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Reflections on Idol: A Sort of Crazed ODD Archie Rant

I love the way David tweets about band rehearsals, mysterious meetings, and his latest exotic dish. Nothing gets him down, and we can speculate until the cows come home about what new directions his career is headed.

Still, when one thinks about how this direction has been influenced by his appearance on Idol (as pictured above when he made it in the Top 3 semifinals along with Syesha Mercado and eventual winner David Cook) I can’t help but feel a bit riled up about that season’s outcome, especially with what was revealed last night with this season’s Top 3 contestants on Idol.

So, I have a bit of a rant I want to get off my chest, and if it makes me sound like a crazed ODD Archie, so be it (please forgive me in advance!).

I do not want Scotty McCreery – aka Alfred E. Newman – to win this Season 10’s American Idol crown.

There, I said it (on the Internet, which is “written in ink”).

Not because I think he’s a one-trick pony, or the cheesiest country cheese that ever cheesed, or the only remaining contestant whose vocals are mediocre compared to the gals but that won’t matter because he’s a boy, or because his mugging for the camera and posing just bugs me to no end or that he shamelessly panders for votes with songs about Jesus and September 11.


I do not want Scotty to win American Idol because  if he does win, he will have the honor of being American Idol’s first male teen winner.  And that rubs me all the wrong ways when you and I know who deserved that honor.

Oh, and did you know Mr. Alfred E. Newman is calling himself “one-quarter Puerto Rican,” so not only will he have the honor of being the first male teen winner if he wins, but he’ll also get to claim to be the first Latino American Idol too! And that really bugs the crap out of me because, once again, someone else is more deserving of that honor.

So, I had to get that off my chest, even if it makes me sound petty. Right now the buzz is that Scotty McCreery has this competition in the bag, and I don’t think he deserves to win, not when he’s got stronger vocalists like Haley and Lauren Alaina competing against him.  Oh yeah, he’s a great “performer” (if you call that childish running around the stage and country twang effect “performance”) but what has he done to have a genuine “moment” on this show?

I can see the charm and also why so many would love to vote him this year’s winner, but I’m not too keen on anyone being able to triumph over singing each week in the same genre and in the same style.  At least Carrie Underwood had her moments beyond country and her moment came when she sang “Alone,” a non-country song.

To tell the truth, I’m baffled why the show has been propping the “country teens” when neither seems to be the kind of mainstream pop star this show used to pretend to look for.  Haley is the most marketable and the most mature, but I wonder if she can overcome her competition who have penchants for protesting songs about being evil or kissing crosses after being in the presence of Lady Gaga.

They are such cardboard characters (and such country stereotypes!) that I’m at a loss at how they came this far.  I know folks hated David when he was on Idol, but I do not remember him ever kissing his cross or showing off a purity ring or shamelessly pandering to the “tweens and grannies.” Simon had said that’s who he courted with the votes, but I could have sworn that such an image was more projected onto him than anything else.

While others imagined David as everybody’s beloved grandson, Scotty is working overtime at being this. And that’s where my skin starts to crawl.

I mean, I’m no longer emotionally invested in Idol to really have my head explode if he does (eventually) win the season. I just think it’s a crying shame that he would take the honors that rightfully belong to a far superior talent.

(And yes, as a devoted David fan, I am biased.)