David Vlogs about Meetings, Pinecones, and Trader Joe’s!

The end part is the best part! 😀

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  1. Oh man, I would love to have a Trader Joe’s near me! There isn’t even one in my part of the state.

    • Tell me about it. I have to go to Vegas (and as you can tell by my name, that ain’t close).

      • I hear you! We have a big city near us and it’s hard to believe that it doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s.

  2. They’re lots of TJ’s in my area. I need to layoff their cat-shaped, low fat ginger cookies and eat healthy like David.

    • meant to say … “there are”. must be bedtime, lol.

    • Yeah, rub it in…thanks. jk

      btw, I loved your hushdrummer comment in the other thread!

      • Whenever Mr. A travels to another state on business I give him a list. If there is a TJ’s nearby he shops for the products I just can’t live without.

        I think a TJ’s would do extremely well in the Asheville area but so far no dice. Excellent products and really good value.

      • I would think that Asheville would be a no-brainer. I would like to visit there sometime; are there good months that you recommend? Does it get horribly hot in the summer?

      • Thanks. 🙂

  3. Nice Vlog. I just wish he could have shared more information but I guess it is better to wait until things are final to talk about anything.

  4. before you talk about anything to the fans.

  5. A Special Message from David to His Fans:


    • Was this made recently? From the vegetation it looks like it was made in California but I have no idea.

      • Freo, AVL is pretty temperate year round. You can’t say that about very many cities in the south. The mountains keep us pretty comfortable for the most part. I moved here four years ago from the DC area which is like a swamp in the summer months so for me July and August are downright balmy here.

        Fall is primo in the mountains of western NC but also the most crowded time of year in terms of tourism. Lots of leaf peeping! Spring is lovely, but, KERCHOO! 🙂

        Winter is pretty dead here and if we get snow it’s even worse.

        If you ever do plan to visit the area, let me know and I’d be happy to recommend some restaurants/things to do. It’s a really great area!!

      • Shanny in Australia

        This ‘special message’ is in exactly the same spot as the promotional vid David made recently for the upcoming Utah Awards ceremony thingee he is presenting at. It was done a few days to a week ago…? By the Osmond guy.

  6. raelovingangels

    He should be getting paid for all these companies he gives promo to.
    Maybe Trader Joe’s will sponsor his US tour? Or In & Out Burger? What about Wallmart?
    I love how he loves food and sharing different resturants, and the places he shops- but he has a big following now. I am not suggesting he get paid for tweeting about products because that would turn off many of David’s fans- who see him as real and genuine. But ( and maybe it is in the works- behind the scene) but David needs sponsors- products and companies he can endorse, who will benefit from his endorsement- to build partnerships with who will fund his tours, merchandise etc. JMO.

  7. A few years ago I lived in a small town in California. The closest Trader Joe’s was an hour drive. The people in my town, Lompoc, petitioned to have a Trader Joe’s come to us but they said our town was too small. That’s how popular TJ’s is in California. I love their goat cheese pizza too.
    I think that David is getting a little sassy in his vlogs. Iam loving it.

  8. Jordin Sparks’ new single seems to have peaked at #81 (or so) on iTunes for now. It’s #99 now. She will perform this song on Idol, right?

    This again goes to show that SBL did amazingly well with no promotion.

  9. I think the AI appearance will give Jordin’s single a bump on the charts but the question is will it stay there. I don’t think it will based on how Cook’s single did but who knows. I think his single fell pretty fast on the charts. I do wish her well as I did Cook. I liked SBL a lot and it did do well with no promo.

    • raelovingangels

      I don’t know how it is doing this week but last week Cook’s new single was 41 on the AC charts,

      • raelovingangels

        or maybe it is this week. 🙂 Brian Mansfield’s article had the idols, numbers of spins etc.

      • I don’t wish Cook ill will. It’s a tough industry. But he is too ordinary sounding and has been out of the scene for too long.

  10. raelovingangels

    Wow- just watched Jordin. Yep definate image change going on.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      She’s trying too hard IMO. She was out of breath and a bit awkward, but she is trying…

      • Just reading tweets and this seems to sum it up for many:

        “Jordin Sparks you look good but please don’t dance , ever :/ just sayin.”

        I’m sure people are just messing with her like they do every other celebrity.

    • You should see Leona L new image, that’s shocking for real……at least Jordin process is less radical…..in dispite of his bikine picture LOL 🙂

      And about the new style, i guess she gonna need a lot of work tu sell it….people is already saying that she,s traying to impersonate Beyonce….and failing in the process.

      She just need to calm down , she still having a powerful voice and princess style fit more for her that the diva one , and she can keep using cute clothes having a fit body. 🙂

  11. Wow regarding Jordin is right. Yes she is trying too hard. I give her credit for the weight loss but not the song.

  12. I am really surprised. I never thought it would be James leaving. I felt bad for him.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      I felt bad for him too (though that off-key swan-song screeching hot mess demonstrated that it was his time to go) but YAY! for Haley (though I honestly can’t see how she’ll bring down the country teens, unless she has a Kris-Allen-Heartless moment next week).

    • I was almost sure was him, i wanted Lauren or Scott to go tbh, but james was too off key in the last weeks,,,,,I,M sooooo Happy For Haley though 🙂

  13. Jodan’s song was not good tonight….

  14. woops……Jordan

  15. So glad that Haley made Top 3. Felt bad for James but he came a long way for someone with Asperger’s.

    Not to thrilled with Jordan’s song or performance but she appears to be following a trend.

    Loved David’s Vlog and hope he’ll have some news for us soon.

  16. I still waiting for AI to come on but I just saw Jordin’s performance on youtube. So that’s the choreography she’s been working on! She did pretty good but I’m not a fan of the song.

  17. I like Jordin, but tonight’s performance was awkward, and I felt a little sad that she felt it necessary to go for flashy entertainment instead of showcasing her voice. I wonder how much of this new direction is her and how much is coming from her “peeps”. Does everything have to be an extravaganza these days?

    I was sad to see James go. His voice wasn’t always on point, but at least he was interesting, and his vulnerability had me pulling for him. None of the remaining contestants interest me at all…so this season is over for me.

    I was just driving carpool when SBL came on the radio. All of the 13 and 15-year old boys in my car were bopping their heads to it–shoulda been a hit…

  18. James did have a major disability that he overcame and I really hope he does well. I am so glad Haley is in it but I think it will be a Lauren/Scotty finale. David has more talent in his little finger than those two have put together. Sorry any Scotty and Lauren fans but they are a bore to me. I am not so sure how well any of them will do in the future. David is a huge talent in comparison and look how he has struggled.

    My favorite part of Jordin’s routine was when she tried to kiss Steven Tyler. He looked at her like he had no idea who she was. lol

  19. For anyone who is voting on this poll, David really needs help. He has dropped a LOT in the last couple of hours. http://www.q102.com/pages/ultimate-idol/index.html

  20. Speculation time:

    David met w/Rock Mafia yesterday. I believe he will release a 3-4 song EP with the launch of his new website and that the fans attending Myrtle Beach will hear one of the new songs. One of the songs on the EP will probably be a cover.

    • Wow, that’s a lot of reading between the lines from one little tweet! I like your thinking tho.

      You forgot to add…and another song will be a new single that will be such a massive hit that Jive will be heretofore known as the incredibly stupid label that let David Archuleta get away.

  21. desertrat I like the way you think! I hope you are right about the 3-4 song EP, but it will be great to just hear David do a concert again. I think we will hear at least some new covers from David at Myrtle Beach.

  22. Finally, there is some positive and good speculation about David’s career. Thanks desertrat !! I hope that it is true. Even if it is not it’s fun to speculate. However, I think you might be on to something. Rock Mafia was one of the production teams that worked with many of the idols on AI this year.

  23. They also helped with You Can and Your Eyes Don’t Lie First Album and tweeted again today they were glad to see David yesterday.

    Lovine did have them work with the Idol contestants this year!

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