Happy Memorial Day!

{{Hugs}} to all those who need it, and here’s to the brilliant and wonderful Voice that rings out this holiday weekend.  When I have more down time, you can expect a more detailed reflection from me on David’s latest performances.

In the mean time, how ’bout an encore of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”? 🙂

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  1. I LOVE this video ! I don’t know how many times I listened to it. I really like the idea of David singing it to share a message. He always sings songs that have a meaning for him and that he can relate to. It’s interesting that he chose this song and Blackbird too (I love the lyrics). I really like the freer David and his new freedom is evident when I watched the MB videos. They all show a more confident performer.
    After listening to all the recent interviews, I’m really happy that he had the courage to part ways with Jive, he’s doing what he wants now and he’s taking the decisions without having to deal with his label’s restrictions. I think TOSOD is a really good album and it shows a progression from his first album but I can’t wait to hear new music from him that will reflect his new state of mind.

    Of course, his voice on it is fantastic and he acheived to make this 80’s song sounds current. (I wish I knew the technical words to explain what my ears are letting me feel !)

    HG, I can’t wait for your more detailed reflection on David’s latest performances !

    • I forgot to wish all of you a Happy Memorial Day !

    • I love this video too. EWTRTW and SBL were my favorite songs from his Myrtle Beach performance. I hope David goes in an r&b soulful pop direction.

      • I’d love it if David goes in a R&B/soulful pop direction !
        My favorite cover from his MB show is GGTT, I love the band intro !
        I also like the new version of SBL but I really love the record version too.
        Elevator was fun with the crowd participation, I’m not a fan of the falsetto but it’s still enjoyable to listen to.
        The ending of My Hands was even better than usual. My Hands is probably my fav from his first album, with Running and ALTNOY and Crush lol.
        A Thousand Miles was dedicated to his mom so that made it more touching.
        I always thought Touch My Hand is a great concert song, I hope he’ll keep on singing it.

        I hope he’ll alternate the songs from TOSOD and that he’ll sing those we haven’t heard yet like Good Place, Look Around, The Day After Tomorrow, etc… But I have little hope when I think that he sang Desperate only twice lol
        His drummer said that they are working on other covers, maybe for the SOF show. It’d be great if those who bought a ticket let a comment about wanting to watch David perform for more than 30 minutes. Maybe they’ll listen to the fans if the demand is huge.

  2. Complain is my least favourite song on the album but this is now growing on me. Its like DLG, he really brings it to a different level in his LIVE performance.

    • Complain is one of my fav lol. I understand what you mean, Elevator was my least favourite but the Z100 performance made me change my mind.

    • raelovingangels

      I have always thought Complain sounds country… Am I the only one? I could hear it on a country station. When I left popular music at the end of the 90’s,- I really got into country and light jazz, Then my son got me into alterntaive- Then David came along and I got all confused musically.

      • No, you’re not alone, rae. The first time I heard Complain, I thought it sounded a little country, too. And I didn’t like it at all. Not a bit. But it grew on me quickly, and now is one of my faves. Thanks, David!

    • Complain is one of my favorites too! I’m not that into Who I Am, but I was hoping D would sing it so I could change my mind. 🙂
      I’m thinking he will sing more songs from TOSOD in Asia.

  3. Shanny in Australia

    When I first heard David had sung EWTRTW, I thought ‘huh? Strange choice for David’. But then when I REALLY listened to the lyrics and then checked them out online…I could see how to David, this song was about freedom and making choices and living with those choices. So it was very applicable for where he is at in his life right now.

    I LOVED his version of the song. I did in places feel like I wanted him to speed it up and just rip into the song…but if I had a choice between a faster version and this version, I think I would still choose this because it is just so full of emotion and creates a bit of a mood. At this moment, I’m thinking it’s probably my favourite from the night.

    I also think if David keeps covering songs like this, he’ll probably win a lot more men over. In particular..the hubby’s of all the lady fans. lol

    • Like you Shanny – I immediately looked up the words online to Tears for Fears. As a young teenager in Trinidad, I have always had an affinity for British groups. I also had to research BBird and have to conclude – both covers were chosen to relate a subtle message to his fans around the world and we received it loud and clear. It is also an appropriate message for the Memorial Day holiday we celebrate today.

  4. HQ “Crush” from the AI Viewing Party:

  5. “Crazy” (remix of audio + video):

    • But on the other hand, this is the best best rendition of Crazy that I have seen him do. Voice so very much in control, eyes open, looking at the audience…perfection.

  6. First cover of David’s I did not care for. The phrasing seemed off and the tempo slow. I’m surprised.

    For some reason I’m just “meh” about the whole concert, the new student band members and their appearance, David’s continual jeans and T-shirt appearance at a public event (headlining no less), and the rehash of old songs.

    I don’t see any growth or new direction here.

    • Thank you for expressing your opinion! I don’t necessarily agree with you, but after being repeatedly told how “we” should think, I find your opinion very refreshing.

    • raelovingangels

      it is kind of hard to see in the videos but he had on khaki pants. I think they are the same pants he wore at the charity tennis event- ( was it Arthur Ashe?) when he kicked off SBL… I think the outfit very appropriate for the venue on the beach= white jeans may have also been nice- I checked out Emily Osmant (sp) who appeared before D and she wore white jeans and a nice floating top. I had hoped for Hawaiian shirt myself! BUT, I do agree with you overall I would appreciate less jeans for events- even though he does wear them well.

      • raelovingangels

        Kind bizarre that I recognize those pants- but I guess it goes to your point that he rarely wears anything but jeans.

    • raelovingangels

      gotta say I am loving the new band. They are young, hungary and immensely talented. Loved reading about their backgrounds & training on the Voice. I think David can learn from them and they will listen to him as oposed to being so set in their ways like some of those band members that have been around the block alot. Also, I would imagne budget is a consideration. I would love to see this group stay & grow with David as he refines his style!

      • raelovingangels

        sorry for the typos. Hope the grammar police are on holiday today.

      • ITA with you about the new band, I hope too that he’ll keep them !

      • I can see where budget would be a consideration. But a little attention to appearance can make a huge difference. Heck, I put company T shirts on all my construction crew (not suggesting David do that) and it makes them AND the customers feel like they are a cohesive unit.
        At 7 bucks a shirt its a low cost marketing tool.

  7. That cover reference was to EWTRTW.

    • Thanks

      “First cover of David’s I did not care for. The phrasing seemed off and the tempo slow. I’m surprised.

      For some reason I’m just “meh” about the whole concert, the new student band members and their appearance, David’s continual jeans and T-shirt appearance at a public event (headlining no less), and the rehash of old songs.

      I don’t see any growth or new direction here.

      • MIC, you are welcome I guess.

        Just keepin it real. I love David’s voice, have bought everything he’s ever sold and downloaded all concert cover songs he has sang. Been following him since AI Shop Around.

      • Debra: I think it is great that you are “Just keeping it real” That is the way it should be in my humble opinion. lol

      • Debra, I like this site because the commenters are not afraid to post their opinions. We don’t have to agree on everything. It makes the discussion more interesting IMO. (and you don’t need to justify your “fan status”, we’re all fans of David and it’s OK to not like everything he does).

        I like EWTRTW cover, especially the end of the song. I like it more than Blackbird. His drummer said that they are working on new covers, maybe it’s going to be covers of current songs.

      • Thanks Marie and cmoi. Seems like the very few times I express a less than positive opinion, I get a bite back. So, yes, I DID feel a need.

      • David Archuleta (((Love)))

      • Probably because of MIC screen name, ya think? haha

    • debra: I think it is great that you care enough about David to comment just like the rest of us fans here do. What is more of a problem is the fans that David has lost that just don’t care anymore what he does. I agree with you about getting a bite back if you express a less than positive opinion as I have seen that myself. That is why I love this site. I agree with you about David’s t-shirts. lol

      • I would love for David to get back some of those fans. Everyone in my office knows how much I love his music (and him) and every once in a while one will ask me if he is “still around” or words to that effect. I stopped telling them what he has done lately, cause it ain’t been much. I just say YES! He’s writing! New album in the works!
        Can’t wait!

  8. I’ve finally listened to some of the other performances besides the covers, and I’m really loving the Works For Me from Myrtle Beach — he was really passionate. I also love the band members — have listened to David’s intro. of them several times. Talented guys.

  9. Masterclass Lady’s review of David’ MB performance:

    “I fell in love with David’s vision for “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”. Sandwiching the main upbeat portion of this number between the slower beginning and end was truly inspired. The “welcome to your life” coming full circle was very well done.

    Yet, at the center of both vocal performances, was a refined technical foundation that so many listeners may not truly understand or realize. The relaxation of the knees, the wonderfully sustained vowels, the light, British approach to the “r” consonant, the strong diaphragmatic breathing skills, all blended together to create a magical musical experience.”


  10. Thanks Burkey! I enjoyed reading Masterclasslady’s review.
    I enjoyed seeing David so happy and have listened to every Video and some more than once.
    Happy Memorial Day to all. Listened to Davids National Anthem and God Bless America!

  11. happy memorial day souldavid! i hope david having a great memorial day in utah or califorina or wherever he is at.

  12. We have a troll? LOL, this is exciting ha, ha 😉

  13. I really see a growth after watching and listening to the MB vids. I even see the beginning of a new direction. Maybe not in the clothing department lol, but the whole concert seemed more mature. I found “Soul David” in all the songs, even the pure pop ones. He also added new runs, he improvised and made a lot of ad-libs. The band brings a new fresh feel to the songs, they helped making them more bluesy, more soulful. Also, I think that they bring a more cohesive feel, they were a real part of the show. For me, there wasn’t this kind of cohesiveness with his former bands. Sometimes, having them performing with David or having David singing with a back track was almost the same.

    Apparently, David is going to Nashville next week. I hope he’ll keep on defining his new sound and that he’ll share with us soon what he’s working on.

  14. Oh my! Just when you think things can’t get any more interesting here. lol

    I just adore GGTT. I only casually liked EWTRTW before David sang it. Like many of you, I went to check out the lyrics too.

    I don’t know. I think David looked fine for an outdoor concert. Now, the hoodie he wore for the NA and GBA at Dodger Stadium…that’s another story altogether!

    Also, I loved the way he was looking into the audience. He was making a lot of eye contact and he looked confident doing it.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day!

  15. Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

  16. rumor has it that david is in califorina for memorial day, in my thought that he would be in utah, maybe his family with him in califorina too. hope everyone is having a great memorial day so far!!.

  17. Before to leave my impression here, i need to clarify:
    1. I’m a pop person first 2. This is in anyway intent to make feel mad or sad some very invested posters 3. This is just my opinion, and not reflects in anyway a particular demographic lol and in consequence doesn’t affect David process 4. My English is not the best, so sorry in advance. 🙂

    1. I’m happy and glad to see David on stage enjoying him-self, the stage is his place and i ‘m glad he is finding his sound too, if i like it or not is another affaire.
    2. I can see the difference between the performances before and this last one in MB in terms of arrangements and ”feelings”….a new direction? I don’t know really. Saying this, i just want to imagine this something in process and not the final result , that btw makes sense since is not that he had too much time to get the final product.
    3. I can easily identified the traditional jazz vibe (and even country? ) in some arrangements, sorry i don’t heard soul/jazz or funk just and strong traditional jazz , yes the sound is way more adult (mature for some) and the pop beat is less presence ( sad for me 😦 lol )
    4. I really like the Daniel B cover, David’s creation or not, i just need to say that in my opinion is one of the more creative ones he already did in concert( is a keep for concerts) , is totally enjoyable, this one along with the medley from his first tour, ‘ Don’t stop believing’ and Crazy make me think on him like a current artist.
    5. The others two, i going to say i like the songs, don’t like the arrangements for the first one (Fear for Tears song) but i really like the song before though, the second one is a sweet song, perfect fit for David’s voice not sure about the arrangements either…. and I never like ATM and that don’t going to change LOL . 😮


  18. I loved all the songs David did at MB, but my taste in music is very eclectic. What a person thinks is a great song is very subjective. Some people forget that it’s ok if not everyone likes every song that David does. I thought the new band was great and extremely talented. I think they all have degrees in music and some have advanced degrees. The guitarist played for Michael Buble so they are not some bargain band.

    • raelovingangels

      excellent point- and Mark the keyboardist from Glee is a pretty high resume. Loved the Ben the baseplayer. amazing. I have to say I have listened to Gotta get through this about 10 times today. Gahhh- I just love it on sooo many levels.

    • And one of his older bass players just did a gig for Bono . The point is that most of them are talented musicians, that is not in question 😉 , but i see (or i want) David more like Bono ( kind of? ) , than like Michael B, ( Yes i agree, a totally subjective opinion) even if i love MB…anyway the new vibe will be not the bands fault,……is David picking his sound, his risks and decisions.
      I like to many kind of musics styles too , (still a pop person , but take in consideration the wide range of the pop music please) … but i want the right artist in the right kind of style, doing the music that fit him the most, so i can enjoy more . 🙂

  19. About the set list :

    6. I don’t think the set list for concerts going to still like , not since the crowds change each time , but seriously and i’m glad with the covers, but i 4 is too much for a set of 15/16 ?, I’m glad Crush and TMH still there, Altnoy idk , not sure about MH and WFM, the best for me was STR , FS and TOSOD of his new album, MKOP is a beautiful song, but boy need a lot of practice on piano, kind of distracting see him try to find the concentration to sing and play at same time , i don’t care too much for Elevator (my poor little song) and Complain is too country feeling for my taste….still hapyy this last two are from the second album.

    7. i really want to hear WIA, GP, Look Around, DAT , NEBTD ( that with this band can be fun if he insert some acoustic/latin arrangements)….. like him, we put our faith on this album and promoted like crazy , so why not to hear the song s? ….just asking 😉

    • ‘Still Happy’

    • Tibi, I would love to hear NEBTD! It would’ve been a perfect time to play it too since it feels like a summery, beach song to me. I’m pretty happy with the setlist overall. I think Zero Gravity would’ve been a really fun one to play for that crowd as well.

    • David is going to Nashville soon to write according to his last interview and the next performance will be in one month. It’d be really cool if he sings a new song at SOF so we can have a better idea of his new direction, like Allison did at the Idol party.
      I’d love to hear NEBTD, it’d be great with this band.

      • I wanna hear Good Place and Look Around!!! *sad face*

      • VJ – me too 😦
        It seems to have become the Desperate or Running of this album – not performed in public. Still keeping my fingers crossed nevertheless.

    • Tibi,
      Except for the covers which I enjoyed, I really like your song suggestions. I also like your concerns about MKOP and Elevator, however the latter while hard on the ears, is great for crowd participation. MKOP – David simply has to find a fix for the transitions. Besides, the closeup of his face during the “slips” were really endearing. LOL!
      I find the MH and ALTNOY such difficult songs to sing easily as they are complicated musically and require a lot of physical effort on David’s part. Barriers would sound great with the band as well.
      He really has a variety of songs that can be swapped out from time to time on the setlist.

    • I agree with you, Tibi. I think David puts a lot of thought into his set list based on the audience. When the Davids had their concert, in Manila, there was some talk about Cook singing quite a few songs that were not recognizable to the crowd. Meanwhile, David pretty much stuck to songs from Idol and his album. That’s why I’m thinking we’ll hear Good Place and Look Around on the Asian tour. Gosh, I sure hope so. And NEBTD would be great too, but since we’ve never heard Save The Day, I won’t hold my breath on that one.

  20. My wishes:

    8. When i hear about the jazz band , i thought about the many possibilities he would be to do arrangements and put together a fun show, (oh! btw, i still thinking that back up singer would be amazing to bring more dynamic to the shows, 🙂 ) …… TBH ( and this is my wish) i was hoping for an alternative pop/soft rock ala STD, STR, WIA, DLG more ‘viva la vida’ ‘One’ ‘ Fix you’ kind of feeling than jazz, i really think that this European or like someone said ‘British groups’ sound would fit him perfectly or even a Joy Williams first works, or Fine Frenzy alternative sound…..i guess will see now.

    About the sound :

    9. Anyway i said threads before that he should enjoy and tour with his happy young/family pop tunes…so i guess that not going to happen after al lol , to me he’s focus is already in some kind of auditorium, not teens , but i don’t think is not family type one either, perhaps his target now is college and older people more hippie , bohemian, kind of people? idk 😐

    Retaking people comments :

    10. I don’t feel bad about having expectations about David career this last three years, i want him to success, i don’t know what is his definition of success, but is clear to me that is not the same i have in mind lol …..so i can’t celebrate to think he will be this kind of alternative singer playing in small clubs doing message / protest songs…. like people are saying and ready to enjoy….of course i respect people views…but for me would be just sad.

    • Tibi – you are on fire today! YES INDEED!

    • Yes, a background singer would be great!

      • Not Sunny, though. I guess she would be the most obvious choice.

      • LOL ! (She probably would love to do it if asked lol)

      • My fav backup person EVA was Steve Fekete. To me he was even better than Kendra and his voice blended so well with David. Other than that,….. I don’t know how I feel about that as specific job. Trying it would be cool though.

      • Peter LOL , Sunny is special eh? .

        Joymus i agree Steve back up vocals in the CFTH tour were Amazing!!, Kendra is a very versatile and talented musician, the only girl representation on david’s band btw, but not for back up vocals ! ….I was thinking in a couple fun/talented people to help the energy of the show , more like active back up singers, just think about someone else doing the choreography of Barriers or Elevator = More dynamic and interacting show….even David would be free to relax his vocals between the songs, instead to put all the responsibility of the show on his vocals or tracks records….not sure if i expressed well.

      • As a member of the Soul David Steve Fekete Fan Club, I must say it would be great to have someone like Steve Fekete — or, preferably, Steve Fekete himself — in David’s band.

        Unfortunately, MIC doesn’t get along with professionals who are surrounded by an aura of serene self-confidence.

  21. Gotta say – I welcome and encourage Davis’s experimentation with new covers. That point was my pet peeve at the IDOL viewing party – the same songs 3 yrs later because of the lack of opportunities or proficiency to learn and practice new material. He can then interchange what he wants to perform along with his originals, granted this was really only the 1st time this year.

  22. I think David dresses for the occasion. The MB concert was on a hot day outside at the beach. Jeans and t shirt were fine. I’ve seen many rock and country concerts where that is what the artist wore.

  23. 15 mins from MB:

    • That is a great video. David does look good. emily4archie really captured his performance. I hope that Sunny is not allowed on stage with David because I would be afraid that she would never leave. lol

  24. David certainly is enjoying this new stage of his career. He seems very happy and relaxed.

  25. I promise is my last one on this long rant lol :


    – i LOVE David’s voice.
    – I like the kind of LYRICS he’s trying to push on his performances with his covers ( not cheesy , perfectly for him and his purposes ) , even this he need to accept that ‘Love’ is the king of the feelings lol and his presence is very important for the listeners.
    – I wouldn’t like an traditional strong jazz VIBE presence in some songs all the time (SBL no 😐 …sorry? 😦 ) .
    – THE BAND ….well i going to wait to see , right now i’m not in the same hype that everybody, i want to see more on stage, i like that David really looks more in control though, he’s the one in charge for what i saw in the videos (on stage i mean).
    – YES he need help in the outfit department and piano skills lol.
    – I enjoy HIS HAPPINESS ON STAGE , his fun talk to people, but something is missing each time …… can wait for him to have all the elements together….
    -…… Because i like him, and his voice, but i really want to be in love with HIS MUSIC, not just because is David , but because would be GOOD Music.

    Oh ! btw. i guess he need a hit now …. bye 🙂

  26. Back-up singers would be nice, but my dream is for David to do a performance on T.V. with back-up dancers. Of course, my other dream is for David to do a few dance steps himself while he sings. Probably won’t happen, but a girl can dream! Hey MIC is you are still here – make it happen!

  27. For some reason I don’t picture David with back up dancers, etc. and I don’t care about him dancing around the stage. When I saw Paul Simon recently it was just Paul, his great band and him singing. That was all I needed. That is how I feel about David.

    • Well the age difference between David and Paul is considerable LOL. And Paul is a great songwriter and David has great vocals, differents artists ……anyway i just think that with a couple back up singers doing some backup singers moves will be enough….
      i just think he need someone else to support his live shows, just look Michael B and Josh G have a lot of musician the make the show more energetic .

      Jason Mraz is just too cool and extremely creative and funny in stage, even that he has a lot of musicians who interact too with the him and the crowd.

      Rock, Pop/rock and Pop bands just go crazy ( not always in a bad way) on stage to maintain that energy and make the show .
      Young acts like Jordin, Demi and Jonas have a lot of support from his back up singers, to move the crowd and give them the chance to relax a little their vocals specially when they are in tour.

      Songs like ALTNOY, Barriers, TOSOD, even Elevator and others could be a lot more powerful and fun with some extra on stage to do that harmonies and help with the new arrangements on stage.
      I don’t think we,re talking about Justin B kind of dancers lol, just
      someone to put some moves on stage, and help with the crowd energy hopefully before Asia tour, he needs to fill the expectations …. just a suggestion. 😉

    • I’m with you Collegemom. Don’t need or want all that other stuff. Maybe as he loosens up a little more he can do a few dance moves. Not choreographed, just natural moves like he almost did in EWTRTW.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I showed my husband EWTRTW and then he asked to listen to BB and GGTT. That’s amazing for my husband to listen and watch a whole vid of David’s and then ask for more! lol

      He made the comment that David does have a great voice but he’s a bit boring on stage. I reminded hubby of the John Mayer concert we went to together last year and how he just stands there and sings. Hubby didn’t have anything to say to that. lol (And really he just loves to rag on David to tease me because I like David so much. That’s why it was such a big deal that he showed interest in the vids and admitted David has a great voice.)

      I know the opinions on David’s stage presence run the gamut….from he needs to do better, to he is really improving, to he did great. I think I’m more into the music and less into the ‘extra stuff cos I don’t really care what David does and it all seems fine to me.

      The only thing I thought of while watching these concert vids is that David has little actions that he probably feels are small but they tell the audience loudly and clearly when he is feeling self-conscious. For instance, I noticed several times he pulled his lips in or he often does a little tug on his T-shirt. I sometimes have to speak in public and lead meetings and run activities etc, and there is one thing I have learnt…. no matter how you feel….act CONFIDENT. That will get you through anything good or bad. lol When you act nervous then people feel nervous for you but if you act confident, even if something goes wrong, people are ok with it because they know you will handle it and they can relax into the occasion without worrying about you.

      I know David is a shy guy and has drummed up a lot of love and supoprt because he doesn’t put on an act…..but I think it would help his performances if he would just tell himself… ‘I’m in charge on this stage and therefore I will be confident about what happens’. Even if there is an instrumental part and he just stands there, I would say…. “Own it David and just stand there with confidence”.

      As I said, I’m ok with what he does on stage, more moves, less moves, I don’t care… I would just encourage him to remember he’s in charge up there, he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to do, but just be confident about what he is doing, even if that doing something means doing nothing. lol

      ….perhaps even, that is the element which some people are trying to find for him all the time….they keep thinking he needs to move more or let go more or get some back up singers etc….maybe all it is, is that he just needs to be CONFIDENT in himself. Even if that means just standing there.

      • Shanny you make interesting points, but before and again, David is not Jhon Mayer, or Paul S or Jason M or Michael B, each one of this performers have their strengths and they know what elements to put on the show to make it work for his target audience, of course is part of the process.
        Your hubby opinion is important because he’s not a hard core fans who has the tendency to justify and just be happy with everything and like him many out there can think the same , i will say more guys than girls for obvious reasons lol. David is so young looking, has a extreme clean image, he’s not perceived like edgy or cool or rebel, but like adorable and cute so if he want to move on into a more college population he need to evolve with his show too, that is something that happen with ALL the artists and the fact that people make suggestion is NOT in any case an offense to his person but a valid feedback.
        Now i can see for the video posted, that he really look in control, but still so awkward , so why not to add the back up singer to make strong his show….nobody is saying he need to go for the choreographed route, he need to work his self-conscious and confidence on stage and this BaUpSi gonna help him in many way including with the crowd interaction….i really don’t see the problem or why this should be a shame in the eyes of some fans.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Tibitibi….believe me….my husband’s criticism was just to tease me. I wouldn’t go using his comment as legitimate feedback! lol

        I get what you are saying about David not being John Mayer etc…I mean… John plays a guitar, so that kinda requires him to stand still and is a part of his performance. But still….I wouldn’t say JM’s concert was the most exciting concert I have ever been to – it was about the music, not the performance and that is still ok and he has still done well.

        I do sometimes wonder that because we have been here since the start and because David allows us to see his insecurity that people keep thinking, he’s under developed in ways that maybe he is not. I can’t help but wonder….. if he just broke straight onto the music scene, and the first thing we ever knew about him was Crush being played on the radio and he turned up at a concert, pretended to be confident and performed with a band, if we might be more accepting of him as he is – accepting that he already had his own personal style….?

        I don’t know….maybe I’m wrong….I just can’t help but wonder if we’re kind of too close to the situation to see it clearly sometimes. Too much like a mother that wants so much for her child’s success that she can’t be pleased and doesn’t appreciate all the good that others see in her son? I always hear lots of good feedback from casual people when they see David perform somewhere, for instance.

        As for the back up singers….maybe one day he’ll have them if they fit with his music….I would think for now…finances are tight.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I guess I will pick up on this point too….

        Tibitibi said.. ” David is so young looking, has a extreme clean image, he’s not perceived like edgy or cool or rebel, but like adorable and cute so if he want to move on into a more college population he need to evolve with his show too…. ”

        My comment is a general comment because I have seen many people express an opinion like this….

        The thing is…. WE all like him even with his clean cut image. So there will be others out there who will also like him with a clean cut image. Just because edgy and rebellious is what sells money right now, doesn’t mean that is what everyone wants. And doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for talented and clean.

        Also, I think David is not particularly interested in edgier and cooler and rebellious otherwise he would still be with Jive and WEG. I think if David had to do that, he would wave goodbye to the music industry.

      • Shanny, i guess he is a little uncomfortable to move and enjoy him-self in front of his crowd, i think he progressed too much this last years, that is pretty obvious from his first solo concert in Va where he’s barely moved on the stage to the summer concert with Demi where he was on fire to yesterday where he show more control on his band, but go back to some awkward habits from the past. For sure i can say i see an evolution, and that don’t gonna stop here i’m sure, because is normal FOR ALL THE ARTISTS to put changes to the shows, he knows what people saw already and he will find the way to dynamized his shows, because he has a performer reputation to care for, not with us ,his more close and loyal fans , but with the casual fans who gonna decide to go to his concerts , maybe because the buzz around his shows…..i’m just a little surprised by the reaction and like i said mystery some fans put on the back up singers and moves suggestions….now G’ Night 😉

    • raelovingangels

      Script the same- just the band- nothing fancy- maybe some lighting. Same with Five for Fighting, the Fray & We the Kings etc.. just the music.

      • They are bands , a lot more edgy than David style gezzz, David is a Solo artist , very different case not?

      • raelovingangels

        Five for fighting is one person ( with back up band)
        Bruno 🙂

      • Edgy image, very adult performer different to David. 😉 and Bruno live with his band has a lot of interaction and i guess (not sure )even back up singers some times . his band is a lot more energetic than David’s band, not comparison at all, two different worlds 😉

      • I just love Bruno Mars. Thanks for the video.

  28. some girls just met david. he must be in utah or nashville because it looks like it’s night-time outside.


    • i should have added, we still have daylight on the west coast.

    • i hope david go on tour this year but i remember reading that he is doing a chirstmas tour in november? the girls looked so happy ans shy and he could be in utah or still in SC? who knows? david brought yogurt.

  29. Believe what Master Class Lady has written, she has a wealth of information spot on explaining David’s presentation in the here and now. She is a good educator.

    If you want pop and dancers then I don’t believe that it is going to happen to this guy.

    David is slowly going in the direction that he has planned by making changes that are creating a smooth transition. He has it planned out and is not guessing or testing or trying out anything that is not a part of the plan. The songs enjoyed by the young teens may just be gone forever…


    He will have his own style woven into his songs and cover songs in a short while.

    David’s attire for the concert was perfect. It was a concert in a field with people in shorts and tshirts…

    • Excuse the mess up! Long flight…


    • raelovingangels

      So glad you got to go. Must have been epic.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I agree Sandybeaches. I see the same things happening.

      And while sometimes in the past I have thought he needed to do a little more than Jeans and Tee, this time I think his outfit was perfectly appropriate for the occasion. Outdoors, by the beach, the T-shirt even hinted of stardom with all the foreign destinations (is that a hint where he might be touring soon? lol just kidding) and his pants weren’t plain old jeans, they were stylie enough. I think he looked great.

    • Trust me, not all the fans think like the adults hard core fans of his fan sites and MCL sure is a good teacher, doesn’t mean people can’t have a different opinion or she has the only true don’t you think? 😉

      IDK why you’re so sure about his direction , but would wait to see what is about, we can’t say something is definitive just because a concert after all.

      And going strictly for the jazz route and put aside his teen fans to be devote to his few older ones can be another silly decision from him…..so better to wait. 🙂

  30. He’s in Tennessee, near Nashville. Saw another tweet.

  31. really? he in tennesse, oh that sucks that he wasnt with his family in utah today. david could be working with a song tomm, maybe that why he was in tennessee, i hope he was with joy and nate for memorial day.

  32. david is in london? cool!

    • raelovingangels

      Good grief- Nate & Joy in London…lol! Yes this place has exploded today, Must the the built up emotions from new david music & a full concert & the holiday with extra time.

  33. dumb me. there is a london, tennesse. peace i am out souldavid.

  34. Good Lord at the effusive and OTT directives. No offense everyone! …but jeez! MIC you need to come more often (not)

  35. Is there a full moon tonight? lol.

  36. I just read that Lady Gaga’s tour put her $3 million in debt. I think lower key shows are the way to go for David right now.

    It would be nice if he could eventually add some multimedia effects: lighting and some video clips would add a lot visually. I just don’t think we’ll ever see back up singers and dancers.

    • That can be another option, some cool multimedia effects, i’m sure we never gonna see dancers, David probably got distracted every-time ha,ha but …i trying to understand why not backup singers lol ? i mean JenHud with her powerful voice has ….so i miss something ? i really don’t understand the mystery / taboo around them lol ummmmm 😐

      And yes medium venues is the best right now . 🙂

      JenHud – http://youtu.be/h2e6cvtC8a0

      Adele – http://youtu.be/H7MOz4w4KIM

      Amy Winehouse – http://youtu.be/IlRF43-xaYc

      :)…I’m trying LOL.

      • It’s not a taboo, I could see David using back up singers. I just don’t think we’ll see it because David would rather get more bang for his buck with musicians who can sing as well as play.

      • Tibitibi: I agree with you about the background singers. Good examples. The budget excuse is just not good enough for me either.

  37. The more I see & listen to this, the more I like it! His voice is just superb!

    Video taken by TV33South

    David Archuleta sings “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”

  38. Was this interview posted already?

    2:14 -> is interesting

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