I’d Like to See Scotty Boy Top This!

Seriously, it’s not his fault, but it does make me wonder what Idol producers are thinking when they put up a teenage contestant to sing the anthem song of a previous Idol teen (especially during a Season Finale when same Idol teen was simply “on fire” when he gave his final 2 performances). I already know said contestant is gonna come up short, but here’s a reminder (in case anyone here has forgotten):

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  1. Is that what they are doing? Is Scotty singing Angels? Sigh. Poor thing.

  2. I’m pretty sure the judges will tell Scotty that his — Scotty’s, that is — rendition of “Angels” was the best one on Idol ever.

    • I’m trying to mentally prepare for that moment, Peter. I bet you’re right!

    • Ummhum. And why would they have him sing this anyway? To try to erase what can never be bested much less even coming close to being matched.


    • I think I have been too conditioned by AI. The first thing I thought when I read that Scotty will sing Angels was all the stupid idol polls asking who sang it better we’ll surely going to have . I don’t need a crystal ball to know the answer…

  3. I agree with all of you. I think it will end up to being a bad choice for Scotty but AI will try and spin it.

  4. No doubt they’ll say it’s the best – they’ve been doing that all season.

    So do you think they’re trying to throw him under the bus? Can’t imagine he could do the song too much justice let alone come close to David’s renditions. Kind of gets under your skin when it’s become one of David’s signature songs over that past few years.

    Oh well, no doubt we’ll see lots of tweets tomorrow night with links to David’s version saying “now this is how it’s done”, bwahahaha

  5. Since this was Idol’s song choice, it makes you wonder if they are purposely doing this to invite comparisons. Not sure why though. Or maybe they just were trying to think of what would work for a 17-year old religious singer and automatically went through David’s repertoire. idk.

    Although I’m betting that Scotty will use Jessica Simpson’s version, which is a totally different song and will suffer immensely compared to David’s.

    • Well looks like Scott is a very devote guy , so giving him this song they gonna get the attention of some ‘particular’ kind of fans, (i already can see some familiar expressions to describe Scott and his impact) , doing this they want too to have good sales…. looks like people is voting for him, but is not the one killing on sales.
      Or they expect a bad job from him and that would make Nigel dream to have Lauren like the winner a reality lol,
      I don’t know what kind of performance Scott gonna put with this archi-classic , but I’m sure the judges have the ‘overpraising’ comments already wrote lol …..anyway i justt gonna see the final show on wenesday.

  6. I just read that Lee Dewyze isn’t performing on the Idol results show. He wasn’t asked! That’s pretty bad that they are kicking him to the curb already. So if anyone feels bad that David didn’t perform this year just think of what the Lee fans must feel.

    • Yes I saw that about Lee. Lee tweeted himself that he was not performing on AI. He is not doing the KISS viewing party with David and Allison either. That is not right but not a surprise from AI. I am not sure about what the song choices for Scotty will be either. They might change things at the last minute. Everything is just speculation anyway. lol

      • I love Lee’s song Beautiful Like You and have been considering buying his album. I hate this for him.

        Looks like David will be attending the Wednesday finale.

        @ArronMichaelG: @DavidArchie keepen your seat warm sir http://lockerz.com/s/104271062

    • Idol producers are rude , seriously, i,m not even a fans of Lee, but she was the last winner , they should give his place in the final show, i’m sure carrie U gonna take that spot since is Country Idol this year. but i feel bad for his fans, this is not right at all. ;/

    • His brother, @MikeDeWyze, is really letting his thoughts be known. He even called Nigel a scumbag via twitter.

  7. And look like Carrie U and another Country guy singer gonna pick Lauren and Scott songs and non the producerrs, so maybe this ‘Angels’ information is not true after all .

  8. More Idol news…The reunion party.
    The write up on David :

    •Currently Promoting his second album, The Other Side of Down.
    •Formerly Beloved Idol runner-up; Miranda Cosgrove’s crush on iCarly.
    •What he’s learned about show business since his time on Idol… “That I had what it took to do more than I thought I could.”

    Yes ! start believing in yourself, David !


    • Thanks for the link to the video. I missed that when I read the article.
      LOL at that one guy fanboying David–even though he called him Adam.

  9. Goboywonder, I would recommend that you buy Lee’s album if you like “Beautiful Like You”. It a nice adult contemporary album of light pop tunes. Crystal’s album is good too. I purchased the MP3 albums when they were $3.99 on Amazon. Today you can purchase Lady Gaga’s MP3 album for 99 cents!

    • Thanks grammyj. I will buy Lee’s album. On first listen, Crystal’s didn’t grab me (it seemed depressing), and don’t like much of Gaga’s new stuff. I’ll check to see if my daughter wants it (Gaga), if not I’ll save my buck. In fact, trying to decide if I want to download Cook’s new music video for free just because. But I know I’ll never watch/listen it so…?

  10. He may be going to the AI finale…which means I will be watching the show heehee


    • Thanks for posting. So Jenette M. is two rows behind him and Michael Johns is four rows behind him.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        heh, why is Jennette M not allowed to sit next to her boyfriend? Yeah, I know, just helping with the spread of rumors here! 🙂

        Of course, David would never tell…

      • Maybe Sunny had something to do with Jennette’s seating assignment. 😉

      • And Sunny is by his side lol…awww! 🙂

      • I wating for some special excited poster to come a jump of happiness with your comment HG . LOl 😉

  11. and he is not moving to Nashville..per tweet by Fanscene

    @DavidArchie is NOT moving to Nashville. He’s “going” there to work on some stuff, but definitely not moving there! CONFIRMED. 🙂

    apparently they asked his family !

    • It seems like David might be working with various producers and songwriters. He met with Rock Mafia and Eman recently. Now he is going to Nashville for a project. Who knows what is going on. I just hope he signs with a label and finds his music direction soon. Not to mention a new manager. lol

  12. First, Country Boy singing Angels which became David’s signature Encore song is nothing short of blasphemy. What are they thinking? Poor Country boy. I heard about his “mugging” at the camera thinking it’s a “sexy, come hither, I know you want me” look. Oh please, gag me! Good thing I don’t watch AI.

    My opinion about David being a part of the photo-shoot for AI? He shouldn’t have done it. It will do nothing to help David’s progress. In fact, for those who don’t all that David has done since AI may think he has not done much these last three years. There were a few alums there who I feel should have refused to be there because truthfully, it did seem that most of those alums have not been very successful vocalists after AI. David just did not belong there. AI has been an albatross for David and it seems he just can’t get free. It pained me to see David at the photo-shoot. I just think he should cut the ties that bind him to AI.

    As for Nashville, I think it’s great whatever the reason or for however long he is planning to be there. A new place can be a breath of fresh air ( in reality, compared to LA, it is fresher air ), a new start and it’s the Music City after all, which can only mean NEW MUSIC from David. Great news!

  13. So maybe David is not moving PERMANENTLY, but may spend several weeks or even months there. Just like he has spent MORE time working in LA, while still calling Utah “home”, it may be the same with Nashville. He may love working in Nashville for an extended period. At some point he will have to “leave home” like most adults and Nashville may be the perfect place for him.

    Good night to all. 🙂

    • Doesn’t make sense to have his band in LA and then moving to Nashville lol, even this i totally can see him living there permanently, but i guess too is a medium term projet to do after the Asia concerts? , anyway at his age many kids are already experimented the experience of living alone , under their own responsabilities, could be good for him too.

  14. A show in Vietnam? 😀 http://twitpic.com/51qsty

  15. I know the fans in Vietnam have wanted him to come. Just another thing to add to our speculations! David needs to do a vlog and actually tell us some truths.

  16. So at the end of the day Scott is not singing the Archu-classic ‘Angels’ yay!! :), David is not moving to Nashville Booo 😦 and Vietnam concerts are not really sure? ummm 😐 …….this is an exciting day in this Archuniverse lol 😉

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