Four Guys in a Row (Plus “Gold Star” Judging)

As boring as last night’s Idol Final 2 performances were, the Idol results show was far more entertaining (even though I didn’t glimpse David anywhere in the audience this time as I did yesterday).  Part of the reason was the diversity of music and performers.  What a stark contrast from what the Final 2 represented!

So, what exactly is going on with “America”?  Seriously, when the Top 13 came out to perform, I completely and totally forgot how diverse the group was. The season started out with such promise!

I didn’t realize how much I missed Naima, or that Karen and Thia really didn’t get a chance to grow, even though they sounded great in the Beyonce medley. Then Beyonce and Marc Anthony (love me some salsa BTW!) came out and did their thing, and it’s like: wow! Some “color” and flavor on the Idol stage!

And had Steven Tyler gotten over himself, he might have actually spent time “judging” contestants so that they could actually learn how to perform the way he did tonight (because, seriously, Tyler OWNED the night with his “Dream On” – and as such I forgive him for his “gold star” judging).

So here’s the thing that irks me to no end. I don’t think “tweens and cougars” are ruining American Idol by voting for their favorite TV boyfriend (which, BTW, is such a chauvinistic viewpoint; it presumes that only women would vote mindlessly for a cute guy over talent – as if that’s the only reason we voted like mad for David Archuleta!).  I’m going to go out on a limb and say I believe it’s the evangelical Southern Christian mega-church crowd who’s driving the power vote these last few years (yep, the same folks who think Mormons like David belong to a cult and that gay guys like Adam Lambert are “destroying America” and that strong rebel girls like Crystal Bowersox are not “good role models”). Those folks who could care less about talent (or today’s pop music for that matter, hence why the past few winners haven’t sold well).

However, I also believe that Idol’s producers are tipping the odds in certain people’s favor. I care that folks like Scotty and Lauren got more face time since auditions began over other folks.  I care that “diversity” is used to draw in different kinds of audiences and then easily tossed aside because the “power voters” vote for “safe and middle-of-the-road” over edgy or different every time.  I care that each week, Idol brings in musical guests who are topping charts, who look NOTHING like the contestants who keep advancing in the competition (and then they wonder why their recent winners aren’t selling like they used to – get a clue: what “America” votes for is not the same thing they “listen” to). I believe Lady Gaga said it best when she told little Lauren Alaina that no way would she have made it through the door on a show like Idol. Winners like Scotty prove the point.

I guess I’m just disappointed that, when a season actually started out so promising with the musical diversity presented – from the reggae style of Naima to the Latin tones of Karen Rodriguez to the jazz offerings of Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart to the heavy metal bravado of James Durbin to the gospel inflections of Jacob Lusk – we get two boring, middle-of-the-road-John-Denveresque country drivel. I mean, we don’t even get the Dixie Chicks version of country.  Oh No!  Just this safe little country prom version, replete with Scotty singing a song about “passing notes in class,” asking a pretty little gal to “check yes or no,” as if that represents today’s teenager (more like a 6 year old).  And as someone who did spend my teenage years in Bible Belt places like Georgia, I know what I’m talking about.  This version on Idol is just… Sad!

And so, I got to blame the “gold star” judging for these results. Because, seriously, how did boring Scotty run away with this when Aaron Kelley (who is pretty much on par talent wise) didn’t reach the semi-finals last year? When everyone is presented as being “fabulous and wonderful” and given a “gold star” for trying, audiences are left to make up their own minds. And when they do, they choose safety! They choose something recognizable and mundane and bland.  They don’t go for daring.

So now we’ve got our fourth guy in a row who has won American Idol. And I’ve got to laugh at the irony. I’m sure most of you don’t remember this, but back when Jordin Sparks won American Idol Season 6, folks were wondering if a white guy could win again after Taylor Hicks.  Heh, I know no one is wondering about that anymore.

But, I’m definitely feeling that a new era of Idol has been ushered in, where we may not get another Jordin Sparks or – heck – even another Kelly Clarkson. If last year was the result of Justin Guarini (Lee DeWyze) winning over Kelly Clarkson (Crystal Bowersox), then this year Blake Lewis, the one-trick pony with his beat-boxing (Scotty) beat out Jordin Sparks, the young girl with the big voice (Lauren).

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not accusing “America” of having some kind of gender or racial bias (see, I would only make those accusations when, say, a Melinda Doolittle is booted off in 11th place, but not when you can’t sing on key, as was the case with Naima, even though I loved her energy on stage). I do however think, when the playing field is level (as in, all things being equal, everybody’s nothing special with room to grow), the blandest of the bland often prevails.

So, the judges need to step up their selections for Top 24 and really give America some vocal forces to be reckoned with; then, we wouldn’t have such scenarios where the blandest of the blands are crowned the next American Idol.

I’m now more convinced than ever that Paula Abdul had been the driving force all along for scouting talent while Simon was the driving force for getting that talent to up their game.  Who knew Randy was so useless after 10 years on this show?

If this continues to be the trend, I may seriously (for real this time) have to bow out and stop watching this show, which is becoming more and more irrelevant the longer it stays on.

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  1. Well HG i has to much to say, but i need to go now so for noe just this :

    1. I agree people has the tendency to mix on this competition their own prejudices about what they think is a good person or not in terms of religion and moral values, saying this i don’t see difference between the perception people has of David and Scott , i already read terms, like my inspiration, role model, gentlement, and others. so maybe David losing to Cook was by then a reaction against what you’re saying right now? .

    2. I agree the show has been kidnapped by this need of the people to follow the person from who they want to received wisdom pearls more than the singer they want to hear and enjoy… kind of weird to me to see parents taking celebrities and singers like the role models of their childrens, puting all kind of pressure on this youngs performers, that at same time try to follow the game and by story we learn is hard to keep it up, since people is each time more exigent. Parents ! Celebrities are not the role model for your childrens, so take that responsability back to your own !!, and vote for the best singer please!.

    3. I guess last years winners and finalist are the projection of the US culture. Scott and Lauren more like their ideal .

    more tomorrow , G’night 😉

  2. I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see the finale on my tv, but I’m not that bothered really. Scotty was boring, corny and dropped God’s name into the game too many times.

    BUT, look at David’s posture!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen him stand like that – he looks so confident.

  3. David singing CRAZY:

  4. I second Gladys’ amen. I also believe that a segment of the Christian crowd has dominated the AI voting over the past few years. Scotty and Lauren are pretty talented and I believe they will fair well. I expect that AI and Interscope will market them as the country Bieber & Selena Gomez. 🙂

    David sound terrific singing “Crazy” and I love the Gumby hairdo, thumbs in the pocket photo.

    Per Rickey’s, Gina Orr is now managing Allison Iraheta. Gina may still be David’s publicist. She’s the woman with the blonde hair in this photo taken during their KIIS rehearsal.

  5. From

    We got a few scoops from Jim [Cantiello] on the scene at the Nokia. Alison Iraheta has a new manager now! It’s Gina Orr who manages Crystal Bowersox. She apparently also does publicity for David Archuleta –- what kind we don’t know since you know, we are still trying to save his career.

    • With performances like “Crazy” from last night, David doesn’t need Rickey to save his career. Rickey and his friends should focus on Crystal and Alison.

      • who is the “we” that are “still trying to save his career”?

        kind of a mean thing to say

      • It’s funny how the mindset never changes. There’s a very polite silence around David Cook.

  6. people really like David everywhere……

    @paulboris Poor David Archuleta was so confused. paulboris

    @lizmag3 just a litany of people grabbing him for a photo.

  7. I agree that it is a certain segment of the southern Christian group that is dominating the voting on AI. I actually enjoyed Casey, James, and Haley’s performances last night. I liked them more then Scotty and Lauren and I do enjoy some country music. David needs a label and management not Rickey’s lame advice. lol Gina will need help with Allison and Crystal and they are both very talented.

    • I actually enjoyed many of the performances last night, but why doesn’t AI bring back former idols to help them in their careers instead of bringing in all these other established performers?

  8. hell0g0rge0us

    Tibitibi, I think there is a HUGE difference between the way folks viewed David and the way folks view Scotty, or at least there’s a difference in the way people voted for these guys.

    Had David, during his season, catered to the mega-church crowd the way Scotty blatantly did this season, I think that would have hurt his chances from even making the final 2. Several viewers would have blasted him for “shoving his religion down people’s throats,” and the hate would have been full on.

    You’re also forgetting that, while many of David’s fans describe him as “inspiration, role model, gentlemen,” they VOTED for him because he was so dang talented. It was David’s VOICE, VOICE, VOICE, VOICE, VOICE!! (Let me say that again): his VOICE!! that inspired the power voting, not simply because he was a “good role model.” All that “angelic inspiration” talk was simply icing on a very rich cake.

    Still, I do believe the audience/voters were quite different and didn’t skew evangelical mega-church. I believe they were there since the beginning, but didn’t dominate the vote until recent years. I also believe that, while other kinds of audiences lost interest in Idol (and probably stopped power-voting), the mega-church crowd stepped in and took it over (especially in the wake of the Adam Lambert v. Kris Allen finale). I also think when they saw the results of their power votes Season 8, they started seeing their own power-voting potential and really stepped up their game.

    The fact that no one in the media has picked up on this (because they’d rather blame women – whether the young tweens or the middle-aged crowd, both of whom by being labeled “crazy tween” or “cougar” are viewed as “pathetic”) means that they really don’t have their hands on the cultural pulse of America. They’re just gossip mongers who don’t have a clue.

    As for Rickey, who is just a blogger, what exactly can he do to “save David’s career” that the rest of us couldn’t do?

    • OK, i guess i need to ask first the definition of ‘mage church’ you’re talking about to really understand your passion against them; saying this , you right , people vote for his Voice, and Not, i’m sure He, Kris A and Scott share many of this kind of fans, you can see just reading fans comments from them. So I’m just puting in perspective that maybe the anti-Christian vote affected the result in Cook favor, sound like the same , but is not.

      Now me too i’m still upset because people is looking more to the good will of the contenstants of their pedigree to vote for them, and that include not only religious views, parenst story, social class and life style to vote over the ‘Voice’, then is because this ‘Mega-church’ theory doesn’t work to me for Lee – Crystal , Crystal was not (for some voters) the right image of US people , Siobhan too alternative, Haley too hippie, definately not the right definition of a US nice girl for some viewers .

      One more time : 3. I guess last years winners and finalist are the projection of the US culture. Scott and Lauren more like their ideal

  9. IMO, it will be great if you decide to bow out and stop watching AI. That would make this the first Idol-free fansite, which would be refreshing. For six months or so every year, many fansites become never-ending memory lanes.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      I hope during next year’s Idol season, David will be putting out so many performances and so many new singles that I won’t have to keep returning to “never-ending memory lanes.”

      • I concur with Peter!

        You can concentrate on The Voice. You know, the new show, The Voice, not David The Voice. But not just on the new show The Voice. Still on David The Voice of course. But concentrate more on that new show The Voice and as always David The Voice.

        I’m SO confused! The is only David The Voice! Forget I said anything.

  10. Soooo, BTW, who won on AI??

  11. Baby lock them doors.

  12. Scotty won? He sounds almost EXACTLY like Josh Turner, so how will anyone tell the difference to know who’s singing on the country stations IF, & that’s a BIG IF, the country stations play his music?

    Another Carrie Underwood he is not, unless he gets some fantastic songwriters like she did, to write songs with an “edge” for his first album, which may crossover to the pop stations. Which is unlikely. But good luck to him anyway.

    David The Voice will be doing his FIRST FULL CONCERT since who knows when, and with his new band, THIS WEEKEND! That means new videos!

    G’day to all.

  13. I love this discussion. So many comments here are similar to my own thoughts even though I didn’t watch more than ten minutes of Idol this season. I do think that Rickey is just using language he always uses — I camped out on Rickey’s during AI season 7. He talks that way. And I’m confused about Allison and Gina Orr since I thought this was rather old news. I’ve been hearing about Gina managing her for a long time — at least a year, and before she was dropped. I also knew that Gina sometimes did publicity for David, although I’m not sure that is still the case since he left Jive.

    I have a family member who is an outspoken pentecostal Christian who loves Idol. She rooted loudly for Jacob this season. Soon after David’s season, I sent all cousins some video of David singing, and she’s one of the ones who offered no comment at all. I’ve always suspected she couldn’t be a fan because of religion. So there’s a tad bit of empirical evidence for some of your ideas, HG. Although I do think David has plenty of fans in that demographic, too.

    And I agree that that cover of Crazy was David at his absolute best. If my two kids weren’t experiencing some rather major moments in their lives right now, I’d book a flight to Myrtle Beach today.

    • When Gina was VP for Publicity for 19E, I knew that she worked with Kris, David and Allison. However, I don’t follow Allison closely; I had no idea Gina was managing her as well as Crystal.

    • I’m beginning to like Lee. Need to check out his music.

    • Good for Lee! I hope he doesn’t second guess himself; he did the right thing. Also, I doubt if this is the first time Lee felt that AI wasn’t fully supportive of him. It was probably the tipping point.

    • Nigel seriously tweeted that? Real, professional. Guess he had to have the last word. Lee at least had class in his tweet, just stated the facts man. I hope Nigel got bombarded with tweets from angry Lee fans, lol. And Cook was on how many times this season? and Gaga? and I believe Jordin sang No Air during season 7 and OSAAT on Season 7 finale. I’m just so tired of the AI machinations, so, so tired.

      • Right before Nigel tweeted that, he RT’ed a nasty tweet from a really angry Lee fan. I think Nigel is the definition of DRAMA QUEEN. He seems to enjoy stirring up the AI fans.

    • I’m speechless, mostly because I’d like to call him a lot of names that I’d have to wash my mouth out for…

  14. I am leaving for Myrtle Beach early tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to see the full band! This is the first time I am flying to a concert, but I decided to spring for it after thinking about how this might he his last US-based concert for awhile, unless some late summer or Christmas things come up. Got my sunscreen, hat, blanket, and water bottle all ready!

  15. As a Pentecostal Christian myself, I’d love to jump into this discussion. But I’m at work, so my “piece” will have to wait ’til later tonight.

    • Oh pfft. Lee was not shy. He was probably ticked beyond words, Mr. Nigel.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Looking forward to your post, VJ, though to be honest, I don’t consider Pentecostal Christians to be the same as the Mega-Church crowd (unless you attend one of those football-stadium-sized gargantuan church services every Sunday! 😛

  16. HG, love this post, summed up so much of what I was thinking. This season had some promising talent, with some constructive judging, it coulda been something.

    There was no progression. Vocally Scotty sounds exactly like he did at the beginning. The only thing he progressed at was his creepy looks for the camera, and that progressed in the WRONG direction.

    This morning my husband (who actually is a fan of country music) said, “Scotty really won AI? I can’t stand to watch him, it makes me really uncomfortable” lol

    Anyway, I could go on but most of you have already said what I feel/think. AI has gone downhill since Season 8 with talent. With Season 7 definitely being my favorite and most genuine.

    Just disappointed that everything ended so mediocre this season after some promise.

    AI’s problem in a nutshell, trying too hard to find a certain profile (and judging to that end) rather than just letting the talent speak. And they’ve made it too easy to power vote.

  17. I think the theory about the evangelical mega-church voting bloc has a lot of merit, HG. If it really was the tween vote, the winners would have had much bigger sales. I do think that it’s very possible, though, that this bloc had some sway before Kris Allen won; I don’t think they suddenly exploded as power voters on season 8; their influence has been around for awhile–just not as visible and organized.

    This is just my opinion, and it is colored by my experience as a member of the LDS faith who lived near an evangelical mega-church that actively strived to undermine and hurt members of my faith, including myself. I have no doubt there were many evangelical Christians who voted against David simply because he’s LDS (remember their reaction to Mitt Romney?). So I think the mega-church vote was picking up steam during season 7. I don’t think they cost David his win; there were quite a few factors that came together (which I see being replayed in Lauren’s loss).

    I do want to say that I had some great neighbors who belonged to the mega-church I mentioned, along with a lot of not-so-great ones, and the values of the evangelical movement mirror much of my own, so I respect their beliefs and their right to believe as they wish. I just think I should have that same right.

    • Oh please David was not victim of this proclaimed religious discrimination from the Christians evangelics , because his moral image fit in the same portrait, and tbh many of us not even knew he was mormon lol so , but i can said that definately the anti-Christian vote affected in some way (for some people we are the same) + his image of controlled boy + be against another talented male with more life experience , i mean i read too many articles by then and the haters hate him more because his lack of credibility like the one in control of his life that for anything else.

      Anyway sorry to hear you had some bad experiences, being protestant my self but coming from sud-America (where we are a minority) i’m surprise my self about the passion views or positions of this Churchs (Evangelics, Mormon and others) in reference to many particular issues , so i guess in all the religions you find passional people that express that passions in many ways some even in extrem ways….you can say so just reading some David articles related.

      • Like I said above, “I don’t think they (the mega-churches) cost David his win; there were quite a few factors that came together”, some of which you mentioned, tibi.

        But I’m gonna have to agree to disagree with you. I really believe a lot of people voted against David because of his religion. I’m sure a lot of my old neighbors would have done just that, and many did that during Mitt Romney’s campaign. I don’t want to get into politics too much, but the discrimination and mindset against Mormons was very well documented during that campaign. That mindset was alive and well during David’s AI run, so it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see that coming into play in how some people voted. Although, like you said, many people might not of known David’s religion, but a lot would put David and Utah together and come up with Mormon.

        Having had a lot of interaction with evangelical followers and having read their leaders’ comments about my faith, I can tell you that it does NOT matter to the majority of them that members of the LDS faith have very similar moral values. They do not consider Mormons to be Christian and they have vowed to fight against the Mormon Church. I’m sure that there are a lot of evangelical Christians who don’t subscribe to that viewpoint, but many of their leaders have been outspoken against the LDS Church.

        I’ve probably said too much, but having been hurt and seeing loved ones hurt, it’s hard to not let those experiences creep into my viewpoints. I hope I haven’t offended anyone, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything in the first place…

        Mostly, I just wanted to agree with HG that there seems to be a strong mega-church voting bloc, and my point was that I think some of that power voting began to rev up during season 7. That’s all. But I do agree with you, tibi; people can be very passionate.

      • OH, well HG post is very provocative ?, so maybe it was me who don’t should jump to replay, specially since my english is not that well to make more elaborate arguments to make a point and since i’m not that familiar with the mega-church culture :/ ….but i just pointing to you that i don’t believe in this called discrimination

        1.Since i know is a fact that all the religions (LDS include) has passionate members that can act in the same mean or arrogant way with others …. is what i concluded after three years to follow David and open the door to his religious views.

        2 Because at the end of the day David is doing well, just look Lee D, Taylor H even Ruben S . David finished at the second place yeah ,but he has doing more than any other ex-alum and still very popular, he still a hot item in my eyes….. so even if he has being used like ‘Poster Boy’ by some people, the weak point is not people prejudice about what he believes , but the many others we mentioned here many times… my opinion.

        3. I don’t want to talk about politics either, but the presidential candidats are always the target of the religions passion and Romney is not the exception to this, people has the tendency to see what the presidential candidat believe, in terms of God, Race, Civil Rights, Sexuality Rights ,so then is where their religious views become a problem and the reason to lose voters.
        So some passionate Evangelics along with some LDS people can do the same and take their religious proximity with a candidate to vote for him/her .

        If this help i guess Mitch R is > than Sara P , but i prefer the ex-governor of Utah…… looks less radical ….to me of course ;).

        Again, sorry to hear about your experiences, being in a different cultur than my original one, i have similar experiences too, so i just can say that i still believe in Christ not some much in Christianism followers or the ones who use his name to justify any kind prejudice act . God is Love!!

        HG not politic or religious publicity intended LOL. 🙂

      • No worries, tibi. I always appreciate your comments, and I often agree with you, this time I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. 🙂

    • Utahmom,
      Sorry to hear about your experiences with some evangelical Christians. In general I think that many people are ignorant about Mormonism and know little about it. I have a colleague who is an expert in Mormon history and theology, and I recently chatted with him about the faith. He was shocked that I knew more than the average person (especially for around here, where there are few Mormons). I have met many LDS folks through the David fan community, and it has been great to talk with them and learn more about the faith and its history.

      • Thanks for your comments, freofan. That’s cool that you know an expert in Mormonism; he probably knows more than I do.

  18. It’s also always bugged me the way AI manipulates the rules and formats every year to fit with “the plan” – how in the heck were Scotty and Lauren able to be so “country” every week. I love one year how they say to a contestant, you sound the same you have to show more than one side then the next they tell you stick with what you know, blah, blah, blah.

    Sorry to the Scotty fans but I think we could round up hundreds of him in a talent search, he’s just not.that.good. He’ll probably end up as the male Tswift and I’ll have to eat my words. lol Tswift doesn’t have a fantastic voice but she is good at what she does and I have to admit I find her likable.

    Sorry for the rant. I just get all riled up every time someone soooooo far below David’s talent wins and he didn’t. With the other two winners after David at least I saw them improve. Kris and Lee both beat out better singers in their seasons but at least they either played the game well or showed improvement over the season.

    I think I need to go watch some David performances, he’s so far above AI anyway, just need the rest of the music buying public to see it. lol

    • I wonder how they are going to market Scotty ? To be honest, from the few videos I watched of his singing, I don’t think he can be the male Taylor Swift. She’s country but also pop, I can’t see it with Scotty’s voice and the songs he sang. I think Lauren (again from the few vids I watched of her performances) has more chances to appeal to the Taylor Swift audience. Lauren seems more versatil than Scotty IMO.
      Scotty will probably be successful at least with his first album because he’ll benefit from the AI buzz, but I don’t know if he’ll be able to surprise and keep his fans interested after that because he’s voice is maybe good but it’s also so monotone. I’d love to see if they can enhance his voice (using autotune or something like that to give it modulations, etc) and make his recording more interesting, at least for casual listeners lol.

      • I don’t think he’ll be the male tswift either – I also think Lauren is better than Scotty and may do alright once she gains some confidence, she has a much broader appeal and could do the pop crossover thing like tswift, where Scotty is really so limited. I think Nigel really wanted a Lauren win but that segment of power voters on ai are pretty tough to beat and Scotty was there guy.

        I agree with the a lot of the comments on this thread about voting and why the finale was what it was – but a big snoozefest for me, while not a big country fan I do like me some Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts once in a while.

        I thought I read somewhere that Nigel said Scotty would be the biggest selling idol ever. Reallly? Can’t see him even coming close. I know country sells but I’ve also seen those articles saying a lot of the country djs don’t like him so I guess we’ll see.

      • Wow. Nigel has become delusional.

        Wasn’t David criticized for looking a little awkward onstage?

        Well, Scotty… talk about awkward! And he cannot sing.

      • They said Lambert will be a huge international star and I don’t think that happened even with all the promo he got. They can say whatever they want and they even can manufacture success for a moment but at the end, it’s the public who decides to buy or not. The higher the expectations are, the harder is the drop…

        I’ve also read articles saying a lot of the country djs don’t like Scotty but I’m sure that if his label pushes his single(and pays for it), the radio stations will play it.

      • I’m sure he’ll at least get radio play for the first single, ai always makes sure of that but I don’t see him gaining non-ai fans, especially with that song they gave him. I could be wrong about that but i just don’t see it. His voice is pretty mediocre. The only reason he ever got noticed was because he has that low really country voice, but he can’t hold out notes and stay on key to save his life. He’ll need great material, tons a promo and a boatload of luck.

      • Scott is a sweet guy, but talent average in country world, so all is in the hands of their managers, that lately are the ones making people believe they have the best in front their eyes. In anycase looks like his parents still connected with the reality and think to send him to College even if is to take partial classes for now.

      • Apparently, Simon Fuller said that he’ll manage personally the winner and the runner up so I think they are in good hands if it’s true.

  19. Peter says “Wasn’t David criticized for looking a little awkward onstage?”

    Exactly, at least David knew how to look at the camera without “looking” at the camera, oh, and he could sing. I thought Kristy Lee had the inside track for making eyes at the camera thing but Scotty took it to a whole new level.

  20. Vote Christian or not Christian, evangelical or not evangelical vote. My question is: in three years, we will remember Scotty?

    • I think the answer is no we won’t remember Scotty. I am sure he is a nice kid but he just does not sing that great.

    • Doubtful. He may fare better than Lee, and at least be invited to perform on next year’s finale tho.

  21. Soul David:

    • David’s version of “Crazy” was just amazing.

    • Thank you Peter….David has grown with this song as he has grown in his life. I admire how David is singing ‘beyond techique’ here. He allows himself to drift into head voice and back to the gravity and weight of his chest voice for a perfect balance of emotional delivery. Beautiful.

    • Holy moly. Just watched this. *thud* *dies*

  22. Interestng……the idol contracts for Scotty & Lauren:

    Scotty will receive at least $250,000 in advances for winning the show and recording the first album.

    He will also tens of thousands of dollars more for granting “Idol” partners likeness, merchandise and endorsement rights, and will also receive royalties on any music he releases.

    Lauren will receive $87,500 for finishing second. The amount would be doubled if she records an album.

    Jordin Sparks, who was a minor when she took the crown in 2007, received a contract that guaranteed her a $180,000 advance after the show and another $180,000 after delivering her first album. Oof. Scotty takes a pay cut!

    S7 runner up, David Archuleta, (17 at the time) had a contract that indicated a payout of $360,000 total if an album was recorded, with an advance of $155,000–double that once he produced an album.

    In some past seasons, winners were paid a minimum of $100,000 for merchandise rights, records show. Draft merchandise agreements for Scotty and Lauren give him $50,000 and her $40,000. More pay cuts!

    • Is Just me, or this Scott and Lauren contrats are very….frugal? 😐 Looks to me like David and Jordin did better at their season.

  23. My apologies, desert rat. It was crystal I was thinking of, not Allison. I stopped watching and I’m confusing people.

    • No apologies required. 🙂 After three years of following David, we’re all bound to mix up facts. I have no idea who was managing Allison during her stint with Jive; it may well have been Gina.

  24. I had so many second doubts about posting this but decided to go ahead. David sounded great at the viewing Party and I know he will be bringing it to MB this weekend. I just have to say though that when he has to perform by himself why is he limited to the same repetoire of either Crazy, Crush, and I’ll Be, 3 years after leaving the competition?

    See, this is where I think he can benefit from some additional keyboarding skills. David is a song machine yet is restricted by what he can successfully perform by himself. And acapella, despite audience requests, it was a bit painful for me to watch his indecision then settling for the familiar. I hope he can enhance this aspect of his performance with time and technical experience.

    • raelovingangels

      Well I was sort of thinking the same thing. I am thrilled he did Crazy- because it is one of my all time favorites. I think he may have been wanting to show a bit of where he was headed muscially- he really let loose!

      But for the life of me I don’t know why he did not do a song from his new album? Is there a restriction of some type we don’t know about? He has had time to practice and I thought he knew My Kind of Perfect? Oh my I wish he would learn TOSOD. Oh me, or my…

      • raelovingangels

        Msybe he has to pay them to sing the songs or they have to approve the event? IDK- just pondering- I hope we hear the songs this weekend! And BTW everyone going have a simply MARVELOUS TIME!

    • Joymus, I wondered about that too.

    • I agree, he need a lot of work , some times i still in suspense when he’s playing by him-self and i love David’s voice, and ‘Crazy’ was amazing, but he need new covers and sing his own songs, gezz David take the tracks with you in that case. I don’t know what the problem is, but fans are missing TOSOD songs.

    • I agree! Why the same old songs he has performed over & over? Maybe he could have picked one & then how about a TOSOD song & a new cover?

      If it is a keyboard issue, why not at least bring a keyboardist along?

  25. Yeah Rae – but 3 songs out of thousands? I’m not so sure….

  26. Mm-kay. Is there a limit on how long a post can be? lol.

    (1) HG~ I live in the “South” & work at my denomination’s nat’l. headquarters. We have 25 churches in my town alone, including one with 12,000 members. So “evangelical mega-church-y”? Yeah, that might be me.

    (2) “…(yep, the same folks who think Mormons like David belong to a cult and that gay guys like Adam Lambert are “destroying America” and that strong rebel girls like Crystal Bowersox are not “good role models”).”

    Again, with the exception of the Crystal part..that might be me, too. Sorry if I offend anyone or sound preachy, but it’s hard to explain things without…explaining things. lol. ‘K (deep breath). As a Christian, I believe the Bible is the infalllible, authoritative and ONLY Word of God. That’s just the first of many “doctrinal” differences with LDS.

    ‘K. I also believe that God is our Father, & He loves & knows what is best for everyone, so I try to follow the Bible’s guidelines, because that’s like Him talking to us. When it talks about abstaining from certain behaviors (very clearly, on some things)…I see it as His way of saying, “Don’t walk in the street. Don’t touch the hot stove. ‘Cuz you might not know it, but you’re gonna get burned.” We have a free will, though, so we can listen or not. The choice is ours. And, um..Adam’s.

    (3) “I’m going to go out on a limb and say I believe it’s the evangelical Southern Christian mega-church crowd who’s driving the power vote these last few years”

    Um, yeah, HG. That’s a really reaaaaaally long limb. lol. Sorry, guys, but I don’t believe for one nano-second that Christians are that interested in who wins AI. I know that Christians vote for Christian leadership. I sure do. Not because of some religious/political agenda, but because I believe God honors those who honor Him.

    But do we vote for or against an AI contestant, based on whether he’s a Christian or not? Um, why on earth would anyone do that? lol. Sure, I might root for the guy, and throw some votes his way to show support. But most of my votes go to whoever DESERVES to win (hi David.)

    Very few ppl watch AI here, & I don’t know anyone who votes besides myself. It’s just a cheesy. reality. show. that none of my friends take seriously. So if there’s a voting block, I’d be totally shocked. And I’d say those folks need to get their priorities straight, ‘cuz I’m pretty sure God doesn’t care who wins AI. lol.

    ‘K. I just took two hours posting this, lol. Was trying to explain where I stand without saying the wrong thing. Sorry for sounding so preachy, lol.

    • I guess next time i gonna send my roughs thoughts to you lol, you express very well the all point…so Thanks. I’m not even live in US and in my culture we get along more easily i guess. So i agree that Christian doctrinal differences with LDS has nothing to do with David losing Idol (again many don’t even knew he was LDS ) or the called Mega-Church bloc voting doesn’t have a major role in the results for S8,S9 or S10 …. so in my point view , voters are having some prejudice, but not exactly a religious one .

  27. I agree with VJ. I am one of those Evangelical Christians but I don’t live in the south. I go to a large church so you might call it a mega church. It ludicrous to lump all Evangelical Christians together and say we vote as a bloc. I think like VJ said most don’t care about idol . I guess what I’m trying to say is generalizations like this are not usually valid and can be hurtful.

  28. hell0g0rge0us

    Well, let’s just agree to disagree. Whether or not there is a mega-church power voting bloc or not, I do believe that the voters skew in that demographic, which might explain the kinds of winners in the past few years. JMHO and all that, I have no empirical evidence either way.

    And sorry for offending my Evangelical leaning Christians here, but as a left-leaning Christian who goes to a church where the preacher is gay, I tend to have an admitted bias against the mega-church types who would sooner condemn my pastor (and have done so, I might add) than listen to his enlightening sermons.

    So, should I assume that the “mega-church” commenters here freely and proudly admit that they did NOT vote for Scotty boy, good Christian values and all, simply because his voice was not all that, hence throwing a monkey wrench into my hypothesis about AI voters? 😛

    • Are you feeling kinda feisty tonight? lol..Yes, ma’am, you should assume that. I freely and proudly admit that I did NOT vote for Scotty simply because his voice was not all that. And because his style is boring. I also didn’t vote for Kris Allen, Jason Castro, Phil Stacey, or Chris Sligh. David was it for me. So there. lol.

  29. Lee responds to Nigel’s tweet:

    I was not asked to be involved in the Finale. It wasn’t until about 2 minutes before they announced that Nigel had approached me and asked if he could “borrow” me for a second. I didnt feel a last second jump on stage was appropriate.

    • Go Lee!! LOL.

    • Nigel probably had last minute “light bulb” about not having Lee participate in any way, so tried to redeem himself “two minutes” before the winner was announced.

      Too many established performers on that last show & not enough previous idols.

  30. wow, I sure have gained a lot of respect for Lee.

  31. such interesting conversation here, not fluffy stuff, but real issues. 🙂

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