ”He should be careful about what he thinks to don’t going against some precepts” ”He should be cool enough to sell albums”…..to much going on for this young singer to handled along with his own life…..not right :/

    • I’m certainly not going to jump on you for being psycho analytical lol, I find what you wrote really interesting !

      I agree that “he needs to believe and accept in his core- he can and should be a star”. Maybe this will come slowly just like he’s slowly growing and finding his direction.
      But it also depends on the definition of star. Sometimes the word star is used as an opposite of artist, like a pejorative word. I think he wants to be recognized for his music first and then gain notoriety thanks to his talent. What I want to say is that I don’t think David doesn’t want to be a star, I think he wants to be famous for the good reasons : people liking and admiring him because of his gift. So for me, he should believe first that he’s extra talented and he should be aware of his worth. He should probably work on his selfconfidence even if he has already made huge progress in this domain.

      • raelovingangels

        Well I guess I feel it is a pretty darn presumptuous to appear to be analyzing someone especially if and when you do not know their full story. It seems to be pretty clear that others had a vision for David he did not share. So, now he has to figure out what is vision for himself and then internalize it. I believe he has something to share with millions, that will bring joy- and in our society, those who succeed usually are called stars, Some are artists and some not- It is not a dirty word- especially if you use your star power for good.

  8. Future goal:

    “Just a mic, a supportive band, and the velvety Voice.”

    Current situation:

    “Just MIC, a supportive band, and the velvety Voice.”

  9. I thought I’d come in & say a few words. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    I was there in MB. I saw first hand the Star Treatment David received by the Sun Fest organizers. And believe me, David was THE STAR of the show.

    The first indication that David was regarded as a Star was that David did not participate in the sound check with THE BAND as he has always done before a concert & I thought it was rather strange. But this was an open stage & I believe it was deliberate to have him not do the sound-check. He used that time to visit a hospital. Not being able to see David prior to his performance kept the level of anticipation of seeing him very high.

    The next indication was that David arrived to the venue in a white stretch limo. No bus, no SUV.

    Next, They had a couple of tents set up behind the stage with food for David, THE BAND and David’s staff.

    As in past concerts, a large group waited hoping to get a glimpse of David. In the meantime, members of THE BAND came out & mingled with the crowd. They are a humble, very talented & great group of guys. David came out & walked down the fence which was like a AI Tour deja vu, with a bodyguard & the handler trying to hurry him along & him taking time to sign whatever was handed to him, pieces of paper, phones, hands until he got to the end of the fence.

    Then he was whisked to the waiting limo and it drove away with David who definitely was the Star and was treated like one.

    Did David’s staff request the limo, the food, all the security?? Doubtful, but I believe just as we saw a new David on stage, we saw how he was regarded & respected as the Star he is.

    I’m not sure David will ever think of himself as a Star though. Not in America, anyway. Perhaps he feels it more in Asia. 😉

    I should note also that there were other acts in MB who were far from Disney/Nickelodeon as you can get, BTW.

    • SF, I’m sorry that I did not get to meet you in MB! Bummer! It was a magical evening indeed.

      • Oh, me too!! And it really was well worth the trip wasn’t it?

        Who the heck goes to a place like MB with all the city has to offer, just to see an artist perform and not for the beautiful beaches?

        Oh yeah. If the artist is David Archuleta…David’s fans do!

    • That is great that David was treated that well at the MB event. Good to know. He should be treated that way as he is a Star.

      • I do think all or most of these things are typically required per the performer’s “rider” … at least thats what I remember hearing..

    • Thanks for the insider’s scoop! It lifts my spirits to know he was treated with such respect.

    • This make me smile. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Yes, it made me smile a very satisfied smile too. Thanks Silverfox. 🙂

    • I don’t doubt that he was treated like a star, he was the headliner and the most talented and popular artist there, I’m maybe a little biaised lol. I saw the pics and the videos, I read some recaps by the fans who went (and I thank them again for being so generours and sharing with the others fans who couldn’t be there).

      When I say that he should be treated like a star is by his team.
      David has total control of his image and music now. It’s now that he’s choosing the base of his foundation, the earlier he defines himself as an artist the better. The appearances are also a part of defining who he is and they reflect the image of the kind of artist he wants to convey IMO. He’s transitioning smoothly in his sound but nobody (except his fans) is going to give him the respect and the credibility that he deserves if they don’t present him well. For example, there’s a difference when he performed with the like of Bruno Mars and when he performed with Emily Osment. She may be talented but the perception by external persons is not the same.

      Of course if it was possible, I would have gone to see him in MB. But it’s not my point. I was more talking about hopes for his career than about expectations (there’s a subtle difference between what I would like and what I want which would be more like a request or an order). David and his team will do what they want but I still can dream of what it could be if everything was in place in the best of worlds lol ( I can’t find the good words to express exactly what I mean, my English vocabulary is limited lol).

      In reality, I just hope that David’s efforts and his hard work will be rewarded and that he’ll be treated to his fair value by his team and by the music world.

      • cmoi: I think your English and writing skills are excellent. They are better than mine.

      • Better than yours ? No, I don’t think so, but thank you !! You often say exactly what I think without having to write a novel, I should work on that lol

      • I think Peter is the one that has the skill of expressing in very few words what many are thinking. With great humor at times. I don’t know how he does it. it’s impressive. lol

      • I’m trying to get this to fall under Marie’s 10:29 pm post.

        Peter is adept at that quick wit. I was wondering if he was also the new MIC poster, lol. Are you? 🙂

        Also, it’s a pleasure reading everyone’s posts here and seeing what you have to say. Maybe we’ll all meet one day at a Soul David convention.

      • Thinking……..

      • DR: No, I’m not.

      • Desertrat: The convention is a actually a nice idea. I am not sure where these comments will “land” sometimes either. lol

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Thanks for the details, SF! 🙂

      Glad to know folks still recognize the Star he is, even if he sometimes acts like the anti-Star Star.

    • That make me happy!! Thanks for sharing!! 😉

    • Thanks!!!

    • This actually made me smile, knowing David was treated so well and not rushed around here and there. A good thing, wonderful. Thanks for sharing so much detail info SF.

  10. Kind of unrelated, but over the last few years, I’ve noticed that alot of folks who work with David say he is laid back. He’s not laid back while performing, so we don’t always see that side of him. But I think it may be part of why he hates being rushed- it’s in conflict with his personality type. Obviously, he’s been taking things slow since TOSOD, which might be more in keeping with who he really is. It’s like, he’ll push & push when he has to. But when he doesn’t have to, he’d rather not…I’m not saying he’s lazy AT ALL. He’s the hardest-working young person I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s just interesting the different sides of him.

    I guess what I’m really saying is….I don’t know if he’ll ever have a desire to work with a major label again. lol. If it stresses him out to be pushed like he has been, then maybe the “major leagues” isn’t for him. Problem is…I don’t know where he DOES fit in. I don’t know of a place in the industry where he’d be allowed to take his sweet time & do things his own way, & make a living doing it…Just my random thoughts. lol.

    • Interesting comment. Maybe he hopes to have a career like Joy’s or other indie artists he admires?

      • I would think that it would be stressful to go indie because of the need for self promotion and the lack of funds in this economy. Why do so many indie artists want to sign with a label? But then again what do I know about the music industry except that it seems very tough to be in it.

    • I admit, sometimes I catch myself trying to figure out where he fits in. But then I ask myself, where would the world be culturally if every dancer, singer, writer, painter, etc., only created art that “fit in”. When considering artistry, perhaps it’s better not to “fit in”.

      I’ve always been a fan of Michael Jackson’s but when I first heard the song “Thriller”, I couldn’t believe that a 24-yr old Black male could get away with singing a song about zombies. I couldn’t see where Michael “fit in” with his contemporaries. 25+ years later, people are still talking about the Thriller dance.

    • I’m sorry to break the news , but the stress don’t gonna go away, just to being disconnected of a major label….. This.Business.is.Tough 😐 , only going to survive the few ones who take the right decisions, at the right moment and make the right connections, THE STRONG enough to handle the high and lows , talent is just a part of the equation ….the fact he want a professional recording career is already ”A Major League Work’ with or without a Major Label….same stress for different reasons with an Indi label…. so hard work is the usual in the music industry 🙂

      I agree he’s living a little crisis defining himself like artist and he was feeling overwhelming and frustrated because the process , even a little disoriented, (again happens often at his age) i guess is not the first time on his life either, remember you that at 14 he decided to go to the school when a similar frustration come to his way…..i guess is his way to react to this kind of situations… but i confident that at the long run he’ll be fine ..

      I still thinking he was lucky/blessed all this time to have to many opportunities, he can come back because he still having the ‘Star Quality’ ‘The X factor’ that make people turn to him to see what’s going on …..If he like it or not is the way people is seeing him and expect from him Big things.

  11. This is an interesting article with some good truths…

    It is obvious that when one attends a rare co cert if David’s, you see things that the non-concert goers don’t have the opportunity to see for themselves.

    The feeling all the way around was that David was being seen not only as a star but a super-star.

    Secondly, he loved it and it looked so good on him! Yes, he actually loved the fun, the excitement of the crowd following the concert. He was as happy being a star and joining in the fun as you are ever going to see.

    One of the reasons for my going was to see for myself everything that David was doing at the concert and not have to listen to people who guess about him and fall short of the mark yet again.

    His pure excitement and natural high was of super star quality.

    Next tine around make a point of trying to get to a live concert, of course if you are in the US. Hey, David in real life might give you different vibes because anything else has just come to you by word of mouth.


  12. Raelovinsngels–“But I also think- he needs to believe and accept in his core- he can and should be a star- Even if as you said HG- he is the anti star- star”.

    Right after reading that –I flipped the page on my little daily quotes calendar and it said:

    ….success must be felt within before it can be seen in the outside….

    How appropriate and timely.

  13. Taylor Lautner Dropped by Publicist, Has Daddy Issues

    Hoping to market Lautner as more than the 19-year-old kid that he is, Slate dropped the talent after only three months serving as his agency — Lautner’s dad proved to be too involved in the young actor’s career choices.


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