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Have You Forgotten What “In It to Win It” Performances Look Like, Randy?

Never have I seen such a lackluster finale in the years I’ve been watching American Idol.  Scotty seemed bored, and Lauren looked uncomfortable.  Man, never did I think I would say this but here goes…

They needed Simon Cowell to light a fire under their butts.

Because no way, no how, would either one of them have dared to enter the Kodak Theatre stage and not give their A game at this stage of the competition, knowing that they would have had Simon’s comments to deal with, that added to the pressure of earning America’s votes.  I think both Scotty and Lauren have potential, but Simon Cowell would have forced Scotty out of his country schtick a looooong time ago, and Lauren would have stopped wearing prom dresses (just on the snark of Simon saying something about her strange combos of poofy skirts and boots).

That said, there’s also performing like you’re “in it to win it,” and contrary to Randy’s catch-phrase, I didn’t see any fire or feel any heat from either contestant. What do they think this is? A high school talent show? Come on, peeps! This is live television! Work for your votes, already! Sigh.

So, all this lackluster yawn-inducing performances made me nostalgic. Here’s a replay of David’s Final 2 performances.

1. The Showstopper:

2. The Conviction:

3. The Inspiration:

See, this is how you do “in it to win it” (whether you win in the end or not).

David Vlogs about Idol Finale

… and other subjects

Idol Finale Week

In the latest news, I learned that Scotty will not be singing “Angels” later tonight on Fox!  *Whew!!*

Whoever made sure that didn’t happen gets a big hug from me.

Speaking of Idol, you know you’ve been watching too long when you can name more than 2/3 of the folks present in the Idol Class photo shoot pictured above (and yes, I can!).

In other news, according to a commenter in the previous thread, Sunny gets to sit next to David, while Jennette McCurdy is two seats down…

And if that is true, all I have to say is:

Jennette, girl, you better keep your eye on that older chick! She’s after your man!

Then again, aren’t we all? (heh)

Finally, two posts ago, I polled voters on what their hope for David’s “new project” would be, and 1/3 of you are hoping for a New Label (predictable).  Will we ever get that announcement this year?

I’d Like to See Scotty Boy Top This!

Seriously, it’s not his fault, but it does make me wonder what Idol producers are thinking when they put up a teenage contestant to sing the anthem song of a previous Idol teen (especially during a Season Finale when same Idol teen was simply “on fire” when he gave his final 2 performances). I already know said contestant is gonna come up short, but here’s a reminder (in case anyone here has forgotten):

Moving to Nashville for a “New Project”!

Seriously, could David be any more mysterious when announcing in an interview that he’ll be working on a “new project” that he’s “excited about”?