Moving to Nashville for a “New Project”!

Seriously, could David be any more mysterious when announcing in an interview that he’ll be working on a “new project” that he’s “excited about”?

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  1. I voted “other”

    I think it is all three, new album, new label & new tour!!!

    Happy Dance!! 🙂

    • I voted for other too. New album, new label, new tour, new manager. And a new vlog to hear David’s excitement about this new project ! (but I’d be happy just with one of those options, I just want good news lol)

  2. A poll! “New Manager” should have been one of the options.

  3. In the ASCAP interview, David went on and on about how he loved the vibe and people in Nashville so maybe it’s true. I didn’t know what to pick on the poll so I didn’t vote. As long as he’s doing what he wants to do, I’m cool with it.

  4. If he is moving there, that is a big decision for him and I am very happy for him. Wishing him all the best! I really think he will love it there. A friend of mine has his own studio and he adores Nashville.

  5. That is good news for David as he loves Nashville. I hope it is a new manager, new label, and new tour too!!

  6. Woo hoo! I’ve always thought David would be happier in Nashville. He seemed to love being there when he was working with Joy Williams, and the vibe there is less frenetic, less “L.A.” if you know what I mean. Also, it would be nice for him to be on his own, but that will remain to be seen 😉

  7. But what about the LA based band? Hmmm…

    • Good question.

    • Right eh? 😐

    • That IS a good question.

      Here’s an article about Joy Williams and how she and Nate started their own label.

      • Good Day Everyone!
        Utahmon – Thanks for the link.

        That article has all kinds of wow written over it. Her experiences mirror so true to David’s experience and what he really wants to achieve creatively with music. To paraphrase here – “JW also believes in releasing less music more frequently – (as in quarterly EP’s – my add) to engage listeners all the time. Given current market conditions with music downloads, they are cheaper and easier to produce”.

        I really hope this is the collaboration David is pursuing. Who knows perhaps he will even become more proficent on guitar – LOL!

      • Shanny in Australia

        I agree – great article. Thanks. So many good bits. Her philosophy really does seem to be in synch with what David talks about. No wonder he clicked with her.

        I too like the idea of less music more often. Not just because it keeps me continually fed with new music, lol, but from what the article says, it sounds more viable in today’s industry where everything is downloaded and the old ways are no longer working.

        I just hope if David did that, it would be available everywhere and not just on American itunes. :-/

    • That was my first thought. Band in LA and then a project in Nashville?

    • Shanny in Australia

      Goboywonder, well right now he travels between Utah and LA, so I guess he would travel between Nashville and Utah, with the odd trip home…? That’s if he is actually ‘moving’ to Nashville. he could just be working there temporarily and the journalist in his enthusiasm may have inadvertantly embellished the story a little….?

  8. Do you guys know that one of the songs the producer gave to Scott to sing at the final is……………..Angels by Robbie Williams ?……what do you think/feel about.

    • Well, it will be the first time I will hear Angels with a twang…..

      • Jessica Simpson did a twangy cover of it. I heard it in a supermarket, and realized I knew all the words, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out what song it was, it sounded that different. Finally figured it out, obviously.

      • It was an horrible cover from JS lol, i love Jessicca dorky personality though 🙂

    • They’re searching for David in all the wrong places, lol?

    • Tibitibi I think Scotty singing Angels is a big mistake for him. It is not a country song. I think David even sings Angels better than Robbie Williams and that is Robbie’s song, David’s version of Angels is untouchable. It is that good.

      • I agree, Marie. David will be a very tough act to follow for poor Scotty. I don’t think he picked Angels, though. I think it was the producer’s pick.
        I’m still amazed that David had the courage to sing Angels when he went to the UK and that it was so well received. That was very gutsy and I’m glad they loved it.

      • Oh shoot sorry. Tibi already said it was the producer’s pick. I should have read up a little more.

  9. I voted other in the poll. Hoping for lots of good news.

  10. Oh, wow, we can do lots of speculating now. Since David said he will be working on a new project that sounds like new music – an EP maybe? I think our guess that Nate is going to manage him might be correct. He sure loves to be around Joy and Nate. One thing about being a fan of David is you never know what’s going to happen next. He is full of surprises. Do you think Sunny will relocate-lol.

  11. Burkey mentioned the Billboard Awards and Britney Spears in the previous thread.

    They got a standing ovation. I don’t know what to say.

    • Sounds like Britney is singing playback, and the playback track is autotuned. And she still sounds off-key.

    • Why is it that these two women think that they have to perform and dress like they are in a “Strip” Club? Is that what it takes now to sell records? Are they selling music or sex? I am confused and dismayed.

      As far as the “Project” in Nashville, could he be collaborating with Joy W and recording it under her label? I know that some fans have wanted that to happen. We need a new vlog, David!!!

    • Wow. I’ll never get those 4 minutes back.

      • hahaha. I think I’ll take your word for it and skip this video.

      • Bwahahaha! That response just made my decision to NOT view that mess final. Thanks for sparing my eyes and ears.

  12. Mmm…Personally, I think he’s just going there to work on a project. But even if it’s just that, I’ll be happy. And I’ll be even happier if I’m wrong.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I don’t know what kind of success David would have with an indie label but a part of me hopes he will choose an indie label just for the freedom factor. Of course Joy has her own label…. this sure is interesting.

      He has also been busy writing songs, maybe he’s ready for some polishing work and some production….more David music. Yay! And ALL David with no-one putting their more than 2 cents in, would be interesting too.

      I wonder if David is really ‘moving’ to Nashville or just spending some time there over the next little while. We are due for a vlog, so maybe he will share some info there….? Here’s hoping. 🙂

      • raelovingangels

        I agree. I don’t have a concern about a smaller indie label. From what we are reading, it seems the larger labels are headed toward dinasaur land.

  13. raelovingangels

    I voted for tour- but I am happy to hear menton of a Nashville project. I just feel like David needs to be refreshed by performing. He is made to perform in front of an audience. He gives to us, but he also receives. All the things you mentioned are important but I would like to see a tour soon.

  14. it is true from what i hear…… i think david is moving there for 6 months or a year and he is going to recording a new record there as well too, i wish him the best of luck in nashville.

  15. it offical source from david himself when confirmed it in utah that he was moving there when he told interviewer.

    • idolfan~ Words get twisted all the time, though. Especially when it comes to the media. So….

    • And the media at that event was more amateur kind of reporters, so better to wait before get excited about this ‘Moving to Nasville’. 😉 He has projets for sure, so we can be excited about new projets though

    • It wasn’t a quote, so it’s not a fact.

      • Yes, we are hearing the info through a reporter. As for how long he’ll be there and for what, all speculation until we hear from him or management.

      • Exactly. But it does sound like there is a project in Nashville that might be big enough to keep him there for awhile, so that makes me happy. I don’t think it’s permanent since his band is in LA. Maybe a recording project? please?

  16. supposedly a realtor tweeted about meeting David in Nashville,

    I saw somewhere….now I have to try to find that tweet….

  17. david is going to be a nashville boy!!!. david says that he really loves it there and dont mind living there and i feel bad that he will be away from his family and friends from utah and califorina, well his good friend jeanette mccdrry had a record label there too and sometimes she stayed in nashville too but right now she is very busy working on icarly. this is a huge step for david. i am happy for him. i really dont think he will offically moving there but who knows.

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