New Directions (Away from Jive)

While we continue to speculate about what’s in store for David Archuleta, let’s be thankful for two things:

1. He’s no longer with Jive who would be giving him songs like this or this or this!

(No matter what you may think of any of these pop stars, I at least hope you recognize that each one is better than any of that crap music their label forced on them. And poor Britney looks so tired and uninspired in her recent music videos!)

2. He’s not being forced to alter his appearance for wider acceptance, like his fellow Idol Jordin Sparks:

(I know Jordin, who looks great now but looked great then too IMO, has already excused her dramatic weight loss by talking about “feeling good” and “making right decisions” about eating and exercising.  However, I also know lots of folks who are her previous height and build who also make smart choices about diet and exercise and still don’t lose rapid weight like that; but then, they’re not being packaged for the current music industry. And if you don’t think the gal wasn’t under pressure to lose the weight – or merely her big-boned features – check out this photoshopped image that her label had circulated around the time of her previous hit, “Battlefield,” before she started “making right decisions” about eating and exercise)

Must be nice having a personal trainer, but I’m sure Jordin is loving the new look and the ability to prove to the world that “she is woman,” especially since her label or manager offered her a photoshopped “glimpse” of what she could look like and what would help her to sell.

Granted, sooner or later David will have to do something similar to change his public image from the “boy” we all know and love and want to “mother.”

At any rate, while we may look at these recent offerings by David’s former label and perhaps even feel resentment that these artists at least got promo (something David never did), I do want to give David the credit for walking away – if this is the direction Jive had in mind for him (and considering how none of the music production on any of these stars’ singles are truly distinguishable from each other, I doubt David’s musical direction with them would have been any different), I can’t blame David for wanting to get away from a sound (and perhaps an image) that simply doesn’t suit him.

Wandering around label-less and perhaps professional-management-less may cause stress for some fans, but David hasn’t looked so “free” in a long time.  If we can at least celebrate that he’s not tied to Jive (and their Jive-Ass recordings) I’m willing to ride that wave for now.

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  1. So, she released a song about freedom — after having been told by her label to lose weight?

    As for David, the longer he is managed by MIC, the freer he will be from constraints like, say, a career.


    • The label told her? Is that true or just speculation? I just lost weight, and I don’t even have a label, lol.

  2. hell0g0rge0us

    If he is being managed by MIC, that is…

    Where’s your PROOF folks?! 🙂

    In other news, I went back to the OS, and I didn’t find the link to fanscene? However, I did a google search on the “designer,” T.R. Pennington, and came upon this site:

    Is he one and the same?

    • Previously, from here:
      one could click on the “Page Design by” name in the bottom right corner and it would go to Fanscene. Whoever did the design, I think s/he did a very nice job.

      • The OS does not link to fanscene anymore? My guess is that they saw the chatter online about where the OS was linking to and made the change on the OS.

      • That is interesting that the link on the OS does not go to fanscene anymore. I think you may be right freofan. I don’t have a problem with a fan site being supportive of David. As I did state on the previous post I think the delay may be good because it gives David a chance to go over his options. I know he must have options. I like Jordin but I don’t like her new single. It is way overproduced. I am sure they wanted her to lose weight. I do think jive was not a good fit for David. I can’t wait to see Adele on DWTS and The Voice tonight.

    • The link with this guy name took us last week to FS, maybe they are reading some opinions and changed the link, idk.

      • My guess is that they (whoever “they” are) monitor chatter online and visit different fan sites, Twitter, and discussion boards.

    • There must be a lot of T. Pennington’s in the US. I am not sure who it is. It really doesn’t matter I guess. lol

    • I don’t think that is him. Fanscene is run by Todd Pennington, not Tim Pennington. There’s pics of him on the website; different guy. I don’t know anything else about Todd though. Glad they took off the link to Fanscene, not a good idea to favor one fansite over the others.

      • Maybe is Ty Pennington!!! 😮 and we gonna have and ‘Extreme Makeover Official Sites Edition’ !!!! 😉

        But seriously, the last week the link redirected people to FS 🙂 who knows why they changed.

  3. david worked his but off 24-7 for jive with little monetary benift for him but tons of money for jive,now he enjoying his life and still out there for us,without killing himself and i would venture to say makeing more for himself now,so what if his father has learned a lot these past three years and is his mggr.which i dought david is happy and i am also for him

    • SandyBeaches

      No one is counting the career mistakes made, but sometimes it seems that David is, even lately.

      He is a very young fellow and to avoid mistakes with people who have excelled to excellence in music in the industry, might be reassurance that his life will not continue to be less than he has wanted. It has been about the guidance so far.


      • SandyBeaches

        OK so the flu has taken its toll on my writing abilities…He is a very young fellow and to avoid mistakes in the future, perhaps it might be a good choice to become involved with people who have excelled to excellence in the music industry…


  4. Aw! HG – this very poor opinion about Jordin personality is very sad, and with all the respect , i totally desagree, with that portrait of marionetta you just did of this girl. I’m sure she can really take conscious desicions by her-self , and that include to want to look a little more thin, is not like she’s in size 0. I’m not a little close popular like she is, and at her age and even later i had my phases of healty diet food and exercise lol, maybe because i want to look and feel good for my self or even like most of the human being , to be perceived different or feel more attractive idk ;), the point is that this kind of ‘Pressure’ is not exclusive from the celebrity world….but for sure is normal for that celebrity world to want to look well. ;)…and that include even David and his hair or shirt conflicts that are evry normal.
    Now if the point is to show how David don’t let this ‘pressure to take control of him or his career, i’m sorry to say, but by the time of TOSOD process, he acted in consequence of all the differents pressures he received around him, what he said, what he wrote, the subjets he picked, the pictures, all was the result of that pressures, that by the way didn’t came only from Jive.
    To me the difference between David and Jordin relationship with Jive is just that David musical ambition are not compatible with Jive vision of business , but for Jordin works and fit his musical style, that don’t make of her a less smart person. 🙂

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Tibitibi, I did not call Jordin a “marionette.” I’m quite sure she was personally motivated to lose weight for herself alone. But let’s not pretend there wasn’t industry pressure to do this all the same. Before she lost all that weight, her label photoshopped an extremely thin image of her when promoting “Battlefield,” so whether or not Jordin is feeling good, exercising, and “eating right,” we cannot overlook the subtle (and not so subtle ways) that she realized she had better get in line with that photoshopped image of her new thin self.

      I still stand by what I said in that there was nothing in her heavier frame and build that suggested that she was not eating right or exercising. I know plenty of bigger-boned people who do eat right and exercise regularly. Her losing weight isn’t simply about “eating right” and “exercising.” It’s about getting in line with an industry standard of beauty.

      • hellogorgeous,,no need to explain yourself,i got what you meant,and i agree with you,,she won al,now she is a opening act,wth.

      • Wait ! I don’t think i was offending HG with my replay, i guess is valid to disagree, and tbh i never make a replay with the expectation of ‘make someone to explain him/her-selfs’, that is part of the freedom a poster has…..but HG if i went too far please let me know….i’m a respectful person so i wouldn’t mind

        Now Ray , even if a disagree, i not pretend to control this site or fansite views about other artist out there, but i just think is so unnecessary to use their careers goals or/and achievement to justify what David did or not……saying this, even if is an opening act , that girl has a career and is fighting and har working for that…. If something i learn in my life is to never said ‘Of this water , i never don’t gonna drink’, maybe David gonna be an opening act tomorrow…who knows?

        I guess this just a part of this Archifan-Culture i don’t enjoy…that all.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        Tibitibi {{{hugs}}} your opinions are always welcome here! 🙂 Even if we don’t see eye to eye.

      • HG – Thanks 🙂

  5. Let’s get the MIC Seal of Approval for this site!!!!!!!!

    • LOL, i don’t know if should be pleased and smile or cry ha, ha . Not a DSH 2.0 for David please. 😐

      • raelovingangels

        Well I am relieved to see others admittng they are not fond of DSH. lol, was worried my Archie badges would be ripped off my chest and I would sulk away into the sunset, if my secret was out haha. Actully if you look at her site, she has done some other strong songs- not just the sappy type-. I am gong to cut her some slack- If I was working with David I would probably find it hard to not gush on twitter.

    • Peter: you are missing some new tweets from Sunny. It gets even better.

  6. Peter: lol All I can think of is that classic song “Dream Sky High”. I am sure Sunny has more of those songs planned for everyone. Did I mention that I am watching Adele tonight.

    • My issue with Sunny is that she is not relevant or current. I am an older fan and I am saying that. She helped write DSH too and I don’t like that song. She also just started twitter when she began working with David. They all jump on twitter when they start working with David. I don’t know if that is a good thing.

  7. I ain’t mad at her, but come on… When Jordin decided to flash that bathroom pic of herself in her bikini, she imo made a conscious decision to step away a little bit from her previous image into one more edgy, and in line with what currently draws attention, interest, buzz and hopefully sales (money) in her chosen career. That was not imo a spontaneous act, it was a cold blooded, premediated orchestrated pr move that generated the desired results. Her losing weight for whatever motivation is her biz, and I applaud her. When you decide to share it so intimately and in your face like she did, after years of never going that route when she was imo just as gorgeous physically, takes it to another level. I just hope the payoff she gets from the revamping is what she wants, and brings her the desired result. The cynic doesn’t buy this revamping is totally altruistic 🙂 In the big picture, ain’t none of my business, but I thought I’d share my POV 🙂

    • So True GG! That pic was no accidental leak but very intentional, you could even see the camera in her hand lol!

    • LOl, well that picture and all the assembly of facts you mentioned, clearly don’t represent a threat for her values from her point view, maybe for us or for some more conservator crowd, but to me she’s looking and sounding confident and happy with what she’s …….i can change my opinion later if i can find evidence of drastical and non normal changes for this 21 pop singer girl….saying this i move on from Jordin case lol.

      Now the all point i want to make with this all pressure thing, is that for her, Crystal, Kris Jive pressure it is Ok and going along with their goals and i imagine they feel , they can still true to them-selves at least for now lol , not the same case for Ciara ( and her ‘Hot’ image), Allison (And her very edgy image) , the raper guy( and his urban image) and David who he left Jive beacuse they were incompatibles in so many ways and Jive was pressuring to do something he don’t wanted .
      In my very ‘Hipothetical theory’ , this all mini-crisis is not only the result of Jive pressure and business vision, but too of that second source of pression David has along with the business side……’’ is like if he is always seeing his values in danger if he does something ‘he think’ can be questioned for some part of his fandom and close entourage….because that he is always in conflict about what is the right thing to do ,to sing, to show, to say, to write …and this all guilty gonna take him to his depart point , if he can’t find the way to conciliate both worlds…..hopefully will not be the case.

      • tibitibi You raised some very valid points that I tend to agree with.

      • This has always been a point of concern. It will be very interesting in this new maturing artist we love how he manages to stay true to what he honestly believes in and how it all plays out with those close to him and the very diverse fan base that he has.

      • no one was making a value judgment on jordin… just looking at what transpired with eyes wide open to the ways of the real world, and the knowledge that the pressure to succeed and sell in her business can be brought to bear on the best of them. it’s up to the individual to decide how much they are willing to play the game, how much they are willing to compromise in order to achieve their goals, etc. there are no saints or angels out here, jordin nor any human being is not above nor immune to these various pressures. no way to know if this was the case here, but I will not take it off the table simply because I want to convince myself that this sweet 21 year old girl just woke up and decided she wanted to post bikini pics on the internet, because she felt like it 🙂 like i relayed before – I hope she gets the desired results from this revamping of her image and physical appearance. I am not a fan of her music, but I’m sure she has caught the eye and attention of a few folk who may have never paid attention to her before. no such thing as bad publicity in the entertainment biz after all 🙂

      • GG – idk you, but we totallly judging her values ( she’s not true to her-self) , but again besides the normal pressure from the business, looks to me that even if she’s playing the game and trying to get the attention to promote her music, and to catch some good comments, and new fans and obviously good sales (all this the normal achievements for an artist) , she is comfortable in that position and she’s enjoying her decisions, including the lost weight one…is clear with the picture she posted lol. 😉

        And i’m sorry , but eventually David gonna make a move to try to portrait a more adult person, of course i don’t expect a tweet is some bath suit :|…now for him that can be a very bad move lol.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        Hmmm, I’m trying to picture David tweeting a pic of himself in a bath suit… 😉

      • I don’t know you either tibitibi, so we will just have to continue agreeing to disagree regarding the Jordin thingy. I place no ‘judgments’ on her for what she as a grown woman decides to do – I’m just keeping it real, because I betcha if her last era and tour were more successful commercially, we wouldn’t know anything about her affinity for fruity pebbled bikini’s, lol… you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes, and jmo, she has done what she feels like she must do in the promo and pr run up to the release of her new single and CD… I don’t believe in those kind of coincidences 🙂 She isn’t the 1st or last one to go there, so I ain’t mad at her. Maybe Adele’s success will be a little shot across the bow for the old ‘substance over style’ debate, and give full figured women and girls an example of talent sometimes triumphing over the superficial in the industry. I don’t expect any substantial changes, but her take me as I am approach regarding her physical appearance in this business is a breath of realness and fresh air. Part of the fun of being a music fan and a fan of many artists for many years has been watching the sometimes elaborate pr games people play, or don’t play, in trying to get themselves over in the industry. It’s a real education sometimes in human nature and behavior…

      • LOL, GG, i getting confused with this inglish grammar, this ”I don’t know you” i used was about don’t be sure if you were jugdging her, not about if i know you…..sorry but i’m curious if my message passed in the right sense. 🙂

    • LOL GG, you forgot to add Jordin’s quote: “I don’t know why but my bathing suit reminds me of fruity pebbles.”

      • LOLOL… A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do I guess… Dunno bout those fruity pebbles though. Edgy they are not 🙂

      • yes that picture Jordin posted on the internet was really too much and not in a good way. I agree with you gg and desertrat.

      • LOL at that comment from Jordin , i remember i laughed so hard, she still immature and yes she was anxious to show her new….ummm achievement ?….. anyway i was shocked first but after i found the all think kind of cute actually lol……of course that’s just me . 🙂

  8. tibitibi,i wasent puting jorden down but refering to jive,not promenting her that well,after all she did win al.

  9. raelovingangels

    Gotta say reading through the comments, you all were especially funny today.

  10. I like “Shout”! (i.e., Ray Charles above) I didn’t know #sunnylady had that in her. 🙂

  11. Great comments everyone. I don’t like Dream Sky High either but songwriters write lots of songs so you can’t judge a songwriter by one song. Kara Dioguardi wrote hit songs and also wrote the dreadful idol coronation song “No Boundaries”. It will be interesting to see how David’s career progresses. I think he just wants to sing and does not want to be a teen idol/celebrity. Time will tell whether he can make a living with a singing career which is extremely hard in this day and age. He will always sing though even if he has to also do something else.

    It was great to see Adele on DWTS just singing without having to be sexy.

  12. raelovingangels

    I like Jordin and her voice. I was not thrilled that she tweeted a picture of self in a bikini. Not that I am a prude- but I guess I felt disappointed by the message it sent to her younger fans. There are plenty of times and places to show off her new bod. I say go for it-wear a sexy suit at the beach- do a lay out for a mag or wear a hot gown…. But at least in my opinion, with so many girls feeling pressure to be skinny and perfect, to me, it just was the wrong message. It reminded me a bit of when Miley sent a picture of herself to someone ( maybe one of the Jo Bros) and it was a big scandel. Lots of kids alreay send compromisng pictures of themselves over the internet and phone. Just my opinion.

  13. hell0g0rge0us

    Speaking of Reality TV, WTH?!! I’m watching The Voice BTW.

    Sorry, but as much as I enjoyed Frenchie on Idol during Season 2 (before she was disqualified), she DID NOT win that sing-off with Terralyn, who was so much stronger and had more power. Ugh!

    Oh well, the studio judges must be hearing something that I’m not on my tele. And why oh why did they have to pit the black girl “divas” against each other?

  14. hell0g0rge0us

    Again, WTH?! No way was Patrick the stronger singer in that round…

    See, this is where the judges need to listen to “The Voice” with their backs turned because I swear the “looks department” is getting in the way of their judgement.

    Oh well.

  15. hell0g0rge0us


    Nikki was so awesome in that duet! And of course, she doesn’t make it through…

    So, this show is going to do me in!

    Why the heck are these amazing vocalists not on American Idol? That was some amazing pipes in one night! Just one night, and we haven’t even gotten into the live show yet?

    Idol’s days are numbered…

    • HG,
      Don’t forget X-factor is round the corner lol! Makes you wonder where in the heck are all these young talented singers from all these singing shows going in an industry the way it is structured now.

    • I love the Voice, toningh was great, so much talent, i guess C- Lo and Adam made the right choice, I’m not sure Cristina and i’m mad with Blake lol ..i want Tyler to stay :(…the guy is a lot more interesting.

      And i don’t gonna give to Simon and his X-Factor one second of my attention…i’m still an Idol girl, well unless Haley is eliminated this week then i will be mad with them. 🙂

  16. I still love The Voice. I have from the first show. It is so hard to pick who goes because they are all good. Blake did not make the right choice. You are right, hg. Why doesn’t AI have this kind of talent this year. Adele was awesome tonight on DWTS too.

    • I’m halfway watching DWTS while I do laundry. Everytime I run to the tv to see who’s singing, it’s not Adele but some other woman, lol. Guess I missed Adele and will have to find her performance on MJ’s.

      • Drat – Adele performs in the live results portion of the show – 2nd hour. A playback of previously taped performances over the season precedes it.

    • Marie – LOVED ADELE! She’s just terrific and doesn’t need to do much more because her voice does all the talking. What a talent!

    • I just saw Adele … she was great!

  17. I like the Voice too .They did pick the winners today based on their voices AND their look. The people that where chosen tonight were the better looking and the younger ones except for Frenchie.

  18. I like The Voice as well, but they could have focused more on the singing and advice the coaches gave to the singers. Friends and family members are irrelevant, IMO (unless they are compulsive trying to manage their children’s careers, of course).

    I liked Frenchie Davis, Tyler Robinson, Tim Mahoney and Vicci Martinez. I cannot stand Patrick Thomas. He is a walking cliche.

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