The Star Spangled Guy!

Here’s David, listed as one of the “Baseball Video Highlights” of last night’s Dodgers game.

A few thoughts: no screaming girls (because they don’t go to baseball games?) and he’s back to being introduced as “American Idol runner-up.” (I suppose this is still his claim to fame.)

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  1. thanks for posting the Apologize vid. Makes my stomach tie up in knots. Until the end, when David flashes that big David smile.

  2. Peter: “The problem is that he is ruining David’s career.”

    The speculation has become dogma.

    • Hello? David is not signed to a label and has no professional management.

      • And it is Jeff that forced David to leave both and make him manager while David takes a break because Jeff wants to be in control or the spotlight? Poor little David.

      • Let’s hope “The Archulator” really has gained more independence. Jeff definitely wants to be in control and in the spotlight.

      • Oh I definitely believe David is in complete control and his dad is there (in whatever capacity) only because David wants him to be. Whether media or fans agree or not.

  3. Hm. My thoughts about whether or not MIC’s involvement has an impact on David’s career are also different. It seems to me that many, many celebrities have something negative going on in their families or lives that gets talked about. Almost seems as if it would make David fit in better in that world.

    If MIC has been a part of the problem with David’s career, he’s only been a small part unless he was also controlling Jive and radio.

  4. I guess I can understand why David may have wanted his dad to manage his career right now. But I have been at a loss to figure out why he hasn’t been signed to a label, major or indie. I never connected the dots I guess. It’s hard to believe David not being signed with a label is a direct result of who his manager is. That’s crazy if that’s that case.

    I watched that new show The Voice and was intrigued with Javier Colon so I googled him. It turns out he is not a newbie. He was signed with a major label back in 2002 & made a couple of albums. Then he was dropped from the label. Rap & hip-hop were the money makers and Javier did not want to go that direction. Then a long struggle began for him to find another label who would take a chance on him after being dropped. It didn’t seem to matter that he had a very good voice. He continued to play in small clubs, opened for other artists and just barely managed to eek out a living as a singer/songwriter. He got married & had babies and continued to struggle, until The Voice came along. He said this is his last chance to make a comeback, to get noticed, to get a recording contract. To take care of his family. His last chance OR do something else to support & take care of his wife & daughters. He was 22 when he made his albums and he’s 33 now. It’s been a long struggle.

    My point? When I read about Javier, I wondered if David was in for a long struggle getting a new label to give him a chance like Javier? It’s possible. I don’t understand why he doesn’t have a label yet. Is it because of his choice of management or could it be because of the direction he wants to go in?

    • Didn’t know that about Javier Colon. I have been watching The Voice. One of the reasons why I like the show is that Adam Levine advised Javier Colon to “sing less” (that is, not to add runs everywhere). I think he will get a recording contract now.

    • Whatever the reason is , David really, really need a mentor in the business, objective people who knows and who can give real advise about what step to do….and that is what is missing now, family can give support , but he need someone with connections to make it.

  5. Family is important for support. But Jeff in any media pics with David is a bad move because of his past media image. Poor judgement on Jeff’s part. He can’t be that clueless on how he is viewed. It has been said he is an avid internet browser.

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