The Idol Who Started the “Boy Craze”

From what I understand, Nigel and others associated with the show are resigned to an eventual Scotty win (as am I).  Watching his homecoming video of course made me nostalgic for the first teen Idol who started the whole “boy craze” on the show (you know, the craze that has basically expelled any other girl from winning the crown now?). Of course, the results haven’t been revealed yet, but y’all know that boy ain’t going nowhere…


This video still tugs at my heart three years later.

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  1. Well, I’m going to speak positively about David’s booking agent. So far the bookings look great for David. I just wish there were more of them, but according to TwitterDrummer more are coming. Of course, he has been saying that for awhile. Anyway, the family show at Myrtle Beach, opening for Brad Paisley at SOF and two big concerts so far in Asia all work to where David should do great. Rumors are there will be Christmas concerts which should also sell well because of David’s appearance last year at MOTAB.

  2. Oooh, I really hope the Christmas concerts happen. I’d go to extreme measures to get to another Christmas concert, and I’m not in any way kidding. My best concert in all my considerable years was David’s Christmas concert. (Didn’t get to MOTab — that DVD is something I’m very much looking forward to.)

    • me too. Can’t wait for the MOTAB DVD. Also, David’s Christmas concert was my favorite of the David shows I’ve attended. I walked out there in a complete daze- he was incredible.

  3. Out *OF* there. I wish there was an edit button. lol

  4. Re. the Lefsetz quote I posted earlier, I also don’t believe Matt Morrison’s decision is a “career breaker”. After watching Chris Brown make his comeback, to me it’s never over unless an artist calls it quits. Glee’s concerts are managed by Jared Paul (Azoff) as is the NKOTBSB tour. Perhaps that’s how Matt got invited.

    Re. that Sunny tweet to DOsmond, I’m with Tibi, I find her tweets entertaining because they’re sort of loopy. I do wish she would refrain from tweeting specific information re. David.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I get the impression her whole reason for being on twitter is to specifically tweet about David. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it was encouraged by David. Sunny has known David for a long time and never tweeted about him until now, when it looks like she could be a part of his team in some way. Same with Steven the drummer. He only joined twitter after he joined David’s band. He once said that he passed the fans love on to David and David sent a messge back to send his love back in return. So David knows full well he is communicating with the fans. I tend to think that David likes it because it keeps the fans going and takes a bit of the pressure off him to tweet all the time.

      • Shanny, I need facts not opinions. (I’m just teasing. 🙂 )

      • Twitter from the drummer are not that ‘Spêcial’ like this Lady tweets, her followers don’t match David followers, so what pressure is she taking away from him ? , she needs to be more serious if really is on his team, otherwise her tweets are pointless and …….well, ummmm , nvm…… 😐

      • Shanny in Australia

        Desertrat – 😆

        I can see how I deserved that! 😆

        I gotta go to bed now everyone. Take care. 🙂

      • Shanny, have a good nights rest!

    • Desertrat: That is why I thought that David wouldn’t tour with NKOTB/BSB because Jared Paul (Azoff) manages NKOTB. I didn’t realize that he managed the Glee tour too. He was David’s co manager with MIC and I am not sure how that ended. Maybe they are still friends. I wouldn’t know. I don’t think the tour is a big deal for the opening acts anyway. The fans are there to see NKOTB/BSB. I do think this music business can be very cut throat.

      • That band boys tour are selling very well right now, their crowd are not teens, but middle age people women and men. I still thinking he lost a great opportunity. Seriously how many artist , that David him-self admire took in the past opportunities like this in a very humble attitude? and guess what, they survive, made some money, picked some fans, had some fun and put their names out there……don’t get me wrong i think David is a humble guy, but he still a newbe in this business and need some realistic people around him to take the right opportunities, all is a process , in the futur he can open for more big names and find popular names to open for him….right now he need to back in the game, and show to the people he still having a career….then bring his new music and style whatever to route he’s planning to follow is.

      • It couldn’t have ended that well because I read that Jared Paul deleted following David from his twitter when he was no longer co-manager with MIC. I don’t know if that is true. Who would delete David?

      • David seems to be such a diplomat that I doubt he burned any bridges with Azoff/Jared. I spotted Jared at several of David’s shows and he’s in the background of a few of David’s pics and videos. He’s slightly taller than MIC and he used to wear a ball cap.

        I plan on seeing the NKOTB/BSB and Jordin when they come to my area. If the show is on a weeknight, I doubt I’ll arrive in time to see Matt Morrison because the arena is far from where I work.

  5. No offense but i guess Jeff needs his own fansite , seriously , this all discussion around him is taking (one more time) to much time. …..just saying. 🙂 People coming here and throw the comment , wait for reactions and then go give their reports 😐 . Management in David’s case is always a subjet of discussion on his fandom . Azzof – Jeff – WEG are being the middle of the discussion since he is out of AIS7, he is not the only artist who the fans make criticisms to his choices of mang; he probably gonna change many more times, looks to me is more the rule in this business ;)………and for once
    I wonder what would have been the reaction if Melinda had been involved in a scandal with police on board ….. I can clearly imagine.

    • Great idea! And I, too, have often wondered what the reaction would have been to a MWEG scandal. Would people go to great lengths to make excuses for her?

      I find the positivity monitoring and reporting process at once unbelievable and hilarious.

  6. Yeah, I think it’s pretty common for fans of any singer to complain about their management and label. I doubt that David reads Soul David and I’m sure that he know his dad’s reputation so whatever is said here won’t matter to him. It’s all speculation anyway which is what we will do until David gives us some new performances. Even FOD canceled MIC’s online chat that he was going to do as the producer of CFTH. It was canceled because of all the fan backlash on FOD. IMHO that is when MIC realized he couldn’t be David’s manager at that time.

  7. Planning a Christmas tour? Hmm.

    You know, if in his heart of hearts this is the type of performer David wants to be — not played on pop radio, renditions of heartfelt standards, I see nothing wrong with that. But if he wants to do that, I think he should 100% invest in that type of approach.

    It seems like he is partway in the standards world and partway wanting to prove himself as a pop singer songwriter. It isn’t consistent, and I think that is the problem.

    But what do you guys think?

  8. I agree. In terms of David’s career and success, blog discussions are meaningless, as is all the “buzz.”

  9. That was interesting to hear that Jared Paul is managing the Glee and NKOTB tours. That furthers his reputation for specializing in putting together good tours. All the touring that David did was an area of his career that went well.

    I agree, Marie, it does appear that that business relationship didn’t end well, since he stopped following David. You’d think that he would still be interested to see how his former client was doing. I don’t see it personally against David, but more of a “I’m done with that whole situation” type of reaction. Or, maybe it’s common to un-follow past clients? Is MWEG still following David?

    Btw, desertrat, I had to laugh when you pointed out that Jared wore caps. But, I’ve seen lots of pics of him hatless as well. Just sayin’…

    • And IF things ended badly, seeing that Azoff/Jared are managing some big tours that David might possibly have been connected with, that shows how important it is to maintain good connections/relationships with people in the industry. I think David knows that, he handled the split with Jive and MWEG admirably in public when he could have dissed them. It’s just important that whoever “his people” are, do the same.

    • Standing in line at one of David’s shows a mentioned seeing Jared. I asked “which one is he?” She responded, he’s the younger guy in the ball cap. He was standing right beside MIC at the time.

      Jared may have stopped following David on twitter thinking it was the right thing to do. After he stopped managing D, per his (Jared) tweets he seemed close to Joy’s husband. I actually thought Nate was helping to manage David during that interim period. Also, Jared has since referred to David in tweets to Matt Squire and Eman. They may not be close but I don’t believe it was a bitter departure.

      • edit —

        Standing in line at one of David’s shows a “FAN” mentioned …

      • That is good to know. I am glad that is true. David needs to have positive connections with these managers in the business. I wonder if David might have Nate manage him? That wouldn’t be such a bad plan if David likes him.

    • Melinda not only still follows David but she follows his new band and Sunny. lol I never thought that David would ever end things badly with anyone but I do wonder about MIC’s business relationships. Everyone loves David. How could you not.

      • In the back of my mind, I wonder if Mel is trying to build a case to sue. Her contract was terminated at the cusp of a nice payday, the Asian tour. Or maybe she’s like us, ODD, lol.

        Re. Jared, he was w/David & MIC at the AMAs. He’s in the dark clothing on the far right.

      • Or maybe Melinda is a professional, who keeps good relationships and connections in the business–like posters here want for David’s management (and complain that Jeff doesn’t have).

  10. Do you think David could make a career of doing Christmas concert like Mannheim Steamroller? I have an eclectic taste in music so I don’t see a problem in combining genres when doing a concert. I thought the first part pop and second part Christmas when he did CFTH tour was great.

  11. Cosette/Grammyj, I also liked the mixture of pop and Christmas music during the CFTH tour. If he’s in fact having a Christmas tour, I hope he has some new music to share that would be officially released in early 2012.

  12. I think is would be great if Nate, Joy’s husband is David’s new manager. He is managing Joy’s duo, The Civil Wars. They have tour dates until July 8. I wondered why David had nothing in June. Maybe he is waiting for Nate to be able to tour with him. I just thought I’d bring up something new to speculate about. Oh, they also have their own label called Sensibility Music.

    • I think it might be a great idea if David is comfortable with Nate. Nate really has a good background in the music business. I saw an article about him and Joy. I think he worked for a label or something? This is positive speculation at least. lol

  13. I just found that the Civil Wars have tour dates in July and beginning of August so forget about my last post. I’m happy for the success of the Civil Wars. It shows that you can succeed as an indie artist.

  14. GG and Josie – if you are lurking – THANK YOU for you know what! – LOL!
    It seems crazy to be held hostage on a site for what posters say when they come from diverse backgrounds and hold varying perspectives on all manner of things pertaining to David. Can’t one post a speculation anymore without fear of it being reported on another site or censored through a good for David/bad for David filter? JMHO

  15. Edit: Meant to say – career speculation.

  16. I just want to say that I give so much credit to all of the fan sites for David. Whether you agree with all the posts and comments or not that is some very dedicated fans that run these sites for David’s fans. They all do if for free and should all be given credit for keeping these sites going at a time when David is basically taking a break from the music business. Not to mention no Official Site. This just happens to be my favorite fan site hg but the others do a good job too.

  17. Yep Joymus, we all should feel like we can openly and honestly say whatever we want, on any site we want, without fear of it being reported on or dissected on other sites, or used against a person or the site in a negative or mocking way. I own and stand behind what I say here, or anywhere, so I’m not sweating or worrying about folks reading anything I may say that may not be their cuppah. It just strikes me as borderline immature, those who like to participate in the runandtelldat! game from site to site… just stirs up crap, and keeps a lot of unnecessary drama going. Some get off on that us vs. them vibe that creeps into some internal David fandom stuff, but I don’t have time for silliness of that degree, lol… There’s enough “drama” in just declaring oneself a fan – who needs the other manufactured kind? 🙂

  18. MTE Goboywonder 😆

  19. The site SHOULD NOT matter. Each individual poster should be responsible for censoring their own post. Some posts have an informational bent, some are sarcastic, some are matter-of-fact, and some are simply to squee , drool or gush – my personal fav – LOL!
    David is my musical muse and even with some personal criticism by me at times – which I am entitled to – I simply love and adore him <3.

  20. Amen Joymus. Just….amen.

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