Have You Forgotten What “In It to Win It” Performances Look Like, Randy?

Never have I seen such a lackluster finale in the years I’ve been watching American Idol.  Scotty seemed bored, and Lauren looked uncomfortable.  Man, never did I think I would say this but here goes…

They needed Simon Cowell to light a fire under their butts.

Because no way, no how, would either one of them have dared to enter the Kodak Theatre stage and not give their A game at this stage of the competition, knowing that they would have had Simon’s comments to deal with, that added to the pressure of earning America’s votes.  I think both Scotty and Lauren have potential, but Simon Cowell would have forced Scotty out of his country schtick a looooong time ago, and Lauren would have stopped wearing prom dresses (just on the snark of Simon saying something about her strange combos of poofy skirts and boots).

That said, there’s also performing like you’re “in it to win it,” and contrary to Randy’s catch-phrase, I didn’t see any fire or feel any heat from either contestant. What do they think this is? A high school talent show? Come on, peeps! This is live television! Work for your votes, already! Sigh.

So, all this lackluster yawn-inducing performances made me nostalgic. Here’s a replay of David’s Final 2 performances.

1. The Showstopper:

2. The Conviction:

3. The Inspiration:

See, this is how you do “in it to win it” (whether you win in the end or not).

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  1. YES!! that is was is missing in this finals, like i already said, the problem is NOT the country music, or the age of the contestans , they have good voices, but lack totally of this passion when they’re performing and sing . Hopefully they gonna take in charge this little details for their next professionals steps.

  2. HG
    I love your passion almost as much as David’s.
    Yes, they lacked what you and David have.

  3. I remember once I wrote this, and now is the best time to repeat it.
    During the first song, David, had a star on the chest. It was a signal, we know what it means.
    The second song was an anchor, we now know that David would know when to stop. And the third song I was calm and quiet for a job well done.
    In fact we all know, was much more than a job well done, that night he left his life at that stage.
    If you look at the exact moment that David ends up singing Imagine, you will see that the musicians behind David, are standing and applauding. Looking in my memory, I think nobody had that honor.

  4. I think the “in it to win it” performance of the night was Charice on Glee.

  5. I’m watching Idol on Finnish time, so tonight they’ll air the results show where James is eliminated. At least I found him entertaining; now that I know who the final 2 are, I’ll be watching the finals only to spot David in the audience – definitely not for teen-Dolly and MAD.

  6. Go ahead, gush and salivate. I know I did.

  7. I watched some of the videos from the finale.

    They hated MIC, but they are celebrating Lauren Alaina’s stage mother?

    • Lauren’s mom does remind me of a “pageant mom.” She just looks the part to me. The Voice was better last night. I can’t wait till it goes live in a few weeks. I think Charice is very talented.

      • The lady looks totally a ”pageant mom”, the funny part is that people knew already what Lauren song was about and were predicting this moment (mom camara shot, tears, hughs lol) even before the performance night…..the producers are beoming so predictables lol 😉

    • The irony of it all; showing David onscreen after Lauren’s ode to stage mom. When they cut to David after Lauren’s song, I had to wonder what was going thru his mind, he had to have picked up on it.

    • this year ws an Idol special edition? 🙂

  8. Wow, you said it all, HG. Boring, yawnable, no fire (where’s the fire? Sitting in the audience! 🙂 ) What a lack of excitement. I was all ready to sit and watch and it was so boring I sorted my bills while watching.

  9. HG, You got right on! There was no electricity last night. You can feel the fire thru the videos when David sings. He commands the stage, his voice envelops the venue, his emotion cuts thru all the false hype. I kept wanting David to grab Ryan’s mic and blow everyone away….remind people of “the voice”. …….rambling and I could go on….. so I will! LOL! Those videos you posted are three years old! oh my gosh! Can you imagine what he would do now with the three years of experience he has gained? With the “I will do it my way, you can’t tell me what to be or do”, attitude?

  10. If u miss him on TV last night watch this:D

    David Archuleta Screentime @ AIS10 Finale Show (24 May 2011) http://bit.ly/j5GyWs

  11. I checked out the Idol blogosphere, and it seems like everyone agrees this final was the most boring one ever. Idol must have known it, since they tried to manufacture some drama over Lauren’s vocal issues. Michael Orland went on record after, saying it happens all the time at the final show since the contestants have been singing so much. Interestingly, he said it happened to David; (and look at what he pulled out for the final).

    Lots of people are crying Lauren pimpage, and see a Lauren manipulation for the win, even though it had seemed like Scotty’s win was a shoe-in. Sounds familiar to me. Reverse psychology at work once again. TPTB want to make sure Scotty fans won’t be complacent and will come out in droves to vote out Lauren. Season 7 all over again. Except this time neither one is in it to win it.

  12. I have HD versions of all of David’s AI performances on my computer and can hook it up to view on my big HD tv. I watched them again this morning and there is just NO comparison. David’s performances had very minimal back-up singing and the instrumental accompaniments stayed more in the background. Just watched last night’s quickly on my dvr and seems like they turned up all the background stuff to fill in for lack of any vocal power. Also think AI is shooting themsleves in the foot with all of their manipulations and lack of respect to past finalists, other options for the vocal competition watchers out there now. Also agree with missing Simon. They did these contestants or the viewers any favors by continually praising mediocre performances.

  13. David Cook’s DYFAM seems to have peaked at #162 (!) on iTunes after the finale.

  14. And the rumor is that Haley got to sing with Tony Bennett , David gonna be jealous lol.

    I read too the comments from the media saying it was a boring final show, not wonder the rating go down last night, but according to Nigel L they have more than 100 millions votes, that means that one viewer can text and call even 2000 time for the same contestant. 😉

  15. And the odd thing is…David wasn’t “in it to win it” that night. He thought the fans that had voted him through week after week deserved his very best performances that night. He didn’t want to let us down. (I think Cook had the same thing in mind). That motivation trumps “in it to win it everytime”.

  16. The New York Post has ranked all the American Idol finale’s from best to worst & they have season 7 finale as the BEST & also this season as the worst!


    • hell0g0rge0us

      The “Battle of the Davids” finale will always be the best Idol finale ever!!! IMO, with Ruben v. Clay following close behind.

  17. I don’t think it matters that much who is going to win or not. We know now that AI will promote only those they are interested in. The public’s choice just doesn’t count. Look at Lambert, he’s a winner for AI and Dewyze is just a huge mistake for them.

    So, thanks to SH, we know that Lauren called David today. This is absolutely not a personal info, I’m sure David would have made a special vlog to announce it lol
    “During David’s rehearsal this morning, Lauren called to say hi…we sparkled, excited for her big day”.

    I hope that there will be videos of David’s performances, maybe he’ll sing new songs !

  18. That is so true that it does not really matter who wins tonight. Carrie and Kelly are the only two winners from AI that have done really well. Sunny is very entertaining in her own way. “we sparkled.” lol That is nice that Lauren called David to say hi.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Now, why am I not surprised that Lauren would be calling up David? He’s such a chick magnet, I swear! 😛

  19. David at the AI arrival tonight…awesome looking!!


  20. I’m not surprised Lauren called him lol, just look at this pic !


  21. wow gladys…….

  22. hell0g0rge0us

    Gosh, TLC performing on the finale without Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes seems so… WRONG!!

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Not trying to be insensitive or anything since I know Lisa Lopes is no longer on this earth with us, but still it was odd to see TLC perform without her.

  23. well, that’s it for AI this year…….I guess girls won’t be winning any more….too many teen girls voting for the guys……..

    • hell0g0rge0us

      More like too many middle-aged women … otherwise if the teen/tween girls were dominating, David would have won his season.

      Ugh! Still sucks that Scotty has the “honor” of being Idol’s first teen boy winner…

    • I don’t think are only teen girls lol , but anyway the new technologies and Social media are making the work too, text, FB, cell, i mean just one person can vote too much times….is crazy !!

  24. There are a lot of girls out there singing right now and there needs to be a new young country singer right about now. At least he is not screaming and saying useless words. My guess is that they have planned to sing a few duets together from the way Scotty sounded.


  25. I think it was the older middle aged women voting for Scotty not the teen girls. I think many teens would not be into Scotty’s kind of country music. The original song they gave him is terrible. It also doesn’t sound like country music radio stations are very receptive to a teen country AI. I do wish him luck because I think he will need it .

    • TBH i really think many were voting for more for the person that for the singer, I’m sure he’s gonna have a good AIS10 tour, but he need to work hard for his debut album…his voice and style are very old school country and his voice range a little limited. Even this i’m glad was him and not Lauren 😐 . I can predict though who’s gonna be the performer next year in the 4 july celebration in Utah lol, look like they love country there. 😉

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