David Dream Sequence #26

I had a dream about David last night (the sequence unfolds!).

This time, I dreamed I was David’s manager (I guess somebody had to step in, right?), and we were on the road doing a test drive on a bug car (or rather a test run on a road trip).  We were touring some potential hot spots for a newly conceived Reality TV type show: part “Amazing Race,” part “Globe Trekker,” part “American Idol auditions episodes,” etc.  The idea behind the show is for David to star in this show that’s all about singing and finding undiscovered talent across America. So, instead of hosting auditions from city to city, David is touring city to city, town to town, backwoods to backwoods, looking for (or rather listening out for) amazing voices.  A blending of “The Amazing Voice” kind of thing.

The goal of the show is to feature a different town or city where there are some amazing voices: in churches, at a local bar, at weddings, at funerals, at cabarets, at high school talent competitions, at coffee houses, on front porches, you get the idea.  And David would meet up with these singers, we’d record their vocal sessions, and then feature David guest singing or guest dueting with these newly discovered talents.  At each stop and the end of each episode, David would invite the singer(s) to Hollywood to his studio (that’s right: his studio) where he plans to record a new inspiration song, which David will sing with this newly formed back-up choir (that’s supposed to be the show’s finale).

During this “road tour” across America, David will be working on writing this inspiration song, based on his experience, and collaborating with producers on how best to use the choir and the various soloists that he meets.

While we’re in the car, we’re debating what the show’s main focus should be. Somehow, we’re divided over whether it’s all about David (as his manager, that’s my aim), while David wants the show to highlight the “everydayness” of great undiscovered singing and the social, economic, and political barriers that may face such people from being able to pursue a musical career the way he did.  We also debate what to call the show – I want to call it “America Sings,” while David wants to call it “Everyday Singing,” because he thinks if the show has life, we can expand the concept beyond the U.S. borders and maybe travel to other parts of the world doing the same thing. We’re also extremely divided about who to approach to do the show. David wants to give Fox first dibs, but I’m somehow convinced that going the MTV or VH1 route with this show would give him more music cred.

Somewhere in our driving and scouting out locations, we take a stop in a suburban neighborhood and look for somewhere to eat. No sooner do we stop than some woman in a big tractor trailer backs up against our car and puts a dent in it! I’m totally upset and confront the driver, but David calms me down and tells me not to worry about it because the car is insured.

And then I wake up.

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  1. Well, hell0g0rge0us, that is one of the most interesting dreams I’ve ever read about! You have a very vivid dream imagination. I think that show premise could actually work! I’d watch it!!!

  2. I agree w/bluebird, I could see this being a tv show. It reminds me of the season of Oprah that opened with her and Gayle traveling across the U.S. while making stops all over the place.

    Maybe the car represents a tour and the dent represents an obstacle in D’s original plans. As the dream indicates, he manages to get around the obstacle.

  3. What a fabulous dream idea! I’d watch the show too! (And I so want to have been a fly on the wall in your dream, watching you debate with David about all of this.)

  4. What a great idea HG!!! 🙂 , i totally can see the viability of this dream to real life…. not sure about the manager part though ha, ha, but i’m sure you would be a good manager too ;).

  5. Can I go too? Please, please, please?

  6. Fantastic dream. HG-you’d make a great manager!

    This dream reminded me of a concept Jennifer Lopez,her husband and Simon Fuller are working on. Jennifer and hubbie will be traveling around the countries to find Spanish talent with the idea of putting on a show extravanganza. (not another talent show but a show put on by talent they gather) I was thinking of David and Jennifer’s fondness for him and would love to see him in that show too!

    • Peter: Thanks for the Sunny updates. LOL. HG, I wish that you could be David’s manager. You really “get” David and his diverse fanbase. You seem be smart and very savvy. You would have my vote. David is very lucky to have you as a fan. I hate to admit it but I am watching AI tonight. I want to see Gaga mentor Scotty.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        I hate to admit it but I am watching AI tonight. I want to see Gaga mentor Scotty.


        That is all.

      • hahaha…….yes, that should be good…. 🙂

      • ”I want to see Gaga and her shoes mentor Scotty ” >>> Fixed 🙂

      • Oh wait i just read idol producers banned the shoes, so something go on more that a little extravanza of her part. 😐

    • Juuuust a little taste of David’s future musical direction. MIC thrives on admiration, and the only admiration he can get is local admiration, so he is adjusting David’s career accordingly.

    • I realized for the first time today that I actually met #sunnylady during the one of the tours. She told a group of us fans the story of David counting the angels in her house when he was a little boy. She has a friendly persona and she seemed to think very highly of David as an individual. Then she sang Cabaret for us.

      Just kidding on the last sentence. 🙂

  7. to be smart. sorry

    • Unbelievable. I notice the other band members do not seem to tweet that much. They are smart.

    • Oh my heck. Someone in the band tweets too much. #HushDrummer! People are trying to get info out of you! You shouldn’t tweet so much anyway. :p

      • How long do you even know how long this band will last? How many drummers has David had in the past 3 years? lol I think if I was a “smart” band member I would wait and see what is going to happen before I was tweeting so much with David’s random fans. Especially if MIC is the “acting manager “and Sunny is the assistant and David has no label behind him. lol

  8. Gaga actually gained some points with me when I read she kicked AL out of her birthday party for being so “obnoxious”. That is a nice way to put it. I also love that picture of David and Gaga together that he put in his book.

  9. hell0g0rge0us

    What?! James was screaming, not Haley! Haley was feeling her song. The AI judges are worthless! (But I agree with Steve Tyler for once).

    Can the show be any more obvious that they want Haley gone (she who is the best singer left)? Idol has jumped the shark (once again), and they are foolish for doing so, with shows like The Voice chopping at their heels…

    • Agreed!!!! They clearly want James, Scotty and Lauren in the final 3

      • hell0g0rge0us

        Which is sooooo weird, IMO. None of those three are even current in the pop music genre. At least Haley is the most marketable of those remaining. If they’re still pulling for a Lauren or Scotty win, the producers (outside of country music) are truly out of touch!

      • HG, I totally agree! Haley could easily be marketed with a Kelly Clarkson style. She reminds me of a mix of Kelly and Christina Aguilera. James seems like a nice enough guy, but I really think they are aiming for a “country teen” boy/girl finale. Bah.

  10. I’m certain MIC is back in the saddle. He used a former fansite mod/developer in the past on David’s old official site – I think Todd was disappointed back then when he applied but didn’t get the job, and blogged about it on his site.

    I just hope there is a financial plan in place for this era…they seem to be employing quite a few peeps with the band and all…

    Oh and Peter….you are too much! But in a good way 😉

    • I also think that he’s managed by MIC (and Sunny) and that this arrangement is intended to be permanent.

      • It would be fun to take this comment and start a big fat juicy rumor. Of course I wouldn’t dare.

      • Peter I think you are both very perceptive and funny. I hope it is not true but I think it is.

    • And an OS maintained by a fan is one of those things that will never work. It isn’t that expensive to hire a professional designer, and it’s ridiculous that it is taking three months to create the new site.

  11. When I was a walking the dog listening to TOSOD I had a thought – what if fans ran David’s career-lol. HG could be his manager, Todd Pennington will do his website, lots of fans would volunteer to sell his T-Shirts, be personal assistants, provide housing for David and the band – ha! ha!

  12. hell0g0rge0us

    And before he even said it, I knew Randy was going to deliver the “Lauren is in it to win it!!!” line.

    Poor Haley, did you see how she had to turn away from the camera before she started crying?

    This show is so soul-crushing, I swear…

    Grammyj! {{{hugs}}} I love, love, LOVE the idea of fans managing David! Miles better than MIC, that’s for sure. Right, Pete? 😉

  13. They gave Scotty the “patriotic” song on purpose. Scotty is a superstar?? In what country? They want it to be Scotty/James/Lauren. They want Scotty for the win but it is possible that it could be James. I just love the judges. They said everyone was wonderful except Haley. Please. Haley looks like she knows what the deal is.

  14. I’m rooting for Haley Second week that Jennifer and Randy trashing Haley. Hopefully voters will overrule them.

  15. I think Haley might make the top 3. Any time they criticize too much it brings out the pity vote. It will be interesting to see who goes home this week.

  16. Scotty is no super star. I like country but I don’t like Scotty. Don’t get me started on the weird way he holds his microphone. His singing isn’t that great either. I think the only ones that will really benefit from Idol this year is Jennifer Lopez & Steven Tyler. The are hocking their music and book all the time.

    • I agree, grammy! And his second performance was just silly with the prancing around and googly eyes he kept making.

  17. hell0g0rge0us

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Haley leaves this week, but since Scotty was being Scotty, and he sang in the #3 and #2 spots, it’s very possible he could be the “shock boot” for Top 4 results a la Chris Daughtry.

    That wouldn’t surprise me either.

    • Scott don’t go anywhere lol, he is playing safe each week, he can even go on stage and sit down and for the judges will be Amazing and SuperStar quality performance . 😉

  18. DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Another video blog for the week! —-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tylNUSl_F8

  19. This show just hit a new low tonight with Randy rude and cruel comment to Haley.

    And the girl has the right to react like she did, Randy and J-Lo really think she’s stupid, but in fact the girl has most knowledge about music at her 20 that what they want to recognize, college jazz studies and band musicians parents, so of course she knows that the others are doing, if not worse at least the same that her.

    BTW gaga did a good job….of course a la gaga. 🙂

    • Gaga did a great job! I hope either James or Haley wins it as I am not a fan of Scotty or Lauren. Of course I really don’t care since Casey left. On to the voice.

  20. I think James deserves to go home tomorrow. He and Scotty were very karaoke-like to me.

    Re. David’s vlog, what in the world makes him think we wouldn’t be interested in him telling us what goes down in his meetings, lol.

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