Idol Finale Week

In the latest news, I learned that Scotty will not be singing “Angels” later tonight on Fox!  *Whew!!*

Whoever made sure that didn’t happen gets a big hug from me.

Speaking of Idol, you know you’ve been watching too long when you can name more than 2/3 of the folks present in the Idol Class photo shoot pictured above (and yes, I can!).

In other news, according to a commenter in the previous thread, Sunny gets to sit next to David, while Jennette McCurdy is two seats down…

And if that is true, all I have to say is:

Jennette, girl, you better keep your eye on that older chick! She’s after your man!

Then again, aren’t we all? (heh)

Finally, two posts ago, I polled voters on what their hope for David’s “new project” would be, and 1/3 of you are hoping for a New Label (predictable).  Will we ever get that announcement this year?

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  1. Sunny will be there?

    Her time has come to shine! Shine! Shine!

  2. I went back and reread the previous thread, and the Sunny comment seemed to be a joke? (Although she has accompanied him before…) If he is dating Jennette and protecting their privacy, I think that’s great. Too many celebs use their relationships, real or staged, for publicity. And IMO that stinks.

    I still think he may be going to Nashville for more than a little bit. I never took the intial news to mean he was buying a house there — more he’s going to be there for an extended stay to dedicate himself to this new project. But then again, I’m just speculating like everyone else.

    • Yep, the Sunny comment on the previous thread was a joke. I believe these follow up comments are tongue-in-cheek. Jokes aside, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is there and secured a ticket on her own. She and a few other women have held workshops for women trying to break into the music industry. She seems to have connections.

      Re. your Nashville comments – ditto for me.

    • She seems to have connections.

      Yes. David. 🙂

    • LOL, yes the Shunny comment it was a joke, but i kind of think she gonna be there , after all is his unofficial cheerful and romantic co-manager 😉

      And the Jeannete thing is more a wish from some very specific segment of his fanbase too (looks like the adult one ? lol ) than a reality .

      Will be good and nice for him to take this adventure and go for some living alone experience,,,that gonna make him grow and have more confidence on his own….just an opinion 🙂

  3. I wonder how David is going to attend the KIIS viewing party as well as the finale. Also, I think it would be cool if he and Allison went to the finale together.

    Last night I watched the interview of David and his mom about 4-5 times. They are both so positive and inspiring. I really liked Lupe’s message of encouraging youths to pursue their dreams.

    • What interview?

      • There’s an interview from the basketball event posted on FOD and Fanscene, in case you haven’t found it yet…

        FOD also posted a clip of just David from the photoshoot so we don’t have to watch the whole video. They also show David ducking from the camera–trying to not be noticed, but looking much more conspicuous because of it. cute!

      • StudioCityNewJersey’s Interview with David & Lupe Archuleta at Duffy’s Hope

      • Thanks 🙂

    • I think the viewing party happens while it airs on the west coast, which is after the show is taped.

  4. hell0g0rge0us

    I guess I should have put a disclaimer in my post.

    Relax, guys! 😀

    BOTH my comments on Jennette and Sunny were meant to be a joke.

    • BTW his other girlfriend ‘Charice’ gonna be there too lol, rumors say that to duet with Pia T…..again rumors, rumors , rumors.

      I feel too that David deserve a better recognition that be in a picture with (with all respect) random idols ….sauf Kris (love him 🙂 ) , to his team, please find him better gig and events to make his appearances, thanks. «;)

  5. HG! Hi! Do you have the link to the info about Scotty not singing Angels? Holy smokes! would I be happy if that is true! Don’t want anyone destroying that song with a country twang! Especially since David is the owner of that song! Excited about the new project in Nashville! and that is an understatement!

    • hell0g0rge0us

      I read it on one of those Idol forums but forget which one (I think I saw some folks say the same thing here on previous thread?).

      • Well i read is Carrie and another Country guy singer the ones to pick the songs for the finalists, then a favorite old performance from then-selves and an original song or single that gonna be promote immediatly by UGM Nashville.

  6. Regarding Lee not being invited to the finale; is that really true?! Hasn’t the previous winner always been there? It’s kind of like having the previous Miss America on hand to crown the new one–a tradition. If that’s true, that really says a TON about Idol, scumbags indeed. No wonder Lee backed out of the viewer party.

    • Lee tweeted the info himself ! Some drama lol

      Hey guys, no I’m not performing at the Finale. I wasn’t asked to . A lot of questions so I thought I’d fill you in. Talk to you soon 🙂

    • yeah…..stinks…. Idol is all about money and promoting either themselves or who they can make money off of…… they’ve come a long way….going down that is.

    • I read somewhere that Fantastia wasn’t at the finale the year after she won either. But, the difference is she was on tour and unavailable. I think all the other winners were on hand to “pass the torch”.

    • Thanks for the info, everyone. This is a new low for Idol.

  7. ”@SunnyHilden
    The power went out at David Archuleta’s band rehearsal, so we all went to my studio. My angel collection was in heaven:) ”


    • Fortunately, she only has 209 followers.

      • Good Point. lol I would love to hear David and Allison do a duet at the viewing party. I really like Allison and Charice. So the viewing party is after the idol finale is taped on the West Coast? It is kind of confusing.

      • just 209? really? so twitter here is not the best way then ! maybe is better like that though lol 😉

      • Still, I hope she’s not David’s manager. That would make those tweets utterly and completely unprofessional.

  8. Jennette is dating an actor named Max (who underwhelms me as a person) and trying to DL it. I think it’s great that she’s long-term friends with David though.

  9. hell0g0rge0us

    Watching Oprah show and awed by Aretha taking it to church! 🙂

    • I saw that also…….really a great singer……. isn’t she called the Queen of Soul?

  10. New vlog.

  11. From IDF, thanks Minione 🙂

    ”You can get viewing tickets here if you have some points…….aspx?AID=76641”

    For the Kiss performance tomorrow Allison and David 😉

  12. Has everyone voted on this already? Could use a little help…tks.

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