Reflections on Idol: A Sort of Crazed ODD Archie Rant

I love the way David tweets about band rehearsals, mysterious meetings, and his latest exotic dish. Nothing gets him down, and we can speculate until the cows come home about what new directions his career is headed.

Still, when one thinks about how this direction has been influenced by his appearance on Idol (as pictured above when he made it in the Top 3 semifinals along with Syesha Mercado and eventual winner David Cook) I can’t help but feel a bit riled up about that season’s outcome, especially with what was revealed last night with this season’s Top 3 contestants on Idol.

So, I have a bit of a rant I want to get off my chest, and if it makes me sound like a crazed ODD Archie, so be it (please forgive me in advance!).

I do not want Scotty McCreery – aka Alfred E. Newman – to win this Season 10’s American Idol crown.

There, I said it (on the Internet, which is “written in ink”).

Not because I think he’s a one-trick pony, or the cheesiest country cheese that ever cheesed, or the only remaining contestant whose vocals are mediocre compared to the gals but that won’t matter because he’s a boy, or because his mugging for the camera and posing just bugs me to no end or that he shamelessly panders for votes with songs about Jesus and September 11.


I do not want Scotty to win American Idol because  if he does win, he will have the honor of being American Idol’s first male teen winner.  And that rubs me all the wrong ways when you and I know who deserved that honor.

Oh, and did you know Mr. Alfred E. Newman is calling himself “one-quarter Puerto Rican,” so not only will he have the honor of being the first male teen winner if he wins, but he’ll also get to claim to be the first Latino American Idol too! And that really bugs the crap out of me because, once again, someone else is more deserving of that honor.

So, I had to get that off my chest, even if it makes me sound petty. Right now the buzz is that Scotty McCreery has this competition in the bag, and I don’t think he deserves to win, not when he’s got stronger vocalists like Haley and Lauren Alaina competing against him.  Oh yeah, he’s a great “performer” (if you call that childish running around the stage and country twang effect “performance”) but what has he done to have a genuine “moment” on this show?

I can see the charm and also why so many would love to vote him this year’s winner, but I’m not too keen on anyone being able to triumph over singing each week in the same genre and in the same style.  At least Carrie Underwood had her moments beyond country and her moment came when she sang “Alone,” a non-country song.

To tell the truth, I’m baffled why the show has been propping the “country teens” when neither seems to be the kind of mainstream pop star this show used to pretend to look for.  Haley is the most marketable and the most mature, but I wonder if she can overcome her competition who have penchants for protesting songs about being evil or kissing crosses after being in the presence of Lady Gaga.

They are such cardboard characters (and such country stereotypes!) that I’m at a loss at how they came this far.  I know folks hated David when he was on Idol, but I do not remember him ever kissing his cross or showing off a purity ring or shamelessly pandering to the “tweens and grannies.” Simon had said that’s who he courted with the votes, but I could have sworn that such an image was more projected onto him than anything else.

While others imagined David as everybody’s beloved grandson, Scotty is working overtime at being this. And that’s where my skin starts to crawl.

I mean, I’m no longer emotionally invested in Idol to really have my head explode if he does (eventually) win the season. I just think it’s a crying shame that he would take the honors that rightfully belong to a far superior talent.

(And yes, as a devoted David fan, I am biased.)


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  1. Great Post, hg!!!!!!!! I could not agree with you more.

  2. Amen!

  3. hell0g0rge0us

    Like I said, Marie, I had to get that off my chest. Whew! 🙂

  4. Tropical Angel

    Hi HG . If dialidol is correct Scotty has being on first place every single week and with a confortable margin. And you know what is even more frustriting? That since he is country, he may sell records like nobady’s bussines.

  5. hg. again we are on the same page.but not to worry david will come out on top,when all others are forgoten

    • hell0g0rge0us

      That, I have no doubt! 🙂

      Tropical Angel, I guess that doesn’t surprise me (about Dial Idol). I still don’t get it. The audiences for Idol have probably changed completely from the earlier seasons.

    • I don’t think anyone from Idol will be successful in terms of record sales. Those days seem to be gone.

    • I remember Aaron Kelly last year and everybody (my-self include ) saying that he would go for the country route, selling tons of albums and being more succesful than any teen before. since country is an easy place… theory, the competitions there is something special and not that easy.

  6. Thank you for giving voice to my feelings. If Scotty wins, it will bug the crap out of me too for the same reasons.

    Maybe the youth/country/conservative vote will be split between Lauren and Scotty, allowing for a Haley win.

    • She really is like his manager right? or maybe his chaperone lol.

    • I know David has options and I hope he picks the right ones. I think he will eventually. I think it is good he had meetings with Rock Mafia and who knows who else. Maybe Sunny is his spiritual adviser or his life coach. lol

    • #HushSunny! If she starts wearing a plaid scarf around her neck, David better run, lol.

      • raelovingangels

        oh my, that comment was hysterical. I am starting the think she is his manager. or at least a prominent advisor on the team. At least she seems to have legitimate experience and ties in the business. If she gets David, and he trusts her, at the end of the day- that may be better than the fancy show dog. Not the Mercedes, but the older dependable Toyota, that will get you there with good gas mileage.

      • ”At least she seems to have legitimate experience and ties in the business.”

        I don’t see evidence of that for now 😐 , and definitaly David need to go to the school/college and learn some business strategies, he need a real mentor , not a cheerleader.

      • raelovingangels

        Well looking at her website/bio she seems to have made a career in the industry- ( at least) Honestly, who knows wheat is right or wrong, Not me for sure- just thinking outloud…..

  7. Nothing against Scott or Lauren, but i want Haley to win , tbh she’s the real artist in that top3 and gave already so many memorables performances.
    Scott is so charming, cute, has stage presence, very mature for his age and has good voice, but tbh i hope he do something remarkable next week, i mean, c’mon idol , challenge the kid a little to show more range on his presentations …oh and btw I laughed so hard about Scott being latin, i mean really?

    Without the intention to do campaign for Haley lol, but i found this quote from her tearcher talking about HR talent and reminds me David ””The kids that are just amazing, you don’t really teach them. You guide them,” said Brian Logan, the school’s director of bands. “She’s one of those kids. We can’t mess her up, no matter how hard we try.”

    At this point i would wish for David to go to college out of Utah, with all kind of artists and challenge him-self a little.

    • I want Haley to win, too! I love her voice, the songs she’s selected, and I like her “to heck with you” attitude toward the ridiculous judges comments about her having to do more. WHAT? More than…Scotty, who, yes, has a good voice, but who bugs the heck out of me as well. Too much country cheese!

      Go Haley!

    • Should we tell David to run, run fast?

    • Now I know I’m gonna throw up!

      • LOL!!!

      • You know, i was talking about David outfit for that photoshot yesterday night with a non fan person, but not hater either, and know a learn that Sunny girl helped him with that too LOL …….. oh well 😐 seriously David three years in the business, i ‘m sure you were able to know more people to advise you about this little things at least . :/

  8. HG, this post definitely sums up how I’ve felt off and on. However, if AI contestant legacies are anything like athlete legacies, we don’t have to worry.

    David had several moments that will be remembered forever. You can’t take that away from him. Also, David IS the benchmark by which all teen idol competitors are now compared. Even if Scotty wins, David arguably remains the most popular teen contestant and top vocalist ever to appear on the show.

  9. raelovingangels

    I agree! I LOVE country music- but something about Scotty does not appeal to me. I have only flipped on & off through the season. Not one person moved me at all. I did make an effort to watch this week. Haley is my favorite.

  10. For balance 🙂


    Just got a surprise visit from @DavidArchie!! So great to see you David! #dontbeastranger 4 minutes ago via web

  11. Rock_Mafia
    @DavidArchie it was great seeing you yesterday !!!


    Rock_mafia are some baaaad dudes… they wrote/produced ‘You Can’ and Your Eyes Don’t Lie’ on the debut cd, and they write and produce for some pretty hi profile folks – in addition to recording themselves. They currently have one of the hottest tracks out there playing for the intro on the VH1 reality series ‘Mob Wives’ called The Big Bang… If he’s meeting/hooking up/hanging out with these bad boys that would make me real, real happy 🙂

    Rock mafia- The Big Bang

    • I love YEDL , i hope to see more mature David singing this song again , with a little more attitude 😉 … ahhh would be awesome ! , and this ‘big Bang’ is so much fun …i like it 🙂

  12. IDK, Rock mafia, produced many stuff for Disney kids , AI featured them the week when Lauren sang the Miley C song… any case looks like he is searching for producers, so in that case better Rock Mafia that an Studio Garage LOL 😉

    I agree with the theory about the EP with at least one cover and some originals songs, hopefully not DSH style 😐 ….fingers super crossed lol .

    • The long list of songs Rock Mafia did with Disney stars impresses me much more than writing the theme song for the Disney parade.

      Both Eman and Rock Mafia have a lot of current hits, and they’re not all Disney stuff, so hearing that David is connecting with them gives me hope. I’m crossing my fingers too!

      • *ditto* This gives me hope too. Rock Mafia and Eman do have current hits and good connections in the industry. David should stick with Eman because he wrote his only hit single Crush. David could benefit from another hit single.

  13. I would really like to know what David’s thought process is. What he means when he says his career is now going in the ‘right direction’. Which direction would that be? He’s meeting with Rock Mafia, Eman, and spending lots of time with Sunny Hilden (grown up pollyanna?). MIC is involved but we don’t know if he’s acting manager. When he talks about making real music, and describes how music makes people feel things, I get hopeful and excited. But other indicators lead me to be skeptical. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

    • Yes, so far it seems that not that much has changed: Rock Mafia represents a Disney/Idol influence and SH represents a strong MIC influence, as does the new OS, which will be maintained by someone who is running a fansite.

    • Well, the band has changed.

    • TBH i think he still confused about who he is or what he wants , or maybe he knows but still restrained because he want to please too many people at same time or is scary of disappoint some others somehow ….i have not problem with Rock Mafia or Eman , but i’m a little disappointed to see the lack of capacity of his team of advisers (if they really exist) and him-self to make more high profil connections on this three years….this guy has a very unique talent and i find difficult to accept this constant confusion about what direction to take in order to have some degree of succes….and even more that his fears to confront the world going to reduce his succes to an small scale, doing little local gigs in the futur.
      Of course i hope this nont gonna be the case, i really want him receiving the credit him-self for what he can bring to the music. 🙂 Peace! 😉

      • I agree with you completely Tibi!

        This is why I think – David, why not go to Berklee? Take some time out to step back, learn who you are and what you want without fear of disappointing everyone, or the need to be making a profit.

        He has been working as a professional since he was 16…a little break for school would be really good for him, IMO.

  14. I don’t watch AI but I watched youtube vids of some contestants.
    I was reading this recap of last show : and I thought the same about Jordin’s performance (the super star intro, the awkward alumni performance, the lyrics …). And what he wrote about Enrique is really funny, especially this part “Hey, you know who really can’t sing well at all? Enrique Iglesias. Even Auto-Tune isn’t helping. Maybe that’s how The Terminator will eventually come true; Auto-Tune is the first machine to achieve self-awareness by rejecting Enrique Iglesias”. LOL !

    Scotty is Latino ? I want to hear him sing a Spanish country song with his one range voice lol. I have watched videos of him and I’m really not impressed. I don’t understand his appeal. I can’t see him doing more than one album and still be interesting. For me, it’s like he’s singing the same song everyweek, maybe it’s just because I’m not a country fan …

    About the FestiveSunny tweets, it’s funny that David who seems to be a private person is surrounded by persons who feel the need to share every kind of infos about him. They surely can feed all our need for specualtion until David decides to put an end to his “little break”. SH should be careful about what she decides to share and how she does it. It’s OK to provide excitement about what’s going on but that creates high expectations too (and some of her tweets are just too much for me).

    • About the FestiveSunny tweets, it’s funny that David who seems to be a private person is surrounded by persons who feel the need to share every kind of infos about him.

      Exactly. This is a recurrent pattern.

      Also, like tibitibi, I wonder why someone as exceptionally talented as David seems to be unable to establish more high-profile connections. I’m pretty sure many well-known management companies would like to work with him.

      Why does it always have to be a (very) local celebrity who is a little too eager to bask in the glory of ingratiating tweets by David’s fans?

      • Maybe some people don’t want to let him go … I’m maybe naïve and I admit that I’m not an expert of the music biz but something I’m sure about is that David is mega talented, for me he’s the best singer right now. He has everything and more. But I’ll never understand why everything seems so difficult for him. I support him 100% about not wanting to compromise his talent and all, but IMO that doesn’t justify why it’s hard for him to get what he deserves. I mean, other artists don’t compromise too and that doesn’t mean they can’t surround themselves by professionnals. I don’t know … I would have never thought that he was going to face so much difficulties at the beginning of his career. But one great thing is that he’s capable to fix things that went wrong when it’s necessary like when he parted ways with Jive !

      • David did work with two professional management companies, but he let them go.

      • I’m not sure if the first manag. company really had the control and freedom to do their work since they were a co-manag. and the second one came to David’s career because his evident difficulty to find someone who fit his ”standards”…then Jive provided a last minute option in order to release his album…..Leaving Jive because they became uncompatible on their goals can be a good decision, but clearly he was overtook for all the previous process and pressures from all the directions professional and personal, that makes me think that this decision was made for him more to avoid a personal crisis than anything.

      • Azoff was a co-management with his dad and they seemed to focus only on tours, and David toured a lot lol. It seems for me that he hired WEG because of their ties with Jive (and maybe a little pressure from the label). He didn’t let them enough time to work for him and it seems like he got rid off them as soon as he could lol. But I’m not going to blame him for it because WEG (or at least Melinda) didn’t seem to fit well with him, I can see for example David rejecting the NKOTB/BSB summer tour if they proposed it to him.

      • I didn’t see your comment Tibitibi, and I agree with you.

        I’m sure that he can find a professional team who can understand his needs and his wishes, who can get him as an artist and who can work in the same direction as him. I know it’s probably easier to say than to do but he just needs to search outside his local group of people… Maybe it’s already what he’s doing and we just don’t know, those meetings must be about something career related lol

  15. *ditto*

  16. ”About the FestiveSunny tweets, it’s funny that David who seems to be a private person is surrounded by persons who feel the need to share every kind of infos about him”

    Look , i’m serious when a say that her tweets start to becoming a little. too. much. creepy :|…… non offense , but she fits the cougar profil in all the extension of the words :/ and i’m not joking .

  17. tibittibi,BOY david can,t do anything right in your eyes,theres nothing wrong with sh,tweets,at least it keeps his name out there,

    • Uh? Let me guess…..i. think. you…desagree with me lol? is ok then 😉
      Peace !

    • raelovingangels

      hmmm… ray- I am a bit on your side here. She seems to be the polar opposite of Mel, who was bitchy and judgemental to fans, so I am not going to put her down for her sugarry sweet tweets. Actually, Sunny waa responding to a fan who tweeted her asking if David was one of the angels in her collection- to which she gave that response. What is she supposed to do when the fans ask her questions- gushing about David? She strikes me as a “flower-child” type person wand her responses are consistent with her personality. Yes she wrote a disney song, but she also wrote for Ray Charles, Andre Crouch, the Tempations etc… that interests me. I am willing to keep an open mind- I also think about David’s budget. He would be paying for band time, studio time if he records, the producers etc.
      If he is planning a US tour- hopefully he will get sponsors- but I assume he has to pay for the tour planner and everyone elae connceted with pulling it together. That is why I gave the toyota analogy. Not top of the line, but perhaps able to get the job done- ( what ever that taske is that she has been hired to do)

  18. tib if she is a cougar what are you and the rest of the ladies on here????because she is a long time freind doesen,t make her a couger duh

    • Thank you for your nice comment Ray. I’m one of the rest of the ladies here and I’m happy to know that I’m a cougar. I wonder how we should qualify you, as a boy here lol, what’s the male equivalent for cougar ???!!!!!!

    • You know Ray ? i was not the intention to answer more, but really? older woman fans are cougars? ….interesting and very sexist interpretation…..and about Shunny girl , welll you can’t denaid that her tweets are all kids of ……..Amazing lol ?
      And don’t worry i going to reserve my opinion from now. 🙂

      • “And don’t worry i going to reserve my opinion from now. :)”

        So what Tibitibi, cougars can’t have opinions ? I’m just joking BTW, I actually find this really funny lol. I hope that you’re not going to reserve your opinion because of Ray’s comment. I love to read all kinds of opinions (as long as they are shared in a respectful way).

    • Out where? FOD? She has 200 followers, most of whom are David’s fans.

  19. Ops ! ”Denied” sorry don’t know why my comment don’t showed completely:

    ”And about Shunny gir, look to me like she’s his manager and yes in that role you can denied that her tweets are all kinds of…. Amazing lol?

  20. I have no problem being called a cougar. However, I think Cook had the cougar’s. David was the teen idol. Wrong Idol. lol Have you read Sunny’s tweets. They are OTT about David.The band/drummer’s tweets are looking better and better to me now. I am sure David is going to announce he has pro. management/label very soon. That will be happy and positive news for everyone.

  21. I agree with whoever said Sunny’s tweets are OTT. I don’t see her as a cougar, BUT it’s almost worse to continue to call David an ANGEL all the time. Sure he’s a great guy, one we can all admire, but he’s not perfect. He makes mistakes, he gets annoyed, he even has to put on his pants one leg at a time like the rest of us. I’m quite sure if David ever took his shirt off in public (which he won’t lol) there are no wings on his back. Since she is his friend you would think she’d understand that he probably wouldn’t be comfortable being referred to in that way. Ray, what you don’t understand is we all care about David here, and we want to see him do well in his career AND be happy. It doesn’t mean we have to LOVE every decision he makes. You refuse to see anything wrong with anything David does and that’s not necessarily helpful to David either.

    • raelovingangels

      While I will not fault Sunny for her tweets- or the tweeting drummer either, I will fault David or whom ever is advising him that they have not set groundrules. One would think after the Melwitch tweet that resulted in soooo much bad press for David, that those hired by him to do a job, would be given groundrules. What business does not set rules for their employees about issues related to “PR”. That is what bothers me.

    • Bella. You are right. Refusing to see that anything David does is wrong doesn’t help David. We care enough about David to discuss this. It is sad to say but many other fans have just left and don’t care anymore. As long as Sunny is just a casual friend then who cares what she tweets. But if she is part of David’s management team then that is a different matter. That is just bad PR to have her involved professionally.

  22. One other thing. David is an attractive 20 year guy and if admiring that makes me a cougar, then so be it. 😉

    • I know lol but why an older female fan is automaticaly labelled as a cougar and the guys are just fans ?

  23. i didin,t call any fan of davids a cougar ,it was in response to tb calling sunny a cougar, you guys took it wrong

    • Oh yes you did, but just let me explain, i’m not against the arguments , but the fact that you desagree constantly with me, don’t make me a negative person and sorry to break the news, but don’t make you a positive one either 😐 perhaps you’re only focus in the points you don’t share with me? idk, can be a possibility? or maybe me like many others and some that don’t even post anymore , we’re a little more realistic and adjusting our expectations to the reality we’re seeing right now? …obviously nobody can say ‘I have the true absolute” and we’re ALL always hoping for great things to come ;).

      Now if Shunny girl is a friend acting right now like part of his team, makes her tweets more ODD, i only can imagine fans reaction if Melinda would tweeted something like ‘my hair and his hair” LOL …..just one word for her ”Focus lady”!!

  24. bella,what has david done wrong,quitting jive?????not tourning for 3 years every three days to make money for everyone, explain please

  25. Ray, what I am saying is David isn’t perfect and that he makes mistakes, just like the rest of us do. I’m not talking about leaving Jive- I happen to agree with that decision by David. Again, it goes back to some of us being concerned that maybe David’s not getting the most professional help for his future career. (MIC, Sunny, Todd from fanscene) Time will tell and if I’m wrong and his decisions to use these people turn out to be GREAT decisions then I’ll be very happy for him. I’m not sure what you’re attacking me about, to be honest. I was talking about how Sunny refers to David as being an angel. You post here often enough to realize that everyone here likes to discuss the ins/outs of David’s career and that means the negative as well as positive.

  26. (Thank you, Jen A, for bringing this up.)

    For some reason, I get the impression that SH is MIC’s GF, which would mean that things will get even more interesting, because David is forever stuck with this Dynamic Duo as managers.

    Well, we’ll see. Que sera, sera.

    • hmm interesting! Not that we’ll probably ever know, but that would make a lot of sense.

    • peter if what you say is true,lets give them a chance to mgr. david before we make a desicion,if you look back david averageed a concer every three days the last three he should take time for himself,and build that fountion . so dont but them down just yet

    • Interesting theory !

    • There was another connection to SH-was she mentioned
      as a possible co-author of COS? Fanscene gives her
      co-write on DSH, ASCAP is just MIC.
      “Editor’s note: Dream Sky High- Rough Mix Demo,
      Recorded June 16th, 2003.
      Written by Jeff Archuleta & Sunny Hilden
      Vocals Produced by David Archuleta”
      Here’s my $.02-it’s great David is proud to support
      his entire extended family, sometimes adults should
      just say no. (and get a job they are qualified for)

      • I agree. They simply don’t have the connections and will ruin David’s career.

      • Peter: You are right. If he doesn’t get professional management that is not family/friends soon his career will be in trouble.

  27. hell0g0rge0us

    I’m quite sure if David ever took his shirt off in public (which he won’t lol) there are no wings on his back.

    Are you sure about that, bella? 😛

  28. this putor cant

  29. David’s concert in Myrtle Beach is coming up at the end of the month . I can’t wait to hear him with the new band. I’m not sure when we will know who his manager is and if he has a label, but I’m trying to focus on just being happy that his will finally have a concert. All the Sunny speculation has been interesting and some of the comments were really funny. David seems to really like her, and he thanked her in his liner note for TOSOD.

    • raelovingangels

      good memory grammyj! My CD is in the car & my teen son has the car! What specifically did he say?

  30. HG:
    May I ask whet made yo write such things about Scotty? Do you remeber any of the things that were said about David that he proved wrong after Idol?
    I’m a HUGE fan of Scotty & Lauren; and kind of take offense that this article. There are things about Scotty that remind me of David a bit. I don’t think Scotty looks like Alfred E. Newman
    It feels like your doing to Scotty & his fans exactly what some try to do to David & his fans.
    I come here because I LOVE & want to support David & I guess that’s the the important reason. I actually really like your personality, as it comes across to me, in your writting.
    This article was just a bit disappointing to mw!

  31. raelovingangels

    There is alot that we do not know- But I also have been wondering if David had to pay money to end the contract with Jive- ( or forfeit future earnings)
    So, sorry to keep beating a dead horse- and for the record I personally do not think MIC would be a good choice as a manager- But for other choices? I am going to take a wait and see attitude as I happen to think budget may be dictating certain choices at this point. And if you have a limited budget and have the choice between Door A and Door B- you pick the door that you trust.

    • raelovingangels

      and I don’t just mean “trust” on a personal level- although your people have to have your back- I mean trust to work hard for you and put out the best product they can because they understand what you are wanting to do.

      • It seems to me that in that last 3 years David has basically had family/friend management except for a very brief period when he had WEG for five months. MIC was co-manager with Azoff. Isn’t there are point where you have to move on and try something different if what you did in the past did not work out that well? Regardless of the cost. However, the hope is that there is a lot going on that we don’t know.

    • raelovingangels, “…I happen to think budget may be dictating certain choices at this point.”

      I have thought this several threads back. David may not have the money to hire the management he wants right now. I takes a lot of money to hire a band, rehearsals, flying here and there…on his own dime for charity…and eat buffalo burgers, mandarin food and goat cheese pizza in LA. I’m just saying, as an arts administrator, some times you have to accept what your budget will allow and plan for the future when finances improve and you have more control of your choices. I believe his is laying His foundation with what he has to work with…today.

      • Aren’t managers paid a certain percentage of the income they generate for an artist by creating new opportunities?

      • Yes, the percentage varies, but the usual % is somewhere in the 10-15% range. Depends on what the client and mgr or mgmt team have agreed upon.

  32. Rae – Here’s what David’s TOSOD liner notes said: Thanks to the lovely Sunny for your amazing attitude and outlook on life. You helped me look at the positive side of life even when things were difficult and I always learn great things when I’m around you . Thanks for your love of life, your family and music.

    When I first read the liner notes back when I got TOSOD I wondered who Sunny was and now I know.

  33. MIC girlfriend speculations, made in heaven stamps, Sunny & her 200 followers — you guys are funny today. 😀

  34. if anyone is looking for something to do, some help is needed badly on this poll

  35. I’m dedicating this one to our “flower girl” as she is referenced in one of the post above. 😉

    The Cowsils_ The Rain, The Park, & Other Things

    (I love the flower girl)
    Was she reality or just a dream to me
    (I love the flower girl)
    Her love showed me the way to find a sunny day
    (Sunny day… sunny day… sunny day)

    • Desertrat: I love this. LOL

      • A couple of months ago, I ran across something that said the Cowsills were the basis for tv show, The Partridge Family. Their (Cowsills) father was a very controlling and abusive manager/dad.

        On a brighter note, these lyrics are such that our fav songwriter could have written them herself. 🙂

  36. On the same track of the Cowsills, in general, The ‘stage parent’ is very much a part of the fabric of showbiz. Mix ambition, greed, thwarted life or career plans, a need to live vicariously through the exploits of their children – with a single minded focus to have their child win or succeed, at [any cost], and you have a basic recipe for disaster, and lotsa pain and heartache. It seems a lot of parents with children in the industry at one time or another get that label foisted upon them. Some may deserve it, as has been [documented] first hand like the father of the Cowsills, the Beach Boys, The Jackson 5, Macauley Culkin, Brooke Shields, etc. Some are reportedly just kick butt, take no crap from anyone, going to put and look after the interests and welfare of their child 1st, and the label has been foisted upon them by people in the business unable to put anything shady past them, where their child was concerned – Usher’s mom Johnetta Patton, Brandy Norwood’s mom Sonya Norwood, Matthew Knowles (Beyonce’s dad) imo fall in this category.

    Where the truth really lies in these and other parent/child/mgr relationships… only God and the people involved firsthand really know. All else remains speculation and specious gossip fodder until those in the inner sanctum decide to speak. The old saw ‘Believe half of what you see, some and none of what you hear (or read) definitely should be applied.

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