It’s Graduation Weekend!

At least it is at my university, and I’m always so inspired by all the students and their family who’re just so happy with what they’ve accomplished.  So, of course, coming back here to Soul David, I remember having some reservations about David not finishing his high school diploma (or did he ever complete his GED?).

I also see some folks think, if David is in a transition phase, that he should take the opportunity and go back to school.

So, here’s a quick poll to sound off on the issue! What say you, SDers?


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  1. I voted for David going back to school, but not necessarily now. It’s always good to get more education. If the solo career doesn’t pan out he can go back to school and get a degree. I think he’d make a great music teacher.

  2. This is new, I think:

  3. I voted no in the poll. I think education is important but David already knows what he wants to do. He’s a singer and I think he’s learning more in the contact of people in the music biz. He’s still taking vocal lessons, he’s learning to be a songwriter, he’s learning to be a better performer,he’s still practicing to play piano and he mentioned guitar once, etc. He’s already having a practical education and he’s working on perfecting his art. I understand that going back to school would give him other things like the theorical aspect of the music and he’d be with people his age and it’d be an opportunity to widen his horizons. But even now, he’s meeting new interesting people who can help him learn new things. I think that David is the kind of person who’s learning from everyone and from every situation.
    Maybe he needs to learn more about the business side of his job but even that can be learned thanks to experience. Also, there are a lot of persons who succeed and have jobs with responsabilities. They didn’t get an education but are self-taught persons (autodidact ?).

  4. Just noticed the caption in that ASCAP picture:

    “The SV team after our ASCAP EXPO interview with David Archuleta with his manager, Jeff.”

    Buh-bye, career!

    • hell0g0rge0us

      So, if David went back to school, he would also get away from a certain someone too.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      It said “manager,” not “dad.” Hmmm. How do we know the caption is correct?

      • It’s a picture with the SV team. I think they know he’s David’s dad. He must have introduced himself as David’s manager. (Or David did.)

    • “Buh-bye, career!”, with SH in his team, I don’t think so lol !

      To be honest, I’m not sure that his dad as a manager changes anything, it’s the same as in the past. In reality, he only had professional management (no co-management) for few months. The only thing that changes is that he hasn’t a label right now, but we know that he’s having meetings and that there is speculation about possible song recording, so maybe he’s in talks with a record label.

      Also, we don’t know if his dad is his permanent manager or if he’s just helping during this transitional time in David’s career. We’ll see !

      • LOL. I forgot all about her. She will make things happen, because life is a cabaret, old chum, come to the cabareeeeeeeeeet.

  5. I hope it may be captioned wrong but I don’t know. This is really bad PR for David if it is true. Career suicide if it is true. David should go to the most expensive college out there and MIC should pay for it. lol You won’t see that happen. MIC loves being in the picture again.

    • well eat my words,why is it bad pr,why do you guys hate davids dad so much,is it not david we like and sponser,not his label or mgr.haten his father is hurting david,just dont get it

      • raelovingangels

        not everyone here “hates” David’s dad, To the contrary I feel her has supported and nurtured his career when he was younger. I am sure he paid for piano, singing lessons and helped David develop into the amazing artist he is today. He brought music ( along with Lupe) into the home, including a jazz influence. HOWEVER, the reality is David needs someone with solid ties/experience in the industry who will bring the best opportunities to the table. David’s dad has baggage- some earned-( the arrest) some likely totally false- but image is everything in the line of word David is in. He was viewed ( and I feel 100% this was not true) as a bit of a puppet for an over-bearing father. Have concluded after observing David through the years- he is totally not a push over- bit gahhhh he does not need the baggage. I am reading from the top down- so interested to see everyone elses’ reactions.

  6. David’s ASCAP interview is one of his best interviews, but the picture is disappointing to many of us fans. In the end it is David’s career as to who manages him. When he left Jive and WEG I accepted the fact that David did not want to be a teen idol or superstar and his career woulf take a different path. I just hope he can maintain a solo career. The music industry is tough. He just may have to go back to school some day to pursue another career and do music on the side. We will see how it all plays out.

    • IMO, with Jeff as his manager, he will back in school within two years, perhaps sooner.

      • ok david is 20 now and has had jeff as his father all these years,and got here how,now alll of a sudden he will go down hill because of his dad ,bull

    • grammy,speak for your self,how manney is manny?????

      • Many is a large but indefinite number. Based on my thorough analysis, this assessment is correct. 😉

    • Yep, Picture caption says it all:

      “The SV team after our ASCAP EXPO interview with David Archuleta with his manager, Jeff.”

      Well, Now we really do know who his manager is. What a disappointment.


  7. I know if “MIC” is David’s manager, a lot of fans will be upset or angry. I have decided to trust David in the decision. He sounds very happy and even wise in the full ASCAP interview, and he knows more of the truth about Jeff and his input than any of us do.

    • David is still a 20 year old, and needs to be guided properly about business decisions. The point is not whether or not MIC puts Davids interests first, but how competent he is for the job, and what kind of contacts he has in the industry.

  8. opps ,many,hehehe

  9. Ok, I should have said some of his fans will be disappointed that Jeff is his manager instead of many. We will see how it all plays out. I’m just going to look forward to his concert in Myrtle Beach and not worry about who is his manager. It is David’s decision.

    • raelovingangels

      I agree “many” although some will be afraid to voice it. As you know I love analogies- so nothing against his father- but you don’t go straight to the big leagues from coaching a little league team. Davids dad coached a little league team, worked with his son and gave him pointers and tips when he was a starter on the high school team. David was drafted in his senior year directly as a starter in the majors- He needs a big league manager.

      • raelovingangels

        That is my opinion. I will be a very HAPPY CAMPER if I am proven wrong. In fact, I pray I will be. 🙂 I can totally support going the indie route- ( if that is what David is doing) but I sure hoped for a manager who was not cutting their teeth on David.

      • raelovingangels

        spamming myself! But regardless of this, I will continue to support David and his career. One bright side- is hopefully those details like a crappy website that is not updated will be taken care of. Also, being “steered” in a direction that David did not want to go, creating internal strife. There are probably many other positives I would have no knowledge about.

  10. Hey, HG…..This one is for you….hehe…….Alfred E Newman’s homecoming. He does have an interesting voice, but he is sooo sappy

  11. I hope David obtains his GED if he hasn’t already. Beyond that, I don’t think someone with David’s talent and experience needs a college degree in music. If he were going to college to study a field other than music or the performing arts, then I would vote YES.

    • raelovingangels

      I agree with you- which is why I voted no. I feel fan the flames on the career- maybe take business or something like management on the side but part time.

  12. I’m one of the many (or some) fans who is disappointed, but I will hope this is temporary. There were some tweets yesterday from someone whose plans to have David appear at a singing competition were cancelled because his “new manager” nixed it. Maybe there was a very recent change.

    At least MIC shaved…(trying to find something positive).

    • I saw that Utahmom. That is what I am hoping for. That there has been a recent change.

  13. Desertrat, thanks for defending my use of many, just look at the comments on FOD. There are fans concerned with Jeff being David’s manager again. We don’t hate Jeff and the Archuleta family knows that Jeff doesn’t have the best reputation. David decides who manages his career not the fans.

    • People are reprimanded and told to — drumroll — go vote in polls. 🙂

      • The point is MIC should just be David’s dad and not his manager. To me that is just common sense. It is like “been there, done that, time to move on” for David. Isn’t he 20 now? I think that David having a good label/management is more important than any poll out there. But if makes people happy then go ahead and vote. lol

      • Author, Terry McMillan tweeted this an hour ago:
        “Give your children a chance to fail. And, a chance to figure out how to fix it on their own.”

        Sometimes she twitter rants about how Will Smith and Jada are raising their kids. Maybe today she saw the facebook photo, lol.

    • MIC + SH + polls = World domination

      • hahahaha 😆

      • Peter, the polls may be meaningless but as fans there’s not much else we can do. We can’t manage David, much as maybe we’d like to. 😉

      • raelovingangels

        I have voted on the 102 poll- and will, as I have time on & off today. But I agree it is largely meaningless. I am concerned that all the hoopla over this one, will divert fans from the Billboard poll. David has an opportunity to be acknowledged by a legitimate music company, on a legitimate televised awards show. Billboard has been supportive of David so he may get some real publicity over that- as opposed to the radio one who if they don’t like the winner- may never even mention it on the radio.

  14. Where do we go sign up to slit the wrists, with this new drama in David land today? Seriously? 🙂 I personally don’t care what his role may be, as long as it is PROVEN not to be an albatross around David’s neck this go round. The worst that could happen to David I figure has already happened – loss of fans, label, loss of radio presence, loss of management team. For those not so invested and able to step back from the David land long enough to be objective would realize that those three things are career killers 99.99% of the time. If they aren’t, then the road back is a long, tough uncertain one, which we are beginning now to see. We can talk and kvetch and speculate and opine till we’re blue in the face about what WE think David needs and should do to come back, but it won’t change the fact that he is going to do his career HIS way. If that means keeping dear old Dad in the picture for whatever reason, then if that is his desire, there ain’t a damn thing we as fans can do, nothing we can say to change it. It’s either accept it and learn to deal, or move on. If this comes off as harsh, shrugs. It’s evident David doesn’t factor a lot of what fans may say, feel or think about his Dad into the decisions he makes about his career, so I’m not going to be all broken up every time one Jeff Archuleta’s name comes up. David’s career is in HIS hands. It will rise or fall, survive or perish based on many decisions he will be responsible for making. As it should be. He is a grown man, he is the one who has to live with the decisions he makes (good or bad) regarding his life and career, not us. We have the option and choice to stay or go – pretty simple if you ask me. I am daily hoping David is able to forge his own path and niche in a tough business after taking some hard knocks, knocks that are pretty tough to battle back from for many artists. He has youth and real talent on his side, two things that give me a measure of hope that he will find his groove eventually. I’ve accepted that he is going to do it HIS WAY. Until I see evidence that having Dad as a possible manager is a real detriment to him getting back in the groove, I will keep on keeping on in the waiting, the hoping and my support for him any way I can. Until some more concrete career news or tour dates crop up, excuse me while I go kill some time and have some fun with other fans in some voting – great time killer, cause we have nuthin but time right on bout now in David land. 🙂

  15. My tone is one of resignation, if anyone has trouble figuring that out. David is gonna do what HE wants to do, there isn’t much a fan can do about it. Lots of things I’m sure we all wish and hope were different, but wishes and hopes aren’t enough to make it so. I just have to trust he knows what he needs, what he’s doing. I can’t and don’t believe in ruminating on the same things over and over unless there is a sliver of hope that things may change. The Dad sitch is one that is not going to change or be resolved to any fans full satisfaction, so I choose to let it be. I just want this guy to have a fighting chance at making a great comeback, but it’s out of my and our hands how it will play out.

    • ITA, it’s David’s career and he’s the one taking the decisions. I don’t like the idea of his dad managing him, not because I don’t like him (I don’t know him as a person) but because I don’t think he has the connections to push David career to the next level. That’s all. But like Raelovingangels said, I’d love to be proven wrong and I’d be the first to acknowledge the good things done by his manager. I don’t want to judge before seeing the results but I can’t also erase the past. David is the best talent right now but he needs to be heard and seen. I hope his management could help him be recognized more in the US and internationaly. With his talent, it’s just hard to see that things don’t move up faster.

      The thing is that even if I don’t think it’s a good thing to have his dad professionaly involved in his career, I’ll always support him and be his fan. I’m a fan of his voice and his singing ability first, and I like the guy as a person too. I just hope he made the best decisions for him and his career.

      I’m resigned too (and I vote on the polls lol).

      • ‘passes cmoi the hip flask’

        it’s nice having a partner in resignation, lol… whatever will be will be is soooo true – and I’m alright with that.

        ‘skoal!’ 🙂

  16. Anyone here from France? Know anything about Amaury Vassili?

    • Thanks Peter! I like him!

    • Yes, the song is very impressive, and so is his voice. I was wondering whether he is an Il Divo type of marketing phenomenon or a real singer… But he sounds very good.

    • The Eurovision contest was yesterday, I didn’t watch it but I think that Azerbaijan won. Amaury Vassili is a well known and respected singer here and as much as the Eurovision is a cheesy song contest (everybody takes it as a joke), it seems that it’s always popular or/and respected (french or not french) singers that represent France. But we never win lol, the last time was in 1977 (I wasn’t even born lol).

      BTW, AV was singing in Corse at the Eurovision. He’s not a mainstream singer, he’s more like Josh Groban.

      Tom Dice represented Belgium last year and now his song is played a lot on the radios here :

  17. GG. You are right that David is gonna to do what he wants even if I as a fan think it is a big mistake. I just am concerned about how the media will treat David if MIC really is his manager. Also in the music industry it is who you know not what you know. MIC does not have those needed connections and they don’t like him. I think they just ignore you if you don’t have the right people behind you. But you are right that there is nothing you can do about it. I just hope that David does decide on good management and this situation is temporary.

    • raelovingangels

      I could see him involved in the production side of things or as the musical director. Well, at any rate- I do appreciate that we can share our thoughts at SD in a respectful manner. And no one reading here should feel anyone does not support David, or his family. We all just want him to have a long a successful career- as we believe he has a special gift to share.

    • marie,how do you know all this,you know jeff personaly???and who he knows and not??let us all in on this

      • Ray, I would love to read your opinion about this (sensible) topic. I think it’d be more interesting to have your point of view about D’s (good) management than just you questionning other persons’ comments. IMO, if you share your arguments, it’d add more to the debate and I think that all (respectful) opinions are accepted here.

  18. I know whatcha mean Marie, I know… ‘sigh’… I have done a lot of thinking about the whole situation over the past year, and have just resigned myself to what I wrote in my post. We all want the world, the best for someone we think is the best. We are powerless in controlling the fates and forces and other variables that go into making that desire come into fruition, so you just have to let go, and let God, like my mother likes to say. We are really going into uncharted and unknown territory in this next phase of David’s career, and we humans as a general rule don’t like change, unknowns, uncertainties – we need reassurance that things will work out somehow, things happening will make sense, there will be a happy ending after all the drama, and other bad stuff that life throws at you… life doesn’t work that way, most of the time we figure it out as we go along, and I think that’s where we’re at now with David. It’s sometimes scary, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes exciting and thrilling, so I’m taking it a day at a time, trying to enjoying each day for what it brings, and not get to far ahead of myself in those uncharted waters.

  19. Peter, Peter, if you are trying to turn some of us on to someone other than David, you can forgetaboutit as far as I am concerned.

    David having his dad as manager did not suddenly make him lose his great voice. And that’s why we are here, not for his manager.

    At least that’s what I thought but maybe some fans of David are not real fans. So sad. Not that I am happy about it but his manager does not change me from being Davids fan.

    • No, I’m not. Just happened to hear that song. I believe the singer is French, and I think someone here mentioned being from France.

    • I think we all want the best for David and I hate the thought of the media using things to keep David down and to give the dj’s another reason not to take him seriously. Considering that the media doesn’t seem to care about who is the manager of anyone else or even whether they can actually without autotune. I do get tired of it. I remember that even when Crush was a hit not one single radio station in San Francisco (program manager/dj, etc.) would play it even though it was a “hit” and fit on their station. They had all sorts of excuses.

      • raelovingangels

        It was never played in the Tampa Bay area either. The only time I heard it locally is on that syndicated radio show , Delilah, or on gas station and department store tracks. So, even though I tried, I kinda knew there was “no hope” when SBL came out to be played here.

      • So I’m lucky to have heard Crush twice on a local French radio station lol (and they had the ALTNOY music video on their site !).

      • collegemom, my daughter said she heard Crush played a few times on Bay Area radio. And there was at least one station that played SBL (admittedly it was from 10pm on).

        Ditto to what gg said♥ #Ivote4David

  20. I agree with GG. I resigned myself to the fact that David probably would not be the big star I wanted him to be. Without a major label we won’t hear new songs from him on the radio, but aside from Crush he wasn’t getting radio play anyway. I just hope that he can find his niche and have enough people come to his shows when he tours to make a living. In the music industry today that is how musicians make their money. I also hope he continues to record so we can purchase his music. In a couple weeks we will have new videos to view from his Myrtle Beach show. I’m just going to enjoy his music. David seems happy, so I’m happy.

  21. Maybe since Joy (Civil Wars) is opening for Adele, David will get to meet new people. Who the heck manages Adele anyway?

  22. Question…what are the REAL reasons for the negative responses to the manager news?

    I really want to know what did his dad do that would be bad for David as his manager? Maybe there is something I do not know about.

    My reason is that he can lose more fans. But I do not know WHY he will lose fans just because of Jeff.

    • David won’t lose fans because of Jeff. Idol Media used Jeff as a punching-bag during Idol and a way to make David seem immature and not in control of his own career/life.

    • He doesn’t have the skills and connections that professional managers have and that are needed to make things happen. For this reason, David’s career will continue to dwindle.

    • Peter just gave you your answer. Also read the other comments.

  23. Adele is managed by September Mgmt Ltd. out of London, Jonathan Dickens specifically.

  24. David is losing fans because he is on a break. He can gain fans by releasing new music that gets played on the radio but needs a major label for that. He can also gain fans by touring and appearances.

  25. As I just commented on FOD, David doesn’t seem to want his career to take off right now. He keeps talking about how crazy the last three years have been, and how he’s trying to find himself musically, and to take time to learn to write songs on his own.

    A manager earns a percentage of what the artist earns, and so there’s a lot of pressure to work work work–to walk the red carpet, to get the artist out there, so there’s more gigs and more money for the manager.

    Jeff seems like the solution to the problem. If he can keep David busy enough to just keep his toe in the water and to earn a living, then there’s no need for a high pressure manager to push his career into the stratosphere.

  26. cchalo I agree with you. David wants to make music and tour but doesn’t want to walk red carpets, go to hollywood parties, have fake romances and do the things that create buzz for young hollywood stars. Hopefully he will be able to make enough money for a career doing it his way!

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