Hometown Hero

David at the Utah Entertainment & Choice Awards. Loving the sparkling eyes! 🙂

I’m just glad he keeps getting invited to stuff (even if it’s locally based).

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  1. hell0g0rge0us

    BTW, is it just me or are we experiencing Noting David deja vu all over again?

    • NottingDavid deja vu?

      I think so, with some posters who sound so familiar and of course there’s Peter, who reminds me so much of another “rascal”.

      😉 😆

      I thoroughly enjoy SD, even when I don’t agree with some comments. Have a great day HG.

  2. I love that picture of David. He looks like such a gentle soul. I just want to hug him.

  3. I love that picture of David. That has to be one of my favorite pictures of him.

  4. HG Did you see David’s introduction where he sang the line “The Best Is Yet To Come” by Frank Sinatra ? Priceless. One week Myrtle Beach!!

  5. Oh hello, new thread. lol. Thank you, HG, for giving of your time to continue this site. You’re appreciated. 🙂

  6. I feel i missed a part of the events , but i agree with the last posts of the other thread. I enjoy the discussion and i thought all the posters knew the dinamic here, specially when we/they still coming to bring our/their two cents, to me that means we can handle the fact that we can desagree , but looks like i was wrong…… anyway i hope we can still geting along and still loving the difference.

    And Shanny girl, if you’re lurking, i enjoy the discussion with you anyway , you’re kind of persistent lol , i’m sure ( Like you said) that we can agree in others points, sadly not in the last one or not totally and is OK …….Hugs Everybody!! 😉

  7. HG, I’ve said this before, but thanks again for this site. Hope you don’t mind all the “attention” it’s received lately. Personally, I think all the posters here should be flattered (and laughing at all the haters).

    GG, (from the last thread), thank you for all your comments! I’ve always admired your fierceness and your balanced viewpoints.

  8. hell0g0rge0us

    Thank you all for your kind comments! 🙂

    I do appreciate everyone here! What I think I will need getting used to is that, with an increase in visitors here, that means an increase in trolls and “spies” (in Archuniverse??!!! Really??!!!!!) having to “report back” to whoever is “in charge” (who is in charge of the fan community actually? Does anyone know?)

    Strange behavior. I’d rather we just focus on David, which is what we usually do. Carry on! 🙂

  9. Shanny in Australia

    LOVE that pic at the top!!!! 🙂

    I have still to read all the conversation on the previous thread but before I go and have my Sunday nap I wanted to get on the computer and say…

    After I toddled off to bed last night, I thought a little about all the conversations I have been having here recently and how I feel about it etc…..and most of you will probably be pleased to know that I feel like I’ve got it out of my system now. 😆 I guess what I mean is that I feel pretty comfortable that people have understood what I have been trying to say recently. And I feel like I have received some information that I was seeking. So thank you for that. I can’t say I will never defend Jeff again – far from it actually if I think it is unfair – but I am determined that I will not comment on anything Jeff related for the next wee while to do my part to help the conversation move onto the next thing. I have tried on the past couple of threads to participate in discussions other than Jeff related issues (and Jeff related too of course) and inevitably people have brought the other issues back into the conversation with me. I understand why that has happened but I hope it doesn’t have to continue on that way. Mostly for the sake of this site and the readership in general.

    I also understand that whilst I was commenting here before all this Jeff stuff broke out, I am relatively new and I know I have kinda been like the new kid on the block coming in and making my presence felt and causing a bit of a raucous. So I acknowledge that that could be a bit annoying and seem a bit bolshy. Thank you for tolerating that. Most of you would be surprised to know that that is not really my usual style but as all of you have seen…. if you push the right buttons, there is a bit of a mother lion in me…and my buttons unfortunately were pushed very early in the piece. lol

    I haven’t been over to FOD since I went to bed last night and I haven’t read the comments properly on the previous thread here either……but I see that there has been a bit of something said somewhere along the way related to FOD and SD. I regret that FOD has been brought into this, which has primarily been a conversation between ME and all of you here. I try to be an honest and transparent person, so I have not said anything on FOD that I wouldn’t and haven’t said here. I use the same name everywhere as evidence of the fact that I am not trying to hide. In actuality, I have only said a handful of vague things on FOD about what has transpired here and I have never used the SD name. Obviously the Archuniverse is small though and some people work it out for themselves.

    The reason FOD even came into it at all is because exactly a week ago, a person made a negative comment about Jeff on FOD and I made a couple of comments defending Jeff. That seemed to invite a lot of opinions from people who don’t post their regularly and I noticed some of them were regular commenters here. I then made a post on FOD referring to the new people who had shared their opinions and said that I was tired of all the negativity about Jeff, that they brought with them from ‘another site’. But I have said that to all of you here too, so that is nothing new, right? lol

    So if you want to blame someone for whatever may or may not have been said at FOD, blame me and please lets keep the peace between the sites. For the record, before all this happened I have seen negative comments here about FOD and Fanscene that were unsolicited but I’m sure we can all agree that a few loose comments by various people, shouldn’t create an ‘us and them’ mentality between the sites. David needs us to be one as a fan community as much as possible. Sometimes people comment without knowing all the facts and things take on a life of their own….but we all need a little forgiveness on occasion, don’t we?

    It seems that people here at SD, pride themselves on being able to speak their opinion and accept other’s opinions without hard feelings. I hope that sentiment can be extended to others even beyond SD. We are a diverse bunch of people around the Archuniverse but we share a common admiration for David, hopefully we can let that common bond over ride any disagreements we have.

    Once again, thanks for allowing me to have my say here at SD, even though it caused a hot controversy. lol Hopefully all of us – you and me – are richer for what we have learnt from each other.

    And lastly, thanks for assigning me my own special title as the Positivity Police. It’s an honour. 😉


    • hell0g0rge0us

      Thanks for explaining things, Shanny. and owning your own thoughts here.

    • Thanks Shanny for you input. Positivity FTW!

    • I try to avoid to comment about this, but just to be clear Shanny, MIC discussion came because the now strong possibility for him to be David’s manager, that i think was valid . i just think that your very persistence to bring the subjets many times demanding evidence, make the discussion way too long, tbh i was wonder if you were playing to the game of the provocation idk and i was curious about that. ….. i just want to be clear , one more time 1. that nobody is pretending to convince you and others to have a similar opinion and 2. That even if many things were explained here, some things that maybe can justify this opinions shouln’t be say openly in a site, don’t know if that was your goal though , but i just want to make sure you undesrtand that. 😉

      BTW i don’t know many posters to post here and there, the ones i know are very respectful posters/fans so maybe there you have some fans who think alike that some here? can be that a possibility? 😉

  10. I really miss D performing live. I thinking all of us are looking forward to his performave at Myrtle Beach with the new band.

    I am happy that he is coming back to the Philipplines In July. Two years ago, I would have drop everything and book my air ticket already. Till now, i am still thinking whether I should make the trip. The concert this coming week will probably help me make my decision lol. Hoping that it’s so good that I have to see Him Live !!

    I wish there are more news whether he iscoming to Singapore or Malaysia, which is nearer for me. I hate that such info are so last minute.

  11. In my opinion, what David needs from “us” is that “we” – and everyone else — buy his music and concert tickets.

    In my opinion, blog discussions — and “our” unity or lack thereof — are meaningless in terms of David’s career and success. In addition to David’s exceptional talent, it all boils down to professional management and a good label.

    The discussions here are enjoyable. Thank you, HG!

    Have a nice Sunday!

    • Also, the many aspects of MIC have been discussed here quite often, so I don’t think the “Jeff stuff broke out” in any way. Consequently, if MIC is David’s manager, I don’t think the “Jeff stuff” will go away (unless, of course, HG so chooses).

      • Peter: if MIC is the manager you are right the “Jeff stuff” will not go away. It should not as he is the manager and artist’s managers are discussed. There was never a hesitation with Melinda to discuss her and be very negative about her. We all were very negative about Jive. I guess that was OK? That does not change because MIC is David’s dad and it is ridiculous to think it would given MIC’s past history of totally mismanaging David, my opinion. Respect is earned not given and the music/entertainment business have no respect for MIC, again in my opinion. Why would they? They do like and have great respect for David. Everybody loves David but not MIC. Again my viewpoint. It seems to me that Sunny is part of the management team right now so she is open for discussion as are the band members. The fact that we are discussing David’s career and not just ignoring him is great. How many other fans have just left and don’t care what David does anymore? Young fans forget quickly and move on and that should not have happened.

    • I agree.

  12. I agree with Peter. It doesn’t really matter how many people post on David fan-sites, or how many polls he wins, or how many twitter and facebook followers he has. What will matter is how many tickets he can sell when he starts touring again, and how much music and David merchandise he can sell. That will determine if he can make a living in the music industry. If he can’t make enough money then he will have to seek a different career and sing on the side. But I do believe that David will always sing.

  13. Peter is also right about the Jeff stuff not going away if he is David’s manager. Whoever is David’s manager will be discussed just like his last manager – MelindaWEG. That’s just part of what fans do – complain about the artist’s manager and label. I do hope that David will get a label.

    • raelovingangels

      I still “speculate” that Jeff as manager may be temporary. ( assuming that caption on the picture was even correct that is) Someone had to be willing/able to step in on a moment’s notice. I agree with Joymus & think David asked Jeff. At this point I “feel” he needed someone he could trust and that was paramount to experience. Not sure what went on behind the scene with Jive & WEG- but think there was likely broken promises and a loss of trust.

      • I agree that if Jeff is David’s manager it may be temporary. We don’t know how long will be David’s break, how much time he needs to find himself so his dad is probably working with him during this transitional time for him. Like you, I think that David asked his dad, who else ? He said he’s in charge and I want to believe him.
        I think that David signed with WEG because of Jive. Peter posted the link of an article about the label’s pression on Usher to get a manager before the release of his album. I think that when he decided to part ways with Jive, it was obvious for him to do the same with WEG, they were probably just a temporary management for the release of TOSOD.

        David wrote a song about management (the infamous Elevator that I like a lot now lol) and he said in different interviews that he had a hard time to make a decision about the right management and that he hoped that he stopped at the right floor. It seemed to be an important issue for him to even write a song about it, so I think that he gave it a lot of thoughts and that he’ll take the right decision. My concern about his dad managing him haven’t changed, I’m glad to be able to voice my opinion here but it doesn’t matter at the end.

        I hope for the best and I really want his dad to surprise us. Maybe this time, his team has a clear plan for his career and that when David will be ready they’ll surround themselves with professionals, who knows… Only time will tell.

    • About getting a label, I wonder if it’s more difficult now for artists to sign a traditional recording contract (like David’s one with Jive ?). With the bad record sales and the “free” music avalaible on internet, it’s more profitable for the record labels to sign 360 deals with their artists. I read somewhere that the 360 deals are becoming common in major label contracts. I think that JB’s contract is a 360 deal, maybe Lady GaGa’s contract too. That would explain the huge support by their labels, they receive a percentage of the earnings from all of their activities (concert revenue, merchandise sales, endorsements, etc…). I can’t imagine David agreeing to sign this kind of contract even if that means that the label will be 100% behind him.

      • Jason Castro is another who signed a 360 deal.

      • Jason did sign one. That is interesting. Does Jason still have a label and is he now a Christian artist?

      • I just checked and Jason’s still listed on the roster for Atlantic Records. I don’t know what genre he performs now. Per MJ’s, he and a dozen other idols will be performing outside the Nokia just prior to the finale.

      • Thanks for the info desertrat

  14. I wonder if David will be part of the televised finale on AI. It looks like he will be doing one idols event in LA. AI might do something for the 10th anniversary involving idols but who knows if he will be part of it. I hope he will because I would like to see him.

    • Good pictures, but next time i hope his permanent or temporary management pay attention to the kind of event they send him, the kid deserve more.

  15. When MIC was not David’s manager we did not discuss him unless he popped up in a picture. He has become the topic of discussion now because there is some indication that he is David’s manager again.

  16. Would anyone be interested in letting Lyndsey Parker know that she left off someone’s AI performance in her list of the Top 10? (Of course, her blog was 2 days ago, so it probably doesn’t matter now) http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/realityrocks/422552/the-top-10-american-idol-performances-of-all-time/;_ylt=Al30_ppdmZWkRQhufS_251jNwSUv

  17. raelovingangels

    Her choices are interesting. Some “generally” well accepted as top performances- some not. However to not even have David as an honorable mention, IMO seems to be an intentional slight. Maybe to drive people to the site- to leave comments- about why DA was omiitted?

  18. Initially, Lee Dewyze was listed to perform with Allison and David at the KIIS Viewing Party but his name has been removed. Given that he’s the reigning Idol, I thought his presence would ensure that we get a glimpse of party on t.v. during the finale. I hope some Archies are able to attend and give twitter updates.


  19. Lynsey Parker has never been a David fan. Wasn’t she once associated with (or is she still a part of) EW? I’m thinking so. I think of her as Slezak’s sidekick.

  20. It is a good idea to post a comment. Yes, I think Lyndsey is also a huge Adam Lambert fan and that must mean to her that you can’t be a David fan.

  21. Regarding all these radio stations and bloggers using Idol fans to drive hits to their sites, fans should band together and do something that forces them to vote for a week, lol.

    1) Vote for the radio station that you believe will be relevant in 2 years.
    2) Vote for the Idol blogger most likely to provide fair and balanced reviews.
    3) Vote for the music blogger who has the best credentials to critique idol contestant performances.
    4) Vote for the blogger most capable of having a journalism career without having to attach him/herself to and Idol to garner publicity.
    5) Which radio station is most likely to use Idol in a desperate attempt to draw attention to its otherwise lame website.

    I could go on and on. 🙂

  22. I’m late to the discussion but I just read the last 2 threads (they have 190 comments each, and there’s not so much going on in David’s career, I’m impressed lol).
    So it’s going to be a Country finale on AI… Is it the first time that the runner up and the winner are from the same genre ? It will be interesting to see, even more if they signed with the same management and label. It’s like the competition won’t end with AI and that they’ll have to fight for the same things, unless Lauren is going to be more pop/country likeTaylor Swift and differenciates herself from Scotty’s “pure” country music. (My comment shows that I know nothing about Country music lol).

    • Simon Fuller said in the beginning of this AI season that he was going to personally manage the winner and runner up this year. That means he and 19 will be managing Scotty and Lauren. That should be interesting.

    • They have more competition that in between them out in the real country market.

  23. Lady Gaga accused of manipulating ‘Born This Way’ sales by giving it away free

    “But initial sales will be decent, possibly due to the fact that Best Buy is giving the album away with sales of cell phones this coming week. An insider told me that this could add as much as 200,000 albums to her first-week tally.”

    “Lady Gaga doesn’t have to worry about her songs topping the charts either. Starting next week, Starbucks will be giving away Lady Gaga singles for free.”


  24. Ya know, I’m a little behind when it comes to technology. I’ve been checking out smart phones for the first time, and the salesman are so proud to announce that “you can download mp3s free on these.” 😦 Are they saying what I think they’re saying??

  25. That Gaga blurb sounds like a retread of well known accusations that Mariah Carey and her label/mgmt did much the same thing during her heyday. LOL, is there no more honor among thieves? 🙂

    Gaga proves herself to be less and less the original she claims when she even has to steal ideas from other pop greats to juice her sales or chart rank, lolol. Yep, pop music is hella full of scum, sleazebags and ruthless ‘do anything for a buck or fame’ folk. In front of and behind the scenes. Makes me think David and Co. will never succeed in it to the level many want for him, because they heretofore have proved most unwilling to get down in the mud and play the game. Of which I’m kinda glad, cause I do believe you have to forfeit huge chunks of your soul to be a superstar in the pop game.

    Pt. I

    Pt. II

    • Unbelievable… Thanks for the links.

    • Thanks for the links Peter and GG !

      “Mariah’s 1997 album, Butterfly, was selling far below the amount expected. It was eventually certified five times platinum based on overshipments: this number is far more than the actual amount the album sold”.
      They should have had certified David’s first album platinum at least lol. I read at MJs that JHud’s album was certified gold when she didn’t even have sold 300K, apparently it’s a promotional tool, making the artist looks good lol.

      OT but I hope that when they’ll release the Motab DVD/CD, there will also be a promotional package including CFTH (with a new pic lol). Is it true that it’s going to be avalaible in August ?

      • hell0g0rge0us

        Where’d you get that info, Cmoi? I’ve been dying to get a Motab DVD since I saw the vids in December! 😛

      • I’ve been dying to get it too (I especially want a good version of the Cat and the Mouse carol). I’m really not sure about the August release, I read it on twitter I think, the best source for false infos lol. That’s why I asked for confirmation lol. I hope it will be on Itunes France too (it was an international event afterall !).

      • Apparently, Natalie Cole’s audio CD with the Motab was released Sept 7, 2010 (I found the info on Amazon). But maybe they release the DVD after the concert is aired on TV ?

      • I’m sorry for spamming but I found the tweet about the August release date on Fanscene : http://archuletafanscene.com/2011/03/07/david-archuleta-with-the-mormon-tabernacle-choir-cd-to-be-released-823/

        It’s an old post so things may have changed since that time.

      • Thanks cmoi. August seems a little early, since I remember most of the recent MoTab Christmas concerts came out in September, a few weeks after school starts (usually the 4th week of August here), but it’s close enough for me.

        Both the DVD and the CD have always come out at the same time. (I know all this because they do MAJOR promo for it here.)

        I wouldn’t count on any cross-promotion with David’s Christmas CD though, unless David does some signings, where they might have both for sale. I don’t recall any signings with past featured performers though, but I could be wrong.

      • Thanks for the info, September is good too ! I hope that David’s manager will find a way to do cross-promotion like a special package for the Holidays. It would benefit both to David and the Motab. It’s a too good opportunity to be wasted ! Oh, and if he manages to do it, I’ll acknowledge him as manager of the month lol (of course I’m just kidding !).

      • LOL. Yes, he will be Manager of the Month. I, too, hope that CFTH will be promoted.

    • I’m in the minority again, but i just guess is an strategy , low the prices of a single or an album to push the song in the lists is more commun than we think.
      Taylor S, gave her album a 3.99$ for one day by the time of her album release, and JenHud is already certified gold with 200 albums to sell to make the mark, obviously to make the buzz around her album, still can sell out her concerts though , so to me is an strategy that works for some, not for all, because even with that they need to be popular at the moment.
      And about Gaga, well girl made the deal and made her-self sure that her sales gonna be good lol …… the point is that is not unusual to give the song , album and tickets buying some services or products. I agree though is not an original idea , but very well planned to serve to more purposes this time.

      To me David’s team need to adapt some of this ideas to his next promo moments, that will be good for him and his sales…..i wish he can make team with some product and/or services to help him in the new phase.

      • It’s a strategy, a market strategy, yes – much in the same way, (using a very public example) the Enron executives and others in the early 2000’s ‘manipulated’ (or just STRAIGHT UP LIED about and fabricated) and filed SEC and quarterly reports to reflect much higher earnings than were true. When the lies and manipulations were finally revealed it was too late to save the the company and its employees, the ‘little guy’ from ruin – lotta people were misled by that ‘strategy’ into investing into a company that seemingly was robust and financially sound. It’s all public record, and a great read for those interested. Using it as just a broad example to illustrate that yes, what the record companies are and have been doing for years to juice sales can be called a ‘strategy’ – it’s a high risk strategy with a lot of thorny ethical and moral dilemnas that imo I could never see David, nor anyone on his team ever consenting to engage in willingly just to sell records. JMO – I think in the race to shower him with ‘success”, we sometimes overlook what appear to be some high moral and ethical principles that may be guiding a lot of his business decisions, which will make it tough for him to compete on a ”level’ (I use that term very loosely) playing field in the dirty and sleazy pop music game. I don’t know or claim to know just how inner directed and driven he is morally and ethically, but I’d make a fair guess that those waiting to see him resort to these market ‘strategies’ in order to post good numbers may have a long, long wait. Kinda ironic that some of the qualities we like about him may prevent him from attaining the kind of ‘superstar’ status or being a mega seller in this business. Oh well, he is who he is, the business is what it is, and if the two can ever meet in the middle – remains to be determined. If it comes down to him having to compromise what he may view as his integrity, morals or ethics to get or go to that next level…. I’d bet my dinero on him standing fast on those three…

  26. No prob Peter. I love music. The pop music game – not so much. Makes you question if anything or anyone in it is or has been ‘real’, you know? But then I hear gems from the greats, watch video and see them in their prime or in action, and I can stop peeking behind the curtain, and just enjoy the music… The great music that has filled my and our lives makes what lies behind the curtain to get it there a little more palatable 🙂

  27. more good news about pop music:

    “Britney Spears to Sex Up Billboard Music Awards:

    Live on the stage of the MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, Spears will perform “Til the World Ends” with nominee Nicki Minaj after the latter delivers her hit “Superbass” backed by a slew of hot male dancers. ”


  28. desertrat – I loved this “Regarding all these radio stations and bloggers using Idol fans to drive hits to their sites, fans should band together and do something that forces them to vote for a week, lol.” Too bad we can’t somehow do this. I finally realized that this “my idol’s is better that your idol” mentality that is brought on by these polls don’t really do anything for the artist. Music is not a sport and it is subjective. Again, what will help David is buying his music and tickets to his shows. I’m not going to worry about David becoming a huge pop star as I doubt that will happen in the cut throat music industry today. I’m just going to enjoy his music.

  29. Jason Castro is currently pursuing the Contemporary Christian format. Someone asked about him above. He has a song being played on Christian radio. He’s played at some Christian girl conferences.

    • Thanks grammyj for the additional info on Jason. Someone had mentioned to me that they thought Jason was on Christian radio frequently.

    • Jason went in tour with some Christian girl band and yes he is charting in Christian charts, but at same time he do his alternative stuff and he was even invited to Europe to sing in some festival…..hope David can go someday too 😉

  30. Yeah……..David is leaving Utah…… happy dance 🙂

    According to this interview, David said he is moving to Nashville and has some new project….


  31. Wow, that is wonderful news. I really think he will like Nashville. Also, much of the Christian music industry is based there. I have heard so many good things about Nashville.

    • just awesome news…..so many reasons that this would be a great move for David. I hope it is true & not a mistake by the interviewer.

      Plus he’s closer to me….hehe 😆

    • exact words from the interviewer:

      “When asked what might be next in his career he went on to explain that he’s about to move to Nashville to start work on a new project that he’s really excited about. “

    • Shanny in Australia

      David has said that he never wanted to spend lots of time in LA but he can’t avoid it. Obviously he will still need to spend time in LA but perhaps Nashville will feel like a more comfortable fit while still keeping him in touch with the music scene.

      If it’s true he is heading to Nashville, I wonder if it is for a specific project or not…..always love more David music. lol

      Didn’t DAvid also say recently that he wants to get into writing more – and in particular – writing for other people. Seems there are lots of songwriters he likes and respects to mentor him in Nashville.

      I also saw a thought raised about Joy Williams’ Indie label. Even more hmmm…… I think I would like him to go Indie, just because I want him to have the freedom he seems to want.

  32. Shanny in Australia

    BTW HG, I vote for permanently posting that top pic at the top of every thread. lol

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