The Joys of Watching David

What a way to enjoy the holiday weekend! Thanks to my all-nighter SDers who kept us up to date with David’s performances at Myrtle Beach last night.

I’m loving this version of “Something ‘Bout Love” (thanks for sharing this vid, D-rat!):

It’s like the good ol’ days of live streaming and vid, vid, vids! 😀

We’ve been missing this, haven’t we?

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  1. Here is where you can find all the videos, thanks to jackryanforDA & of course, all the videographers! It takes a few minutes to load:

  2. mp3’s & mp4’s …….again thanks to jackryan4da

    01 MP3s/Audio files —
    02 MP4s/Video files —

  3. Set List
    01 STR
    02 TOSOD, Hah!
    03 ALTNOY
    05 SBL
    06 TMH
    07 MKOP
    08 ATM
    09 GGTT-MSG IN A BOTTLE w/ band intro
    10 MY HANDS
    11 BLACKBIRD (cover)
    13 WFM
    16 CRUSH

  4. raelovingangels

    Could not stay up while the videos came in last nite. Watching them this AM- I gotta say, I have tears of joy- David is so so so good. Like I said on the last thread- he is at a new level. What it going to take for the US to see what a jewel they have? Kudos to Asia and SE Asia…

  5. David was just amazing last night. The videos are great. I love SBL with a jazzy feel. Everybody Wants To The Rule The World was outstanding. David is just so good and I love the new band.

  6. Sounds like Myrtle Beach was the place to be last night! If it wasn’t really completely and entirely impossible for me to go to SoF, I’d be booking THAT flight.

    Those attendees who take the time to videotape are WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL people.

    • Yes! Can’t say enough about the people who are always thinking of those who can’t make it shows. Love them!!

  7. raelovingangels

    Hard to pick a favorite- but I think it may be gotta get through this/SOS…
    Maybe because it showcases another side of David.

  8. Doing the “Happy Dance”

    Thanks to all of the people who made videos for us. We love you!!!

  9. From the previous thread, many thanks to Freofan and SandyBeaches for the first hand accounts of the concert. I’m glad you enjoyed the show.

    I’m slowly but surely making my way through all the videos. I just saw the “Elevator” sing-a-long. It was funny listening to the guys. It sounded like he had good audience participation.

  10. That was amazing. Thanks for all the videos. My favorites are EWTRTW and “Blackbird.”

    That said, I agree with what VJ wrote in the previous thread:

    I still can’t watch him perform without getting a little upset afterwards. His performances prove over and over how amazing he is, & how much he deserves to have a thriving career. He’s so excited to be on the stage, & I know that is so important to him…But he keeps making choices to sabotage that.

    MIC is his manager, which means that all this talent will go to waste. Everything he does will be surrounded by an air of amateurishness, even though David is immensely talented, as are the members of his new band.

    • I hope that MIC being the manager is just temporary. It just has to be. lol I think we might know something more in now 36 days when the OS begins. David is so good that he just deserves the best professional management team that is out there. I hope for label news too.

      • I think that every fan just wants the best for any artist that they think is so talented. That is how I feel. David deserves the best because he is the best. There is nothing wrong with that. lol He was just great last night.

    • Can we give this meme a rest please, if just for 1 day? Is it possible just to simply enjoy seeing and hearing David doing what he and we love, instead of going over and over and over the same old retreaded opinions about the demise of his career and waste of his prodigious talent? We get it, we understand where you’re coming from – now let those of us who just SIMPLY enjoy hearing David sing in front of an audience enjoy that, if that’s ok. Excuse my bitchiness, but I am dealing in my personal life with some real life and death issues, and for some reason the state of David’s career, MIC and all that other static just doesn’t seem to matter anymore. The joy some of us get just hearing him, seeing him happy is enough. I’m beginning to get THAT more and more. I’m backing away from the PC, taking my videos with me, and plan to enjoy every moment of his wasted talent and diminished career for as long as it lasts. Gotta get your joys in this crazy life and world when and where you can.

      • Sorry, GG. I posted that last night when I was extremely tired and in the middle of dealing with my own personal stuff. How I feel about his career will probably never change, but I should learn to start keeping it to myself. That’d be for the best, I think.

        Sorry for what you’re going through, too. It really does change what’s important in life.

      • I agree completely. Life is short! Let’s just enjoy David in this moment.
        Why stress over things we have no control over! David will have a career in music as long as he wants it. I follow several indie musicians and there was a time when I wanted everyone to know who they were and to hear them on the radio. But guess what? If that were to happen, I would have to pay big bucks to see them in a large venue instead of sitting close up in an intimate venue where I can see their faces clearly. I wish for David a career like Sara Bareilles or Jason Mraz have (smaller intimate theaters)
        And I just love the new band! They are a great addition.

      • I’m sorry GG, I hope things will get better.

        I’m not really worried about David. I think it’s a new beginning for him and his career, maybe the start of even better things. But I just can’t help expressing my hopes and wishes, even if I understand that what I think doesn’t really matter and that he’s doing what’s best for him.

      • I am not trying to tell anyone what to do.

        I am not trying to stop anyone from enjoying hearing David sing.

        My opinion certainly has no effect on David’s career. It shouldn’t have any effect on anyone else’s life. I will continue to express my opinion unless HG tells me otherwise.

        Sorry to hear about your difficult situation.

      • GG – Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am also dealing with sad personal news and trying to adjust as well as I can. Keep your chin up and things will sort themselves out in time.

    • raelovingangels

      When I read this earlier today- this sappy song came to my mind & it has been stuck in my head all day..Just for ya. 🙂

      • Hilarious and cheesy! I haven’t heard this in years. And is he singing thru a fence??? Let’s hope that Charice doesn’t ask David to sing this cover. 😉

      • Thanks for the video of this cheesy song. I have actually listened to it a more than once. I used to love this song back when it was popular. The Starsky and Hutch days. That really ages me. lol

      • This song is an earworm. I keep rewinding to him singing thru that fence, lol.

      • raelovingangels

        Well this is dedicated to Peter of course.

      • I am glad that you dedicated this to Peter. I so enjoy and most always agree with Peter’s comments/opinions. There is no way everyone is going to agree with each other all the time. That is what differing opinions are for. We as fans just want the best for David. Of course it is David’s career and his decisions that he will have to live with not the fans.

  11. Take along a big hug from me, too, GG. Hope things brighten soon.

  12. Repeating from the end of the previous “keyboard” thread:

    It may be a coincidence, but David made a couple of piano mistakes at about the same place in MKOP at the Anthology San Diego concert that I attended, as at this concert, and he was on a real piano there. I’m wondering if it was really a malfunctioning keyboard or if he habitually blanks out at the same spot in that song.

    It’s not a big deal, considering how beautiful his singing is, but it is a legitimate complaint that a little more piano practice wouldn’t hurt his professionalism, especially now that he’s had more free time.

    • It seems to me that he might get so into the song’s meaning, that by the end he loses his concentration in the keyboard.

    • Cchalo – I agree. It comes in the transition from the 2nd chorus to the bridge.

      My original point was that more refinement in his keyboard skills will build his piano playing confidence, and also allow him greater freedom to learn and play other songs than the usual standards. And once again – this is only an opinion.

  13. Thanks to all the fans who share their videos and who made the cellcast possible ! I stayed up late (4AM, I hate being in a different time zone !) just to listen to David’s full concert with his new band. He was AWESOME and the band is really great ! I hope he’ll keep them !
    I’m a huge fan of David and for me he’s the best singer right now but I’m still surprised as how great he is. He keeps on improving !

    I listened many times now to last night videos and I really love the new arrangements, the new covers, the new band’s musicality. David is transitioning naturally to a more mature sound and he doesn’t need to make big image changes to acheive it. He just needs to let his huge talent talk for him.

    We voiced a lot of questions here about David’s career post Jive. After watching the MB show, Ribbon In The Sky, the last Crazy, etc… I just can notice that David is already on the next level ( a higher one for me). Even if I sometimes want to see things go faster for him, I think that he already did huge steps in the right direction. He certainly knows what he’s doing and I hope that he’ll find a professional team to help him finishing to build his foundation and to help him making his music heard. It’s great to be surrounded by good will persons you can count on but sometimes the best intentions are not always enough, they need to know to leave room for experienced persons more qualified for the job.

    Also, I’m really impressed by what I heard on the bad cellcast and on the new videos. But I have to admit that even if I was excited for this show, I was at the same time really disappointed by the lineup. I thought David deserved better. I still think it.

  14. I saw that one of David’ s band members mentioned to a fan yesterday that David and his band were only scheduled to play for 30 minutes at the SOF concert in Utah. I guess they are trying to get more time than that for the concert that is in July. I hope that it works out so that David and the band can play longer than that for the SOF. They sure did sound good last night.

  15. Great review of Blackbird and Everyone Wants to Rule the World. Nice to read what she has to say about David’s artistry, technical excellance etc. She also likes the Band.

    I of course was impressed with all of David’s concert, his growth and the melding with the new band. I think David wears his new freedom well.

    Agree with GG! Let’s enjoy!!! I support David’s decision and his happiness shows.

  16. Nashville, Spanish song, …..!! Listen here.

    • My comment disappeared (I love my laptop…not). I’ll try again.

      thanks for posting this interview! Even though it’s short, it’s kinda revealing. Admitting that putting together his album last year was not as enjoyable as he’d like is about the most negative thing I’ve ever heard David say. sounds like his very upbeat album wore him down a lot.

      • Yes, he was trying to meet other people’s deadlines, but maybe it wouldn’t have been as hectic if he didn’t have to fit writing the book in too? Just a thought…

  17. I agree with emoi: Also, I’m really impressed by what I heard on the bad cellcast and on the new videos. But I have to admit that even if I was excited for this show, I was at the same time really disappointed by the lineup. I thought David deserved better. I still think it.

    As much as I love the old songs, I really wanted to see him sing more from the new album. I wanted to see what changes he would make on them. The only reason that I can think of is that David may think that the fans would rather hear songs from the first album because it sold so much better than the second POP album. Instead he needed to promote the second one.

  18. hell0g0rge0us

    Carry on, Peter and everyone else, no silencing/policing from me. Lotsa {{Hugs}}, GG!! 🙂

    I’m catching the Voice in between my holiday activities. Will have more to say in the upcoming days.

    In the mean time, I’m in David bliss mode (i.e. – speechless).

  19. Not sure what you mean by Lineup CMOI. I thought you meant the people that sang before David. ……..or did you mean Setlist songs he sang.

    Of course I’m like HG David bliss mode.

    • I meant the people that sang before David. It’s not much that they are nick/disney singers but that they aren’t the most popular. I don’t know how to say it in English but I’ll say C-List singers even if I don’t like to categorize people.

      David did an amazing job, he was so great ! I want to hear him sing live again ! If he doesn’t come back here, I’ll probably take the chance to see him in the US, maybe for the Christmas tour (I hope there will be one !!!).

  20. Finally home after a full day of travel. Great concert last night, and David was so kind to come out and sign/chat with fans afterward. The new band sounds amazing and has a great vibe. The band members also chatted with fans afterward and they were thrilled to meet some of David’s fans.

    • raelovingangels

      thanks for the report!! So happy you got to go. I had no complaints about the cell cast- It was surprisingly good at times. Big thanks to Trish, FOD & Fanscene! The picture was pretty decent too!

  21. Heard complaints about the cell cast….the reason was that no one could get a good signal *out* of the venue. We were trying people’s different phones with different services. People could get data *in*, but transmission *out* of the venue was very spotty.

  22. I’m dying cuz I have to use my laptop to watch these vids, but even with the horrible sound quality (of my laptop, not the videos), I am in awe of this new I really hope a lot more concert dates start showing up soon.

    Freo, lucky you, I’m so glad you could go to MB! Any other info you’d like to share?

    • Dang laptop! It was supposed to say: I a in awe of this new band. I LOVED the solos during IGGTT.

    • I will be sharing more soon. 🙂 The band had great chemistry and David was clearly so happy and even proud!

      • Congrats on your concert-going experience. Please tell us more. I hope I can have the pleasure later this year if the Christmas Tour comes to fruition.

  23. I like the little interview that David gave to TV33 in MB. What really stuck out to me were a couple lines – “now that I have control over my time…” and “I was rushed trying to meet other people’s expectations. I’m trying to take my time this time and do it right this time.” It just speaks volumes to me about how much pressure David was under, and that he seems happy and at peace with his recent decisions. I am just going to enjoy his music and hope it works out for him. I loved the concert last night. I thought his set list was great. It included seven songs for TOSOD, five from his first album, three covers and one song from the fan pack. His new band was extremely talented and seemed excited to be performing with David. I approve of his new direction of a more adult sound that is soulful with a bit of jazz. I’m hoping that he tours the U.S. in late summer/fall and does a Christmas tour in December.

  24. I just checked and saw that Jordin Sparks was the Myrtle Beach headliner last year with “a host of teen stars from Disney and Nickelodeon.”

    I bet someone on Jordin’s team referred this event to David’s people.

  25. Like everyone else – I am simply soaking up David’s vocal goodies. I especially loved, and am in a Blackbird, EWTRTW and SBL (jazz/soul version) vortex. These new vids are a listening paradise to my ears and spirit.

    I would also like to thank ALL THE FOLKS who made this all possible, every step of the way.

    Just remember, the last concert David performed was overshadowed by mel/weg’s nofanvideo-gate. As a result it sucked the joy from the fanbase and initiated the drought from which we are slowly emerging. Speculation abounds that David chose those particular covers to speak internally what he’s had to skirt around outwardly – recovery from the highs and lows of the past 3 years that happened at breakneck speed, and now ultimately – freedom.

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