David on Keyboard

Sure, it would be great for David to get a new repertoire for the keyboards besides the staple – “Crazy,” “A Thousand Miles,” “Angels,” “Apologize,” “Crush” – but it’s not like he ever performs any of these songs the same way.  I’m gonna enjoy “Soul David” while he keeps manifesting in these latest vids! 🙂

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  1. He didn’t do “Something Bout Love”? Did I miss it? I love that song! It’s his single from his latest album? How could he not do it?

    I think I need to quit this being a fan thing. I get too emotionally invested.

  2. @Shell_eeeyyy: Jeff said he’s coming out —looks like @DavidArchie fans will get to say hello!

  3. No he didn’t and i agree with you LOL .

  4. raelovingangels

    Man, David really seems to pushed through to a new level. It was like he really is more soulful than ever. More runs, more changes in tone & volume, more confidence, more feeling- more everything good. Really amazing.
    However, Joymus- gotta agree with ya- David practice your piano! 🙂

    • raelovingangels

      and the jazz influence- could feel it on Gotta get through this & some of the others… Loved the way they did the band intro & cannot wait to see it.

    • I agree with Joymus about the piano playing too.

      I went to a John Mayer concert with my family a while back, and he is such an amazing guitar virtuoso (actually it was too much guitar, and not enough of the familiar songs). But anyway, I think a professional musician like David should be more like that, and especially not be making mistakes. He should at least be better than my daughter’s high school friends who come by and plunk away at the piano. If John Mayer has time to practice, David should too.

  5. Everybody Wants to Rule the World

  6. I love, love, love TOSOD. I love him singing it live too, but he needs to remove that kicking move during the “one foot in front of the other” part from his repertoire. It looks kind of silly. That’s my ONLY criticism though. I listened to the ustream and you can tell that David and the band were incredible tonight! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for good videos to surface.

  7. raelovingangels

    Holy smokes= crazy good- jazzy!

  8. SBL! With a jazzy sound.

  9. Shoot. I still can’t watch him perform without getting a little upset afterwards. His performances prove over and over how amazing he is, & how much he deserves to have a thriving career. He’s so excited to be on the stage, & I know that is so important to him…But he keeps making choices to sabotage that. Not sure if he honestly doesn’t know how vital it is to have a professional team, publicity and radio presence. Or if he knows but thinks he can still do fine without. His actions are so incongruent sometimes. Love him to pieces, but he gives me gray hairs. lol.

  10. Great show tonight in MB! I LOVED the new band’s vibe. David looked so happy to perform again and he was very sweet to come out afterward to greet fans and sign. The weather was/is perfect!

  11. saw some videos of david preforming tonite, really good!!!!!. the shirt he wear on stage that his girlfriend charice holding thoses cardboards of words and have you noticed you cannot see her face!!!!! and i bet she with him in SC for this hoilday weekend!?!?.

    • raelovingangels

      I was looking at the shirt trying to figure it out- loved the different cities since David is appreciated all over the world- as demonstrated by that recent worldwide trending on Twittter- know both say they are really good friends so that is really cool!

      • I loved the shirt. I am a big fan of Charice so that is good to know that they are still close friends.

  12. someone here mentioned about david’s dance moves on stage, charice had been teaching him not his mother and she acts the same way when she is on stage too!. go see her videos.

  13. with band introduction! love the new band !! Great vibes !

  14. SandyBeaches

    I was at the concert tonight and two things worth mentioning..

    It was not David making near mistakes on the keyboard but the keyboard was not functioning properly with some keys and he almost was going to omit the second song.

    If he sounds a bit breathy in the vids, he
    definately was not live.

    You cannot fully appreciate the concert with these videos but they were well done.


    • raelovingangels

      thanks for clarifying that. What a great time you must have had!!!

    • SB – I was at the Anthology concert and David made a couple of piano mistakes at about the same place in MKOP as at this concert and he was on a real piano there. I double checked on YouTube.

      It’s not a big deal, considering how beautiful his singing is, but it is a legitimate complaint that a little more piano practice would probably be useful.

  15. david and charice are dating not good friends.

    • raelovingangels

      We want David to be happy and I am also a fan of Charice- but as neither of them have acknowledged a relationship beyond friendship- do you think it is appropriate to make definitive statements about someone’s personal life? Unless you are family or a close friend, in which case, I would think you would keep private things private. Now, Justine and Selena on the other hand? clearly they have made their relationship very public. Just my opinion.

  16. idk i heard that charice is david secret girlfriend for a while. i have no idea about their relationship status right now.

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