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David Vlogs about Idol Finale

… and other subjects

Idol Finale Week

In the latest news, I learned that Scotty will not be singing “Angels” later tonight on Fox!  *Whew!!*

Whoever made sure that didn’t happen gets a big hug from me.

Speaking of Idol, you know you’ve been watching too long when you can name more than 2/3 of the folks present in the Idol Class photo shoot pictured above (and yes, I can!).

In other news, according to a commenter in the previous thread, Sunny gets to sit next to David, while Jennette McCurdy is two seats down…

And if that is true, all I have to say is:

Jennette, girl, you better keep your eye on that older chick! She’s after your man!

Then again, aren’t we all? (heh)

Finally, two posts ago, I polled voters on what their hope for David’s “new project” would be, and 1/3 of you are hoping for a New Label (predictable).  Will we ever get that announcement this year?