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Hometown Hero

David at the Utah Entertainment & Choice Awards. Loving the sparkling eyes! 🙂

I’m just glad he keeps getting invited to stuff (even if it’s locally based).

The Idol Who Started the “Boy Craze”

From what I understand, Nigel and others associated with the show are resigned to an eventual Scotty win (as am I).  Watching his homecoming video of course made me nostalgic for the first teen Idol who started the whole “boy craze” on the show (you know, the craze that has basically expelled any other girl from winning the crown now?). Of course, the results haven’t been revealed yet, but y’all know that boy ain’t going nowhere…


This video still tugs at my heart three years later.

The Star Spangled Guy!

Here’s David, listed as one of the “Baseball Video Highlights” of last night’s Dodgers game.

A few thoughts: no screaming girls (because they don’t go to baseball games?) and he’s back to being introduced as “American Idol runner-up.” (I suppose this is still his claim to fame.)

Beyonce’s “Run This World, Girls” Video to Premiere on Idol Thursday

So, um, this is kind of interesting. I know both J-Lo and Steven Tyler had their videos premiered on Idol for the Results show, but they’re part of the show.

With Beyonce’s video “Run This World, Girls” set to premiere this Thursday on Idol, this seems like a first for a pop star not tied to the show!

Hmmmmm, subliminal messaging for a girl winner much? (So much for Scotty winning this thing…)

Sigh… It’s times like these when I start getting immersed in pop culture that I wish David had something going on (to distract me musically).

Soul David Does Not Do Group Think!

Welcome to all newer posters on Soul David. You’re most welcome here! 🙂

But I do need to reiterate that this blog does not do “group think” even though we’re all fans of the same person. The only “mandate” here is to respect each other and especially respect David (which does not mean you can’t be critical of the decisions he makes about his music, image, or career).

Remember we discuss all things David because we love him so much.  So, don’t even think about doing “thought policing” around here!

To hit this point further in a not so subtle way, I toyed with linking to that You Tube “death tape” of the People’s Temple in Jonestown, Guyana (aka “kool-aid drinking” incident) but that just seems too macabre (although you’ll get the point swiftly).

So, I’ll just let this music video speak for itself instead: