Getting it Right This Time?

As this interview is making the rounds, sounds like David’s making plans!  And doing things his way this time around.  Speculate away, peeps! 😀

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  1. Shanny in Australia

    What I like about this interview beyond the sparkly eyes lol, is we get a couple of real questions answered – questions on people’s minds right now. What I took away from it – yet again – is that David is asking us fans for time. He has worked so very hard over the past three years and obviously been under so many pressures – all while being so young – I can’t help but to want to give him the time he needs and is asking for.

    • “I can’t help but to want to give him the time he needs and is asking for”. I agree ! Even if I’m sometimes impatient and I want to see the changes coming faster, I understand that he needs time to do things his way.

      He should just focus in creating the music he wants without worrying about what the fans want. I think it’s what he always wanted to do when he started his career but it wasn’t possible for him because of AI. AI put him in an exceptionnal situation with having a fanbase before releasing his music. Now, he’s going to do it the traditional way : releasing music first, the fans will come if they like it. And now that it’s him who is taking the decisions, we’re going to see the real David, the one who is taking charge of his music and his image without external restrictions or pressure. It’s going to be really interesting !

      • Shanny in Australia

        Absolutely Cmoi. I think that is what is so interesting and exciting about this new phase. We will get to see the David HE always wanted to be. Without the external restrictions or pressures as you say.

        I also tend to think that he is *trying* not to worry about what the fans want from him right now. Remember back in the vlog when he announced the split with Jive and WEG – he said that finally he saw that HE was in charge of his life and he had to make decisions that weren’t just good for his career but good for his life too. Now, he doesn’t seem to be in a huge rush to appease anybody, he seems more inclined to keep repeating that he’s taking the time he needs to do it his way, which I think is his way of asking the fans to be patient and understanding.

  2. Bring Steve Fekete back!

    • you don’t like the new guitarist or you just like Steve better?

    • I like the new band a lot. I downloaded the guitarist’s album from iTunes, and it’s excellent. Steve Fekete was mentioned in the previous thread, and I remembered how great he was.

  3. If the concert and sound in Myrtle Beach is any indication, we are in for a *real* treat in the future with David. I *loved* the band’s sound at the concert.

  4. I love the band too. And I happen to think David got a lot right with TOSOD.

  5. When I reread that it seems like it could come off as snark toward HG, and HG I want you to know it is absolutely not meant that way. You are fantastic for providing a forum and encouraging debate. I guess I should have continued by saying that I like what David was doing with TOSOD — I love the subject matter and listen to that album often. I think there were some points of breakdown with that album, mostly having to do with Jive and promotion but also, in some ways perhaps, with some of the production. David’s voice and vocal talent are superior and deserve superior support — the new band is, IMO, a big step in the right direction.

  6. Just wanted to share
    I am going to Manila!!!! My first full band David Archuleta Concert !! 😀
    *** Happy dance***

    • Terrific! From all the excitement I sense on twitter, it will be an epic show.

    • You’re so lucky Junnie ! I’m really happy for you (and a little jealous lol) ! I’m sure it’s going to be a great experience, it’s always special when David performs in Asia.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Yay Junnie! *Holds your hands and jumps around the room with you* lol I’m so excited for you! Now, I guess you’re thinking….bring on July!…..right? lol

    • Junnie, that is fantastic!! I’m really happy for you. It should be an incredible experience. Congrats!

  7. Junnie- that’s great!!! I’m sure David & band will put on a heck of a show for you!

    Kathy- I agree with you about the band. I was fine with the other band members talent wise (especially Steve Fekete!) but I think these guys seem more capable of bringing out musical growth in David.

  8. Yay, Junnie! I’m excited for you!

    When this interview was first posted a few threads ago, I said that this was the most negative I’d ever seen David be (although he expressed it positively). I think it confirms that there was a lot of strife going on.

    More meetings in Nashville adds more fuel to a Nashville connection fire…

    • Yes. Jive seems to work in mysterious ways. They have developed a pattern of releasing music and not promoting it.

    • I would love to know more about this last process with , because tbh i think he had a nice ride with them lol, his first album was the usual for an idol Alum first album, generic , but enjoyable for his closest fans , the second one ‘CFTH’ , was a surprise to me, just one year after his first, in co-production, Christmas album… i mean why they accept that? , and the third one, David himself said his input was strong on it, even with the pictures and the way to handle his image on the marketing work, so again why the allow this project and refuse to support after the release?….i still thinking that the executives transition process in the label have too much to do with this situation , and the fact that David was negligent with his management pick.

  9. Thank you Guys 😀
    Yes ! bring on July already!!! lol

    Watching the performances + the band, I just had to make the trip !!!

  10. Ha! David speaks for himself here – Imagine that, lol 🙂 I think some speculation about where his head is at can be laid to rest watching and LISTENING to him here. Shoot, I say grab a backpack David, get a comfy pair of Birkenstocks and jeans, a passport, and just travel the world the next couple years, singing wherever the music takes you, at your own pace, in your own way, regardless how impatient and restless some fans may be for you to have all these questions about your career and musical direction figured out, lol… JUST DO YOU David, because no one can live your life except you, no one else has walked in your shoes, experienced or really understood the whirlwind, pressures and expectations you’ve tried to live under and balance these past three years, so if it takes you a minute now to catch your breath, recalibrate some things, I ain’t mad at ya. Time is on his side… took him 3 years to arrive at this place, so if it takes that long or longer to do it right this time, so be it. Aren’t you glad we don’t have those pesky expectations of superstardom and a real professional mgmt team on board dragging down our enjoyment? Lowered expectations is the way to go, go, goooo 🙂

    • Um, I don’t think David would feel very comfy in a pair of Birkenstocks…has anyone ever seen him in sandals?

  11. Touche, Utahmom 🙂 They are my preferred traveling the world shoes, so excuse that tiny projection, lololol… In my mind’s eye I can picture a kinda longish haired, semi Bohemian David, living and traveling the world out of a backpack, in jeans, tee shirts and whatever foot attire he chose, lol – singing and infusing his music with the life experiences he’d be acquiring… ahhhh, it’s a nice little fantasy, huh? He’s young enough to do anything he wants, go anywhere he wants… he’s been all ‘work’ for so long, maybe it’s time to incorporate a little ‘play’ to keep things in balance….

    • I just couldn’t resist 🙂 We can put him in a pair of Converse sneakers.

      • Converse sneakers, or those he used to wear with no laces – gotta be comfy, lol… David has got some serious footwear, so I’m sure his choices are endless 🙂

  12. I’ve finally been able to watch a lot of the Myrtle Beach videos, and I gotta say that this band is fun, especially since it’s their first performance together. They have a good vibe which will only get better as they work more together. The only thing is that there doesn’t seem to be a music director. That’s an important component to any band and a necessary support for the singer. Maybe there is a director–anyone know?

    Also, I noticed people wanting to get David more time for SOF by sending comments to them…honestly, that irritates me. Do they not understand how negatively that will be viewed and how futile that is? SOF is a HUGE production! Literally hundreds of people perform at it. For David to have a 30 minute set as part of this event is tremendous.

    Sorry, had to vent.

    • Oh, there is a musical director. Trust me. 🙂

    • Well, some would argue that the previous musical director wasn’t that great. lol *coughinitialsMKcough*

      What does a musical director do, anyway? No snark here. I’m really asking. BTW, did anyone notice David giving Mark, the keyboardist, quite a few cues? Maybe he’s the point man??

      • The music director is ultimately responsible for how the band sounds. They usually chart the arrangements, and guide the musicians toward what the artist wants. They provide on stage cues to keep the arrangements tight and direct rehearsals.

        I thought MK was adequate but uninspired.

        Interesting that maybe the keyboardist is the director. I haven’t watched all the videos, but he’s the only one who hasn’t had a shining moment for me so far. But, like I said there’s still songs I haven’t heard yet.

      • Thanks for the explanation, Utahmom. Interesting. Here’s one of the videos where you can see David give Mark the subtle nod and hand gesture. It happens at 6:13. He did the same at the end of Blackbird too, I think. I’m not opposed to watching that video again just to make sure. lol

      • raelovingangels

        thanks Astrid- another You Tube of Gotta get through this. NICE sound. Words simply fail how much I love thet performance.

      • I hear you, Rae! As much as I love the other two covers, GGTT is winning this race for me. I loved the acoustic version from Nashville too!

      • Shanny in Australia

        I noticed Mark watching the other guys almost all the time. I thought he was a little unsure of himself and taking cues from them but maybe it was the other way around because they sure do seem to watch him too. And yep, David did turn in Mark’s direction a lot to give very subtle cues. I thought those cues were just general and to all the band but maybe you guys are right and they were in fact directed more at Mark? I love watching that stuff. It never crossed my mind until the cues became really obvious while Alfredo was guitarist and they were trying to work it out together on very little practise it seems.

    • raelovingangels

      I think the keyboardist may be the musical director. It was subtle but on a few songs he was giving cues to the band

      • raelovingangels

        Look at the end of Elevator- Mark raises his arm to cue the band. I noticed other little things like that- very subtle. Also at times in some of the songs you see the band members looking over in Mark’s direction. Sounds corney but I like that Mark smiles a bit- as does the lovely tweeting drummer Mr. Robinson.

      • raelovingangels

        oops forgot the link.

      • I noticed that in some videos and i liked to see it was David sending the signal to his musicians and not them to him like in the past….that part was encouraging . 🙂

        And yeah i guess the piano player is the MD, on stage i mean.

      • Yup, it looks like the keyboardist is leading the band on stage.

    • raelovingangels

      I don’t think there will be a backlash. IMO Actually a percentage of the people ( perhaps a good 25%?) will be attending because of David, spending money not only at the venue but at local hotels, resturants and maybe making a vacation out of it- I think for these concert promoters and it goes with the territory and is just part of doing business. It is good for the local economy and no one wants customers to feel mislead or disappointed. They want the crowed to be pleased- especially if it is an annual event. Just business not personal. ( unlike some pig headed, ego driven radio DJ’s or managers on power trips) oh no I did not just say that. Sorry.

      • raelovingangels

        And by managers- I meant station managers.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I think the suggestion for fans to email the SOF people came about because Steven the drummer mentioned they were trying to work with the organisers to get more time. So I guess people felt they should support that initiative. lol

  13. I shake my head on that one too UtahMom, lol… This isn’t a David Archuleta solo concert – he is a highlighted performer that is part of a production – big difference. Let’s hope common sense prevails…

  14. “Let’s hope common sense prevails…”


  15. (((Hello everyone)))

  16. So, I see that David is doing a signing at BYU this Saturday. Must be a very last minute addition to the Festival of Books that’s going on there, cuz there’s absolutely no mention of him being there in the promo (there’s a big insert for it in today’s paper).

  17. They only thing that interests me is David having meetings in Nashville. I hope it leads to something. Hello MIC!! lol. I agree that it is a totally waste of time and energy for fans to campaign to get David more time at the SOF. It is what it is. I think that David has more important issues to focus on in his music career. That is of course if he wants one. I am looking forward to watching “The Voice” tonight.

  18. Me too!! , I really like this show 🙂

  19. Two of my favorites so far on The Voice are Javier and Jeff Jenkins. Jeff is on tonight and I hope he gets put through. It is still kind of early to say for sure who are the best ones. It will be interesting when the show goes live next week.

  20. saw this on twitter:

    mcktweepez “@victoriashawcom: @mcktweepez brought sweet David Archuleta over to my office today.” it’s true, I did.

    apparently Victoria Shaw was a music writer for Garth Brooks

  21. I have such mixed emotions over David “taking his time”.

    On one hand, I know it needs to be done. He needs this time to define his sound and narrow down who he is as an artist. Non-fans used to complain that he wasn’t well-defined, & I had to agree. He just sang a little of everything. I also read recently that labels want artists to know who they are & what their goals are before walking in the door. So this may make him more appealing to labels. Plus, David will be happiest when he finds the style that’s fulfilling to him, and he’ll sound amazingly – incredibly – awesome. It’s fun watching him come into his own.

    On the flip side, I wish now that he’d had time to find his musical identity before beginning AI. Being out of the public eye for so long is costing him dearly in the fanbase department…Other AI alum know their niche when they get there. While they might not have the fanbase David had, they don’t need to take “time out” afterwards, so their fanbase sticks with them ‘cuz they keep putting music out from the start…David is doing things in reverse, lol. He had the fanbase, but didn’t keep putting music out, so most fans just aren’t gonna hang it there for that.

    IDK. I know this “time out” isn’t really an option. It has to be done if he’s gonna move forward. I just hope it’s worth it for him in the end.

    • And I know it’s not really a “time out”, ‘cuz he’s still working. I just can’t think of a better word right now.

    • Somehow, I think for David, it will be worth it. I just get the impression, loud and clear lately, that he doesn’t really sweat how large or small his fanbase is, how large or small the audience is he plays his music in front of, his style or lack of it, lol… I don’t think he loses much sleep over the time he plans to take to ‘get it right’ this go round. Not saying I think he doesn’t care, or isn’t aware of his challenges on the business end – I just don’t think he is going to be rushed, or moved by fan desire, angst, apathy, snark, etc. off of his own internal timetable or blueprint for his career direction. David marches to the beat of his own drummer, and I’m learning that to be his fan, and remain sane in the process, requires giving him a wide berth and leaving the worry and the heavy lifting up to him. I’m content to listen to him sing, go see him when I can live, buy his music, and support him all I can from the sidelines. Whatever his career will be, will be, and I can live with that. I’d be just as excited to hear him sing in a 50 seat dive as I would in a 2,000 seat venue, lol… he’d be the same David Archuleta. Take this as an extreme example, but one never knows what the future may bring, just gotta be prepared to roll and deal with whatever comes 🙂

      • I remember reading in COS where David said he went to a track/park? with his dad. He started running around the track. After a while his dad called for him to come so they could leave. David said he just kept running round the track. So basically, his dad had to wait until David was ready to stop running before they left. And he was a child when this occurred. I think David very strong-willed and does pretty much what HE wants to do. That’s why he dumped Jive. I think he very much appreciates his fans and hopes that we will still be here after he’s finished “getting it right this time”. But not doubt, he will do this thing his way. Of course, that doesn’t mean that fans will or should stop expressing their wishes/desires/wants for him. That’s just part of being a fan.

  22. raelovingangels

    Hey DR: Remember last fall when you were worried about how thin D was looking? One thing I noticed from this performance is he looks buff and filled out ( in a healthy way).

  23. GG !!

    Nah !! Speculation and Drama , the same that Praising moments and Over the top happiness and exciting moments are part of be a fan life, is not that bad either lol, i don’t think people take too serious this ‘situations’ at the end 🙂 ….and i truly believed that our little chats doesn,t affect in anyway his process in the decisions taking.

    Of course we all know since long time that is DAVID him-self who decide his path, he said so already since he left Jive so this video is not news in that aspect and i don’t think someone is mad with him for that 😉 That doesn’t means we should stop to expressing our wishes , perceptions and opinion agreeing or disagreeing…i don’t think so either .

    I agree that he’s gonna take more time fans are thinking to put new music, he was just too overwhelming for this past process, i’m sure he learned too much and i hope he’s grateful , because after all not all the aspirants to singers has the opportunities he had . He just need the time to grow and mature and learn more about him-self, to me he just was not ready to go for it by the AI7 time to make face to all this business process (One of reasons i don’t agree with young contestants on Idol)… is his life and time, he need to do what he need to do to be happy nobody is questioning that , but i can’t picture him go in an spontaneous travel around the world alone and trying to find him-self, he still having strong dependence of his entourage to do that, the guy is always following other people rules and i don’t think that gonna change soon , so not ‘ Seven years in the Tibet’ for him lol.

    I just think that for some reason he still sending mixing signals about the next step in terms of time , maybe he should be more clear and say with confidence, ”Look guys, this break gonna take some time so relax and/or move on or wait to hear my music on radio then come back” lol, or something like that… that would help his fans to leave in peace and non having guilty feelings to not being supportive of his career. ..i guess.

    And about the ” Lowered expectations is the way to go, go gooo” lol , you right but is hard to accept lol ….. and sad tbh to see his talent wasted or forgotten in the time , or neglected because the lack of attention and relegate to a very small local crowds , to second hands or local events or be the open act of the less talented star of the moment……i guess i included all the possibilities we can see in the future ?… i mean lowering the expectations?….. i want him to be a Grammy Nominee or Winner so still don’t wanted to lower my expectations lol …..maybe i’ll be disappointed, but that will be my fault lol. 😉

  24. David has defied a lot of odds, inasfar as forging a path or identity at a young age already in the music business. For every 1 artist who manages to even get a record deal, there are tens, probably hundreds of thousands who never do. Singers of equal and sometimes even greater talent than we think David possesses. Millions that never get their voices heard, never get a chance to know what it feels like to have people scream your name in your country, and around the world. David has enjoyed this, which is more than the ‘average’ singer walking in off the street onto a label could ever hope for. He has made in excess already (we are told) of a million dollars in a year… I have worked since I was 16 years old, and I don’t think I have made a million dollars cumulatively… he has had a million selling single… a gold cd… sold out venues… less than 1/10 of 1 percent of all aspiring artists, and even those who have been in the biz a while never achieve this…. so I think if we can sometimes change our perspective just a little, and recalibrate our expectations going forward, we’d see David has defied the odds and the averages, and regardless of his current lack of a label and what we deem professional management, he still enjoys a relatively great position to have further success in this business.

    It’s easy to have gotten caught up in the heady rush and excitement after the Idol tenure, when the future looked golden, when the pathway to that Grammy and Carnegie Hall and worldwide acclaim seemed so smooth. It’s easy to get lost listening to the purity, the clarity, the richness and power and tenderness in David’s vocals, and not dream huge dreams for him. It’s easy to do, because someone as talented as David, in our hearts and minds, just shouldn’t be having such a hard or circuitous path on the road to ‘success’, right? Life has a way of inserting itself into the best laid plans, and hopes, and dreams, and sometimes the ‘best’, the most talented, those we feel are the most deserving of success just don’t achieve all we hoped. Sometimes the good guy does finish last, or doesn’t live up to their potential – there isn’t a rhyme or reason, that’s just the randomness of life. And there’s not much to be done about it. All this to say that with David, exploring a Zen state of mind is probably the best defense against insanity and perpetual frustration.

    It works for me 🙂

  25. VJ i know you’re not a Haley fan, but she said something that is true and encouraging for a singers like David at this time, so the hopes still alive for singers like them that can swim an very different genres or have a very unique style and that are talented and young. ( She made reference to females singers like Duffy, Esperanza S, Janelle M , but still valid for David)

    ””All these chicks (dudes?) have a really, really cool, unique sound, and I’m really thankful that this is coming about, because it’s the right time for me right now. ………. , but especially now with this new wave coming through, with this raw, refreshing good musicality being provided, I have really good feelings and a lot of faith.”

    This will be his time, hoping for good choices 😉

    • Tibitibi: I share your frustrations. I think your English is very good by the way. I think that David does not have to be a big star at this point if he does not want to be. He has lost much of his fanbase so he does have to rebuild it. David should want to be seen as an independent 20 year old on the music scene. That is not going to happen if MIC is his manager even on a temporary basis. That is just the way it is whether it is fair or not. It is his choice but that doesn’t stop it from making no sense to me even if it’s due to “budget concerns.” There are so many good music management teams out there. Maybe he will sign with one soon.

      • Thanks, sometimes i’m concerned about making sense.!!

        And ‘Budget Concerns’ shouldn’t be a justification to don’t find the right management and the right places to perform , like Peter said they gonna take just the part they agree to take to find the gigs, so that only thing is the motivation for them to find good ones for their client.

        And tbh David can find better gigs to do, (MB style) in the summers, without take the total responsibility for the budget to do a tour. Srly, how many Summer Festivals we have only in US and Canada ?, he would be payed to do that, so send an smart member team of your management to get that for him … pretty much the way Kris A did last year, of course the cost will be low that put a tour for him-self….or go on tour with some friends like ‘We the kings’, i remember they tweeted David inviting him to go on tour together, and this band is less popular and less good seller than David too, so i’m sure their budget is low too, but event that they going on tour…. and like them many idol and less popular acts with a lot less buzz around them……so sorry , i really don’t buy the ‘budget concerns’, maybe is something else , but budget ‘alone’ is not the ‘only’ reason….. from my point view.

        If he want to perform and do concert , he will find the way to do it with or without a high budget…. like many artist out there.

    • I don’t understand the talk about “budget concerns.”

      A manager’s job is to create new opportunities for an artist. I think they receive a 15-percent (or so) commission of the deals they make.

      IMO, MIC is a huge budget concern.

      • …commission ON the deals they make…

      • If you don’t have experience at a particular job you have to learn ON
        the job. Which is expensive for the business (or artist) employing that person.

      • Yes, and a professional manager would actually generate new income, whereas MIC is an additional expense.

      • Peter: lol so funny yet true.

      • An additional expense with a notorious reputation.

      • Well, you have to spend money first to make money in this racket, and labels and established mgmt teams/company tend to have much deeper pockets than men in caps usually do, or independents. MIC’s perceived rep MAY or COULD be somewhat of a liability in securing the kind of deals or cash outlay needed to finance things that keep a career afloat – record or licensing deals, tours, concerts, appearances, etc… but we don’t know if that is the case yet. Until there is news of a signing, or a lucrative sponsorship or licensing deal, or a major endorsement deal or something like that, I’m pretty sure it is David’s own nickel that will finance a lot of their endeavors stateside and perhaps even abroad, so in the words of RuPaul, whoever is managing him had bettah WORK! ”Snaps fingers” 🙂

      • i agree with you, but the impression I have is that D would prefer to keep it all in the family

        I don’t think MIC will be going away. I prefer to operate on this premise, and be pleasantly surprised if something changes down the road 🙂

      • Good point. GG We just have to wait and see what happens. lol

      • LOL , Peter !!!

  26. “And about the ” Lowered expectations is the way to go, go gooo” lol , you right but is hard to accept lol ….. and sad tbh to see his talent wasted or forgotten in the time , or neglected because the lack of attention and relegate to a very small local crowds , to second hands or local events or be the open act of the less talented star of the moment……”

    Thanks tibi. So many times you express exactly what I am feeling but not expressive enough to find the words

    • Shanny in Australia

      I think it helps me to be at peace with David’s career by realising that he is HAPPY doing it this way. If you focus on that, it will probably be easier to accept.

      • Sorry Shanny….been riding this train for three years. Sometimes its frustrating. Of course I want David to be happy.

        But thanks for the therapy lesson.

      • Shanny in Australia

        You’re welcome. And don’t worry, I don’t charge. 😉

        And just in case…for the sake of everyone reading….I wasn’t inferring people don’t want David to be happy. Just that remembering that David has his own definition of happiness can take the pressure off our expectations.

        We may barely know the guy in real life but people do have emotions involved in what David does or doesn’t do….and sometimes it is helpful for everyone to recognize that it is an emotional process and can sometimes take time to come to terms with various aspects of David’s career and choices.

      • Thanks again for the therapy lesson Shanny.

  27. raelovingangels

    I gotta say, after the last concert, my expectations have increased. The time table, I threw out the window about 1 1/2 years ago. Not a straight path up when scaling a mountain.

  28. I have faith in David’s vocal abilities. I don’t have faith in management to get the ‘Voice” out there.

    If I had been at the concert, saw & heard David live, I might feel more upbeat. It is true that if you can only hear him live, you will walk away impressed, if not a fan. I have driven many miles to hear David. I hope I get the chance to do so in future.

  29. for real?! i just read that david archuleta new CD wont come out until early winter in 2012, oh well if that is true than that is a long time. i guess he will starting recording his songs in this fall and but he could be writing songs right now and taking a break here and there as well.

    • I complete CD in 2012? well that is fast lol 🙂 ….soooo where do you heard that? source please , evidence (in Shanny’s words lol…..hugs Dear Shanny !! 🙂 )

    • raelovingangels

      where did you read that?

    • I’d love to know where you get your information from. lol.

      And David kind of threw me with “I wanna get it right this time”. From what I had gathered during interviews, he talked as if he got it right during TOSOD. He was super excited when it was released, talked about the songs being his babies (awww) and how he took his time tailoring the songs to represent who he was & had more of a say in their creation…so I’m still a little stumped. The only thing I think he should’ve done differently was to sign with mgmt (and not WEG) waaaaay before TOSOD’s release. And to maybe push harder for the single HE wanted, ‘cuz SBL obviously wasn’t it.

      • Good point. He did talk a great deal about how the songs represented who he really is.

      • Neither Elevator LOL, so i’m actually glad Jive went for their pick ha, ha …..and yes that part confuse me, he was so proud first because his strong input on this work, with the songs, orientation, pictures , he looked extremely happy and confident and suddenly it was wrong? and not his way? 😐 …..Jive neglected the marketing for sure, but i still thinking that their transition to new executives changed the all dynamics for David there and i don’t even gonna talk about the absence of management by that time (his total responsibility)……WEG had nothing to do with the fail of the all process, that was JIVE/David problem….to me.

      • “And to maybe push harder for the single HE wanted, ‘cuz SBL obviously wasn’t it.”

        Well, that’s at least one thing we know he wants to get right. Also ten of the songs on TOSOD were co-writes. He did say in one interview he wants to write alone to find out his sound. IIRC, He said the other writers’ voices were stronger, so he went with their sound (or something like that).

      • Re. David’s comment: “I wanna get it right this time”.

        I interpret that as David taking FULL ownership for any mistakes that occurred in the past. He’s not one to make excuses and I admire that about him. To me, that quote reads as if he has learned and he’s prepared to move forward.

      • tibitibi: I agree that David should have had management in place before the release of TOSOD. That is very obvious but that decision was on JIVE/David or whoever was advising him not WEG. I didn’t agree with pushing Elevator either so Jive was right on that one.

  30. I just read Joner’s concert review (a great post!) on the SnowAngelz website and she confirms what many of you have said about the band members signaling on another.

    “There was tangible chemistry going on up on that stage. You could see it in the exchanged glances between one another, silently communicating with each other as they fine-tuned their magic.”

  31. My last spam, lol.

    Re. Rae’s comment above, I agree, David is much more buff than he was 3 yrs ago. I remember when he was a “little” David in 2008.

    Changing topic, where is everyone reading negative comments re. the amount to time afforded D at the SOF concert? Is it on the SOF facebook site?

  32. it says that david will have a new CD out by 2012. i guess david have a new record label now, i hope david himself to tell the fans something real soon about the situation. pease i am out souldavid.

  33. I just read that both Scotty and Lauren were signed to a Nashville label. Both of them and Bieber are going to be presenters at the CMT music awards this month. I guess Nashville is the place to be. David should stay there. lol

  34. Their singles sales are good and they are played a lot on country radios apparently. Is it the first time that the winner and runner up are signed to the same label ? They surely are doing things differently this season by giving chances to more contestants to release songs like Pia, Paul or Haley even if it’s just rumors for the moment.

    Was David the only runner up who didn’t release a song after AI ? I think Lambert had one, Crystal too.

    • I’m hoping that the arrival of Lauren and Scotty to the AI teen scene will allow David and Jordin to move on in the minds of the public. With Jordin’s recent AI appearance, it’s clear that artistically, she will draw comparisons to Beyonce and Rihanna. With David, I can’t think of males within his age range to compare him to. Maybe a cross between Mraz and Groban? I guess we will know when he releases new music.

      • oops, i meant for this to appear in response to marie’s 7:37 comment.

      • The public will remember you the way they last saw you. Unfortunately, it’s been a long time since the general public has seen David. I think the vast majority equate him as the teenager on Idol and with Crush. And his Christmas album, perhaps. He needs to do more now to take the emphasis off the past. I’ll take a Mraz/Groban vibe. Can we throw in some Caillet/Bareilles too?

  35. Lady Gaga’s Born This Way makes a platinum debut with 1.1 million copies sold in its first week!

    “That number ballooned due to an’s 99 cent one-day sale of GaGa’s new album. Billboard estimates that of Born This Way’s 1.1 million units, 440k came from the Amazon special”.

    That strategy worked apparently ! And she’s probably the most promoted artist (with JB) right now, she was on every main show possible (Oprah, AI twice, SNL, ect). And she still found the time to promote outside of the US !

    • Sounds like smart marketing on the part of her team. I’m sure they will recoup any losses from the 99 cent sale in other ways. She’s only 24 yrs old and she’s been going non-stop for the past 3+ years. Sometimes I wonder if she needs to take a short break.

      • And weren’t they also giving it away with cell phones? Or am I confused? That deceptively inflates the sales numbers. It seems like it’s more about creating buzz and an OTT image than actual profit (although the sales are still great–but I guess only platinum was good enough for TPTB).

        As for a short break, she probably can’t take one–she was $3 million in debt due to the costs of her tour.

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