Soul David Does Not Do Group Think!

Welcome to all newer posters on Soul David. You’re most welcome here! 🙂

But I do need to reiterate that this blog does not do “group think” even though we’re all fans of the same person. The only “mandate” here is to respect each other and especially respect David (which does not mean you can’t be critical of the decisions he makes about his music, image, or career).

Remember we discuss all things David because we love him so much.  So, don’t even think about doing “thought policing” around here!

To hit this point further in a not so subtle way, I toyed with linking to that You Tube “death tape” of the People’s Temple in Jonestown, Guyana (aka “kool-aid drinking” incident) but that just seems too macabre (although you’ll get the point swiftly).

So, I’ll just let this music video speak for itself instead:


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  1. Been here, done that. The argument about REAL fans is old and I hope doesn’t become a divisive tool here. We all have an opinion – great! But all the arguments about who is a REAL fan is childish, old, tired, and uninteresting. We are all real fans, no matter how we choose to show it, say it, play it or disagree with it.

    And as for #MIC, having been a member of a site that catalyzed one of the biggest fan fights of all time, with the publication of a picture of an ass (the kind you ride, you know, a mule) in reference to you-know-who, I have to say, he creates great angst among the fans, whether they like him or not. He is a polarizing influence, and takes the spotlight off of David – something a manager should never, ever, ever, do.

  2. I’m seriously considering going to one of D’s concerts in Asia this summer. 18 hour flight to Manila, $1,400 airfare, hmmm …

    • Well if you can’t see the artist in his own country, then that is the only choice for his NA fans, no matter how ridiculous the scenario is.


  3. The Manila concert is up on the official site! Also, only 49 days & 4 1/2 hrs until the new site is launched.

    • So, that will be July 3 (or something along those lines), unless the date is postponed further.

  4. hg,i like your posts and storyes,you are a great writer,but i feel this post is directed towered me,now an openion is one thing,but when one makes a statment as comeing across as a fact they should back it up,like if i sad you have no education,verse in my openion you have none get my drift

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Ray, nope not going to single one person out when there were others doing “thought policing.” I’m just reminding folks that this is not how we roll around here. No matter what is said as “fact,” remember everybody is simply stating opinions. Unless we have some stealth folks working in David’s management, it’s safe to assume most folks here are regular fans simply speculating.

      • hg, you asked for this one when you assume you make an ass out of you and me ,.that may br my problem i don,t assume,i take things as face value peace

  5. Shanny in Australia

    HG, so what you are saying is that we should not tell each other what to think and how to behave? You do know there is irony in that don’t you. 😉

    “you need to stop telling me what to do’.
    “No you need to stop telling me what to do’
    “You just told me what to do again, stop doing it”
    “Well you also just did it again, stop it yourself”

    …and so on. 😆 But I get what you mean nevetheless. 🙂

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Basically, I want the “I’m a Real Fan and You’re Not” nonsense to stop.

      All other nonsense is permissible.

      Carry on! 😛

      • Shanny in Australia

        Have you seen the stuff I go on with on the web?! If you only knew….you might not be so anxious to encourage me to go on with my nonsense! 😆

      • hell0g0rge0us

        Try me.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Oh unfortunately my nonsense is not something I can just produce, it has a life of it’s own. I’m usually just along for the ride.

      • Hi Shanny, i just want in a very conciliatory tone to make you an observation, each David’s site has their style to bring and handle each discussion about David’s career, i’m happy you can be part of this exchange of point views here and in some of that other sites , i’m even glad you’re consistent in your opinions about each subjet David’s fansites are discussing everywhere you post , I assume then that if even you disagree with some postures and posters here, you equally enjoy this freedom and opportunity to share your thoughts without be considerate a disloyal fan lol or feel you has been alianate to think alike , so i hope from a point ethic you respect that when you post away .

      • Shanny in Australia

        Tibitibi, I think David’s fans are a passionate lot and are entitled to voice as many opinions as there are fans…as long as they are respectful.

  6. Shanny in Australia

    As for flights to see David…. I’m trying to decide….spend a thousand buck-a-rooneys on an airfare to Thailand or put that money towards a holiday where I really want to go – the US – and spend more than two thousand buck-a-rooneys per person for the airfare plus all the costs of having fun. lol I seriously think it would be a lot easier if David would just take me up on my offer to pay for his airfare to Australia and come and visit me. 😆

  7. Wow, blood letting to get to go to a concert……haha

    Jakarta Concert: Donate Blood for Tickets!

    Seems kind of gruesome, but must be it works.

  8. I’ve had to mostly skim the comments sections over the past few days because of huge events in my own life, but I did want to say that I understand all opinions on this. Although I’ve said that I’m choosing to trust David in his recent choices, I do get why others are more upset. Maybe it helps that I’ve been a little too busy to worry. (And I’m, like, insanely busy. 17yo child graduating and 15yo leaving for Europe.)

    I think the fact that we do follow David’s movements very closely might hurt more than help? Not sure if I can articulate this well, and my time is still limited, but I’m going to try to relay a thought that helps me.

    In my high school and college days, I did quite a bit of painting. Always, after painting a while, I’d need to sort of step back and squint at the picture to get a wider view of my work and the ideas behind it. Then I’d move back in to add detail as my mind’s eye “saw” it. Also when viewing pieces of art, it is fun to look at them from close up to see those intricate details, and also from far away to get more of a feel of the pieces. Both ways of seeing have merit and are worthwhile, but give the viewer different impressions.

    Some of us may be stepping back a bit to try to appreciate a career unfolding, perhaps trusting in David’s talent or the great cosmos or whatever to put things where they need to be in good time. Some may be looking more closely, but at the subject (David,) and noticing that he certainly seems happy. Some may be similarly moved in but on a different aspect of the “painting” we don’t particularly like.

    We are all thinking from different heads. Of course we’ll feel different. Discussion is good and I appreciate the encouragement and opportunity to discuss.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Kathy, I like your analogy of each person viewing the picture a different way. I definitely see it in it’s broadest sense. I see it even rambling off the edge of the easel, into the terrirtory of the possibility of ‘life after fame’. I’m comfortable with the idea David might go back to an ordinary life one day. Maybe that is a part of why I don’t get upset about management decisions.

    • Kathy , from one side you have that many fans are not following David’s career that close anymore, doesn’t mean that they are haters or disagree with all his decisions , but many are losing motivation with his lack of promo and presence in the media. Yes in the big pisture he did 3 albums and one book, but maaaany people out there , even old fans don’t know about , so yeah he acomplished to be busy, but little affective to make his career to take shape and go in a good path to be recognized like (in our eyes) his talent deserve….with exception of this Asia tour , that we know was in works since last year,and tbh took to much time, the latest events are painfully low profil , his connection with this wide musical world go back to the same people than before and i with the ones who talk about the exidols photoshot , for me was sad too , he don’t even make the list of succesful non-winners idols reference from many articles i read this season, maybe is nothing , but since fans care for a radio stations poll i guess this point is valid too. Now in the other site you need to consider too media opinion, they too are looking close his career moves ( ihope they still care about tbh) and some of that people can be really harsh with their opinions and not necessarily bringing unvalid points.
      So maybe many of us are looking in the big picture , happen that right now is pretty much an abstraction that many still not able to recognized or just don’t like the technic or even think the colors are too sad to enjoy.

  9. hell0g0rge0us

    In other news, this must be the umpteenth article I’ve read predicting a Scotty McCreery win and also bemoaning the lack of diversity on Idol.

    I myself didn’t realize the show had become a “red state middle-school popularity contest.”

    I really think the lack of diverse winners in the past few years has everything to do with emerging technologies and limitless voting via such technologies.

    Only certain “fanatics” care that much about Idol to engage in “limitless voting” via technologies, and with each new year proving to turn out the same old, same old kind of winner, that’s a a different demographic that loses interest, hence why we have the same Idol voters voting (even if they’re not buying the music).

    There’s a reason Idol winners don’t sell like they used to …

    I think if the show wants a true representation (as well as stay RELEVANT to the folks outside a certain demographic), they need to put a cap on votes and see how the voting trends change.

    • I agree. The way the system is working now, not only are the most talented performers losing, but even the favorites are. The winners are the ones who have the most motivated fanbase, making the results pointless.

      I don’t think AI will change the voting system tho. For example, they couldn’t claim that 72 million votes were cast. Announcing a total of 6 million votes sounds pathetic in comparison.

      Scotty’s a nice kid, but I still don’t want him to win…

  10. To add to the MIC/Manager issue, I have come to another conclusion than the one everyone else is thinking about. Here’s my two cents.

    After watching the ASCAP interview I think David is the one steering MIC instead of the other way around. David is the one with all the connections via all the collaborations he has had in the past and is probably held in high esteem for his overall body of work. I feel he currently has Family and Friends Management – SunnyH / Aunt Laurie / Who Knows? – at this time because they cannot or will not pressure him to go out and produce. When was the last time he walked a red carpet or attended an award show? David is the one who’s the star and the one who has to perform on stage not MIC. Do we really believe he can tell David what to do when the reports are that David is equally as stubborn in his ways? Does anyone remember the UStream on album release day how peevishly he answered Melinda a time or two because she was trying to tell him what to do about the responses?

    I believe that at least for right now, FFM is a temporary yet safe alternative to allow him to indulge in self-discovery while keeping costs low, and only a “toe in the water” with the occasional NA, charity event and performance. I also feel that Jeff has laid low for the past couple months considering his high-profile days during the Idol Tour. I strongly believe that David would benefit from professional PR to address these issues that cause angst in the fanbase. Management, End of Relations with Jive, Career Hiatus. Of couse he does not have to but it would have been nice to consider it.

    My other concern is why is David not creating other sources of income with product endorsements – Trader Joe Anyone? or even capitalizing on his looks with modeling? He promotes just about everything and everyone but himself.

    This fandom thing seems to be 10% Squee and 90% Angst. Why is being a David Fan so,so, difficult? If only he was less talented or a brat……GONE!

    • 10% Squee 90% Angst
      Joymus on fiyah today!
      Smiling big over here!!

      • Can Joymus get a witness? WOOT! AMEN Sista’! Well said!
        Hmmmm, David…modeling? That face?! *%#@!&^ GAH! Please…I’ll buy anything he’s sellin’! 😉

      • hell0g0rge0us

        David first needs the confidence I think before venturing into modeling. But he’s definitely got the look! 😀

      • Yes, confidence. Too bad it isn’t possible to bottle his sassy stage self. He could drink some mixed with his blueberry ice and nail any role/photoshoot 😉

    • Thanks everyone! Yes Archangel48 – that face! Good to go!

    • Shanny in Australia

      I enjoyed reading this post Joymus. It has a lovely open minded feel to it. Thanks. I love that David is taking the time to do things his way. That ASCAP interview was great wasn’t it! Since he so obviously is needing and enjoying the time to breathe again and re-group, it made me feel like I want to give him as much time as he needs.

      My only points of disagreement would be….I think Jeff has laid low much longer than a couple of months…how about a couple of YEARS. And my experience of being a fan would be more like 75% squee and 25% angst. And very little of that angst comes from David and his decisions. 😉 😆

  11. David tweeted about having some meetings today. I hope he’ll be able to tell us more about them. Now I’m wondering if they are about label/management or about preparing the next appearance (the Utah awards one) or about working on planning a tour or maybe meeting with producers for the songs he wrote … I like the idea of an EP but after watching David’s latest interviews, it seems like it’s maybe a little too early for him to share new music right now.

    Also, I wonder if the rumors about touring in Europe are true now that we’re starting to see international tour dates.

  12. i think some fans find it hard,because they want david to be popular like jb,now rember the interviwes,he went on at first the questions asked of nim ,do you have a girl,have you been kised,are you gay,on and on and on ovr and over,and ten tmz looking for any thine bad the could find,only rumors about his father,,would that not make you shy of the media, in the last time how maney times have you seen other idols not out with anew song on tv, and with davids morals he is not going to endorse any product he doesn,t belive in there for no endorsments yet,how many other idols have endorsements,do you all get it

    • Ray – Just brainstorming amd thinking out loud on how David could generate income other than by singing. Please don’t take me seriously 🙂
      I agree with the rest of your comment which is why I said he probably has FFM at this time.

    • I don’t want David to be popular like JB. But I want him to have a long career and I want his talent to be recognized more widely. I want him to be able to do the music he really wants and I want him to be able to share it with the most people possible.
      I don’t think he needs to compromise who he is to do it. I don’t think he has to go to red carpet events etc to do it, I think that this kind of events only help to sell your name not albums. There are other singers (and actors) who don’t compromise who they are and still manage to make it.
      David is a creative person so if radios don’t want to play his songs, he needs (with the help of his team) to find another way to be heard. There are singers who are not present on the radios but they still have a following and are recognized.

      It’s hard to see that David worked so hard on TOSOD and was so proud of it but it didn’t do well, and for other reasons than the quality of the album. It’s probably frustrating for him, it’s also for the fans (all of them, the cougars, those who just pretend, the real, the teens, etc).

    • JB is not the only popular artist there , the same David is not the only one with values and work ethic in the business, and the rumors about his father were his fathers fault.
      So saying this the point is that yes! back to idol days when i decided to follow the career and support that kid, i did it because from all the new prospect singers from idol and in general , i saw on him his start power, his amazing voice and the possibility for him to be BIG and relevant in the music world for his own work , i have not problem to recognize i’m one of that fans who is disappointed with the low key perspective some fans are picture of his futur….and even if is his own ambition to ride his career in a safe mode, i mean never taking risks.
      And about the endorsement, i don’t think he is a big name yet to make profits for a product company in comparison with others celebrities….hope that changes in the immediate futur.

      • tibitibi, what you want will come about,and david did take a big risk dropping jive,but he will come out on top

      • Tibitibi, I think that David can be a popular artist and don’t compromise who he is. I don’t think one thing excludes the other. It’s still possible.
        Me too, I thought he would be a huge star just after AI. He almost was with the success of Crush but they just couldn’t take it to the next level for some reasons.
        Like you, I don’t think it’s the JB route or nothing. Also, I suppose that David wants to share his music with everyone who wants to listen, I also suppose that he wants his music to do well. So I believe that when he says that he doesn’t want to be a star, I think he thinks about the pejorative definition of star. I don’t think he’s against being popular and recognized for his music.


    • hell0g0rge0us

      Now who’s making an ass out of you and me here? *cough cough*

      Not that I mind. In fact, I think it’s cool that we have found our Proverbial Pollyana in you, Ray. As long as we’ve got our Perpetual Pessimist in Peter, then we’ll have our perfect balance! 🙂

      All these different perspectives, it’s all good, IMO. Carry on!


    • David opening for someone in the US (and in Europe, I want him to come back here soon !!!) would be a great thing. It would help him make a tour financially acceptable for him and it would help him gain new fans by exposing his music outside of his fanbase.

    • Pretty impressive. lol

    • So now #tweetingDrummer is a part of the “we”, lol. You gotta like him though.

      “No worries here1 We are right where David wants to be.”

      • Gah! Maybe the drummer is the new manager! Yay! (I do like him tho–he has a good vibe.)

      • He definitely sees himself as part of the “team”, lol. Jokes aside, that’s probably what David was searching for in this new band – a team.

      • A»t least this time is only one band member and not all the gang answering fans tweets, from that point is already a progress. 😉

    • Wow!!

      • Given the choices right now I vote for the #tweeting drummer as new manager . He said he liked to network to get jobs and that is a good start. My second choice would be the keyboard player Mark. He has very white teeth and is on Glee. In the background band but still on Glee. That is my positive statement for the day. lol

    • Several members of Team David play a wind instrument. In addition, they are good at tooting their own horns.

  14. Some interesting comments today. hg I agree that the “I am a real fan and your not” should end and it’s getting real old . Thanks for the clarification. Joymus you raised some good points. I do think that David may not have wanted the pressures involved with the industry. At the end of the day we are all just fans of David that have differing views of what would be the best direction for his music career to go. That is open to public speculation because being in the music industry you do have fans and have to deal with the public. No one can change people’s opinions. They are what they are. There is nothing like professional management and pro. PR if you have a music career in my opinion.

  15. SandyBeaches

    KathyH…it probably takes a creative artist to see what David may be doing with his career at this time. Possibly David is following suit to what you have said quite nicely.


  16. Cmoi, I always appreciate your comments…just sayin’.

  17. Were there tour rumours other than Asia? Was out of the loop this weekend due to illness.

  18. pollyana here cmoi ,wasen,t yelling at you cat walked on keybrode,didnt see it until after i sent it,

    • No problem Ray, and I agree with your comment about the possible change in the music trend. Adele and Lady Antebellum are doing well on i-tunes and this year grammy winners were less commercial than the year before. I think that Mumford & Sons are doing well. I don’t know if they are played on the radio but they benefit from a positive buzz right now. There’s hope for David and his music ! (now, I’m becoming a pollyana too, I need to make a pessimist comment now in order to balance things lol. I’m just kidding BTW).

      • Radio or not radio, all this people has a label and management behind them, professionals who know what is the name that need to shine , all of them know they need to invess in their shows and put something creative on stage in order to keep growing the reputation of good performers, each one in their styles and even if their don’t fit in the standards of commercial music, they know they need good links with the industry in order to progress and move forward, i said before that my dream for David is an indi label a la Taylor S…well still my dream tbh…..let hope david gonna arrive to find him-self in a music orientation and convince the critics ( i mean the real ones in the business) that that is him and his work.

  19. May I say in the kindest way – this fansite is definitely schizophrenic today lol!
    We’ve covered all in one post – good vs bad fan,
    Family & Friends Management – FFM,
    Pollyanas & Pessimists,
    Wind Instrument players,
    The return of TEDA,
    Tour News,
    Did I leave anything out! Everything is making me LOL and after the last post – that’s good news indeed 🙂

    • I needed a laugh too. As mentioned on the last post, seeing D’s photo last week w/those other talented but not nearly as accomplished idols took me to a very low place. By this morning, I decided I wanted a fresh start so I began pricing airfare for the Manila concert. 🙂

      • Kris Allen was in that photo too and he won AI a few years ago.

      • During Kris’ season, I thought Adam deserved to win and I couldn’t bring myself to acknowledge Kris’ talent. I’ve watched his video clips and I believe he’s the best of the recent male w/guitar winners.

      • I love Kris now, talented, cute, funny, smart and humble , good combination…..he’s my favorite male winner 🙂

  20. cmoi,ther was an artical on biiboard about the same subject,good music comming back,and yes HG iam an optimist, now is that bad,?????after 80years on this earth i don,t assume anything

  21. I sure think Kris is better than Lee but I think they are both going to struggle. Cook too. It’s too bad.

  22. I have really been enjoying all the comments on this thread. If David would communicate better about his actual career instead of what he is eating (although I like to know that too) we wouldn’t have to get our information and hints from Tweeting Drummer and Sunny. Oh, well if David actually told us about management and getting a label, etc. we wouldn’t have as much to speculate about!

    • grammy,o yes we will example ,dont,t like new mgr,don,t like new lable,don,t like the direction he going in,i can go on forever,lol,

      • You know Pollyanna, I think David’s fan base is so diverse that no matter what he does, some segment the of the fandom is going angst (complain/criticize/moan/groan/b*tch/nag/mock) over the fact that he didn’t do something else (because they can see it so much more clearly than he can). Poor guy, he literally can’t please everyone so he might as well do it his way. Especially since someone is going to be disappointed anyway–no matter what he does.

      • Oh! I was wonder what was the deal with very positive ‘Pollyana’ poster i thought it was just imaginary name to portrait the very cheerful posters..mmmmm. So nice to met you 😉

        And about your post, well you right and is normal that not everyone is in the same wagon every time and with every decision, but like i said before the fact someones agree all the time with his decisions don’t make them necessarily positives persons. Some fans were not totally against Jive , or Demi tour or WEG by example…….but since that was not the consensus in some sites, all of them became negatives of low supporters 😐 ….. so reality is pretty subjective since each one have a different view of the life , and in consequence you have a lot of opinions everytime, its just happens.
        Not only in David’s career btw, that is a truly roller coaster, we’re not that exclusives 😉 , and at the end of the day, we’re only talking and speculating , him is the only responsible for his decisions .

    • I might be in the minority but I don’t feel this information is our business. I definitely think that David should self promote more. When an event is officially announced, he should tweet about it. He has gotten better about that though. He tweeted about the IC event and the NA at the hockey game. And he did a vlog about his trip to Indonesia. But if David is meeting with labels and management and is going through negotiations with them, I don’t think that is something that fans should expect to know about. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to know those things but I don’t think it is our business. I mean, like if I was interviewing with different companies for a job, I don’t think I would tweet about it to people I don’t know. He might not even be meeting with labels and management because he did say in one of the ASCAP interviews that he was taking a break. He has pretty much said that he is taking this time to find his sound and what kind of artist he wants to be. It doesn’t seem to me that a label is a priority for him right now.

  23. You might be right, pollyana, but we could also talk about how we like the new manger, we like the new label, and we like the new direction he is going in. You know – the other side of down!

  24. goboywonder,you got that right,but for me it doesn,t matter as long as he is happy and comes to i can see him again,and hear that voice

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