Daily Archives: June 1, 2011

David the Anti-Star Star

One of the intriguing things about David, especially in light of his recent performances and interviews at Myrtle Beach, is his complete everydayness and willingness to be completely casual and unpretentious.  His sense of himself is sometimes in complete opposite of what his fans think (i.e. see Juan’s fan art above).

While Scotty McCreery explained his appeal as someone who audiences totally and completely relate to as “just one of us,” I’m not sure Arch Angels would have explained David’s appeal in the same way.  On the one hand, we relate to his ordinariness in the way he talks to us via vlogs and his incredible shyness.  On the other hand, our superlatives (“what an angel,” “he’s got such a big heart,” “he’s so lovely,” “he’s gorgeous”!) suggest that we definitely don’t see David as “just one of us.”

Mediocre talent he is not!

We’re so convinced he’s the next big thing, we’ve supported him through thick and thin (and even through questionable management).

So, when David is still amazed (three years in, mind you) that he’s got fans who’re willing to fly from all over the country just to see him perform live, you sometimes gotta wonder about the disconnect between what David sees of himself and what we fans see of him.

And I do believe when David starts seeing himself as a Star – even if only defined as the “anti-Star” Star – will we finally see David soar and many others, who want to see his name in lights, satisfied.

What do I mean by the Anti-Star Star?

Well, I think at some point, David will eventually come to the crossroads where  the everydayness of his personality meets the god-like quality of the Voice, and a happy medium is met.  Nothing that a good manager or publicist or musical coach couldn’t help him discover.  It will require some nuance in matching his unpretentious style to the ethereal nature of his musical gift, something that his fans recognize all too well and would love for non-fans to discover and get on the Archubus with us.

It’s a question of David no longer being amazed when fans follow him wherever he goes and finding his comfort zone.

And David’s comfort zone will always be in these intimate moments, as represented by his performance of “Blackbird”:

No pyrotechnics, no fancy footwork, no gimmicks.  Just a mic, a supportive band, and the velvety Voice.

When you already have these things, it’s just a matter of aiming high and shooting your arrow.

If the arrow reaches the stratosphere, hurray for you.

And if it doesn’t, well, we’re still here, aren’t we?   🙂